At last…the Bikini Competition Recap!

At last…the Bikini Competition Recap!

OKAY!!!!!! SO again, BIG TIME APOLOGY for this delayed post! Like I said previously, the timing for my blog migration to a new server was not scheduled out so magnificently so I felt super bad for making you guys wait for this! Especially after weeks and weeks of anticipation leading up to the event!

So let’s start from the beginning shall we!!???

Friday morning Danny-J and Aubrie from The Sweaty Betties flew in to support me at my very first fitness bikini competition! It was the first time we met in real life but I felt like I already knew them! Such funny and random girls. They stayed with me for the weekend.

That’s Aubrie, me, and Danny!

Danny-J took me to my registration at the local Crown Plaza to get my height checked. Oddly, I was measured 5’4″ when I know for a fact I am 5’5″! I had just gone to the doctors to get my height checked 2 weeks ago. I spoke with some of the other girls and they said they were all about 1/2″ to 1″ off. Weird. So anyway, that put me in Bikini Class C which measures from 5′ 2.5″ to 5′ 4″. There were 12 girls in my class. I later found that class D had only 5 girls!

That night my mom helped me finish up my bikini (we made it ourselves) and I tanned up for the last time (I did this 5 times) and went to sleep dirtying some old sheets. Tanning is no fun. It’s nasty, dirty, smelly, toxic, and when that aerosol spray hits you, it’s effin cold.

Got up bright and early Saturday morning at 6am to do my hair and makeup!!! Mommy did hair, I did makeup. The girl at MAC told me to wear double eye lashes which I had never done before, so I took her advice…but they were sooooo heavy on my lids. Now after looking at the pics, I don’t think I should have. It looks like my eyes are closed!!! Anyway, here I am with my trainer Kip! He brought me a bag of resistance bands so that I could pump up right before hitting the stage. You know, to make my muscles pop! Crazy last minute techniques huh? He gave me a little pep talk and wished me luck. We worked really hard together for the past 1 and a half months so today was the time to strut and shine!

Here’s a glimpse of what I got to look at backstage. Girls tanning. Guys flexing. I mean, not too bad, right? 😛

Here I am with some of the other bikini competitors in class A and B I believe. I love how all of our bikinis are different and all glammed up! These girls are seasoned competitors. My backstage friend Valerie (#83) helped me with last minute posing and we also helped tan and oil each other up. She flew all the way from New Mexico to compete and was such a sweetheart. It made the whole experience a lot more friendly. Which reminds me…I have a funny story to tell you when I vlog about the bikini comp. Not everyone was so nice…and it makes me laugh.

More backstage pics! The two ladies on the left are Figure competitors. That’s Cori Ann and Christy! Very cool peeps! As you can see, they are more muscular than Valerie and I.  Their suits are a little different too. Their bikini bra criss-crosses in the back and their bottoms have more of a high V look on the sides. The routines that Figure competitors have to do are also much more different than Bikini. Figure body fat %’s also tend to be lower than Bikini. Bikini girls are allowed to have more of a “softer” more “feminine” shape.

Hellooooooooooooo 6 packs!!!!!! Wait make that 12!!!! Here I am some Men’s Physique competitors along with another one of my super cool backstage friends Merredith! Doesn’t she look like Britney Spears!!???!!! Men’s physique is a newer division for the guys that is kinda “one step down” from bodybuilding. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean it’s kinda like the step down you take from Figure to Bikini. In this division, the judges are looking for more of the ultimate “beach bod” look so you don’t have to be as big/built/ripped/cut as the bodybuilders. The guys also wear board shorts instead of male thongs, wait, I mean “posing trunks”. Haha, just kidding, just kidding.

OOoOoO!!! Now let’s go the other direction! Here is Stacey a woman bodybuilder!!!! Look at those mature muscles! OMG. There’s me trying REALLY HARD to form a puny bicep next to her mega arms! Oh man, here you can really tell the difference between the different female body types that can be seen at these fitness competitions! So crazy!

My parents came out for the event. And if you must ask, no I did not feel weird prancing around in almost nothing next to my Asian mother and father. Hahaha. In fact, they were quite supportive of my whole bikini contest journey. They saw the discipline and dedication it took and just let me be. I mean, my mom thought I was totally insane for eating the same food everyday and my dad thought I had no life because I lived in the gym for hours at a time, but in the end, they still loved me because I set a goal and completed it!

Do I look more like my mom or my dad? Or none because I look like a dolled up oompa loompa? Hehe.

I was so surprised when I found out that my best friend and former college finance tutor Sam flew in from LA to come support me at this competition!!!! He knows how much this journey means to me and bought a ticket last minute to make an appearance! I felt so loved. Even though he thought I was a crazy B throughout the whole process, he too, like my parents, was very proud of me for the hard work and time put in to get ready for this bikini competition. He had to deal with a lot of me on the phone going “Ughhhhhhh…I’m so carb depleted…..ughhhhhh only 10,000 more hours of cardio…..” Hahahaha, he must be so happy now that he doesn’t have to hear me complain!!!

So anyway!!! For the show, I had to prepare a 10 sec modeling routine for the morning show (pre-judging) and then once more for the night show. Apparently the winners are pretty much determined at the morning show, and you know if you make Top 5 if you are called out to be compared in the “comparisons” against 4 other competitors.

The judges are looking for overall muscle tone, proportion, and I was TOLD that a nice booty and sexy legs help too.

I don’t have the CD pictures of me on stage yet, but I found this one online.

I don’t know what’s going on with my pinky, but otherwise, I was having a grand ole time 🙂

I  really wanna show you the modeling routine I worked on for the month and a half! Kip had me practice 30 min a day religiously. It was really good practice not just for the contest but for life…LOL…I am now so outrageously graceful, confident, and bouncy in clear 5″ stripper heels 🙂

Anyway, gotta grab the footage for that…but until then just imagine me cocking my hips side to side and doing T-stands and smiling a lot. Pivot turn, pivot turn, you know.

So what were the results? Well I did not make Top 5 in my class. I later got feedback that I did not have enough upper body. I needed more muscle in my shoulders and back compared to the other girls. But you know what? I totally love the way I look and am happy with my body!!! Yes I entered myself into a contest to be judged physically and their standards for the perfect bikini bod may not be my standards, but I do not regret getting involved in this world of fitness that was so foreign to me until now.

I wasn’t bummed since my original goal was to just be able to work hard enough to stand next to these bikini girls and look like I wasn’t out of place. I also wanted to shape up for the POP Pilates DVD, so as a tool, using the competition to bust my butt off totally worked 🙂 I have never been this lean in my life. Like I said in previous posts, the entire experience has been incredibly rewarding and positive the whole way around. I am sooooo happy I followed through with the training and the prep work needed for the competition. Now I know what it takes to be a competitor and how hard I can push my limits. This will not only help me gauge my own level of fitness during workouts, but will also help me have a sharper eye when it comes to instructing and training students!

Here is the girl who ended up winning the whole Bikini division. Congrats Traci!

I have much much more to say about the contradictions and hypocrisy I encountered while training for this event, but I will save it for my vlog which I will post tomorrow. It’s gonna be juicy 🙂

So what did I do after the event ended? Umm I totally ate cheesecake. DUH.

And then what did I do on Sunday after I cheesecake? I ate cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodles.

