Does Eating At Night Actually Make You Fat?

Does Eating At Night Actually Make You Fat?


Hey guys!

Did you grow up hearing that eating at night would make you fat? Remember when Oprah lost a ton of weight because she said she didn’t eat after 6 or 7 pm?

Well, I dare you to eat at night. And guess what? You won’t get “fat”. Don’t believe me? I’ll explain.

Somehow we have been given the idea that timing of meals will impact our weight – that eating after 6 or 7 pm automatically means you will gain weight. But real-life examples of people who eat “after dark” as well as research from scientists, have concluded that WHEN you eat your meals has no direct effect on weight gain!

Your body does not store more fat at certain times of the day than others!

Your body’s weight will change depending on WHAT and HOW MUCH you eat, and your activity level– not when you eat. Like I’ve said before, overall calorie consumption in an entire day will affect your weight. If you eat more calories than your body uses, then it will be stored as fat – no matter what time it is.
Now, I don’t want you to go crazy and eat less during the day knowing that you can go home at night and eat a bunch of food, because that will lead to binging and probably eating high calorie snacks. There are certain circumstances when eating at night WILL hinder your progress or weight loss goals. Let’s talk about the most common ones.

What are you eating?

Eating at night is okay, but just be mindful of WHAT you’re eating. Is it a “fluff” food that’s highly processed, high in calories, fat, salt, and sugar and will leave you feeling sluggish? Or is it a high quality, nutritiously dense food that’ll leave you feeling better?

Obviously if you snack on junk food every night, then you’re likely to gain weight. But that weight gain isn’t caused by the time you ate the food, it is caused by the extra calories consumed in the junk food. Get it? You’re less likely to prepare a nice salad or healthy meal at night, and more likely to opt for ice cream, chips and high-fat foods that are easy to grab because you’re tired and hungry. You’re more likely to fall into the cravings trap.

You’re also more likely to binge at night, which can cause you to go to bed with raised blood sugar levels. A raised blood sugar level is correlated with increased weight gain. A balanced blood sugar level is what we should all strive for as it is imperative for hormone regulation, metabolism function, and fat burn.

So, instead of eating highly processed and sugary foods, try your best to prepare healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and nuts to munch on at night if you know you will get hungry at that time. Choose foods that are low on the Glycemic Index. They will satisfy your hunger and won’t raise your blood sugar compared to the other options.



Emotional and Routine Eating

If you’re someone who struggles with snacking (on not-so-healthy food) at night, think about WHY you’re eating it. Are you actually hungry, or are you eating because you’re bored, tired or stressed? If you’re actually hungry, then sure, eat! But if you can recognize that you’re snacking for other reasons, try to figure out what’s making you choose food to fulfill your emotions and try to change that habit. You may also be eating out of routine.

For example, when you’re relaxing in front of the TV after a long day, it’s easy to reach for snacks and eat without thinking. Next time you do this, ask yourself if you’re truly hungry, or if you’re doing it out of habit or emotions. The more you can recognize it, the better you will be able to make smarter snacking choices.

Hormones and Your Sleep Cycle

Eating at night can alter your hormones and sleep rhythm. What does this mean? Well insulin, the hormone in your body that controls sugar in your blood, runs along a circadian (24-hour) clock. At nighttime, when your body thinks you should be sleeping and fasting, your cells become more resistant to insulin. That means eating a large meal at night can cause high blood sugar, fat accumulation and insulin resistance over time. It can even put you at risk for Type 2 diabetes! But remember – this goes back to the food choices you’re making. If you’re eating highly processed and sugary foods, then your hormones are more likely to be affected. But if you’re eating healthier options, your blood sugar won’t rise as much and you won’t run into these problems.

Also, eating high fat meals and snacks at night can disrupt your sleeping patterns and even make you crave more food the next day! The best option is to stop eating 1.5 to 2 hours before going to bed. This will allow your body to digest food before lying down and decrease the risk of discomfort and hindered sleep.


