Dear Cassey: No matter what I do, I’m not losing weight.

Dear Cassey, 

I’m 5’4”, age 39, Asian and 164lbs. I have one child and I never step on the scale because it stresses me out. I work out hard, even on days I don’t want to. I still find a way to push myself. I meal prep and I try to watch what I eat, but no matter what I’m not losing weight or inches. I’m thinking of all the things I have cut out and it makes me wonder why I’m still not losing weight? I would like to get back to my weight before I got pregnant which was 125 – 130. I try to tell myself I’m gaining muscle but I still haven’t convinced myself to believe it. I want to love my body but I can’t. The number on the scale literally stresses me out. When I do lose weight, I gain it all back. What am I doing wrong?? Why can’t I love myself?


Discouraged with Dieting

Dear Discouraged with Dieting,

I wish I could just give you a big hug! If there’s one thing I want you to know it’s this: we have ALL been there and you are NOT alone.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that self-love doesn’t always come naturally. It takes time, TONS of self-care and a serious change of mindset to get there. It’s definitely not easy! But hopefully I can help.

First, your body created and birthed a child! THAT is seriously something amazing and something that we as women don’t always give ourselves enough credit for. Yeah, a lot of changes come with pregnancy and having a baby, but they are all signs that you created life! So if you think of pregnancy as the point you started to lose confidence in your body, I want you to work on your mindset. That was your body’s greatest achievement! It’s totally okay for our bodies to change, and yours did some amazing things in the process!

Second, it’s natural for our bodies to change the way we burn calories and hold onto weight as we get older. I’ve even noticed changes in my own body lately! Embrace it, and be easy on yourself. You can’t control changes in your metabolism or other things that come with getting older, but you CAN spend time figuring out what your body needs.

As far as losing weight, I’ve got some thoughts that might help. First, kinda like I said before, all bodies are different. Sometimes it just takes trial and error to figure out how our bodies need to be fueled. Second, think about what you fuel your body with instead of what you restrict. Are you consistent with your diet? Are you mindful when you eat? Are you choosing mostly whole foods? Lastly, it doesn’t always come down to diet and exercise. SO MANY THINGS go into weight loss/weight gain, like stress, sleep and hormones. So here are some things you can ask yourself:

  • Am I getting enough quality sleep?
  • Am I stressed out? If I am, what can I do to manage my stress (better sleep, meditation, taking more time for myself, etc.)
  • Should I talk to my Dr. about any hormonal changes I might be experiencing?

I’m so PROUD of you for staying active and for working hard to eat healthy. Make sure you’re enjoying your workouts, and if you’re obsessing over calories, I’d recommend you stop tracking them. Focus on eating whole, nutritious foods and don’t fall into the temptation to crash diet or obsess over calories. Oh, and let’s forget the scale for awhile! That number doesn’t tell the whole truth about our bodies, plain and simple. If you’re exercising and eating healthy, you ARE getting healthier.

I hope this helps and gives you some things to think about! Remember that it’s all about lifestyle, and being kind to yourself is SO important!

PS – If you have a burning question you want to ask me, I’m taking questions via text at 510-692-4556. Currently this only works for US and Canada. If you’re outside of those countries, you can leave a question below.

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  1. Kay says:

    Dear Casey,
    Thank you for being a listening ear and a guiding light to people like me, who sometimes get confused over the healthy mix of diet, nutrition and exercise.
    Would you be able to help me out in my dilemma whether I can change my body shape from pear to hourglass or is it something genetically that I can never change?

    Note: few years ago, I was my fittest self ever with a clean diet and 6 day gym workout routine. My BMI during this time was within underweight and normal range (i don’t remember the exact number) and I felt my strongest. But my body shape remained pear shaped.

    Currently, my below routine has been consistent since last 2+ years and my body shape is still pear!

    1. I am a 32 year old working female with no kids, and I can only fit my workouts on weekends. My height is 5.4 and my current weight is 60kg (current BMI: 22).
    2. I have always been a pear shaped girlie, no matter how clean my diet is or how consistently I exercise
    3. I turned vegan, 3 years ago and also consume a multi vitamin supplement
    4. I skipped consuming breakfast 5 years ago (wanted to jump on the intermittent fasting bandwagon)
    5. Since last 2+ years, here is my routine:
    A. Skip breakfast
    B. Consume fresh fruits and a glass of orange juice for lunch on 3 days. Consume rice + mixed veg or veg biryani or usual brunch favorite items like avocado toast with sauteed mushrooms, vegan slider with hummus etc. for lunch on remaining 4 days.
    C. Dinner: try to eat tofu every night for dinner, along with foods such as clear stew or vegan burger or vegan pizza or vegan pasta with assorted veggies or rice with sauteed veggies or veg biryani
    D. I drink 2 cups of oatmilk coffee everyday with 1 teaspoon sugar in each cup
    6. My annual health screen results have termed me: normal/ healthy

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Casey

    Firstly just want to say you’re amazing, beautiful I love your products and way you beautify everything, I wanted to find out from you will Blogilates help me loose weight as well as tone and get fit? Do you have exercises especially for inner thighs and knees, I find I can’t seem to loose in these areas n really would like to be one of those gals who can wear skinny jeans n look good in em

    Please can you assist


  3. Melis says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for the online community! I don’t like working out very much, and one of the only reasons why I HIIT/pilates is to be around your positive energy! I’m an 18-year-old uni student in the UK, and I’m trying to follow your work out calendar and do other cardio videos on Youtube. Unfortunately, working out doesn’t always make me happy. In fact, sometimes exercising can feel like a chore because when I do, I instantly start to hate my body, become angry, and feel very weak. On top of that, I feel like I’m not losing any weight. I’m trying to tell myself that working out is about keeping my body and mind healthy and that a si pack is a fun bonus, but sometimes it doesn’t work!

    Thank you,
    Trying my best

  4. surbhi chauhan says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I am 5’7 inches and 28 years old and a kind of person who loves to eat but want to have a fit body. I have recently started following your calender workouts regimes. No doubt they are good and i am following them religiously every day from past 2 months. But my main concern is my face fat. No matter how hard i try, my face fat never go away. Are there any exercise which can help me with this?