Haha, no worries guys – I did not gorge!!! I shared these desserts with friends and having food with sweetness and flavor again was just heavenly. I always like to say that eating dessert is eating for the soul. So my inner Cassey was very full and happy this weekend.

I didn’t go nuts though because I had another photoshoot on Monday! Kip told me to book a couple shoots this week just to capture the hard work that went into the whole journey. Good idea. I shot with photographer Hardy Wilson who does amazing work and he was so much fun to work with. I can’t wait to see and show you the fitness and swimsuit photos we did!!!!

One drawback of the competition has been the leprosy I have developed. Just kidding. It just looks like it. I look like a reptilian mutant. My back, abs and chest are all scaly and disgusting. I am wearing black long sleeves to teach nowadays and I feel super self conscious about my orange skin tone. Ha, I guess I should just hang around other competitors for the next week so we can be all mutant together.

So that’s that guys! Part 2 with my vlog on my thoughts of the competition will be up tomorrow. I leave you with a picture of my dad who became inspired to compete after watching the show 😛

Much love!!!! And thank you for following me on my bikini journey. So excited to be back to regular life and to be able to cook with a variety of ingredients again!!!! More time for YouTube workouts and more time for blogging.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Bethany says:

    Casey you are great you really are.. But, here’s the thing you are so skinny for bikini, and have almost no glute ham tie in which is essential do well in bikini. Your booty is almost non existent I hope you waited for your feedback

  2. Gregg says:

    You look GORGEOUS in your Bikini. Great work, and guts!

    P.S. I wish others wouldn’t insult the other ladies. Totally uncalled for.

  3. Kiersten says:

    Congrats to the winner.. However, her boob job is terrible. Looks like the right boobie is slowly falling off her body! Weird.

    Congrats to you though lady on your hard work. You and your NATURAL self looked the best to me!

  4. nana says:

    I love your dad lol 🙂 And I love your way of calling yourself a mutant and a dolled up oompa loompa. People should be comfortable with making fun of themselves

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Cassey – I just found your blog and love it! I definitely think you looked better than the other girls. Those boob jobs are hideous!! I’m sure the girl who won was nice, but, in my opinion, those big fake boobs made her look fat. I have several friends who compete and I commend all of you for your dedication.

    1. steve schmehl says:

      I agree. you definitely had the nicest breast

  6. Ljubica says:

    I think yoou look like your dad 😀

  7. anne says:

    Heyy Cassey
    It was sooo gud to read about u….
    I really luv u for not faking anything. Thanx for sharing your parents pic with us.
    No doubt your parents are proud of you as how you are…
    You are the best!!!
    Luv and much respect!

  8. Megan says:

    The picture of you and Sam looks like you are photo shopped in! lol

  9. Jessica says:

    I don’t think you should have tanned! You aren’t pale to begin with.

  10. yvonne says:

    hey cassy ! i love your body ! nobody but u is allowed to judge ur body ! great natural body 😀 Ur body is sooo soooo much better than the other models ! dont go too overboard 🙂

  11. Katy says:

    Cassey, I would way prefer your body to any of the other girls there – you look sensational. Thats why I do your workouts (and because they are really fun and you have such a bubbly personality as well, of course). You’re an inspiration, thanks!

  12. just me only me says:

    haha cassey you are the most normal looking girl there and it is awesome! every one has GROSSSSSSS huge fake tits hahahaa you have the right size breasts for someone your body size and workout! My first fat loss when working out ALWAYS comes from my boobs so its nice to see you are still natural!

  13. Becca says:

    Hey Cassey :)!!
    I just wanted to tell you that you body was incredible and perfect from a woman’ s perspective. No one wants to look like a man with huge muscles or have orange skin. Looking at the pictures you had the most natural looking tan and best body that didn’t seem fake. The women with the obvious implants looked horrible and why you did not win is a mystery because you had the best beach body.
    Keep up the great work inspiring people everyday!!
    Beccs 🙂

    1. Polska Blondynka says:

      I agree! I don’t want to offend women who prefer the super muscular look, but from my perspective, well… I just don’t find it appealing. Cassey, you looked very natural and happy. You had enough muscle/tone, in my opinion.

    2. Tariqah says:

      Totally agree. Cassey has the best arms and abs,–not too bulky, just toned and feminine. Her tan is gorgeous and, like you said, more natural looking. This makes me wanna go to Youtube and do all her videos.

    3. Michell says:

      I don’t mean to be mean to the girl who won. but Cassey TOTALLY should’ve won that contest. Cassey you looked amazing!

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  15. noemie says:


  16. Cristina says:

    you look more like your mom, your sister is vivid image of your dad though. dunno why i’m commenting so late lol I never read it full and today it just popped out and i had to read. you’re too much fun to read haha

    fyi: glad you’re not a bodybuilder. You’re so beautiful… and body building muscles though respectable in their way are just a bit too much for me (be it on a man or a woman. either way just too much. too big, yet not quite as functional aside from when used for heavylifting). Dunno… just sort of creeps me out a bit lol Anyway… off to do some bikini blasters haha

  17. Otilie says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I was wondering where you got the yellow bikini in the photoshot picture??
    It looks soooo good!

  18. Ivori Rose says:

    WOW ; you look so much like your Mother =D

  19. Heidi says:

    your body looks AMAZING!!! i would have definitely put you top 5 in my book! i wanna get there by summer!!!!!

  20. Melissa says:

    Cassey your body is seriously better looking than the winner I wonder what the hell the judges were thinking. Anyway I’m wondering where is that vlog about how the competitors were not nice?

    1. Mary says:

      I was wondering the same thing!!! Did you ever find it?

      1. Cymbaline says:

        She talks about it during the “Bikini Booty Thong Workout” 🙂

  21. didi says:

    I really think that Cassey looks a lot better to my eye than the winner! 🙂 I’ll print that on-stage picture to keep me motivated with my workout.

  22. Missy M says:

    You looked awesome! I normally compete in figure but I think I am going to try my hand at bikin in 2013.

  23. elle says:

    I commented on this when you decided to do the competition. You don’t have the body type for it. Them telling you “You need more upperbody” is because in there standards you are not proportionate. They expect breast augmentations.

    1. Kels says:

      Yeah I agree… I mean just look at the other girls (who participated under the bikini body). I personally prefer a more um “natural” body/look and think Cassey looks amazing ^^

  24. Kim says:

    I love your body compared to the other girls! Good Luck for this one. Hopefully you win. Your youtube subscribers will always support you!
    Love from your youtube subscriber from Australia
    Your dad reminders me of my driving instructor. I bet your dad is a funny man.

  25. Emma says:

    You look more healthy, cute and natural than other girls! That’s what I love about you!! Wish you luck this year! <3

  26. Audrey Deza says:

    you are to tan orange!! :3

  27. Latoya says:

    I totally agree with the other popsters, you were the prettiest and didnt look deformed and all manly… Sorry you were all orange….however for your next tan just come to Jamaica and lay in the sun all day with your sun block on. Trust me no orange after effects. lol..

  28. Ori says:

    Cassey, to me you’re the champion, cause you are the natural one, not overly built, just perfect for a natural beautiful healthy built. I would love to have a body like yours, but…why it’s so hard to start? 😀

  29. JoSo2003 says:

    You are really a sweetheart, Cassey and true in mind, heart and spirit. I did also competed 10 years ago and experienced how you went through. You are a “REAL CHAMPION” to each and everyone of us. Keep loving your career as I do.