The myth that eating at night will make you fat is just another restriction that people put on themselves in order to reach their weight loss goals! Many of these restrictions are unnecessary and will actually cause more harm than good. No wonder people hate dieting! I mean, who doesn’t want to eat at night? Why put that limit on yourself when you don’t need to? No matter what, always listen to your body for hunger cues. If you’re truly hungry, then eat – just eat smart! Going to bed hungry will cause you to have low blood sugar levels and crazy cravings, which also isn’t healthy. The key is to choose a combo of healthy carbs and fats to satisfy your hunger throughout the night, without raising blood sugar. Apples with peanut butter, mashed avocado, or carrots and guac are perfect options. These snacks will stabilize your blood sugar, help you maintain a healthy weight and aid in a good night of sleep. What matters most is consistency, balance and finding an eating habit that you enjoy.

Do you eat a lot at night? Do you think it’s because you’re actually hungry or for some other reason like out of habit or boredom?



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  1. Katya Rodriguez says:

    Will eating ice cream at 7pm make you fat???

  2. Katya Rodriguez says:

    Will eating ice cream at 7pm make you fat???

  3. Fantastic Post, I am very foodie but main thing that I wants to look good not fat. After reading this article I will never hesitate to eat at midnight. Thanks for posting this interesting article.

  4. Fantastic Post, I am very foodie but main thing that I wants
    to look good not fat. After reading this article I will never hesitate to eat
    at midnight. Thanks for posting this interesting article.

  5. Dancing Ice Princess says:

    hi, cassey. thank you for posting this. hi everyone, i’ve read the comments below. and hope that someone can help me.

    i really have trouble losing weight and keeping it off. i live in asia and work for a US company. so that means, i sleep during the day and work at night. i travel 2-hrs going to work and going home (4-hrs travel time per day). with that, we don’t have a food concessionaire. thus, i always have to rely on convenience store bought or fast-food joints. when i get home, i often eat bread and basically whatever is available at the kitchen (canned food, crackers, frozen food, etc).

    after arriving home, i feed my pets..clean-up a bit..and go to bed..since it is hell-ish summer (41-degrees celsius everyday with no a/c)..i often get 4-5 hours of sleep. i wake up and always there is no dinner available. since i am pressed for time, i don’t eat at all and head to the office – where i drink 2-4 cups of coffee to keep me awake during the wee hours of the night.

    with these facts, i was wondering if anyone has the same night schedule as me and if someone can recommend a blogilates weight-loss plan.