  5. Stacy Blake says:

    Hi Casey,
    Can you tell me the key to permanent weight loss?

    1. Ron says:

      Diet, exercise, hard work, consistency. There is no easy way, it takes effort and dedication.

  6. heena verma says:

    Hello Casey!! I want to loose 10 kgs of weight and maintain that weight for lifetime …Can you advice me which workout plan to follow and what is the key for the permanent weight loss??

  7. Karis says:

    Dear Cassey, do you have any advice on how to remove cellulite from thighs and butt areas? Thanks!

  8. Reema says:

    Dear Cassey❤️

    I’am a 26 yrs old girl…height 5’1″ weigh 67 kgs.

    2015–first put on weight– joined gym– reduced 10kgs in 3 months from 58kgs to 48 kgs.😎– looked amazing — left gym.– started gaining so Rejoined — But gained — worked out very hard 3-4 hrs started dieting — Still gained🙄 — after 1year found out Hypothyroidism 😰– biggest shock– started Medicines.😑

    I’ve tried Functional Training, aerobics, zumba, yoga Strength workouts 8-10 kms Morning Walks and lots of cardio, I’am really good at all of them…. But I could’t continue them due to extreme soreness😫, Which nobody else had, This soreness made it impossible for me to continue the next day, I tried to fight it out in all ways I know…..Thus I lacked Continuity in all of them.

    Also, I started doing your videos, but yes couldn’t continue.
    But this time….
    ✓The April Calendar 😎
    ✓The 100 abs challenge 😎
    ✓The 100 Butt challenge 😎
    I did all of them together., I’m soo happy I have gained a lot of strength in Abs👻 + Arms💪🏻+ 🦵🏻. And the Best part is, I could continue your workouts even after being soo Sore, you’ve planned it soo well. 👍🏻
    Also, with your or no…..Our community I’ve felt soo alive🤗 than ever at any gym…all are soo positive.😇
    But I dunno what to do next, what to expect😵, should I just keep on doing and Expect nothing, have no goals.😱 Like you say we must not compare and Fight only with our inner strength and build our own best version.😚

    All these years, even without a single drop in weight…. the one thing that has kept me going on is my STAMINA🏃🏻‍♀️, I believe I’m Fit, This is the only Ray of hope. Despite my accidents, injuries and all sorts of illnesses I keep going on and Dont quit🏃🏻‍♀️ Although I dont have a good figure , With fat at all the wrong places, I am good in anything that demand physical Strength.
    My BF says I’m not Fat, I’m just chubby😛, I cannot show my waist, I’m ashamed to wear a 👙 ever.
    BUT, I want results Cassey. I’ve been working out since 3-4 yrs with absolutely no Results, Changes come for a month and them I’m back to where I was or even worse I gain. I know I should not compare myself with you until I’m doing your workouts for the next 9-10 yrs.
    What is my Best Version?.How do I decide my Goals in the journey of becoming Fit.

    Yours Lovingly.
    No Changes Ever

  9. Decima says:

    Hey Cassey – any chance you’ll ever make yoga bags again? Been following you since the oGorgeous days and my bag finally, FINALLY broke after 8 years. Sooooo 🙂 It would be an awesome addition to the Popflex collection!

    On another note – I think it would be super cool to do a video or blog post about the history of Blogilates. I remember oGorgeous, then just plain Blogilates (I still have all my tees with your nifty sayings like “Train like a beast look like a beauty” and “sore today strong tomorrow”), then Bodypop (omg who remembers the rad music video?!), and now finally POPFLEX. I think it would be really cool for a lot of your newer followers to learn about all the hard work you put in that made you the successful entrepreneur you are now. Also a great glimpse into hardcore Cassey 😉

  10. Pati says:

    I find the whole diet thing so confusing. I feel like im always bloated anyways. Would you be able to create some meal plans for us? I just have no idea where to even start so ive simply tried to just eat food that isnt processed, started cooking for myself and limiting junkfood/sweets to one cheat meal per week but im not sure if it works.

  11. Saulė Drakšaitė says:

    Honestly there are also a lot of health hormone related issues or medications that just make u bloated and gain weight no matter the other factors. I have thyroid and uterus issues due to which no matter the amount i work out or my diet i will not fully be what i want. I try to be just healthy and leave it there.

  12. Juli says:

    Hey Cassey! I started doing blogilates again this January and I also decided to eat healthier and just take care of myself. I was dealing with a lot of insecurities and I thought the best way to get rid of those insecurities is to take care of myself. You’ve really taught me how fitness isn’t just about vanity but it’s also about feeling good and well, I haven’t felt this good in many years. You taught me that the right mindset and staying positive can really motivate you throughout your journey. I really feel that I’ve come a long way and I also feel stronger than ever. Thank you so much for being there for all the Popsters toward their journey to greatness. Stay Safe 💖

  13. Cerstin says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been hearing a lot of clicking/popping in my shoulders and hips while doing some of the calendar workouts! Is this normal or should I look at modifying the exercises causing them? (Double Ds & Star Abs are big culprits)

    Thanks, Cerstin 🙂 xx

  14. Akarshitha Menon says:

    Hi Casey,
    Namaste from India
    I have been following you for years.
    I love your workouts!!!!
    I gave birth to a baby girl a year ago via c- section.I have difficulty controlling the sleep pattern.
    Can you pleaseeeeee upload a workout video to get in shape after pregnancy for busy moms.
    All love!

  15. Izzy says:

    I am gluten and dairy free and try to avoid sugar, I drink apple cider vinegar every morning and try to only out whole foods in my body. However I still notice that my skin breaks out, I feel tired all the time and generally feel low in energy. Is there anything I can add to my daily diet that will help?

