*deep breath* Big changes.

Hey guys,

Life has been CRAZY. I am not sleeping, my skin is starting to break out big time, I barely have time to work out, and I’ve been having wild dreams about sinking boats, marching Diplodocus dinosaurs, not being able to find Sam, and me desperately trying to save people from drowning. It has been INTENSE.

I have been fully consumed and almost eaten alive by product development and the growth of my brands. I would not ask for anything different (everything that is happening is so cool!) but…it’s A LOT. Even for crazy Cassey.

To make things EVEN crazier, I have been prepping a full-on evolution for my blog 😅

My blog has always been my diary and my safe space for sharing my deepest feelings and most vulnerable experiences. I can’t believe how much we have been through together: from my bikini competition to my wedding planning to my 90 Day Journeys and throughout ALL of my emotional breakdowns from various terrible internet bashings…you’ve been with me, reading and supporting all along.

As I continue to get busier and busier, I hate that I can’t write as much as I once did. I hope to find some level of balance in my life again so that I can make time to sit down and just feel my feelings. I need that so badly. Even writing this today feels so therapeutic.

Anyway, back to the evolution I was telling you about – my blog is going to be going on it’s own journey! I have been back and forth on this idea for years now and finally, this year, I decided that it was time.


*deep breath*

For the first time ever, I am introducing some very, very special people (and friends) to blog alongside me on blogilates.com.

OMG scary I KNOW.

Do not worry, I AINT going anywhere. I will still be blogging as much as I can but my plan is to nourish you with more quality articles from experts in nutrition, fitness, wellness, girl-topics etc. that all have that same Blogilates vibe of rawness, realness, and unfiltered vulnerability. Honestly, I am excited that I get to go on my own blog and read/learn something new everyday!

I promise you that there will be no stupid, superficial listicles and clickbaity articles. There will only be posts that are rich with feeling and learning. Some of the bloggers err writers err Blogiwriters (!?) may even be embarking on 90 Day Journeys of their own that you can follow along with. What I love is that every person will have their own backstory, their own special ways of bring value into your life, and my hope is that you can find someone that you can really relate with on a deep level.

I am excited to see where this journey will lead us. As always, I want your honest opinion as we grow through these changes. Tell me what you love, what you don’t love, and how we can evolve together.

Soooo….you ready for this??

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  1. Happy Wheels says:

    Truthfully, I believe this is a fantastic plan! With everything going on, I’m glad this will provide you a little respite. You have been a source of motivation for me for a long time, and it’s wonderful to see that you’re doing so well.

  2. Jenn says:

    I hope that you can find balance and peace in your life. Sometimes that does mean delegating and not doing everything yourself. Btw something that I found super cleared up my adult acne is facial chemical peels!! I had three of them and didn’t have any more acne for years. Plus it just makes your skin glow and look so fresh and youthful and beautiful without any makeup. I got so many compliments and people couldn’t believe that I wasn’t wearing any makeup. My pores were basically nonexistent, too. The downsides are that your skin is peeling off for like a week and you have to stay out of the sun, but it has long-term benefits. Definitely worth it. They say you won’t see improvements after the first one, but I did. Do your research, though – you don’t want to end up with a chemical burn or something. 😬

  3. Janvi says:

    Take good care of yourself Cassey and I can’t wait to see other’s perspectives through your platform. You have helped me to start caring for my body. You have helped me find my way to fitness. Through you I was able to find my version of joy in fitness. I like how open and honest you are. I don’t want you to ever stop bloging. It helped me feel less alone. I don’t want negativity to consume you. We will always be with you.

  4. Sydney says:

    Yes this sounds so fun! Very excited to learn more about other people’s experience

  5. Kimberly says:

    I tried to read the healthy travel hack blog, but it was too generic and phony. It felt like something on any random fitness website. I am sorry to provide negative feedback but hopefully this will help your writers to shift their tone. It was too much like the typical health and wellness journalism geared towards women that is all over the internet. I think we’ve all always connected with Cassey and her experiences and don’t necessarily come to this blog to read generic advice. It’s about the personal touch for me at least. I’ve been following Cassey since 2013. Wishing you the best in everything.

  6. Nic says:

    So excited!

  7. Janis says:

    Love the new blog look!! Happy to follow and witness the growth!!

  8. Mikaela says:

    Honestly think this is an awesome idea! 🙂 Glad that this will hopefully give you a bit of a well deserved break when you have so much going on. You have been such an inspiration to me for years, love to see you still going strong! <3

  9. Jessica Eisenberg says:

    I’m happy you’re growing your brand but it feels like the workout videos and challenges are suffering from it. There hasn’t been a new workout video in almost 6 months but there have been lots of new products. It seems like the reason we’re all here – health and wellness – is something of an afterthought at this point and overshadowed by manufacturing. Maybe when you introduce some new bloggers you can also introduce some new instructors so we can always have new content to work out to?