    1. Amanda says:

      Hey Dancing Queen Princess,
      For the past 2 years I have worked nights here in the US, and I can tell you, your days off will be your best friend in planning your food schedule. I used my days off to make and pre-pack my food. Meal Planning if you will. I used a combination of the Blogilates recipes and a few of my own to make meals ahead of time.
      In waking up and not having dinner available to you, you can fix that quickly. Always have fruit or bread to toast on hand with a low sugar jam/preserve spreading or nut spread. My favorite breakfast is 2 pieces of my gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread toasted with a thin spread of peanut butter with a sliced banana or strawberries on top. Perfect combo for me to kick start my night with my cup of coffee. If you don’t like to do toast in the morning, consider having Greek yogurt and fresh fruit on hand in your refrigerator. Also, Cassey’s 2 ingredient pancakes are perfect for breakfast. They take about 15-20 minutes to make, and you can make a bunch ahead of time, and they freeze very well! Basically when people have dinner and going to bed, you should be having breakfast and going to work.
      For lunches, salad is always a good bet for portability at work. I sometimes make and pack bento lunches with rice and a meat and lots of veggies, but most of the time, it was a salad. You can vary it by changing the meat once a week, if you are not vegetarian or vegan, and changing up the greens and extras you put in it. Also, water is important here. Drink enough for you to stay hydrated during work hours. Think about maybe changing the last 1-2 cups of your coffee to green tea or black tea to help increase your water intake.
      For dinners, easy quick meals are best. I usually would make another salad, or make mini turkey burgers on my days off, and have them with rice that I start when I get home. I use a rice maker to make mine, and I always do a single serving so it will take the least amount of time.
      If you do not have the ability to make food on your days off, set a time in the morning and evening when you are home to make food. To start with the morning before bed, take time to make something for dinner(remember this is breakfast to everyone else) and lunch the next night. Prepare a salad or bento and refrigerated. For example, if I want a bento for lunch, I will prepare double of my rice and make along with my dinner. Most of the time, I’ll cook chicken or turkey mini-burgers and pack that for my meat. Or I will make a simple stir-fry with some bell peppers, 2 baby potatoes, onion, and sliced chicken breast. I’ll then pack my bento box and go eat my dinner. I will admit sometimes I am not hungry and I will just fix lunch for the next night and go to bed. Evenings, when you are getting ready for work, make coffee and your breakfast, which for me takes about 15 minutes total. Then take another 15 minutes to sit down and eat it before leaving for work. Sitting down and eating food helps with appetite and can help prevent you from eating too quickly and getting hungry faster later.
      Also, invest in a portable a/c in your bedroom. Keeping your bedroom cool (about 20 degrees Celsius) will help with the lack of sleep. That is the biggest and the most important thing you can do to help with losing weight. Getting enough sleep (6-8 hours depending on your body’s needs) is very important in lowering cortisol levels and preventing your body from stressing itself. Cortisol as Cassey discusses, is a steroid hormone that is released when the body is stressed. It can increase your fat production and prevent weight loss. Look into her videos and see, I can’t remember the exact one where she discusses this in depth.
      When I went from working days to working nights, to prevent massive stress to my body, I switched my eating schedule too. I no longer ate breakfast foods in the morning, but dinner type foods. I no longer ate fruit in the morning, but ate it at night when I woke up for the night. In doing so, I cut my fatigue down quite a bit. I was able to get a better quality of sleep.
      I hope all of this helps you. Please reply back if you have questions or need me to elaborate anything.

      1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

        hi amanda. i apologize for replying so late. i’ve been quite busy with work..for almost a month now, i’ve avoided fast food, coffee and been cooking for myself..eating greens..eating fruits..2 weeks into this..i lost weight..and i’m happy to say, i’m inspired with your reply. i really appreciate all this.

  6. Glad you reference Oprah because she’s the one that always pops to mind when I hear this bogus myth. This myth exemplify fitness failures bordering on false beliefs. She fails to take into consideration a few other factors contributing to obesity like I share here:

  7. Salima says:

    Cassey, i’m doing more than enough off your “blogilates” channel although I’m not losing any weight. Help!

    1. Angelique Campos says:

      Exactly what are you doing more than enough of? Are you doing her workout calendars? If you are, then it might also be your diet. Your weight is usually 80% diet, 10% genetics, and 10% exercise, but that doesn’t mean give up the exercise. Even if you exercise, you should still eat healthy if you really want to see results. And how long have you been exercising? If you’ve been doing it for like two weeks, then don’t expect to see results so soon, in order to lose weight in a healthy fashion, it takes time for your body to change and lose the extra pounds. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. Additionally, if you have been working out and dieting, are you sure that even though you’re not losing weight, are you gaining more muscle? Fat and muscle weigh relatively the same, so even though you’re not losing weight, you are losing fat and gaining muscle, which is great, because muscle makes you strong and helps burn fat faster. I’m sure if you have a good diet and do the workout calendar though, you’ll get there. I was a 150 pounds before Blogilates, and now I weight 120-124. Just also try to realize, the number on the scale is just a number, what matters is that when you look at your body, you’re happy with it and that it’s healthy, functioning, and strong. : )

  8. Erin says:

    Love this!

  9. Ask Helen says:

    This is great! As I love eating late night snacks, I’m also afraid to gain more weight or increase my blood sugar. Thanks for this, I now know what to eat when I get hungry at night.

  10. amanda says:

    Thanks for this. Just noticed that chickpeas are labeled with different glycemic levels in the two columns: 33 in the vegetables column and 47 in the protein column. Is that because of different preparations? Thanks!