    Your fan and follower.

  30. Lara says:

    Wow, the way you look is soooo amazing, I am totally inspired by you! I think it’s quite motivating for everyone here to see how you managed to slim down and stay healthy at the same time. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you are amazing!! 🙂
    Love you ♥
    PS: At first I thought you looked like your Dad but the longer I look at the picture the more I think you rather look like your Mom! You definitely got her nose. 😉

  31. Neža says:

    you look healthier than all other girls! Otherwise a good job. Proud of U!:)

  32. Amber says:

    How did you make your bikini? Where did you get the bling parts for the bottoms especially? Any help is appreciated!

  33. jody sierra says:

    I live in fort lauderdale, fla. I am a professional relationship coach. I am for mothers age, but keep myself very fit thru working -out and bellydance & hip hop…for years.this is the first time hanging-out on your blog; & doing some of your pilates.,.just want to say how much i enjoyed the work-out and the pictures of your are so cute on so many levels!! my sister; who lives in L.A. placed second in the contest that was on saturday, memorial week-end.. Her name is jana hollingsworth, she was in the 50 plus catagory. Looking forward to your next work-out…stay happy…love, jody…p.s. If you need a mentor for any relationship issues don,t hesitatate to e-mail me, at…bye..

  34. Amanda says:

    Cassey you did a fantastic job, congratulations on achieving a goal! I love that your number was 89 (my birthyear, haha ;p) and you definitely look like a perfect mix of both your parents, maybe just a tad more like your dad! You look absolutely lovely in that yellow bathing suit photo as well, I want it! Thank you for all your videos, you really help me push through my laziness, it’s a daily struggle but I prefer to do your workouts over anything else. Keep up the great work, you really are an inspiration xoxo

  35. Emma says:

    You looked amazing! Good job 🙂

  36. Shana says:

    First of all, you look absolutely amazing!! I recently found you on youtube STALKING all competitors as I have entered myself into this madness….Your journey is inspiring to me..and I seriously can not wait to hear the drama! haha I find myself crying during freaking workouts so I can’t imagine being up there…I too have always wanted to see if I was capable of pushing my body…I am 9 weeks out and I am literally freaking out!!! Thank you for sharing…Love you lady! and keep inspiring us all. Now back to my rice cakes ;O)


  37. Natesha says:

    Cassey you rocked it out! You looked better than all the girls you featured in my opinion, but I guess that is based on my aesthetics. The girl who won looked REALLY fake, and those boobs were not cute at all (I don’t mean to be mean, I’m just stating my truth). I am happy that you chose to represent a real natural woman, and what the perfect “bikini” body should be for a general level. I am also happy that the girl who won wasn’t totally super buff and abnormal (really only her boobs were out of wack, everything else actually wasn’t bad). So glad you were up there to represent us REAL girls- power to you!

  38. Katarina says:

    I agree with everyone. You are so much more beautiful than any of the other girls. And fake boobs aren’t attractive!! You’re beautiful and I aspire to have a body like yours! You’re amazing Cassey!! You’re the winner in our hearts haha!!

  39. Laurie says:

    Okay so there is no nice way to say this… but I wanted a man’s opinion on who was better. Well since my husband is a man’s man… he is a Marine and hot if you ask me. Anywho I asked him who he would rather poke… you or the winner. Without hesitation he picked you. His words exactly… “I am a boobs guy, but she looks like a woman.” “The other one not so much.” “So yeah… the asian.” I know that is not really a compliment, but trust me it is. I just don’t see how you didn’t win, the other girls are gross and kinda trashy.

  40. Claudia says:

    you looked fab ! ant beleive how much the effort you put in paid off !!!! i will deffo be doing more of your videos to have a hot bikini body this summer

  41. Callie says:


    I was originally upset and generally an unsupportive fan of your journey. It made me nervous that someone as radiant and beautiful as yourself would undergo extreme alterations in the name of competition. After seeing your pictures here, I realized something. You are 100x prettier and better looking than anyone else you took pictures with. Lopsided implants are not an attractive look. You look natural, healthy and radiant. They look deformed. I hate to be judgemental towards the other competitors, but wow. I had no idea just how bad it was.

    You are amazing. I’m glad you are back to your non-orange self and eating carbs again. If I were a judge, you would have won.

  42. Betzua says:

    I think the other girls lookd alright not really a real bikini body I prefer yours more than the winner your legs looked way more toned. But it’s so nice you took us with you and I am inspired to set a goal and train hard to get it. Prob not a bikini body but something I’ll be happy with thanks Cassey and I’m excited for your next video!!!

  43. Fa says:

    Girl, you are amazing!! Congrats for all the effort that you put on your goal, you were amaaaazing, and in my opinion your body rock more than the others!!

    Have a hug from Mexico, and keep rocking 🙂

  44. Clare says:

    You are a vision and an inspiration. The photo of your dad at the end especially made me smile.

  45. Jess says:

    I too think you looked the most “real” (oompa loompa tan aside, which is apparently a requirement anyway!) Did all those other competitors have fake porn star boobs?? It kind of looked like it..and no offense to them, since I’m sure some of them were quite nice…I was surprised how unattractive everyone else was!! Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  46. First off, you look fabulous- so much more natural (minus the mega tan) compared to the other girls! Also, did you say DVD?!?! When is this happening, I must know.

  47. Jess T. says:

    I just wanted to say that since I found your videos, I have been so inspired by your energy and outlook on everything and of course your rockin’ body 🙂 I now love working out in my room in between studying for exams.
    xoxo from Australia

  48. Linda says:

    Cassey, I’m glad you’re not too bummed about not making top 5 but if the pictures were ANY indication of your competition in your class, you’d EASILY win in my book!

  49. Melly says:

    So happy to finally be able to read about the competition! You did great! Thanks for taking us all along for the journey.

  50. hayley says:

    I have to admit I am a bit disappointed that the focus on this competition is looks. I thought you were so cute and healthy looking before, but still fit and had a body to be envied. I just don’t like how you did all this for aesthetic, not for health. It’s great to strive for something and to accomplish it, but did it have to be something so superficial?

  51. Natalie says:

    Yay! looks like you had a wonderful time. So nice to see all the lovely support and surprise faces to bring smiles to you on the big day. What a lovely family you have! You’re mum and dad look so lovely, and remind me of mine (who are back in NZ) That same lovely calm care, sense of fun and pride for a child grown who is well loved.
    I really think your figure looked best! lovely, trim but not manly (but shapely feminine and refined – so a very good balance between lean and strong. Both you and kit have done well!) i think mostly you though hehehe after all you had to eat the same food each day and do all the work!
    as I still think we girlies look better with our nice curves but a little muscle (for when we need it :OP) so you have worked towards and achieved a beautiful aesthetic! am so happy for you.

  52. Rosa says:

    Cassey! I honestly think you have the better body compared to the other bikini fitness competitors! Beautiful! Congrats! Is there anyway you could post more about all of the training and nutrition stuff that got you this far? I’d love to follow in your footsteps!

