DIY Workout Racerback T-shirt Video Tutorial

DIY Workout Racerback T-shirt Video Tutorial

So for those of you who aren’t as photo-visual and you felt like you needed cinematic instruction on the DIY workout t-shirt tutorial…I GOTSYA covered 🙂 No worries, Cassey will take care of ya.

So check out the vid above! I teach you how to take an old tee using JUST SCISSORS and turn it into a super cute racerback tank top! This is what I call recyclable, affordable, fitness fashion!!!!! Hellz to the yeah! (Man I have way too much energy right now, why am I typing like this? Must be excited about life or something!)

And so happy you guys enjoyed the Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge! I had such a fun time filming that one. Feels good to go back to the old POP roots and use a real Top 40 once in a while.

<3 Cassey

PS – post pics of you and your DIY shirts on facebook!!!!! I wanna see!!!!

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  1. MintChocoTofu says:

    Ah! Lol! Cassey, I was drawing a picture of you and before even watching this video, I drew you in the EXACT same shirt, same colour except it had the ‘Train like a beast and look like a beauty’ quote on it. X’D

  2. Teeshirts says:

    Great post, you have pointed out some wonderful details , I like wise believe this is a very super website.

  3. Kerry says:

    Hey – I don’t work out – I seriously wish I did… my body doesn’t cooperate with my mind very well… age and bad care of my excuse for muscles have had a mutiny on my mind, so mind lost, body broken… BUT I loved loved loved this racer back tee!! I made it during my lunch, and feel oh so sassy in my new “baseball mom” tee…. now if only I had the arms to wear it out of the house I would be the envy of the bleachers!!! Rock on Chickadee!!!

  4. Alejandra Zavala says:

    Casey! i’ve just seen your blog and your video blog in youtube, i think you’re amazing girl! i noticed that you lost a lot of weigth! you look so good i wish i can be like you someday u.u. A huge hug from Lima- Perú! Alejandra

  5. Jen says:

    LOVE this video! Got great results on the first try! I bought a book on t-shirt alterations, but your 3 minute video was far superior. Well done!

  6. Mimi says:


    Just stumbled accross your site and videos. Great job, you are such an inspiration. I am an instructor too in St Pete Florida. Wish you were closer so we could “train insane” together. Keep up the fantastic work, I look forward to doing more of your videos and checking out your blogs 🙂


  7. Tracy says:

    Thanks so much for posting the video tutorial! Hats off to those of you who were able to do the t-shirt following just the photos – I couldn’t and didn’t want to ruin a shirt, so…thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll be trying this out soon.

  8. Ellie Jane says:

    I LOVE how peppy you are!! I simply adore this video and look forward to watching and training with your blog!!

  9. Eileen says:

    i love this! i tried it with an old t-shirt that was just a size too big & now it’s perfect!

  10. Inge says:

    I’m gonna try this tonight when watching the soccergame on television! 😀

  11. Ji-Young says:

    I love this! I literally just cut up 6 t-shirts just like this. I might be slightly addicted. No big. And I love the “Train insane or remain the same” quote.


  12. maddie says:

    this is really cool! i wanted to do something interesting to my swim team shirt, but i often mess things like this up. I’m not exactly sure i was allowed to cut up my brand new shirt but it looks really cool! thanks so much for this tutorial! 🙂

  13. april says:

    go Poets! C/o ’02

  14. Nina says:

    I love this idea and have made a shirt but am having trouble keeping the edges clean. Any suggestions on how to get a clean cut and not just the raggedy edges I am getting? I love this idea and would love a few of them for workout shirts!

    1. Jim says:

      omgf, this is the first time i do thisand i colnudt stop thinking to myself: i hate this chick, wtf! but this is great though, im gonna keep working at it and try this at least 5 times a weeks!

  15. Katherine D. says:

    So someone posted this on pinterest and I repinned it as something fun to do with some old t shirts I have that I never use. All I can say is, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I tried it on this Cal short I had that had been sorely beaten up due to a flaw it had that I tried to alter. I love it so much more as a racerback tank! Thank you so much for this!

  16. Dalila says:

    Here is my version of my DIY racerback shirt. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  17. Jess says:

    Hi Cassy,

    This is a fantastic post, its so easy and simple yet looks great! I would love to see some more DIY videos thanks so much for putting this one on! Love your videos, your such an inspiration!

  18. LeighAnne says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I never comment, but I love reading your blog. When it comes to crafts, lets just say mine don’t normally turn out like the picture. However, your video tutorial made this impossible for me to mess up! I made my first tank last night and ran in it this morning (in the drizzling rain, too). Thanks so much for putting up the t-shirt video tutorial! You rock.

  19. louise says:

    hey Cassey. 🙂

    love your blog and espicially your videos!

    i’m just wondering, do you have an account on 🙂

    1. Tracy says:

      It’s not fitocrazy, it’s fitocracy –

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hi Casey!

    Can you please do a post or video (really random..) on bloat. I know so many people suffer from this even with regular exercise (especially after meals), but we all want to be ready for the bikini at all times in the summer!

  21. Janice says:

    This is so cool cassey! I still have to make this shirt…. 🙂