  11. Eni says:

    for those of us who have recognized that we have a problem with bingeing and/or emotional/routine eating, do you (or anyone else not Cassey who happens to be reading the comments) have any advice for how to break this habit?

    1. Bianka says:

      Most times I eat out of habit or even boredom, when I’m sitting in front of my TV or computer. There were times when I could handle it pretty well. Right now, I’m trying to get back on track and most days are good. Even though I really crave food while watching TV, I rarely give in to that urge anymore. Instead of eating I just drink lots of water or – even better to satisfy my sweet tooth – tea with chocolate flavour. Yeah, at first I thought it was disgusting, but I gave it a try and I really like it. Mine is from Alnatura, a german brand, I don’t think you can get it outside of Germany. It’s called “Glückstee” (good luck tea) and is made from cacao-bean shells, cinnamon, anise, rooibos, vanilla bean and licorice. It tastes amazing, I always drink it without sugar or any other sweetener. It really helps keeping me from eating. Sometimes, when I can’t help it, I eat an apple or a banana.

      I think it’s mostly a mind thing. You have to persuade yourself that you don’t need to eat when you’re not hungry. If you’re really hungry – eat. But if you just eat out of boredom or habit, tell yourself that you don’t need it. Substitute it with tea or water or even exercise. It is hard at first, but if you’re consistent you can make it.

      Of course there are times I can’t handle the urge and even fruits won’t do the trick. Right now I’m on my period and I could eat all the time. So when I have the urge to eat in front of the TV, I give in and eat a piece of chocolate. That’s okay if you do it every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t do this every day.

    2. Lexi says:

      Eat small healthy things throughout the day and try to ask yourself if you’re really hungry.

    3. Elisha Fleur says:

      I have that problem, too! Quite often, actually. But doing a few things actually do help me a lot! Setting a time to stop eating, and sticking to it, and only drinking water after that set time. I like either 7 or 9pm, depending on how I’m feeling. It’s not a necessary restriction for most people, but I find that cutting off food and only drinking water helps me to stay away from bingeing at night. And when I say drink water, I don’t mean just like a glass. I’m talking like 8-12 cups, because it fills me up so much that I don’t even want food anymore. I have a 4-cup water bottle with a straw that I use, and I just keep in with me and keep it full. If you’re really hungry though, like you missed dinner or something, of course you should eat! Healthy foods, of course. You’ve got to look at the situation at hand! But if you’ve eaten enough food and get the urge to eat more even though you’re full, this is what I do 🙂 Not all the time, but it definitely helps! Plus when I drink a lot of water, my complexion looks awesome in the morning! It’s fantastic! Although, I should warn you, you have to pee in the morning like there’s no tomorrow.

  12. Megan says:

    I eat alot at night because I don’t eat that much during the day… Not sure if this is a bad thing or not haha. I just don’t get hungry during the day time.

  13. Marina D says:

    Sometimes I have to eat at night because I get out of work on Fridays at 9:30 and I’m starving! But I don’t believe that eating at night makes you fat either. It’s definitely about WHAT you’re eating. Thank you so much for sharing this Cassey!! <3

  14. Joyce says:

    Thank you so much Cassey! I was just wondering about this as I was getting into a bad habit of binge eating after dinner :/

  15. Sarah says:

    I always just figured people say that because a lot of nighttime eating is extra calories/snacks rather than actual meals. One time my sleep schedule was very strange (going bed at around 6 am and waking up around 1 pm) and my friend complained to me that I was going to get fat because I was having dinner at midnight, nevermind that she knew I wasn’t going to sleep until 6 am. She acted as if there was something magical that would happen to my body just because it was midnight when I was having dinner. I was also in the process of losing weight at the time and my strange sleep schedule never affected that. Nowadays I usually have dinner around 6:30 pm and no snacks afterward.

  16. Ari says:

    I thought this article was relevant too – it busts the myth that carbs at night equals to fat gain.

    Great article, Cassey!!!

