Eating for the soul | Days 7+8 of 20

Hey there!

UGH! I went to sleep early last night and then woke up realizing that I forgot to blog! So here’s my first 2 for 1 blog post of the year 🙂 It will cover days 7 and 8 of my meatless challenge!

First off I’d like to share that my flexibility is increasing a little more, which is cool! I haven’t been consistently stretching everyday so I need to get on that! Crotch touching the floor in middle splits is not gonna happen if I just sit here and write about it, you know what I mean!?

Anyway, today I went to go help one of my friends attempt 10,000 squats in one day!!! UMMMMMMM. When he told me he was gonna try it, I was like…ARE YOU SUREEEEEEEEE!!???? I’ll tell ya when that video goes live, but I can already tell you – DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME KIDS.

Also, in case you’re wondering, my pants and top are from POPFLEX! The top is the Telescope Tank with adjustable straps and the bottom is the Capricorn Legging with a flattering V-shape waist band that accentuates your hips and creates an hourglass shape at your belly button! Oh and pockets too cuz DUHHHH!!!! I love these pants so much. They are my staple!

Oh and one more thing!

My friend Joseph sent Sir George a gift! I think it’s a blanket but Sir prefers I call it a tapestry. And guess what!!??? Sir George just happened to be wearing literally the same exact thing last night! HOW META!!!!!

Day 7 Food Log:

I’m not really sick anymore, but Sam makes an Eggo every morning and it’s hard to resist!!! So, started my day off with a plain Eggo!

Had no time to make a proper lunch so I ate 2 hard boiled eggs with cauli rice, coconut aminos, and sriracha. This combo was terrible! Don’t try it!!

Washed it down with some Body Armor Lyte drink. Promise this isn’t sponsored haha. They just sent the office a bunch so it’s in the fridge and I’m drinking it!

Dinner was a Beyond Meat Patty, cauli rice with sriracha and coconut aminos, butter lettuce with Tessamae’s Jalapeño Ranch, and a side of vegetable broth. This was excellent. I must have it again!

Dessert were some green grapes…

Some Tom Yum cashew pieces…

…and some popcorn! I was feeling quite snacky!

Day 8 Food Log:

Started the day with 2 eggs. Currently not a fan of the hard boiled egg scene. I think I’m gonna stop for a bit.

I ordered the Bulgogi “beff” protein bowl with roasted tomatoes, cauli rice, cucumbers, and brussel sprouts. This meal is pretty good! It’s from Veggie Grill if you wanna try!

Another Body Armor drink! What can I say. It’s in the fridge and it tastes like real juice but is only 20 cals. Yum!

Also had some Whisps in tomato basil flavor. George really wanted some it seemed. He did not get any.

Can’t really help myself from snacking at the office, so I had some Siete cassava root tortilla chips.

For din, Sam really wanted to go out, so we went to a Korean Tofu Soup place! Above are the free appetizers that come with our meal!

No this is not a cheese pizza. This is a potato pancake! Sam really wanted to try it, and I am glad he ordered it. I had some and it was delicious! Kinda of chewy, kind of crispy, and very very oily. Haha. I mean, YOLO right?!

This is soon tofu! It’s a boiling hot clay pot of very spicy tofu soup that you crack a raw egg into (eventually it boils to be cooked). I got the full veggie one. Normally I’d get like beef and mushroom. Still great!

I was having such a snacky day that I was like let’s keep going! We ordered some bread pudding with ice cream on top cuz WHY NOT. It was delicious.

Finally, I came home and washed it all down with kombucha 😛

Okay well there you have it guys! After my flu situation, I’ve been a little more relaxed on what I am eating. Been nice to just let my body heal and eat what fulfills the soul for the time being, all while still being meatless!

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  1. Eunice Choi says:

    Thank you for sharing! Enjoying your videos for the 21 days new year challenge.

  2. Sanjana says:

    Wow!! intersting.. Lemme put myself in this zone too😛😛🥳🥳…I m a teenager just of 17 years-old and wanna to be fit ..and I promise myself to truly follow your challenge not a lil bit cheating even….🙂🙂🍻🍻🍾

  3. Hayley says:

    I love BSweet! Their bread pudding is so good! What is the name of the soup place that you went to? It looks delicious.

  4. Sounds like you guys like Korean food!

  5. Kat says:

    I love trying to see where George has poked his head into each snack picture.

  6. noonan says:

    Hi Guys,

    I absolutely love the Blogilates Pancakes….. but i have altered them a little bit. Instead of the banana I have put a scoop of WPC protein powder in them, they turn out amazing!!!!

  7. MJ says:

    Glad you’re feeling better and honesty your food looked yummy too!!

  8. s_mucker says:

    So glad you’re replenishing after being sick! And of course, I’m glad you’re still enjoying being meatless 😊

  9. JenniferN says:

    Have you never had a potato pancake? Girl.

    1. McKenzie says:

      LMAO for real!! – and Cassey you need to try pajeon (green onion pancake) next!!

  10. KJ says:

    Heehee, yeah at times, good to have some soulful cheat day! Your meals here looks awesome and sounds awesome too esp that potato pancake (bcuz imma potato lover!) And hot spicy tofu pot with that egg cracked in it! Also, the fruity drinks and wow, you snacked a lot this time around!^_^ Hope you get better soon and always be happy with your fam!:D