Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat

Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat

Hey guys!

As you probably know, food is SUCH a big part of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t outtrain a bad diet! Just because you did the 1000 squat challenge, does not mean you can go ahead and stuff your face with a burger, fries, and a coke! You’ve got to eat foods that are NUTRITIOUSLY DENSE!


So today I want to share with you foods that can help you burn belly fat. These foods usually fall into 2 categories:

  1. Foods that prevent blood sugar spikes
  2. Foods that increase metabolism

Examples of foods that prevent blood sugar spikes are salmon, avocado, olive oil, almonds, and beans. They are high in protein, fat, and or fiber and get digested MUCH slower, so they won’t cause a sharp spike in blood sugar – this is literally the sugar in your blood. When you eat sweets or refined carbs like white bread and donuts, your blood sugar levels rise so rapidly that your hormones go out of whack. This then leads to the storage of more abdominal fat.

And here’s a cool fact…when you eat these types of foods that don’t spike your blood sugar, they may even slow the digestion and absorption of carbs from other foods that they are eaten with in the same meal.

Every time you eat, your body has to use energy or calories to break down your food and absorb the nutrients. This process boosts your metabolism! When you eat protein, 20-30% of those cals go straight to digestion! When you eat fat or carbs, only about 5-15% of those cals go towards digestion.

Why does it take more energy to digest protein? Because protein is made up of amino acids held together by peptide bonds which are VERY STRONG. So, to break them up, your stomach needs to do some extra work.

So typically, avoid blood sugar spikes and you can prevent belly fat.

Also foods high in protein and fiber can help prevent you from overeating because they keep you fuller longer. BUT remember, you can’t lose weight if you eat too many calories, even if they are good calories.

OK! The second category of foods are foods that increase your metabolism!

Green tea, cayenne pepper, vinegar plus high protein foods like eggs, meat, and fish.


A cup of green tea or a tsp of cayenne a day can help you burn an extra 10-20 calories a day, but remember, it takes a deficit of 3500 cals to burn off 1 lb of fat! These foods do help, but you’ve also got to incorporate exercise too if you wanna really change your body.

If you increase your muscle mass, you will burn more calories at rest and throughout the day than if you had less muscle. You can do this by doing strength training and eating your protein. So that’s why it’s important to be strong than just being skinny.

Also, you need to sleep more!

When you don’t, your body thinks that it is under stress, so your cortisol levels will increase. When this happens, you will also have increased belly fat.

To summarize:

  • Eat foods that are high in protein and fiber so that you’re burning more calories simply digesting food.
  • Add some spicy foods and green tea into your diet for a little extra burn
  • Do not overeat, even if it’s “good food” because an excess of calories will cause you to gain weight regardless
  • Increase your muscle mass to burn more calories at rest
  • Sleep so that you’re less stressed and you’ll have less belly fat

If you want to know EXACTLY what to eat, here’s a copy of my clean eating grocery list. I always get these things when I am shopping for food!

Clean Eating Grocery List

 Click to print


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  1. Miky says:

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  2. Dona says:

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  3. pritom says:

    I was looking for such a solution for several years and finally, I have got it right here; I am highly grateful to you my friend; thank you very much. I believe Jesus will impart you happiness.

  4. rainbowcucumber says:

    omg Cassey 😀 did you really bought those french fries and stuff only for photo? Or did you really ate it? 😀

  5. Shyrley says:

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  6. Katty says:

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  8. jhasmin says:

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  9. lucas says:

    Great tips! Love eating spicy and drinking hot green tea!

  10. Jenna says:

    Cassey what is your opinion on “clean eating” and dairy? Because “low fat” is not from the earth nor is it clean. So skim milk or low fat yogurt for example, they did not come from the cow, etc, that way. They have been processed to filter out the fat. Fat is Was made out to be the enemy when it is not. It is how and when to eat it correctly and portion it that confuses people. Processed foods and sugars are the evil, not fat.

    Just curious as to what your opinion is here. I have been following you for five years now and you are an inspiration and your videos are wonderful. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    1. kaila says:

      The animal products she recommends have cholesterol which promotes heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. Oil and animals products calories come from mostly fat. Fat makes you fat. As you see casey has gained weight from eating the way she does. She also restricts her calories. You can be healthy and skinny without calorie restriction. you just have to eat the right foods! A plant based diet is the best way to be healthy and trimmed. Check out FreeLee the banana girl on youtube. You don’t have to buy any products she gives free coaching on youtube.