  17. Nina says:

    Most of the time people are recommending you don’t eat late as a way to benefit from intermittent fasting. Say I eat at 8am, then I use those 8-9 hours of daylight and activity to eat my meals and snacks, then cease eating about 4-5pm, about three hours before I sleep. Your basal body temperature drops, hence making it more difficult to digest food. It’s the same when you or even pets get ill and their body temperature drops, posing trouble for their digestive system and struggle to intake much needed nutrients. To sum it up, my husband and I found with intermittent fasting and eating whole foods (foods in their natural form as much as we can, mostly aiming for over 60% of our daily intake being green or brightly colored veggies), we’ve lost weight over the past couple of months without too much change to our routines, we still exercise of course, daily movement is always healthy! The best resources are from variable scientific papers and articles, Dr. Mercola is a good source, yet can sometimes come across a little too critical and salesman-like. But his words and research on human health is fairly trustworthy. And of course, learning to listen to your body is crucial, it’s your body, and no one else knows it better than you, even your doctor. Heck, I fixed my own hypothyroidism by changing my diet to organic and more veggies and well balanced exercises before any of my physicians said anything even remotely related to the potential of having something slightly off with my body. Food is an amazing healer, we just have to make sure it isn’t chemical laden, modified, or processed. Take care of yourself and you can literally heal yourself from the inside, out.

  18. Cassie says:

    This is such a helpful post! Food timing doesn’t matter at all. I do sleep better on a light stomach rather than a full one, so I try not to eat too late when possible. However, I don’t feel guilty if I eat too late–like around 9:30–because I know that there’s no consequence so as long as I didn’t binge!

  19. Pixie says:

    I usually have a snack around 9:30. It is most likely plain yogurt with some cocoa powder, peanut butter and honey and some bananas and few chocolate chips. We eat dinner around 5-6 and I have breakfast around 10. I don’t really snack much throughout the day, so I feel that it helps get in another healthy snack and some extra protein and dairy when I am feeling like I’m running low(I’m a vegetarian, so some days I don’t get as much as I need)

  20. Melissa says:

    That makes me feel a bit better now 🙂 I work 3rd shift and don’t get home till 7:30am and since I only get 2 15 minute breaks I only pack a small dinner so I can eat it within 15mins so I tend to find myself hungry when I get home. If I do snack when I get off I try to stick with a small healthy snack so I don’t feel bad about it later.

  21. I think the reason why you lose weight when you stop eating around 6 or 7 is because people engage in intermittent fasting, which dips into your fat stores for energy. I personally try not to eat past 6 when I can!

  22. Andrea says:

    gosh thanks Cassey, lots of people think that eating after certain hours causes weight gain. Great tips!

  23. Newstone says:

    I’ve heard that, even though spaghetti and pasta i general contains not so much calorie. It can give you a craving for sweets. But that’s just what I’ve heard. I still eat it, cuz I can, and cuz I wanna. Even though you hear about certain foods that may be bad or may have sideeffects doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop eating it, if you want it eat it. Just remember portion control is important!
    Love you Cassey <3<3<3 Keep doing what you do, and what you love!

  24. Steph says:

    I work late every day and sometimes I don’t get home before 11pm. I always felt bad for eating then and rather went to bed hungry after only having breakfast and an early lunch (due to working hours). But I’ve since changed that and now I eat a light salad or so when I come home which makes me feel better and energised. Great blog post!!

  25. Tatjana says:

    Good to know! I usually eat after 9:30pm.
    Cheers to you beautiful Cassey!

  26. Jessie says:

    Please make a blog post about feeling guilty when eating anything 🙂

  27. Kate Donegan says:

    Really enjoyed reading this blog… It’s so true feeling guilty at night for eating and now knowing that is a myth really removes that guilt. At the moment I’m trying my hardest to gain some structure in my life to loose weight and find that the blog really helps. I was wondering if any one could recommend a good workout for the gym for someone who isn’t the most fit


    1. Steph says:

      I just started again recently and as I am not the fittest person either and feel very self-conscious when exercising in public, I’ve started the Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar which I can do at home. Previously I’ve also used a cross trainer at home but that’s gone now unfortunately. It’s great to exercise multiple parts of the body though 🙂

  28. Avy says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I was so inept to that thought process that I used to skip dinner if I came home late. It was bad. But I didn’t like feeling like I was bloated. But she’s right, heavy meals that are processed and have no real nutritious values for your body will have its effects. Eat food! It’s your bodies fuel! ? thank you for the post, Cass!