  53. MMM says:

    I love that yellow and grey bikini where is it from? And yes I will ask on youtube as well =)


  54. Katie T. says:

    You looked fantastic. Of course, everyone’s ideals of beauty are different, and I so admire the other women for working their ass off to look like they did, but personally, I prefer your toned body to their more muscular ones.

    P.S. Your dad is adorable; you totally inherited your features from him!

  55. Rina says:

    I’m a big fan and I think you look amazing! Any negativity from others come from people that can’t do what you do. You are amazing, with amazing energy and discipline. As a fitness instructor, the best thing you can do is motivate people and you do just that! Keep your head up and continue doing what you do!

  56. Jenny says:

    Ah yes fake tanning for competition, had the same problem in competitive Irish dancing. Is it just expected that you’ll be tan or is it an actual requirement?? I’m terribly allergic to sunless tanners, three years of hives for dance before we figured it out, and then they made me wear tan tights! I understand a healthy moisturized glow when you’re showing a lot of skin, but why the heavy orange fake glow! Le sigh.

  57. Kelly says:

    You looked amazing. And your bikini definitely outclassed the other ones, good choice. Congratulations!

  58. Carla says:

    Uh you need more upper body as in boobs? Coz the winner only had more boobs than you I think. I think you have a better bikin body… Well at least to my standards.

  59. Holly says:

    I honestly think you look the most ‘real’ out of everyone you had pictures of! Like you look super fit but not overboard like some of the other girls. I’m glad you came out with as good of an attitude as you went in with, even though you were top 5. That shows a lot about you. Looking forward to the vlog!

    1. Annija says:


  60. Jessica says:

    You look absolutely great! I love how “natural” you look compared to the other competitors, if you know what I mean! I’m inspired!

  61. Patricija says:

    Congrats Cass, that must have been crazy adventure 🙂

  62. Runner Girl says:

    Congratulations Cassey!! So amazing!!!

  63. Alex says:

    yay you’re legs looks amazing! good job!

  64. Zoe says:

    Congrats on achieving your goal, Cassey! It must be a wonderful feeling. Your dedication is so inspiring 🙂

  65. Cdasshh says:

    1st of all..Congrats Cassey!
    Ur determination inspired all of us..Ur already a winner 2 me. Admire ur guts being able to strut on stage. Not everyone can pull that off my dear.
    Lurve u loads keep us updated s usual. Miss ur workout. Lastly u definitely look alike more to ur Dad.
    Biggest Fan Fm Singapore:)

  66. Chantal says:

    Definitely agree with lots of what’s been said! You looked gorgeous Cassey! I loved how fit and sexy you looked but definitely kept it natural… and you totally rocked the cheetah! You’re such an inspiration, and have totally put the idea in my head to try it out the whole competition thing to see what it’s all about, haha. Looks like you had a blast!

  67. Carolina says:

    ahhhh casey you looked so much better than those other girls although you are sooo skinny! they all looked so fake.

    so glad this thing is over though. didn’t seem healthy at all

  68. Julianna says:

    Im SOOOO proud of you Cassey! Congrats!!!

  69. Hey Casey,

    Came across your blog and I am inspired by all your content and the things you do. Would love for you to check us out, we share the same enthusiasm for Pilates and all things healthy lifestyle! XO

  70. Elisabeth says:

    Good job Cassey! Your parents are soooo cute and you look like you dad.

  71. Kimi says:

    I am shocked you didn’t make it, but I don’t know what they look for! All I can say is you DID stand out with all your natural beauty! You looked like you had a ton of fun and you met your own goal! I am so happy for you Cassey, and I love that you totally admit you had some cheesecake right after! <3

  72. Lena says:

    Cassey!! You looked absolutely amazing! I’m so inspired by you. Your hard work definitely paid off, and you should be so proud of yourself. And as always, Thanks for being such a great motivation!

  73. Ross says:

    😀 OMG WOW!!! Congratulations Miss Cassey You look so natural yet ultra sexy and I love it!!!’ and coz I find you the best among the others (including girls with implants).. 🙂

  74. Becky says:

    Wow, very impressive! Congrats! Your parents are adorable too.

  75. Cait says:

    You look the most natural and therefore the prettiest, Cassey! Your parents look so sweet. I think you look like your dad!:)

  76. Alicia says:

    Your Dad/Parents are super cute! They just look so proud of you. Congrats on everything. Can’t wait for the vlog! 😀

  77. Sarah says:

    I like that you have natural breasts. Compared to the other ladies you looked healthy and beautiful, naturally. All the implants look so fake!

  78. Bronte says:

    I guess I do not get the appeal of body-building competitions. Cassey looks much healthier, strong, and beautiful in the pop pilates videos. It doesn’t seem like a health and beauty-oriented competition. It seems like a fake tan, fake boobs, unnatural looks competition.

    1. Brooke says:

      I have to agree. With the exception of the bikini competitors, these women obviously have unhealthy body fat levels (contrary to what society tells us, yes, women can have body fat levels that are too low). Not to mention some of them look like they are on steroids…healthy? Hm, I’m going to go with no. And yeah, what is with all the fake boobs? I understand that when a woman’s body fat level gets low, her boobs disappear. I think that’s a sign to to scale back on the crazy dieting and exercise, instead getting unnecessary, expensive cosmetic surgery. Cassey is honestly one of the few healthy, attractive girls there in my opinion, no offense intended towards the other women in the pictures.

    2. Yuliya says:

      I completely agree with this. I love your more natural pop-pilates body Cassie! 🙂 It’s way more inspiring.

      1. Caroline Frawley says:

        Yep me too. Cassey you definitely looked the best in the bikini!! Most natural. Sorry other competitors! Well done Cassey you looked great. But you always looked great even before bikini your comp!

  79. amy q says:

    you’re extremely lucky to get support from your parents… 🙂
    im glad you had lots of fun, you certainly deserve it after all that hard work!!! you really look gorgeous… but i always wondered why those bikinis were so… light.. i mean there isnt much covering at all.. is it just so the judges can get a view on EVERYTHING?! o.o

  80. Francine says:

    No bias Cassey but you are the prettiest..hehehehe

  81. Nadine says:

    i still think you look the best compared to your competitors!

  82. Anticonformity says:

    I just want to reiterate what every1 has said and as apparently the only guy here :p

    Like Laurel said : “please please please dont ever get breast implants! you are so pretty just the way you are! in those pics next to the other girls you are the most “real” looking and that is a great thing to be! :)”

    AMEN! All girls PLEASE PLEASE take this to heart… YOU are beautiful without fake crap…END OF DISCUSSION! lol eat healthy take care of your body but dont go to extremes either way!

    B U B TRU and DO WAT U DO… that is SEXY!

  83. lori says:

    You are the best Cassey, I love you in that yellow bikini..

  84. Kris says:

    hahaha your parents are too cute! and your dad is so funny in the last picture! you look amazing and congrats on doing the competition! i totally think you look like your mom, btw. hehe.

  85. jessica says:

    been so excited for this post i had a dream about it last night. looks like you had a blast! CAN NOT wait for the vlog! i love living vicariously through you.

  86. Fatima Alhaan says:

    Really amazing to do for urself…these kind of accomplishment gives the most satisfaction to urself and no one else! SO glad to see you walk the ramp in full poise and confidence, man takes a lot of guts! Happy you are back to your own beloved zone on blogging and Pilates! Keep us all posted! Much love!!!