    1. Gail says:

      I totally agree with this; All the videos are old and there used to be great challenges. Whatever happened to that? It seems like my email from this site is totally about new products and not enough new content to workout to.

      1. Kianna says:

        I also agree with these comments. While I love that you are building a brand, I don’t love that we don’t get new workout videos anymore. New products won’t help me out if I don’t have new workouts to challenge and motivate myself with.

    2. Ira says:

      Oh good I thought I was the only one. I unfollowed on youtube because it was all those stupid shorts. There is a reason I don’t have tiktok and I prefer long form content on youtube. seeing all the little shorts clips in my subscriptions was annoying.

    3. Charrison says:

      Agreed. I starting doing these workouts over a year ago and was hooked! However, it has become challenging and unmotivating to continue without any new content for so long. I’ve had to look elsewhere for good, consistent workouts. It seems like this has become more of a blogging forum and clothing line than workouts. And if so, congrats on your success in those areas. I enjoyed my time doing Blogilates and return to it every now and then to mix things up, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be workout focused anymore.

      1. Anne says:

        Agree! Can you please give an update on the workout videos soon??

    4. Abigail says:

      Absolutely! In the meantime I have moved to other videos available on youtube from other fitness instructors because there aren’t any new workouts here. I miss them!

    5. Kitty says:

      Super late reply, but yes. I came from YouTube to the blog to see if there was some explanation. I love supporting some of my favorite OG fitness youtubers, even as they try to grow their brand and take steps back. An example of doing it right is Fitness Blender. They did a monthly subscription and hired a few trainers who meshed with their vibe to do videos so they could take a step back from the video production. I hate subscriptions, but I love them so I pay. At the end of they day they’re doing what I knew them for, putting out quality no frills workout videos. Cassie would be better off doing something like that. Seems like it’s more about maximizing profits through shorts (I get it, less work more money) and pushing products. I would buy stuff if I still supported the brand but I don’t. I’m slowly moving away from her on YT as there is more out there than when this first started. Sorry for the negative feedback, but this model can’t be sustainable.

  10. Lacy Deets says:

    So excited! ❤️ Love this and you, and cannot wait! 🫶

  11. Abi says:

    Congrats Cassey! And thanks for always being so transparent. <3

  12. Jenna says:

    (Oops, moderator, would you please delete my past comment?) I meant to say:
    Excited to meet the new writers!

  13. Lynn says:

    What I love: your motivation and upbeat attitude .
    What I don’t love is very personal to me. I have a back injury and and a lot of the exercises are not geared toward an injury . I skip a lot of the workout . Crunches are bad for my lumbar spine so I try to modify this and end up skipping over 1/2 the workout. Your workouts are geared toward young healthy woman which is lovely amd I work toward this goal for myself . .

  14. Laura says:

    I think it’s the best idea. You darling are on another level with us. 🤗

  15. Anonymous says:

    Every sponsored ad on this page is for a phony clean eating weight loss scheme, saying things like reduce your tummy at any age. Not a fan of that.

    1. Anonymous says:

      My ads are about credit cards and athletic clothing. I think it’s different for everyone!

      1. Chiara says:

        My ads are about a hair wand and phone accessories! 🥰

    2. Anonymous says:

      um the ads are targeted so what you’re seeing reflects your own personal internet footprint. all of my ads on this page are for Universities lol

    3. Diana says:

      The ads you see are determined by your previous searches in the web and not by the developers of the site. ” The cookies ” you are agreeing with visiting a web page track your interests and the ads you see later are relevant to your personal researches…..
      P. S I am seeing shoes everywhere…… :):)

    4. Meg says:

      The ads I see are Disney+, mental health, and BBQ sauce (idk last one is kinda random don’t ask lol).
      If you are upset about what ads you see, clear the cache/history on your web browser OR if you use Google browser you can make ads personalized to what you typically search for. Hopefully this will help.

    5. Sara says:

      Ads are generated automatically based on your activity on any page that tracks data (which is basically any social media and all web pages). Mine are about legal agencies 😂

  16. Beth says:

    Will you start posting full length workout videos on YouTube again at some point?

    1. Julia says:

      I am hoping for that, too.

    2. Georgina says:

      Yes please. Don’t love the TikTok videos on youtube.

  17. Victoria Gessford says:

    You are simply THE BEST! Thank you for sharing with us – the good, the tough and all the in-betweens. 😎 I always look forward to your posts and products!!

  18. Elin says:

    This sounds great! Your brand is building and ofc it would be impossible for you to manage everything yourself! I’m really looking forward to the new blogilates.com. I remember when I watched your videos from your backyard in your qpartment complex. You’re come such a long way, great job Cassidy!❤❤

  19. Abi says:

    Always ready to see where things go next!

  20. Always ready to travel with you🧡 Such a great idea and expansion!! 🤩