  29. Victoria BC says:

    I’m trying to cut pack the portion sizes at night and when I go to stay somewhere or at a friend’s house I find I eat a lot less and am still very satisfied. How come I eat more at home and only get food cravings when I’m in my kitchen? If I’m on the couch watching a show or a movie I’m still not hungry then as soon as I walk to the kitchen to get a drink I want chips + dip, cookies, cereal + milk, and chocolate. Its so not good and I fall victim to binge eating and eating just because food is there. I need help! 🙁

  30. Crystal R Fagan says:
    I am having this problem now and it does affect my weight. It’s very hard to stop but I’m trying. I’m eating the bad foodstressful though. It’s like being the Tasmanian Devil here to destroy all junk food!
    I can definitely tell a difference in the morning. But….also…I don’t eat well during the day. Bad schedule…need to be more mindful.
    Thanks for the blog! You rock!

  31. Kristy says:

    I stopped eating after 6-7pm and I did lost tons of weight. I get bloated if i eat during that time and my doubly chin shows haha so I guess we are all different..

  32. Colette Moran says:

    Is it bad to eat dinner at a late hour???? Even if I go to bed at least an hour or 2 after?

  33. Sita Carolina says:

    As a photographer I sometimes don’t have much choice but to eat my proper dinner later than my usual 7pm schedule. The bad thing is I’d be really tired and would basically eat whatever’s there or easy to put together. Thank you for this post! I will now pay more attention to what I eat at night!

  34. Elizabeth Tran says:

    I like how you mentioned the healthy snacks like apples and peanut butter! So good <3. I don't think eating at night makes you "fat." I just eat when I'm hungry. I don't think it hurts to. The only thing stopping me from eating at night is after I've already brushed my teeth! But I hate going to bed hungry because then I can't sleep. Why would I want to starve myself until the next day? It just doesn't make me feel good when I deprive myself of food. I know someone who does restrict themselves from eating after a certain time, but that choice is definitely not for me. Like you said, Live freely! I might eat something after a late night workout to replenish the lost energy, and after staying up for so long I just get hungry, but this late-night eating isn't every night. Everything in moderation!

    1. erin says:

      exactly!! Excess calories and lack of exercise make us “fat”- not so much the time of day when you eat.

  35. Chelsea Shanahan says:

    I personally don’t normally eat at night unless its after a workout, just to get some protein in me 🙂 but it all depends on the day. I normally stick to skinny pop (its so good and gluten-free) or some fruit 🙂

  36. kyoko hall says:

    I love eating at night! Especially because I have soccer practice that ends late at night, I almost always find myself hungry for a post-workout snack. It is hard to resist that sugary-carby craving!

  37. maryam alsayed says:

    i don’t think so ,because in my opinion what makes you fat is the average of your movement.

    if your movement rate is high you will never be fat ,but if it low you will be too fat

  38. Hannah Mitchell says:

    I feel like the high fat snacks at night (i.e. avocado, peanut butter) are probably too calorically dense before bed for moSt (I know I only burn about 300 cals in a seven hour sleep) and could lead to weight gain if the person ate again soon after waking up and then continually throughout the day

  39. SunnyGeek says:

    Comments are working. And you are right, Cassey, when I was eating at night (and I still do), I was mindlessly snacking on not so good foods. I realized that I was doing it for comfort and there was no nutritional value whatsoever. I do get hungry at night sometimes and laziness can prevail and I’ll grab what’s easy from the kitchen. It’s much easier when I just don’t by the food that I have a tendency to binge on. But man, cheesy popcorn is really good.