      These articles are not scientifically backed up. Follow Dr. mcdougall recommendations. His 80/10/10 diet has helped people reverse chronic disease and helped people loose weight significantly. His diet helps you become lean AND healthy FOR LIFE.

      1. Jason says:

        This is so so true!! <3 ~a fellow vegan!

  11. Giorgia says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I am so thankful that I have found your website. I have been watching your videos for sometime now and you have been a great fitness inspiration to me. I have recently been sick and have been drinking honey and lemon at night just before bed. The problem is that I know that honey has got a lot of sugar. Do you think that the sugar in the honey will affect my results or do you think it’s ok?
    Thank you!

  12. Anna says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I found a ‘1000 calorie workout’ online and wasn’t sure if it’s real/safe?

    I absolutely love your blog and your videos!

  13. Aleksandra says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I want to know how to gain musscle mass on legs?Do i have to use weights?And what should I eat?
    Thank you

  14. Hey Cassey!

    I love adding spices and herbs to my diet for my health. Just like they do in Asian medicine; it is much more common the to treat complaints with spices instead of synthetic and chemical medicine.

  15. Manaka says:

    Hey Cassey! Can you please give me tips for not overeating? I am overeating my healthy foods since it is so tasty and because of that I am gaining weight. Thank You so much!

    1. kaila says:

      Eating is not about restricting. Feeling hungry is nature telling you that you body Needs energy and nutrients. Casey’s diet is a starvation diet. You don’t need to restrict calories to be healthy and lean. Eating a plant based diet low in fat and cholesterol (animal products) is the safest and Best way to be healthy and LEAN for life. This diet casey is promoting will help you loose weight but you will gain it all back from binging. Why? bc your body is in starvation mode. Messing up your metabolism by eating this starvation diet trains your body to become a fat storer. It’s far from healthy. Casey may seem like a nice girl but her diet advice is not healthy and is not backed up my science.

  16. Manaka says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I’m trying to eat healthy, and I think eat healthy every day, but I tend to over eat healthy stuff since it is so tasty. Can you give me some tips for not overeating? Thank you!

  17. Adela says:

    Hello Cassey, since you said you tried being vegan could you share your story since there are a ton of vegans talking about the way you eat currently. I’m just curious about why you didn’t follow through and how it affected your body

  18. Hailey says:

    Hey Cassie I thought I should let you know. I have just finished doing a small but über effective I am still shaking even after my shower. Everyday I am making small changes in my life to be healthier mentally and physically your videos and positivity make me so inspired! You have been doing an amazing job and I just can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Thank you so much for your motivation and positivity!


  19. Jordina says:

    OMG Cassey! hahahaha I couldn’t believe it when I saw that picture next to the tittle haha I had to watch the video because I was like WHAAAT

    •The Health Blog for the Lazy Girl•

  20. susana donadeu says:

    Cassey is eating withe bread and rice that bad? I literally eat it every day but i have always had (around 200gr white bread every day + what ever is lunch or dinner) but I am strong-skinny and feel good. Is it doing harm inside me and I am not noticing? It really makes me feel bad to know that even though I don´t eat processed food, fast food… I might me ruining it.

    1. Annelise says:

      No. You’re fine. Don’t worry.

    2. kaila says:

      eating white rice and bread is so so so good for you. It’s full of carbs that fuel you and make you feel good! Fat and makes you FAT. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Blogilates eats a lot of fat. Examples are animals products and oil. That’s why she gained weight. You see her in this picture binging out on fast food. Did she really need to eat that crap to make a point. I don’t think so. She always doesn’t know anything about health or science. Please follow people like FreeLee the banana girl. She is fit ALL year round without putting in effort. She doesn’t restrict her calories. She follows a high carb low fat diet. She is sexxxxyyyy

  21. Immy May says:

    Thanks for this Cassey! I love these little lists of good food I can follow – although I can sometimes be bad at overeating the clean stuff, when I’ve made a big batch it can be hard to resist! Spooning peanut butter from the jar is also pretty hard to resist.. oOoops! Immy X

  22. This is great advice! I like that you caveat the inclusion with fat burning foods with the fact that you have to burn more than you eat, and focus on whole, balances meals to effectively burn fat. I swear by the right balance of fat, protein, and carbs, and eating small meals as often as I need to avoid blood pressure crashes and binges! Works like a charm for me =)

    Latest Post: Spiral into Fit – I Spiralized Every Meal For a Day!