  16. Olivia says:

    Hey Casey, I have followed u for around 4 years now I have noticed some changes into my physical changes but my brain is just giving bad thoughts about my appearance. Also u give good food and drink tips and amazing exercises to follow but do u have any tips on skin clear and how to treat spots xx

  17. maheen awan says:

    I’ve been doing exercise regularly and started twice a day as well but seeing no results …not only on scale but also in inches ….and the main problem is that i cannot refrain myself from taking a cheat meal once a week which i think is not suitable at my fitness level

  18. Niamh says:

    Potentially that woman has a hormonal imbalance, sometimes after giving birth women can have issues with their thyroid which might be the reason for the slow metabolism. No harm to get it checked with the doctor

  19. Chanice says:

    Hi Cassey, my name is Chanice, I’m 19 years old, I’m british and 5 foot 8-9 and eventhough I’ve been eating healthier and working out, I haven’t seen much of a change at all. However, I do drink a lot of store bought fruit smoothies, fruit juices and milkshakes every day and struggle with sleep. Would that contribute a lot to me not losing weight Please? I can see I have a lot of fat on my tummy, legs, chin, arms and my face and have love handles. How can I lose weight please as I really aspire to be skinny. Thank you so so much 🙂

  20. Gracie says:

    Body Confidence of the Tall and Big boobed!

    I am 5ft 10 with 36H bra size and I am struggling to lose weight. I also have such a weird figure, I have almost no bum and big hips and love handles. Any tips? I am getting so demotivated it is killing me 🙁

    I am exercising a 5 days a week, but please any tips for my body time to lose weight and get in better shape.

    Kindest Regards,
    Gracie, UK

  21. Christina Dolle says:

    Dear Casey, I workout six days a week, but why am I not seeing any definition developing in my abs and legs. It is so hard to stay motivated when I don’t see results. I feel sore after workouts and I am 5’ 4” and weigh 113lbs so I don’t need to lose weight. What am I doing wrong?????

  22. Melissa says:

    Wow, I feel like I could have written this post! I’ve struggled with fluctuating weight on and off since my second pregnancy. I do know that less stress, eating whole foods and working out consistently have helped in the past. I’ve been doing the Blogilates workout calendar since October of last year and have only lost 5 lbs, but I’m trying to focus on building a strong body and not necessarily the number on the scale. My arms and shoulders are definitely more toned now and I can do burpees and oil riggers without collapsing into a heap now. 😂 Be kind to yourself and keep working at it.

  23. Ella says:

    Boy, can I relate. I have PCOS so losing one single pound is a battle almost to death. I workout hard 5 to 6 days a week, keep active even during quarantine, eat whole foods and a variety of veggies. Nothing. It is discouraging but I also tell myself that even if the outside is taking longer to change, my inside is changing. I am healthier, I can run for longer without getting winded, I can carry all the groceries in one trip. My persistence is getting better too. Maybe others can’t tell I’m this disciplined. But they don’t matter. I do.

  24. Émilie says:

    Hi Cassey!
    My name is Emilie I’m 18 years old I’m french and I’ve been working out with you for more than a year now. I have lost a lot of weight and my body is strong now but I’m still struggling with my thighs. I did thigh programs during months, used weights, I do cardio and I eat super healthy but I just cannot burn the fat around them this part of my body is so slow, I understand and I accept this but I really want to tone my thighs. The thing is I don’t know what to do anymore. This is not just about the appearance but thigh fat is frustrating for me, when I put on a skirt, a jean this is where it got stuck even though I have a slim waist. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you!

  25. Ashraff ali says:

    Hi cassey im a 12 year old boy doing piit work out but i really enjoy doing it but i really dont know how to control my eating habits and i need someone to help me about my food intake i just dont know what to do

  26. Felecia Poulina Wijaya says:

    I hv a problem with self love. My lower body is bigger than my upper body. Hard to lose fat on that part. What should i do. Anw i am asian 27y.o hvnt marry weight 60 kg

  27. Smaragda says:

    I used to be happy. I was normal at my weight and I ate what I want. This has change. I am 1.53 and 55 54 kg when I am heavy and every summer I lost 4 5 kg and my weight was 51 50. Well this winter I get a little obsessed. I wanted the best for my body not just the summer so I started on October with 40 to 1 hour exercise sessions at home with weights 5 days/week.I start to drink 2 3 litres of water and eat 1300 calories the days I didn’t exercise and more the days on track like 1400 or 1500. Well it didn’t go well. I can’t lose weight I am still at 54. What’s wrong with me? Sometimes I wanna give up. Sometimes I am so angry. Thankfully I don’t binge anymore but I have fallen into this trap. I don’t know if there is something can be done.
    Ps I eat whole 80 20 mainly and if I want dessert I cook it with whole ingredients too.
    Thank you.

  28. Nancy says:

    Hey Cassie, I’m 20 years old and I am really skinny. I’m 5’7 and I’m only 98 pounds. No matter what I do I am not gaining weight. What should I do? I work out, I eat a lot but nothings working.

  29. Amritpreet says:

    I’m 5’4 and I’m 16. I’m a girl , I workout and eat healthy but I gain weight. I need advice to lose weight because I’m 15 pounds overweight. I’m 135 lbs .

    1. Mel says:

      I Still having the same weith evenif I do exercise or diet, nothing works with me, is thwre something that you could recomendó me to lose weith and be healthy at the same time, im 139 lbs

  30. daniella26 says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m 27 and used to do ballet when I was younger. I have heard you talk about how some of us may have one side that is stronger than the other. I have always been stronger on my right side making it difficult for me to focus on training evenly. I finished up one of the leg days from the April calendar recently and realized that my right side was significantly more sore than my left. What’s frustrating is that I am conscious of it, but I can’t seem to even it out. Do you have any tips or suggestions for strengthening the other side? Thank you and hope you’re doing well!


  31. Caitlin says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m a 14 nearly 15 year old and around 2 years ago I started my weight loss journey just because I was so unhappy with the way I looked. Now 2 years down the line I’m still struggling despite me losing nearly 3 stone. Everyday I battle with my mind as these possessive thoughts attack me. Even though I have gained confidence due to my weight loss I’m fed up of feeling the same everyday. I’m very strict on myself and I only eat around 1000 maybe less calories a day and i know it’s dangerous and I wish I could change it and eat better and have a better relationship with food but I’m terrified of gaining weight. I do hiit workouts at home everyday and I eat extremely healthy I never have sweets or chocolate or take aways my diet is very healthy and I eat a lot of fruit and veg. Even though I have a healthy lifestyle I still have quite a lot of stubborn fat in my abdominal area, my thighs and my upper arm region. I’m just wondering if there is any guidance that you or anyone in a similar situation can give me as I feel like I have exhausted every possible solution there is and it’s just not getting better.