  87. Taylor says:

    Hey Cassey, I have the solution to get off that blotchy fake tan! I used to fake tan all the time, and when it started to get blotchy and gross this is what I would do. Get into the shower, a warm shower, and just rinse with soap. Then get out of the shower, soaking wet. Take a towel, one that you don’t care about, wet the towel a bit with warm water and scrub your body with it until the tanner comes off. If it has been a few days since you applied the tanner, and if the tanner is already getting blotchy, then it should be super easy to scrub it off. Hope you see this and hope it helps.

  88. Jessica A. says:

    You look great! But I was also thinking about if more “upper body” meant have bigger breasts because the girl who won didn’t look much different except for the strange looking implants. Even your pics with the other bikini competitors didn’t look much different. You look like your dad though! Love his muscle pose! Must be great to get back to normal! I’m love sexy sassy Cassey but can’t wait to see quirky Cassey again!

    1. Anticonformity says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE! As a guy, honeslty Cassie, you were the clear winner as you didn’t look SO FAKE! UGH not sexxy at all… Quirky and Healthy is SEXY in my book! Congrats on your journey!

    2. Martina says:

      So funny, I was thinking the same thing as you – that “upper body” must have been code for breast implants. Cassey seemed to have better tone and definition than the winner.

      Well congrats Cassey on a job well done and for putting in the hard work – you look fantastic!

      1. blogilates says:

        yea who knows!

    3. Lucy says:

      That is literally exactly what I thought about the whole upper body thing, seems like in order to win you need to have big, fake breasts! Cassey’s legs look much more defined and toned, and overall she kind of has a better build.

  89. kyla says:

    Oh em gee can your parents be any cuter??????! I loved that last one of your daddio flexing!

  90. Dilek says:

    Honestly, you looked amazing Cassey and I really think that you were the prettiest one out there. I’ve been exercising with you for about 6 months now and I wasn’t very surprised when I read that you wanted to enter this competition. To do something so challenging and push through right to the end it’s sooo like Cassey. I’m happy that you are not disappointed, and oh, btw, your upper body looks amazing. Well, from head to toe you look stunning. 😀

    Lots of love :*

  91. lara says:

    WOW ~ You looked AMAZING!! I thought you looked best of all the ones you posted pics of.. It is my opinion that just being natural is more beautiful anyways.. Enough of the fake big softball boobs.. Not an attractive look. Stay the way you are! You are such an inspiration!!! Absolutely think you are BEAUTIFUL!!
    Lara 🙂

  92. Mely says:

    IMG.. I love it… you look so beautiful, i wanna be like u 🙂

  93. HippyFitMom says:

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully one day I can get here.

  94. Rachel says:

    You look gorgeous (the tan is… different, lol but i totally get that it’s a competition thing), but most important of all, you look like you’re having fun 🙂 Congratulations on your achievements throughout the journey to the stage <3 Also, your parents are ridiculously cute!

  95. Emily says:

    You looked great! I have to add, you looked like a natural beauty next to all the fake boobs. The other girls looked great as well, but you definitely stood out. 🙂

  96. Way to go! You looked great 😀

  97. Kelly says:

    Yay Cassey!! So happy for you. Your parents are so cute and your dad is adorable at the end. I have to say you look like a cut-out with Sam bc you are so tan LOL. This is such a great accomplishment. Relish in it!!

  98. Beverly says:

    Congratulations!! You look fantastic!! So happy for you 🙂

  99. Joanne says:

    Wow, thanks for posting this Cassey! You looked AMAZING and IMO you looked the best among the other competitors. Yes, don’t get fake boobs, too as I like how you looked compared to the others, no offense.

    Great job Cassey and I am so glad you had a great time!!! Your parents are soo damn cute, too!

    1. Meli says:

      I agree, the implants were pretty scary looking if you ask me. And the chick who won, her bosom didn’t even sit symmetrically on her chest. You looked WAY better than her. Too bad you didn’t win. I was rooting for you!

  100. Nadi says:

    I really don’t like that weird orange tan. And I don’t like those horrible breast implants :-O It’s really not pretty at all!!!

    I think you have a beautiful body Cassey! But I like you even better with a few lbs more. And it’s good to see you eat Cheesecake again 😀

    1. Grati says:

      Exactly what i was thinking,the tan is so…weird:)) it makes even Cassie(who is gorgeous) look…well,less than gorgeous:))) The implants look somewhat scary as well…

      It was a great experience,even without winning.And saying that you love your body is the bigges ¨award¨ you could ever win,trust me:D
      Btw Cassey,you parents are so adorable and seem so nice and friendly and youngggg:D

      1. Bronte says:


    2. lynn says:

      I agree. I have been following you awhile for summer bikini inspiration. Fake tan and fake boobs are not attractive. It is a shame that to be a perfect bikini body for competition it means fake. Natural is way more beautiful! And non toxic 😛

  101. Louisa says:

    Good Job Cassey! You ought to be proud of your achievements and you do look good, girl! =)

  102. Patti says:

    Congratulations, Cassey! I’m so proud!!!

    You totally look like your dad, who is, by the way, adorable.

    My show goes into previews today, so I am down to one workout a day, too (to let my hair dry and not be wankered come show time). What to do with that extra time?!

  103. Gabriela says:

    You look great! Even for an oompa loompa haha 😛 You for sure look like your dad 🙂

  104. Amber says:

    Way to go, Cassie! I’m a carb LOVER (g-free tho) and would be a total B without…great dedication! Can’t wait for your video!!! I’ve stopped most all other instructor’s vids cause they aren’t hard enough. My fiance and I have dubbed you the “Nazi cheerleader”—not in a negative connotation just that your workouts are super tough and you encourage us to work thru the pain and to keep going. It’s great to see that you practice what you preach. Enjoy the feeling of conquering your Mt Everest!

  105. C.S says:

    Girl I think you look amazing! And your upper body looks just as defined as the other girls… IMHO you look even better!

  106. Mariana says:

    I think you are fabulous Cassey!!!! You did such a great job! YOU’RE THE WINNER FOR ME! You show us everyday that we can! Your videos and all the positive energy I have in here, its what keeps me going! ALL MY LOVE FROM MEXICO! Thank you! AND … CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  107. Michele says:

    Awesome job Cassey! You looked amazing and more importantly had a fantastic attitude. I guess it’s just my untrained eye, but your upper body looked just as toned and muscular as the winner of the overall competition. I really hope that not having enough “upper body” is not a euphemism for implants. I will be interested to read if that is one of the contradictions/hypocrisy you experienced. You look beautiful and REAL! Congratulations on making your goal. 🙂

  108. Tracy says:

    I think you look great and am so glad you had fun. I’m confused about the bikini competition though (maybe you go over it in the other post, I’ll have to see). Seems to me like the girl that one and the “more upper body definition” would belong more in a fitness competition. I wouldn’t think they would want the muscles like that. I thought a bikini competition would be more about a nice overall shape/figure, being toned, lower body fat and grace of movement. You know, more about how you look in a bikini than the muscles you have. That seems more fitness oriented. But I guess just goes to show what I know, lol. You look great though… wish I had your determination.

  109. Bia says:

    Hey, you looked great! No offence but the winner looks really plastic…
    You looked natural and fit and happy! way to go!

