DEAL ALERT! NUX Sale on IDEELI! Ends soon

DEAL ALERT! NUX Sale on IDEELI! Ends soon

NUX is the brand I wore in a lot of my Fashion of Fitness videos on YouTube! I swear to you, this is an amazing deal and I only just found out about it from a fan who wrote a comment. So guys, you have 12 hours left. If you’ve been a good girl on the 90 Day Challenge, you deserve some new roll over pants. If you’ve been “bad” maybe this will motivate you. Either way, take advantage of this deal. NUX is extremely high quality, it’s made in the US, and everything is seamless so it feels like a second skin.

Click here to buy your NUX outfit on Ideeli! It’s another one of those HauteLook sample sale shopping type sites. Love these.

VIDEO for your reference:

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  1. Jess says:

    Hey Cassey!

    Thanks for the thumbs up! I ordered 5 items in reward of me losing 7 lbs over the past three weeks!


    YAY!!!!! <3