    1. julia says:

      if you eat more calories that’s appropriate for your weight you’ll probably lose the weight easier. just add more vegetable calories. when you restrict too much your body doesn’t lose fat. i had this problem when i had an eating disorder. now i lose fat easier because i’m eating more and i have less stress.

    2. Jill says:

      Oh Caitlyn, I see so much of my younger self in you. I too used to obsess about how many calories I ate, never let myself eat sweets, and God forbid I did I would loathe myself. It turned into a very unhealthy relationship with food. I was the smallest I ever was but felt miserable. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I realized that I was miserable because I wasn’t letting myself just be. I stopped weighing myself and now go by how I feel. I eat whatever makes me happy, but I make conscious decisions and eat mindfully. If I want a bowl of ice cream, I’ll eat a bowl of ice cream and enjoy every bit. Food is meant to be savored, not despised. From changing my mindset, I’m not only happier but I LOVE myself and how I look. Sure I’m not as skinny as I was before but I love my little curves and edges. I hope one day you see yourself beautiful as you are. You do not need to be skinny to be beautiful. Beauty comes from loving yourself exactly as you are. Changing your mindset takes conscious effort, but just remind yourself you won’t “get fat” from eating something you consider bad. Work out because it makes you feel good, not to lose weight. You are young! You should enjoy every moment without worrying how you look. I hope you find peace in this time. Take a deep breath, meditate, do yoga, and work on loving yourself from the inside out.

  32. SomeoneUnderTheSameSky says:

    Dear Cassey,
    First of all, let me just say that I am a huge fan of yours! I have been following your YouTube channel for a few years now and I admire what an amazing person you are!
    Your advice on self-love has given me a new perspective on how I should view losing weight and getting fit.
    Back in high school (not too long ago keke), I was content with my appearance. I used to study hard and not worry too much about how I looked and how much I weighed.
    But then I moved to university and this changed a bit. Suddenly I was surrounded with girls who were obsessed with weighing 45kgs and dieting all the time to achieve this unrealistic standard.
    Sadly, I was influenced by this as well and suddenly I became obsessed with the newest youtube diets out there from eating sweet potatoes to eating boiled eggs etc. I tried everything but I could not follow it for a long time (simply because it is not sustainable!)
    Currently I think I have managed to damage my metabolism from the constant diets and so no matter if I cut down on junk food or work out, I don’t seem to see any changes to my body.
    I did watch your video on healing metabolic damage but I don’t know how to start since I am so afraid of gaining weight!
    I don’t really consume sugars and mostly eat homemade food. But I have a hard time losing weight around my face and my lower body area.
    Any tips from you would be appreciated!
    Anyways if you are reading this, I hope you have a great day ahead! and stay safe love!

  33. helpthisgirl says:

    Dear Cassey,

    Hello, I’m a 15 year old girl that’s about 165-7 cm and I weight about 71kgs. Due to school, there are times where I work out everyday and times where I work out occasionally but even with when I start working out everyday, I see no change in my weight at all. I know this is probably due to my inconsistency while working out but even when I watch what I eat, there’s barely any difference. This makes it hard for me to stay motivated. Also as I live with my parents it’s hard for me to balance my diet as my mom wouldn’t allow me to eat less because I’m not a person that eats a lot anyways. I have gained weight and most of the fat goes to my thighs and that’s the last place I see any difference in. I just need some tips on how to figure out what my body needs and how to be consistent in my workouts. Thank you, I love your videos!

    1. Clara3 says:

      Hi Helpthisgirl 🙂
      I used to have problems with being overweighted too. I started with one change in my diet: I stopped eating sweets. So when I didn’t eat them for some days, I got motivation to keep going. Gradually I added more healty choices in my diet and accomplishing them really kept me motivated.
      I hope you will find my advice helpful and I wish you all the luck 🙂

  34. don’t get discouraged! 🙂 I’m proud of you son for staying the route and showing up every single day with healthy intentions. Keep doing that because that is the only way forward 🙂 lastly, I suggest keeping a food diary as a experiment! It could be insightful.

  35. Choco queen says:

    Dear Cassey,
    Im a girl and 153cm and weighs 44kg.
    I had an eating disorder and im at a QUASI recovery rn. I really want to recover so bad, i want freedom. I ate only 400 cals a day. I just cant just not to feel guilty when i eat something “ bad “ .
    I know all of our body is different. But it seems like i just cant love my body. can you tell me what should i do? 😭
    Im REALLY SCARED of weight gain. Im sorry if this triggers some of you.

    1. Anna says:

      It takes a long time to change our thoughts but we can change how we act on them much quicker! First, it’s ok to feel guilty. You have been feeling guilty for so long that it’s like a reflex reaction for you now and that is normal and will not change easily. But you do have the power to decide what to do from there. Choose to be kind. What would a really good, loving, friend say if you told them you felt guilty about eating something? Tell yourself that.
      I’m no expert, but I hope this might help you a little bit on your way to recovery.

    2. Anna says:

      Also, I think you are really brave because you are trying to change. Change is hard! And scary! Even if it’s something good. Follow the advice of your therapist and never give up <3

    3. Wings2020 says:

      Dear Choco Queen,
      I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer you but my heart goes out to you so I will at least try to help you. I don’t think a simple “Don’t worry. Eat right” is the right reply. I would suggest you some guided meditation or even hypnosis for body issues videos on YouTube. I have tried these videos for other aspects of my life and they have helped me a lot. You can also try vegetarian or vegan alternative of proteins if you’re scared of putting on since they helped me. I started eating a lot of meat and put on 10kgs without even realizing. Have you tried eating vegetarian or vegan food? Because even for a girl like me who has PCOD issues ,bloating and body-issues for nearly a decade I’m also on my journey to love all the extra ME while eating more of vegetarian food. I noticed that I can eat more calories without putting weight on my hips, thighs and bum (my problem areas). I watched this video recently on YouTube where a doctor had explained how we shouldn’t be obsessed with calories because 500 calories of whole grain healthy meal doesn’t make you fat like a 500 calorie refined/fried food would. So please dear eat all these healthy food and also relish the fried items/refined food once in a while. Sending prayers your way as I see myself in your struggle. 😊