  110. Mariah says:

    Ah so proud of you! You looked gorgeous&the tan didn’t look horrible like normal : ) I’m confused as to how she was chosen the winner because you have way more upper body strength it looks like. Oh well, you did GREAT anyways. x

  111. Windy says:

    Haha! Awesome! When I logged on to facebook today I did a little happy dance, “She’s posted!”
    I really wanted to know how it had been for you and what the whole experience was like! It looks like you rocked it! I love your pose, and WOW… you have a long pinky! lol
    Cassey, I’m so proud of you! Sticking through a competition as tough as this takes guuuts! And you have ’em!
    I will agree with lots of people, that I personally like your body type better compared to the winner. Not that her body isn’t awesome, but… just that, if you both were walking together, I think I’d be staring at your legs, not hers… ahahha
    For me it’s more of a real-none-threatening-or-scary kind of body, which I think is GREAT! As for the tanning woes… yikes!
    Do you know how long it will be like that?

    Sending you lots of love, hugs and congratulations from Kansas City!

  112. Brandi says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and using your videos for awhile, but I have never commented, until now. I just want to say, I really admire your dedication Cassey. I think you are a great role model for not only health and fitness, but also as someone who set their mind on something and stuck with it through all the hard work. I also want to say how awesome it is and how luck you are that your parents were so supportive! Good job Cassey, you looked/look amazing and I think it’s great being able to see the work that someone put into their body!

  113. Kaiti says:

    As always you look amazing! ( so does that CHEESECAKE! lol) You are such an inspiration to me. I’m a young mom of a 2.5 year old and sometimes find myself slacking in the exercise department.. But you never fail to motivate me to get my big booty off the couch and do a few Pop videos! Thanks for being such a positive and bubbly person. .and such a great influence for myself as well as many other women. You’re the best!
    PS your dad is so adorable!

  114. Your parents are too cute!

  115. Joan says:

    So exciting to see the parents! Your mom is gorgeous. So happy for you, Cassey. Here’s to more wonderful things to come. Keep shining! <3

  116. Sophie says:

    You look amazing! Well, the tan is a bit freaky of course haha but still! And you have the best attitude. 🙂 I love that bikini in your photoshoot so cool. And a POP dvd? Ooh I have been hoping you’d make one!

  117. All that hard work paid off .. you look amazing!! Congrats on your journey!!!!!!!!

  118. Chelsea says:

    How much do you think the experience cost you as a whole? I’m dying to compete, but I know I’m going to have to save up for it.

  119. Laurel says:

    please please please dont ever get breast implants! you are so pretty just the way you are! in those pics next to the other girls you are the most “real” looking and that is a great thing to be! 🙂

    1. K from B says:

      Yes! I agree!

    2. Maria says:

      I so agree with this, some girls’ boobs look seriously horrible, I don’t know if it looks different off season but huge breast implants at that low body fat… Well, they look like oversized tennis balls under their skin, to be honest. The girls do have amazing bodies, but they’d look SO much better without the fake boobs :(.

      Well, to each their own, I just don’t find that look attractive/beautiful at all.

      BTW you look amazing, absolutely gorgeous!

  120. Melissa says:

    OMG CASSEY!!! Where did you get that yellow and grey bathing suit you’re wearing in the photoshoot??? I loooooove it! Anyways, you’re awesome, and you’re right, it’s better to fit into your own definition of perfect bikini bod than to feel bad you don’t fit into someone else’s.

  121. Sam says:

    You have the right attitude about it! And to be totally honest, i looked through all of the other photos of the other girls and i think you have the BEST and most sexy body! You look REAL! super frigging fit, but real. i love it. It’s good that you are so proud of yourself, you really should be 😀 And omg I LOVE the yellow and grey bikini. I want that!!

  122. Alejandra S. says:

    Never mind top five, you’re #1 with all of us, you look so amazing that it only inspires us to do better and work harder. We all learned a lesson with you, you have to put in the work if you want specific results. Thanks for the post and the pictures, your parents are adorable! Congratulations!

  123. Alejandra S. says:

    Never mind top five, you’re #1 with all of us, you look so amazing that it only inspires us to do better and work harder. We all learned a lesson with you, you have to put in the work if you want specific results. Thanks for the post and the pictures, your parents are adorable! Congratulations!

  124. Beth Leipprandt says:

    A tip to help with your “leprosy”, make a homemade body scrub. It will help remove the scaliness and oompa loompa coloring plus leave you skin feeling and smelling amazing. Mix a cup of brown sugar with 1/2 a cup of olive oil and apply in circular motions in a warm shower. I usually use melted coconut oil or almond oil because it smells better and mix in a little honey and cinnamon for a extra yumminess.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      That’s what I was about to suggest, but I add lemon juice (it helps lighten the tan). I wear tanner on my legs and stomach basically year round, so I’ve definitely had this problem before! It’s the price I pay for my auburn hair and Irish ancestry. I think the hair is worth it, though (never have to dye it! I often am asked if I do because they want to know who does it)

    2. Joan says:

      Now these tips just sound awesome.

  125. Cristaine says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations and how *gorgeous* you looked. Also, to tell you that I always wanted breast implants…until I saw your pictures in comparison. Your upper body, for *my* preference (which I don’t expect people to share) looks so beautiful, natural and healthy (and yes, sexy!) You look graceful, feminine and real (and like you put a zillion hours of time and energy into this competition! ) And for what it’s worth, I loved your arms and back! Thanks for motivating me to be MY best me, by my own expectations and rules. =) Congrats again.

  126. Jasmine says:

    I’m fairly new to your blog and this community but I have been catching up on everything and I just wanted to say CONGRATS! You look amazing. You worked so hard! And, I’m glad you were finally able to have your treat too 🙂

  127. Lina says:

    Congratulations, Cassey, for having the strength, the willpower and the courage to do this! You rock! You’re so fit and lean, it’s crazy 😀

    You look more like your mother (at least, that’s my opinion), but your Oompa loompa comment totally cracked me up, haha.

    To be honest, I don’t really like the bodies of some other contestants that I could catch a glimpse of in the photos you uploaded here: their breasts have suuurely seen silicon heaven. I ain’t trying to be mean, I’m just saying, lol. However, I’m aware of the hard work which goes into getting a body like that, so hats off to everyone who attended.

  128. Kendra says:

    Ahhh I have been waiting for this!! Even though we’re on opposite coasts, I just love you & this community- so positive, supportive, and encouraging. I feel like we’re real life friends- in conversation I refer to you as my trainer, haha 😛
    I am oh so proud of you and your dedication- you’re truly inspiring and you rocked that bikini! Better than the winner! (She obviously worked hard for her figure too and definitely gets props for that, but I’m just sayin’!) Congrats on getting out there and doing it! Do you have any plans to compete again?
    Oh & please enjoy the cheesecake and ice cream fo sho!! 😀

  129. Juliet says:

    What a journey! You look amazing (and better than the others who are completely plastic looking)! The tan thing is horrible. It doesnt suit anyone – what an odd practice. Anyway youre inspirational and I love the fitness and meal plans you propose. Lovely. Your parents are super.

  130. Emily says:

    wow awesome! i just never understand what those judges look for bc i think bc its bikini , you look way better then the girl with big fake books. (sorry if she is reading, but thats why its your blog) and your abs and arms are more lean. but what do i know?! lol (im also not just saying this, i never comment, i just wanted to let you know that your body ROCKS!)
    great job cassie!