  23. Oh okay! This explains why I’ve lost so much more fat on my belly and regained definition lately! I’ve been eating these foods without even knowing what they do.. Atleast I can point people in the direction of this post when they ask how I’ve done it 😀


  24. Bec Clarke says:

    wesome video, I have been training and eating really well the last month and I am seeing some good through the tape measure but the scales don’t seem to want to budge, I only have 10kgs to loose but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    1. tasha says:

      This happened to me too!
      Muscle weighs more then fat! So your weighy may stay the same or it might increase but thats because the muscle is densier!

  25. Korina says:

    Green tea stains your teeth. I just paid $300 bleaching my teeth. It’s so painful too.

  26. alli says:

    I am starting the bikini meal plan and oatmeal is on there a lot! I really want to try this but I can’t stand oatmeal. Is there anything I could eat in place of oatmeal? Thanks!

    1. An says:

      you could try some (sprouted) buckwheat with homemade almond milk. It’s also very delicious when topped with some raw coconut nectar or maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon.

  27. Thank you Cassey for this great post. Until five months ago i was addicted to fast food, OMG, but now i hope that never coming back, because now i feel wonderfull. I lose 25 pounds but with hard work.

  28. Joy says:

    I’m far from being a really clean eater, but since stumbling onto blogilates I have opened my mind (and mouth) on healthy stuff that I used to avoid. I hated bell peppers so much that I would remove them from my pizza. Now I can’t make my stir-fry without one! I now bake everything I used to deep-fry, since my husband and son are major fans of fried chicken, porkchops, and fish. I haven’t heard a complaint from either of them, so it’s a win-win situation for all of us!

  29. Ashley says:

    How was eating McDonalds? Was it really off putting since you have been eating clean for so long??

  30. i love sipping green tea every afternoon. every little bit (of burnt calories) helps!

  31. Cassie says:

    Great tips! Love eating spicy and drinking hot green tea!

  32. Hey Cassey, can you do a post on how to maximize your food intake while still maintain or even losing weight?

  33. Hi Cassey! Great post. It’s so true that you can’t out-train a bad diet. I’ve been hearing a lot about spices and how beneficial they are for you lately, so I know I need to add more to my daily meals. I’m lucky that I enjoy all healthy foods, except for my sweet tooth — that’s the tough part! Here’s to a healthy and active weekend to you and me! 🙂 (Oh and by the way, I’m a group fitness instructor in Northern California, and I really hope you bring POP to 24 Hour Fitness locations up here!!)

  34. Emilia says:

    Hi Cassey! =D
    I just found out about you at the end of January and I started to do your workouts and following your workout calendar since February 1st. I really really like it! I am feeling different and much better than before. =) Thank you for your beautiful personality, energy, and all you meal plans and workouts! I am very grateful for those as they are helping me a ton!!! So I wanted to ask you if you could talk to us about some neck stretches that we can do either before or after the workouts, because I am new to all this moves and when you have us bring the neck and the shoulders off of the mat for example, my neck starts hurting and most of the time I have to lay back down because of it. I do follow your directions to use the strength from the abs to keep us up, to look forward and not up….but it still hurts. It goes away when the workout is over, so I think that I need to build up some strength but is there some stretching or moves that we can do to help? =)
    Thank you again for all of the wonderful things that you do!
    Have a wonderful rest of the day! =D

    1. Paige says:

      If you check out Cassey’s YouTube channel, there’s cardio warm up and cool down stretches. They should help you loosen up. Welcome to the Pop Pilates community!

      1. Emilia says:

        Oh my goodness, Thank you!!! ^_^
        I’m happy to be here and to learn new things! =D

  35. Ashley says:

    Cassey, did you enjoy the McDonald’s or was it totally off putting since you have been eating clean for so long????

    1. Judith says:

      She always says that 1 crazy meal a week is fine 🙂

  36. Great info. I just began the journey to a healthy lifestyle. I am making small changes as I go, I need to make sure that I am sticking with it, so small changes work for me. I began using Almond milk, PB2, trying my hardest to stay away from white flour products, and I am slowly working out. Water intake is increasing and sweets are a NO-GO in my list. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I will start adding cayenne pepper, vinegar and green tea to my new lifestyle 🙂

  37. Kiersten says:

    If you haven’t already, I think it could be helpful if you did a video on heart rate/how heart rate factors into exercise/how to determine if your workout is enough.

    1. Judi says:

      yes, pleeease!

    2. Amanda says:

      That would be incredible!

  38. Love this, so useful! I also really like the list 🙂

    1. Annabeth says:

      Cassey please make the forum on your app available to Google+ users as well as Facebook and Twitter! I want to join but don’t have an account of either of the latter! Fellow Popsters, if you see this, please try to spread the word on the app about letting Google+ users join and maybe Cassey will notice! Please!