  36. Eve ! says:

    this post was so awesome!! woa I feel u. im having a religious holiday coming up which always leaves me bloated:( stay safe u guyz<3

  37. Sophia says:

    Dear Cassey ,
    I am a huge fan of yours . Love your workouts .
    I am 16 year old and 158 cm y’all weighing 66 Kg I am a high school student and I feel like I’m really fat and want to lose weight but even though I try to resist myself from junk food I end up having loads of them .
    I stress eat a lot and I think that’s why I gain a lot of weight .
    I would love it if you start a series for teenagers to lose weight and is there a possibility for me to lose 10 kg by June ?
    Since I’m graduating this year .
    I hope you and your family are in good health

    1. Emily Mae says:

      Hi! I wanted to say hello because I am only a bit older than you (23) and had the exact same struggle when I was sixteen, and I started doing blogilates when I was sixteen too. Back then I worked out constantly and analyzed every single thing I ate. I would eat healthy all day and then turn into a raccoon at night and binge eat everything. I was thicker and had more fat on me than any other time in my life. Being a teenager is a crazy time in our bodies, so much is changing. Instead of focusing on a number, and resisting things, focus on things that you can do right now that make you feel good. Do blogilates because it makes you feel strong, eat whole foods because they make you feel energized, drink water because it makes your skin glow. One last thing……sleep is SO underrated. Don’t forget to take time to rest because I remember high school being a very busy time. If you keep working out, eating more whole foods and focus on feeling good instead of a number, you’ll be feeling and looking amazing in no time. You are beautiful and strong, be patient and believe in yourself. ❤️

  38. influence0104 says:

    hi there!!! i don’t think i am in position to provide help to but as 16 years old like you, like a friend i want to say you something.
    being a teenager and not being self conscious about your look is hard. don’t restrict too much, our body needs nutrients to develop us, make us taller and healthier, rather do you have anything you enjoy in aspect of body movement? i personally love dancing, and doing blogilates. that way i am keeping my body healthy and enjoying the process as well. school activities helps as well. thats my tip, love ya <3

  39. Jennifer says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I’m currently having the same problem but with some special reasons for it I guess (I am from Germany, so sorry if my English sounds strange sometimes).
    Because I got diagnosed with rheuma in January at the age of 22, I have to take cortison and some other medical supplies regularly since November 2019. I used to be a professional 800m runner until 2 years ago (end of 2018), but found myself not being able to do as much sports as I want since July 2019 due to my health issues (I even had to abort my sports studies at uni). As soon as I started taking the medicaments, I quickly began to gain weight even though I am really watching what I eat and following a special diet that my doctor told me to, all healthy (clean eating apart from some desserts from time to time). But no matter what I do, the weight comes to my hips (atm, I weigh 65kg at 1,67 meters, I guess most people would not feel bad about it, but I am used to having a different body). I even have a lot of muscles left from my years of training, but they now are kind of hidden under water and fat 😀
    Additionally, I’ve got some hormonal problems I know which cannot be treated with medicaments due to other issues (you see, here comes a package full of struggles with me haha :D).
    Do you have any advice on how to fight this problem? My body has changed so much during the last two years and I am not happy with that change :/

    Thank you for always making such amazing and motivational videos. Especially your quarantine plans are so helpfull and bring so much joy with them <3

  40. Alejandra says:

    I’m 15 and no matter what I do I can’t loose the fat I my stomach, but I also can’t control myself when I eat
    Could you give me some excersices and advise pleaseeee
    I really love you, you have made my quarantine days soooo much easier

  41. Ashly W says:

    Gosh, I ask myself this question pretty much every day. I’m 34 and have held steady at 180 for about 3 years. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you’re doing everything right, backed up by fitbit stats and fitness pal logs, yet nothing changes. I’m still in the long process of trying to love my body; but you can do it Discouraged with dieting! Cassey is so right that you should stop focusing on the bad and focus on the good. For example, I may be 180 pounds, but I went from running a 3 miler to a 6 miler last summer (with hopes for a half marathon eventually). I can finally do a minute of tricep dips and a full PITT routine. Meeting a small goal makes you feel so much less stressed because you see progress. It puts you one little step closer to meeting a big goal of losing weight!

  42. Ness says:

    Not sure its true or not but somehow i felt like being a petite makes it harder for me to lose weight and i feel stress about it.

  43. Jodie says:

    Hey :), I’m also 16 years old and I was in a close situation a few years back. I’m really glad to hear you aren’t letting you get into that eating disorder mindset, because I did and it took me years to develop the healthy relationship with food I have now. I know that a lot of what people and your parents say really affects you, but don’t let it make you hate yourself! I don’t know your family relationship, but if you could maybe try to sit them down and have a serious talk? I think it’s great you want to get healthy, but 1st priority is loving yourself! And I just wanna let you know that even though I don’t know you, I know you’re super beautiful!

  44. Maurine Saldivar says:

    Hey Cassey, I have been working out now for a while now and I have been wanting to tone up and get rid of some flab that is just hanging around. It is more of my thighs. I dream of having great looking strong legs like you!! I have been doing your workouts since the beginning of the year and I haven’t seen any changes. Please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong so I can do it right!!! Thank you!!!

  45. Nour masri says:

    Cassey please I need your help

  46. Nour masri says:

    Hey cassey, I want some help. My height is 5’6 and my weight is 70 kg. I’m 17 years old. I struggled from anorexia and bulimia at the age of 12.I kind of recovered only physically but mentally I’m suffering. Every time I eat, I feel anxious and I find it hard to breath. My life is healthy, I eat healthy and I exercise. But I want some help. Sometimes I sleep and cry, and no body understand me, because I hate my body. Everytime I eat something I feel that I’ll get fat. My eyes are turning into a calorie calculator. I eat daily in a range of 500 calorie.

    1. Amany says:

      Hi nour,
      I am understanding your whole situation as i also have been there, and i am encouraging you to visit a psychiatrist, not a regeme doctot or a dietitian because some of them are not really helpful in addressing eating disorders.
      And i am telling you that the change is real and a whole beautiful life is ahead of you i promise <3 just schedule a psychiatrist call on veezeta or any website. I love you and suppprt you..