  131. S says:

    You look 2893738376463 times better in these photos than the first photo you posted! Must have been dodgy light or just breathing in too much. The tan is very scary but you look incredible. Seriously incredible. I still don’t agree with eating a diet that makes you feel depleted and tired so I’m glad you’re back to eating normally now. But, honestly, you look much better than the other girls! So much better! Also, please never get a dodgy boob job! Congratulations 🙂

  132. nat says:

    Congrats!! great great job!! you look amazing…. is it possible to look like this after having a baby, if you are 28 ? im giving birth on october, 27 now… but the truth is I ´ve never look like that, but I´ll love to try LOL

  133. Leanne says:

    Awwwww your dad in that last picture is so cute hihi! You’ve got his smile and your mothers eyes as far as I can tell 😉 but you did look more like a dolled up oompa loompa indeed 😉 lol. I thought you looked way more beautiful than the winner (I’m sorry I can’t stand fake breasts, I just think it’s the ugliest thing in the world.. no offence… )
    Great job Cassey! Love, Leanne

  134. Sarah says:

    Cassey! I’m so proud of you!! This took real dedication and hard work. You are such an inspiration! You did amazing and you deserve all the snicker doodle ice and cheesecake in the world! 🙂

  135. Jennifer says:

    Awesome post Cassie! I love your blog and your positive and REAL attitude. xoxo!

  136. TaMara says:

    Congrats Cassey! I think you did a FANTASTIC job and I really thought you looked better than a lot of the other girls. You look great and I’m so happy to hear you say that you like the way you look and are happy with your body! You have truly been an inspiration for me! Every time I want to just skip my workout because I’m tired or whatever other excuse I can think of, I remember you and how hard you work and I’m reminded that if it was easy, it wouldn’t be called a work-out! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  137. Diane says:

    You look AMAZING!!! The hardwork really paid off. And clearly you’re a winner in our books. I find you so motivational. I have now actually begun the journey of working out + eating healthy. Motivation, consistency and pushing myself have always been a struggle. But I’m ready to tackle with the same drive you did for this competition. You are so inspiring. I love the blogilates community.

  138. Nerissa says:

    Amazing recap Cassey!

    I find that odd re: upper body was not toned enough – your triceps/upper arms where the first thing I noticed through your transformation – weird.

    Anyways CONGRATS and look forward to the backstage juicy gossip:)

  139. Zena says:

    Hello Casey,

    I just found your blog and youtube channel about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I recently decided that I wanted to train as if I were going to a bikini competition.. I’m not sure if I will actually do a competition but I want the body as if I had.. and who knows.. after reading your experience, which seems AWESOME.. I will.

    Thank you for providing your followers with healthy inspiration.

    Way to go for completing your goal. You looked absolutely fabulous!

    Will you do it again?

  140. laura says:

    Great job!

    Think you look just like your mom. And, your folks smiles show how proud they are of you. Now about this Sam thing. Maybe it is just my middle-age thinking, but, this one should be on your radar.

  141. sabina says:

    You may not have won! so what? you missed the moon but you at least had a tour among the stars! That alone is an amazing experience! I am proud of you ……waiting for more workout on your youtube channel 🙂 you inspire the rest of us to get fit and health:)

  142. Holly says:

    Awesome job, Cassey! You set a goal and you accomplished it. That’s not easy, especially when your goal entails following such a strict diet and exercise routine. Thank you for sharing this journey with me and everyone else who reads your blog. I don’t know you, but, like some of the others who posted here, I almost felt like I was going through this with you. That’s probably because of your writing style and unique and honest way of presenting your experiences. Thank you for taking the time to share your competition stories with us. While I am sorry that you did not come in Top 5, I am inspired by your dedication and ridiculously hard work throughout this process. Great job, Cassey!!!

  143. Courtney says:

    Cassey, congrats on this amazing accomplishment. I hope the feeling lasts for weeks and weeks. Whenever training gets difficult again, the best part is being able to say, “this is nothing compared to the competition!” I think that the results will last you far beyond whatever happens physically…because GOSH it is hard to keep muscle definition like you have there! Did the judges mention that your legs were 10x more toned than all the others?? Welcome back…bring on the thigh gappers! 🙂

  144. Vio says:

    Congrats! I’m following u from romania, and doing ur exercises daily which i love. Especially the way u’r teaching. I appreciate all ur hard work for this comp, but pls get rid of the tan and go back to the old ‘natural’ Cassey :). However, keep up with the good work! 😉

  145. Kristy Wilce says:


    It was great to meet you at the Contra Costa and you looked stunning! Have fun with competing and keep it up!


  146. Vickie says:

    Good for you, you look fantastic! Much better and more natural looking than the others.

  147. Voula says:

    Great job, Cassey! You looked great! Too tanned maybe, in comparison to your parents and Sam, who looks like an albino next to you, haha! But I honestly thought that you looked better than everyone else in the photos. I don’t like how big the other girls were on top (do they have surgery?), even in your bikini class. I definitely don’t like the others categories, never did.
    Overall, thanks for all that you’ve done till now, it’s the first time in my life that I eat clean and exercise not to lose some weight but to be strong and energetic and feel good about myself! And it all started with you! And after this amazing journey you had, it just adds to all the “you can do whatever you set your mind on”! So, thanks again, Cassey!
    And, good luck with the de-tanning!

  148. Kat says:

    What an impressive endeavor! These competitions are truly a sport requiring much hard work, discipline, and motivation. Cassey, I’d love to see all the competitors in your division, and I know we are not just saying it here but truly feel you have the best look–the WINNING look 🙂 . My fave is looking “real”, so I have to ask…do a lot of female competitors have boob implants? I realize there are some women who are naturally thin with large chests, but to be this bikini/competitor thin and be well endowed looks “out of scale” to me. Large, natural breasts seem to have a typical shape requiring more than a competition bikini top to hold the girls in place lol.

    And BTW, did you use a bikini pattern or just wing it or trace off an existing one? Where’d you get your bikini bling, too, and/or how did you apply it? Hot-fix crystals or something else?

    1. blogilates says:

      most have implants. and my bikini was bought online. my mom cut the ties and added the rhinestones and i added the swarovski patterns.

  149. Razzy says:

    Lol your parents are adorable 🙂

  150. Michaelle Littlejohn says:

    I think that when they said you needed more on top…they meant more on TOP…haha. I think you looked great! Those other girls had appeared to have too much fake stuff up top…if you know what I mean..haha. Good job!

  151. Katie C. says:

    Congratulations on even making it to the competition! You looked great 🙂

  152. Anne says:

    Congratulations on completing what you set out to do! As always, you’re such an inspiration!
    On a side note: I think you need to alert Bloglovin’ of you server change (or whatever it is that you’ve done with the blog), because your posts aren’t showing there anymore. I’m only here because I follow you on Facebook as well 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      oh thanks for the callout!