  40. Judy says:

    Comments are working 🙂 could you write a blog post on getting a menstrual cycle back naturally casey? My doctor keeps trying to go on the pill but I don’t want synthetic hormones! I’ve gained to a healthy almost high bmi and eating loads and no exercise.. :(?

    1. Candice says:

      Hi Judy, maybe consider seeing a herbalist or naturopath as they use natural medicine that can help regulate your menstrual cycle. Herbs like vitex work amazingly, however you’d need to see an expert in this area as certain herbs are specific for certain symptoms.

      1. Judy Cho says:

        Thank you! I’m currently already taking Vitex & dong quai tablets :)X

    2. H.Ju says:

      Hello there. I also have issues with my irregular menstrual cycle, and like you, i don’t want synthetic hormones or medicine. I think exercise really helps. The past 3-4 months I have been getting my period more regularly after I started Yoga. I do Zumba, Yoga and occasional jogging. I just started Piloxing 2 weeks ago too. Stress is a major influence on our hormones and therefore affects our menstrual cycle. Exercise helps to regulate our hormones and helps relieves stress. On top of that, some yoga/pilates poses like child’s pose help to massage our reproductive organs. You may like to Google “Yoga poses for regulating period” something like that. I did that haha. I find that yoga and general exercise really helps. When I still a couch potato my period came once every 3 months or even longer. And maybe try fruit detox water! Hope you can slowly get your menstrual cycle back through exercise.
      Oh and my boyfriend says being sexually stimulated also helps. I thought he was joking but when I googled ” do orgasms help regulate menstrual cycle” I was really surprised that research actually shows that they help because they get blood flowing to the organs and help them function better.Hope these tips help. I strongly believe in exercise and getting ample rest. All the best!

      1. Judy says:

        Oh reAlly exercise?? I heard yoga does but so many people have told me to lay on my ass to recover my body ah so confused thanks so much for the advice thouhhX

      2. Jessemyne says:

        I always had irregular menstrual cycles until when I started losing weight. For me the magic number seems to be 70kg (i’m asian, so that’s considered high already for me). Whenever I dropped below this weight, I start to have regular periods, whenever I go above, I will get my period every few months. Obviously I exercise and diet regularly to get down to 70 kg but I’m pretty it was the threshold that determined it rather than just exercising or dieting alone.

        In traditional Chinese medicine theory, keeping your stomach area warm also helps to soothe your body and create better balance, so if you’re going to lay on your ass as per info below, then make sure you’re not doing it on cold floors. 🙂

        1. Judy Cho says:

          Thank you!! I’ll definitely try to eat more ‘warming foods’ x

  41. Steph says:

    Comments are working 🙂 And I love eating at night 😉

  42. Samantha says:

    very good read! I love when you make blog posts about stuff like this.. you break it down for everyone to understand <3

  43. Anis Jasmi says:

    I just ate couple rows of milk choc and i think it is due to the stress from my exams? Cassey, is it okay to eat fruits, like oranges or bananas at night? Isn’t fruits are high in sugar level? Love youu!!!

    1. Kenzie says:

      Fruits are full of sugar but natural sugar that is healthy for you! Its much much better to have 25g of sugar from fruit than 25g of sugar from milk chocolate. The fruit will help fuel you and its not full of bad fats and carbohydrates!

  44. Elizabeth Shiver says:

    Funny, I just read this recently in a book about medical myths! Eating at night makes you fat? Definitely false. Thanks for talking about it, Cassey!

    1. Steph says:

      Sooo many myths out there!

  45. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the info Cassey!!:) I do stay up late so I tend to snack…most of the time on junk food, but maybe I will try to snack better now that I know this! Thanks again and btw love the new oblique video. Hoping to get my bikini body soon!! What are some of your best tips to get rid of lower belly fat?? I am becoming vegan so I am trying to eat better:)

    1. blogilates says:

      A lot of times lower belly fat is caused by an increase in cortisol, your stress hormone! So try sleeping more and doing things that relax you!