  47. Sabah Syed says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m biggest fan of yours n I follow u in insta and YouTube, request you to upload a video on proper diet to be followed for weight lost.


  48. Suhani agrawal says:

    Hi!! I am a 16 year old girl and I weight 145 pounds and my height is 160 cm. I have a pretty heavy lower body. I am not confident about myself at all. I hate my body sometimes. I get very sad also. Not always but sometimes when I think too much about it. I love to eat. Whenever I try to diet I kind of get frustrated and irritated though I feel satisfied that I didn’t ate anything bad. I can’t exactly explain how and what I feel. I feel happy about not eating any junk food and doing exercise makes me feel satisfied. But I also feel very irritated and I am most of the times sad whenever I diet. If you could help me with this, it would be great. When I diet, I go pretty hard on myself. I restrict my diet to 1000 to 1300 calories. I feel that if I don’t lose weight now i won’t be able to lose it anymore. Plz help me. I am failing to understand myself and my body. Love you 🤗🤗 and thank you 😇😇

    1. influence0104 says:

      hi there!!! i don’t think i am in position to provide help to but as 16 years old like you, like a friend i want to say you something.
      being a teenager and not being self conscious about your look is hard. don’t restrict too much, our body needs nutrients to develop us, make us taller and healthier, rather do you have anything you enjoy in aspect of body movement? i personally love dancing, and doing blogilates. that way i am keeping my body healthy and enjoying the process as well. school activities helps as well. thats my tip, love ya <3

      1. influence0104 says:

        plus get that sleep, its so important!!

    2. Wings2020 says:

      Hi Suhani,

      I empathize with you and would like to tell you that it’s not true that if you put on now, later on you won’t be able to reduce. I’m speaking from my personal experience as someone whose problem areas are hips, thighs and bum. When I was a teenager I used to stress eat and that lead me to PCOD and that lead me again to stress eating. So I have struggled with body issues basically for over a decade. As an Indian I love food and it’s hard for me to resist snacks like panipuri. But now what I do is I reduce the portion instead of going on diet. After all mental health and my happiness matter equally because if I’m stressed I won’t lose weight. I’ll be bloated. Diets according to my personal experience aren’t good for mental health and when you go off diet you’ll anyway gain those extra pounds. So eat however you are eating at the moment but reduce the portion size. That’s what all the fit people do. Even with my hormonal issues of PCOD , portion control works wonders for me and I eat everything (even burgers and sweets occasionally). If you adapt yourself to this lifestyle, you won’t have to diet and put yourself through so much of guilt and stress at such a young age. 😊 If you find time try those 10 minute inner thigh workouts. These really work. Blogilates has one of the most effective workouts on her channel. You need activity and portion control. I hope you find peace and lots of happiness and confidence as you reinvent yourself. 😊😊

  49. Saloni Ramna says:

    Nice article cassey.. Same problem i face.. But it due to thyroid hormone..

  50. :) says:

    Hey Cassie! So I’m a 16 year old girl at 180cm and 71kg. I feel pretty happy with myself but I’d like to lose a little weight on my stomach and tone up a little so I can feel more confident. My family on the other hand maybe feel differently, I feel like they’re constantly joking about me being lazy / fat, my dad even used the name “chubby” to call me over to him today. I know they don’t mean it and are “only joking” but it still hurts because I know subconsciously they think of me as being overweight and lazy. My mum also often tells me maybe shouldn’t be wearing crop tops and praises me if I forget to eat lunch. I have a chronic illness so I get regular check ups and my weight, height etc is recorded in a book I take home with me. I don’t want my parents to see the number as my mum is of very slim build and is much flatter on the chest/butt area than me and always tells me that I shouldn’t weigh that much, and that the other females on her side of the family don’t weigh that much, it’s not in our genetics. My younger brother also constantly calls me “fatty” and stuff, he’s 13 so I guess it’s just a brother/sister thing but I start to wonder if that’s how other see me. I think I’m strong enough mentally and am confident enough in myself to not give in to this pressure but surely many other teens could likely develop an eating disorder from this kind of behaviour?! I was wondering if you could help me a little, am I overweight or unhealthy? I’m a pescatarian, always eat at least 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day and I’ve been going for 40 minute runs every 2 days recently (alongside your videos obviously 😉 ) I do feel proud but then my family makes me feel like I shouldn’t. Do you have any advice on how to explain to them that I don’t find what they’re saying funny and that their words hurt?
    Thanks so much Cassie :))

    1. LCWW says:

      @:) my family is exactly like this. I’m 28 and they have been doing this to me since I can remember. I feel that I am very lucky to have not developed a long term eating disorder. There was a time in my life when I was about 14-15 that I did start to get angry with my family and would start to eat unhealthy things or go for seconds in spite of them, not because I wanted to eat these things. This phase of my life did not last long, but it could have if I did not have a cousin to talk to about it. That was not a good time in my life. If you do start to feel anger, don’t take it out on yourself. It’s a them problem, not a you problem. And remember you are your own person, you are not your mom or your dad.

      My dad is super vane, so his comments always came from an aesthetic point of view which was easier for me to ignore. My mom was tougher. With my mom, I found that she would make comments on me eating to many carbs because she feels she eats to many. Or for my mom to lose weight, she needed to do a certain diet or exercise plan, so if I was not doing the same thing, she thought it was wrong. I think things that parents say are often a reflection of how they feel about themselves and their insecurities. My mom’s mom and grandma were so in beauty and looks are the most important thing to them. I know my mom does not like the way she looks and I now know that she takes it out on me. As for your brother, I think he is just copying your parents. I would ask your parents to stop calling you names so that your brother does not learn that it’s okay to comment on women’s bodies.