  153. Fira says:

    Congrats!!! You looked absolutely amazing!!! You definitely should have won!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration! I love doing your workouts and reading your blog. You have the sweetest personality and you are so motivating!!!
    I wish you more and more success in everything you do!

    much love,

  154. Jazz says:

    This is actually really cool! well done

  155. Lenka says:

    Cassey you look gorgeous!! I love the photo where you’re standing next to Stacey :D. And the one of your father is really funny too. You’re such an inspiration, even for us who don’t intend to compete, it’s great to know we can do that and have great body like yours. Once you start popilatesing, you can’t stop :). I showed your videos to my friends and some of them started exercising too!! We tell each other about how “Butt Blaster” or “Lower Belly Pooch Attack” killed us the day before and how it’s hard to sit down the next day 😀 . We love it!!!

  156. Inès says:

    Congrats ! You surely look the prettiest. And this tan looks soooo natural, its great on you !
    I wish I were with you to see all those yummy guys 😉

  157. Hi Cassey,
    I just followed you on Twitter. I have your Pop Pilates youtube videos bookmarked on my laptop. I also printed screenshots of my favorites 🙂

    I really admire you for your discipline & for having gone through this bikini contest. True, you did not look out of place AT ALL. As a matter of fact, i think your body looks better than the winner’s. And you looked stunning!! But like you said, you’re happy no matter what. I can totally relate since i lost 30lbs last year. I have gained some 10lbs back & want to lose them again. You are one of my inspirations. I’ll be “seeing” you regularly 🙂 Keep the good vibes flowing!

    1. blogilates says:

      good vibes all around!

  158. mikee says:

    wow, i’ve been waiting for this post! i’m so happy for you! you look absolutely great! winning isn’t everything and it’s great reading how much you’ve learned from this experience 🙂 and your parents are pretty cool too!

    1. blogilates says:

      haha they will be happy to see this comment…believe it or not they actually read my blog LOLLLL

  159. Saima says:

    I have to say, out of everyone in the above photos, your the only 1 thought looked gorgeous with the perfect body. Although i appreciate the hard work everyone must have done, i dont think its attractive.
    Also, just wanna say thanks, as i’m finally starting to see some definition in my abs! yipeee. 🙂

  160. Nikki says:

    I cried after reading this post….why?…because you have been so inspirational to me Cassey, not in a million years did I ever think that I would find someone who would be able to motivate me like you have. I am not gonna lie, it took me sometime to actually get it in my head that I was lacking something. At 25, I absolutely cannot stand looking at my own pictures, I haven’t taken a picture in years. The problem is, I have always felt like I am not pretty enough or that I am too fat to look at. It is hard to see anything positive sometimes, when you have never had any kind of motivation in your life. I have always been the one taking care of the people, not that I regret that.

    I know that this has nothing to do with your post, but it just showed me what dedication and motivation feels like. I have set goals for myself which are one of the reasons why I need to lose the weight, not be skinny, but be healthy and fit. I have even started designing and drawing again, which I love. My life has some order in it :)…and it feels great.

    So thank you for getting me started on this journey and thank you in advance for the results 🙂

    God Bless you <3

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh Nikki! Wish I could give you a hug now. We have so much in common – I also love designing and drawing. Keep doing what you love and find the passion within to drive yourself. You’ve got this.

  161. Amelia says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I’ve been following your journey but haven’t commented on it yet! At first, when I heard about what you were doing, I wasn’t too sure. To me, you’re the poster girl for living well, and having a healthy attitude. But when I read why you were doing it, it all made sense to me. Huge congratulations for competing, and working so so hard to get there. I found it really sad that you got bad comments from people, because after all, it’s your life, and you should be able to set your goals as whatever you want. I suppose because we follow you and your progress, everyone feels like they own a bit of you, which is crazy!

    Anyway, your workouts inspire me, and following your videos and blog has helped me both get back in shape and find inner confidence. It makes me really proud to see how you set your goal and achieved it. Without being rude about the other competitors, I genuinely think you looked the best! Or maybe I should say, out of all of them, yours is the body I would most want to have out of all of them 🙂

    Massive congrats, I’m proud to be part of the Blogilates community, and I look forward to seeing your vlog!

    Much love,


    1. blogilates says:

      aww thanks amelia! yeah, i know, a lot of people were like “uhhh why are you doing this!!??” but it was more as a tool than to win – so I am so happy u see where i am coming from!

  162. baker says:

    love it love it love it, you did so well that all that matters and we all love you 🙂

  163. Line says:

    I really liked your the body the most! If I’d be a judge at the competition you’d totally have won! 😀

  164. Gillian Booth says:

    Wow you looked great! I have to say you looked better than the winner but I suppose thems the breaks! What an experience!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks Gillian!

      1. Tanja says:

        I also found you more toned as winner! Weird… 🙂

        1. Howard says:

          Yes,I also feel about this with you guys too !!

  165. Isabella says:

    I love love love how you share these things with us – it’s like we’re all family! Can I just reiterate again on how much I LOVE the blogilates community? Everyone here are like sisters to each other. Reading your blog posts, it feels like we’re having a face-to-face conversation. Cassey, you’re 100% real, no bull shit and nothing pretentious.

    So proud of you for pushing yourself to the limits!

    Love <3

    1. blogilates says:

      aww love this! no BS for realzzz

  166. Jessica says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! look at you and your smokin’ bod. I feel like i have been with you through this whole experience! I’m very proud you are so motivating

    1. blogilates says:

      I’m so happy you felt like you were right there with me 🙂

  167. asma says:

    so happy to see as you are others are having implants where you prefre to stay natural 🙂

  168. Liz says:

    Cassey, this is so inspiring, as always! I’m definitely looking forward to your vlog about the event – I’m sorry though that not everyone was nice there 🙁

    That yellow suit you’re wearing for the photoshoot… LOVE IT! Can’t wait to also hear where that suit is from, haha.

    Congratulations on this wonderful journey and for sharing it with all of us!

    Oh and I used to spray tan for dance competitions (I’m a competitive ballroom dancer), and I too used to look like a leper afterwards, since the tanning stuff definitely doesn’t come off easily 🙁 Now I just embrace the paleness at competitions, haha. Thankfully it doesn’t affect scoring!

    1. blogilates says:

      OH man! I wanna ballroom dance!!! I used to a bit in college. It’s so empowering and beautful. The yellow suit was from Target circa 2 years ago 🙁

      1. Liz says:

        It’s definitely empowering and a lot of fun – love it! Ahh you’re lucky you got that suit when you did then – I’m jealous! Haha. Yellow is my favorite color and I love the design.

  169. Tanja says:

    Ahhh finally finally! 😀 I loved this post! Especially that you showed your family&Sam! Congratulations girl, it’s not important the result, or if I should quote alpine climber Nejc Zaplotnik »It’s not about the goal, it’s about the path.« And I also checked other girls’ photos online and I seriously liked your body the most! I don’t like too bulky built bodies. Maybe you could write more what were the judges looking for in your category? Overall look, proportions, definition??
    So proud of you and that you went on this journey!

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh yes, let me add that.

      1. blogilates says:

        Added! Great suggestion.

  170. kristin says:

    Congrats!!! You looked amazing, esp your ARMS! and this post was so inspiring…I may not do a bikini comp in the near future but your dedication and hard work is a great motivator. I’m around the same body type and height as you and I’m working on getting my body more fit and toned. Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂 you’re one of my fave blogs and YT channels! Xoxo kristin

    1. blogilates says:

      woohoo!!! yeah, it’s actually not necessary to spend all that time and $ on a comp! good experience but very expensive!!!