      I never managed to get my parents to stop commenting on my weight, food and exercise. During my first year of university, I dropped about 20 pounds and was at my skinniest, and it still was not good enough for my mother. Around this time I just could not take the pressure or comments any more. I had to tell my mom that I can’t have conversations about food or exercise with her and that need her to stop. She told me that she was just concerned with my health and wanted to make sure that I am healthy. And I said, I am an adult and that it’s not her concern. Of course, she said that I am her child and it will always be a concern of hers. And I had to just cut the conversion and tell her that I can talk to professionals about my health, but talking to her just makes her feel bad about my self all the time and that her comments are relentless and I don’t want to spend any more time feeling bad. I am hard enough on my self I don’t need someone to do it for me. She felt bad and we both cried because she did not realize how much she was hurting my feelings or how often she was doing it. She still will comment on my food and exercise (much less than before), but I now have the power to tell her that she is not being helpful, or she is being hurtful, or that I don’t want to talk about it with her, or I just say, I’m not comfortable with where this conversation is going, let’s talk about something else.

      I hope this helps and that you don’t mind a stranger commenting on this. What your going through is so hard. Your family probably does not know how hurtful they are being. If it feels safe to do so, try to have a conversation with your parents and make them aware of how often you are getting negative body image messages form them. I’m sure your parents truly want you to be confident and happy, but they don’t know they are the ones restricting that. I know with my mother, she had to work hard to get out of the habit of saying things to me. So if I was cooking, and she would say something like, ‘you know rice is high in calories’ I would stop her there and say, ‘how is what you said positive? How would that make you feel if I said that to you? Why can’t you say, ‘mmmm… that smells good’ or nothing at all’ There was one day I did had to tell her she was being negative about 8 or more times in one day. By the end of the day she called me overly sensitive, but she did consciously try to stop after that.

      I hope things get better. Stay strong. Only you know what’s best for you and your body.

    2. Sara says:

      Hey Smiley Face,
      WOW. You are truly inspiring for such a young age. I praise your mental strength and if you feel that your family behavior can be toxic you should have a very vulnerable but yet honest and assertive conversation about it. You are doing great! I hope you can be a good influence to other teens out there. You sure were a good influence to be, a grown a$$ woman 🙂
      Keep on rocking!

  51. Rachel says:

    A lot of people don’t eat as little as they think they are if they are not tracking calories. Especially with small children around, it is really easy to snack on a bite here, and a nibble there, and before you know it, you are eating an extra 150 calories a day. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up to about a pound of weight gain a month if not offset by extra movement, or less other food intake.

    Some people do have thyroid issues, but most people just are not keeping accurate counts of calorie intake/expenditure.

    I have lost 17 lbs and 3% body fat in the last 3 months by counting calories (starting at 138 lbs., 31% body fat). I have added a lot of extra walking. I use a Fitbit which adjusts my daily calorie goals according to how active I am. I eat exactly the same foods I did before, just in smaller portions. I don’t estimate my portions, I count them out or weigh them. I do use deficit from the week to add to my allotment on the weekends so I can eat fast food, pizza, and ice cream.

    Unless you have underlying health issues, weight-loss comes down to math. You can lose weight and get healthier eating McDonalds ( ) if you are getting a calorie deficit. You can gain weight eating salads if you are in a calorie surplus.

  52. Sharon says:

    Nice article Cassey! All too many times we overlook just how incredible the human body is and what it can do. I think acknowledging that much can really set us free from the idea that we “need” to look a certain way. Anyways, thanks for emphasizing self care and self love, as always! 😊

  53. Anna says:

    Hi, I’m Anna, from Poland. I love you so much, your workout and everything. I have a question, I’m trying to lose weight but i cannot, what should I do? Please help me. Weight 60kg height 165cm
    Love you, Anna

  54. Lisa Ireland says:

    Dear Cassey,

    After being a cheerleader for several years as a teenager I’ve now developed dancer’s hip which basically means if I bend and straighten my legs my hip flexors snap and if repeated a few times it becomes painful. It can be difficult to do ab workout videos when theres moves like leg lifts, bicycle crunches etc. do you have a routine that does not involve any of these moves? And do you have any tips for reducing the effects of dancers hip so I can keep working out? I feel guilty or like I’m not doing the full workout when I have to modify moves or miss some out.

  55. sahithi719 says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I have been doing your monthly calendars for about 7 months now. I could see myself getting better in every move except the abs. My neck is giving me hard time while doing the crunches etc for upper abs. Also why is it too tough to lose weight from lower body. I feel it easy to lose from upper body including abs. Could you suggest any tips for my neck strain while doing abs and fat burning in thigh areas please .
    – Sahithi

  56. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey 💗
    I love your videos but there’s a lot of moves where I can’t even manage one rep. For example, I can’t lift my body into a sitting position from lying on my mat. I can’t even lift up more than a few inches (where I’m straining my neck). I feel so discouraged by not even being able to do one. Should I keep trying and trying until I get stronger and can do even one rep or do different moves?

    – Sarah 💗

    1. carina luna says:

      Hey Sarah! I am in the same boat as you! With some moves I can’t jump so I modify or try to do other moves that kinda target the same muscles or do it at my own pace. Making time for those work outs already is a plus! Keep going girl!

  57. Quynh (Monie) says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I have a question for you is that if working out is for every ages cause i’m 14 now, a middle school student in Vietnam. I just feel like i put a lot of effort on working out but it just doesn’t turn out well and also that i’m just a student so most of the food i eat is made by my mom, so i guess i could say that i can’t eat enough healthy food. Can you suggest some easy and healthy meals for me (not including much ingredients but still good). Thank you so much Cassey and i’m sorry if i made any writing mistakes cause i’m not foreign.
    Love you.

  58. Kez says:

    Hey Cassey!!! I’m a 7th std kid! And I’m almost 85 kgs! I have no idea how I can lose weight. I try doing your workouts but at the end I just get tired and give up! I am too overweight. Please help me

  59. Vero says:

    Dear Cassie,
    I’m 5’2 and weigh 133 lbs. Currently trying to loose weight. I’m a pear shape, slim on top and more thick on the bottom. Every week as I do your workouts I wonder if I should be doing the “butt” exercises since this area in particular I don’t want to enhance. My waist is 68 cm and my hips are 106 cm! Thanks in advance!

  60. Courtney Y says:

    There’s a chance that she may have hypothyroidism. A lot of women can develop it while pregnant or just with getting older. I have hypothyroidism and it makes losing weight SO much more of a challenge even when I’m getting older as well. Just a thought! 😊

  61. Sophia says:

    Dear Cassey ,
    I am a huge fan of yours . Love your workouts .
    I am 16 year old and 158 cm y’all weighing 66 Kg I am a high school student and I feel like I’m really fat and want to lose weight but even though I try to resist myself from junk food I end up having loads of them .
    I stress eat a lot and I think that’s why I gain a lot of weight .
    I would love it if you start a series for teenagers to lose weight and is there a possibility for me to lose 10 kg by June ?
    Since I’m graduating this year .

    I hope you and your family are in good health .

  62. Munazza Khalid Saeed says:

    Hey Cas, I’m you big fan and been following you since last 6 years!
    I work out no matter what, i always take out time for that. I always keep a check on my diet. I make sure i am balancing everything. I’ve noticed that with time and age our body changes and react differently. I started yoga, meditation to relax myself.
    But during this journey my lower belly pouch and my saddlebags are not going anywhere. I believe i am in a best shape. I’m not overweight ans not underweight. But my lower belly has still a slight pouch and saddlebags are not going anywhere. I want your help for this. Please help me out.

  63. Gianna says:

    Dear Cassey,
    My brother teases me about being fat while others compliment me on my figure I have a slight potbelly and as a teen i am obsessing about it. Everytime I look into the mirror I feel conscious and embarassed so much as I resolve to excersize. I learn karate,horseriding and I occasionally cycle and swim but I’m not losing weight.
    My parents love working out and are extremely fit while my brother is skinny I feel embarassed and like I don’t fit. Body obsessing is really stressing me out.
    I have decided to make use of this quarintine time and excersize.
    Any diet and excersize tips I can follow?

    Thank you
    Troubled teen

  64. Blueberry says:

    Hi Cassey! 🤗 I watch your videos since my 9th grade ( I’m 21 now) , and I must say I’m a huge fan of yours!
    My question is:
    I had 60 kg and I lost weight two years ago and now I m at 56/57 kg, I didn’t do much I just started running, but I think I kinda reached a plateau were I don’t know what I can do more to lose weight ( in a healthy way ofc) , do you have any tips? What else can I do with the quarentene and all to lose weight? I can still go running for now 😊

  65. dr hoby says:

    Oh,i have bien there. I have exactly the same problem, thanks for sharing

  66. Kerima says:

    Thank you Cassey for all of your texts, they are very helpful. I would like to know how to get cleaner skin. I am the person who struggles with the blackheads on my whole face. It is really irritating. And I know it is dangerous to pop them but every time when I stand in front of the mirror I see them, and I need to pop them, because it is the only way to get rid of them (for short time). And after that, my face become red, I hurt myself, I open my pores even more, aand what have I done = NOTHING GOOD, because I know that they will come back again. I know that you are not dermatologist, but you live healthier, and I think that you definitely can help, even little. Thank you <3

  67. Taylor says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I’m what I like to call a “Size Medium” girl. When shopping online I always struggle because I never really know what clothes will look like on a body type like mine. All that’s ever displayed are very skinny or plus size models! I have been a pretty active person all of my life. I focus on doing workouts that I love and I eat almost entirely whole foods. I’m really passionate about fitness and health and have considered teaching classes because I love it, but I know people won’t take me seriously because I simply don’t have the “ideal” body size. The thing is, it’s not that I’m overweight, I’m exactly the weight I’m supposed to be! I have a flat stomach and a very low body fat % but I’m just kind of… bigger than other girls. As a 22 year old, it’s hard to look around and see all these women who are able to wear cute size small clothes and I often get discouraged. I’m so tired of feeling like my body just doesn’t “fit the part” and isn’t good enough to be noticed despite my constant hard work. How do I stop feeling frustrated that so many women around me are lucky enough to be a size small girl and I’m just stuck with a healthy but thicker body?


  68. Shannon says:

    I’m so glad I found your videos again. It’s been years since I’ve had the motivation and now that we’re forced to stay home your positivity and workouts have really helped me get back into a groove. Thank you!

  69. Shoiba says:

    Dear Cassey ,
    I hope you find this comment in good health .

    I am 16 years old high school student whose graduating this year and I need to glow up by August . I’ve tried many workouts but I just can’t help myself from eating junk food and that due to exam and stress I end up bloating and gaining even more weight I currently weigh 65 kg and want to atleast cut down 10 kg by June .
    Can you make a workout series just for teens so that it won’t only be useful for weight loss but will overall improve concentration and is also a stress buster .


  70. SD says:

    There is hope

  71. A says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I have been working hard with a psychologist to be able to express feelings in a healthy way instead of binging them away. I have been doing good for a couple of months, but now with Covid and all the uncertainties that come with it I am noticing that I’m going back to my old and unhealthy habits. Binging feels so nice when I do it, it feels like a little break from the world. But I know that in the long term this won’t help me. Do you have any tips that might help me in these weird times?

  72. Pear Pear says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I’m 5’7 and 22 years old and I have a very typical pear shaped body. My upper body is lean, I have a small waist but my lower body is huge. I’m not exaggerating here, it’s actually huge. I’ve tried so many workout to help me slim down my legs and butt, but they just don’t seem to work. I do not eat junk food (maybe a slice of pizza once in a while because I’m a sucker for cheese). I am Indian, so our diet consists very heavily of rice. I have reduced the quantity of rice I eat and increased my vegetables intake along with these workouts, but nothing seems to work! I’ve gotten so incredibly body conscious because of this, to an extent where I just can’t wear certain types of clothing.
    What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?


    1. Wings2020 says:

      Hi Pear Pear,

      I’m an Indian girl as well in my 20s and I can relate to you. Do you drink ample amount of water? Asking since you haven’t mentioned it. N when you workout, do you feel the burn? With me, I only burn calories when I feel the burn. Also breathe in and out while working out by engaging core. Just some things I learned from my mistakes. I used to be stressed while working out as I watch videos on YouTube and workout. And I never lost weight because I was so focused on seeing the perfect body of the YouTuber and the number of reps they did. That’s one more thing I learnt is to enjoy it and relax and love your body. I hope this helps. 😊😊