Week 4 Weigh-In | Day 29 of 90

It’s that time again!

I literally cannot believe we are almost at my 1 month check-in which is scheduled for September 15. That is in 2 days. That’s going to be a whole measuring tape situation! I’ve never really measured myself for progress before (usually just weight and body fat %) so it will be interesting to see what the numbers look like. I don’t think I’ll be happy or sad if the numbers go up or down because I really do feel amazing right now. WOW. Just being able to say that tells me that my mental wellness and the love I have for my body has progressed so much from where I was post-bikini competition several years ago.

Before we get to the numbers, I’d like to share a non scale victory first!

My efficiency was at an all time high this morning! I woke up and went to my weight lifting class at 7:15am, then went home thinking I wouldn’t be able to shoot a video – but then ended up actually shooting the video because Sam and I fixed a technical issue together, then I drove to Blogi HQ to oversee our new contractors installing a new window. That all happened before 12pm!


Now, to the WEEK 4 WEIGH-IN!

Oh my goodness! This week’s hard work is paying off. I am 1.2 lbs down from last week. But the most exciting part is that I am 0.2% down for body fat and 0.1% UP for muscle mass! AHHH that is nuts! I honestly can’t believe my body is responding!

After years of metabolic damage due to a super restricted diet, nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked. Sometimes eating salad made me gain weight and sometimes eating pizza made me lose weight. Nothing made sense. My body was malfunctioning. So, I just had to give myself time to heal. I did that by allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted for a few years. Eventually, my body found it’s balance again.

That’s -5.6 lbs down from August 16 (29 days) or -7.4 lbs from the beginning (33 days)! The coolest part is that my muscle mass is steadily increasing as my body fat decreases. All those strength training and weight lifting exercises paired with the cardio is doing it’s job.

This progress is so motivating you guys. I love when you can see and FEEL your hard work…WORKING. My energy is higher, my mood is better, and overall I’m feeling so strong and confident. Even running is not so terrible right now! (Never thought I’d say that!) I mean I don’t love it, but it doesn’t scare me as much. I am so pleased that what I am experimenting with is harmonizing with my body.


Yesterday’s recap:

I started off the day by taking a new class called “Trampoline Trim”. I am not like agile on the trampoline AT ALL (I look like a struggling oompa loompa) but the instructor made it fun and the moves def got my heart rate up!

I took class a little later than usual so by the time I got home (we work from home on Thursdays and Fridays), it was pretty much lunch time! I decided to make it a Taco Thursday for me and Sam!

This is what I used as my tortilla. These are egg thins and I got them from Costco. They def don’t taste like tortillas, in fact they don’t really taste like much, and when they say thin – they mean THIN. Like maybe 1/3 the thickness of a crepe? But – they make a wonderful sub for a tortilla! So even though I sounded like I was complaining, I wasn’t complaining 🙂

I ended up having twice as much as you see on this plate, and then some! The tacos are filled with butter lettuce, ground turkey, and homemade guacamole. On the side, I made shishito peppers with furikake. Guys, I legit love shishito peppers SO MUCH. They’re selling them at Trader Joe’s right now. GO BUY IT UP!!!

Closeup of my chunky guac.

As a post lunch drink, I mixed my matcha collagen with almond milk. So good. It truly feels like a treat! I sipped on this as I was writing a script for one of my upcoming non-workout videos.

When I write, I also like to snack, so HELLO chili roasted pistachios! We meet again! Hi George! No you can’t have some. But mummy will give you a cashew. (Side note: George gets more excited about nuts than he does about meat treats.)

For dinner, I had a weird combo of food that some of you may find unappetizing but I liked it 🙂 That’s cauliflower rice topped with my homemade chunky guac, bacon, 2 soft boiled eggs, and a whole ton of sriracha! YUMMMMMM.

To end the night I made tea for both Sam and I. I decided to pull out our Mr. and Mrs. cups from the wedding! I can’t believe that on Oct 6th we will have been married for one entire year! We haven’t even gone on our honeymoon yet! But don’t worry – I think we will do it early next year. There’s just a lot of stuff we’re dealing with in regards to our businesses that would make me feel very uneasy if we left right now. So, better to stay put and leave when my mind isn’t going crazy.

Week 4 recap page in my Fit journal.

I want to specifically point out the thing that I need to stop. I need to stop letting the negative comments affect me so much. Like I wrote above in my journal, I am struggling with this.

I will give myself credit for not crying and not feeling bad about myself when I read the comments, but some of the stuff that is bring directed at me is bothering me A LOT. I don’t know if you’re sick of hearing about this but because my blog is my therapeutic practice, I need to honestly write how I feel, because a part of me feels unwell.

I grew up a people pleaser and someone who bends backwards for other people’s happiness, so I’m not good at NOT caring what other people say and think about me. Yes, I started this 90 day challenge saying I wouldn’t care – but of course I care. I am a caring person. I just…care too much. I honor feedback and I take criticisms to heart. That is how I improve in my daily work. But…these comments are just really getting to me. And I need to find a way to not let them. To be honest with you, I’m having a hard time doing that. Especially because I am being so open, so transparent, and so vulnerable – whenever someone tells me I’m doing a bad thing – it kinda feels, well, it feels like this:

Imagine putting on your best dress, your finest jewels, doing your makeup all pretty, then walking downstairs to surprise your boyfriend. Instead of telling you how lovely you look, he turns around, looks you up and down, and tells you that you look embarrassing and that you need to go back upstairs to change.

I don’t know what that feeling is, but that’s how I feel when I read some of these comments. I thought they would stop after a while, but they’re still coming. Something that I notice too is that the harshest comments are currently coming from YouTube. So far my Facebook comments and my Instagram comments grown to be more understanding. The blog comments from you guys are usually smart, positive and insightful. But I don’t know what it is with YouTube. Is it because I haven’t posted a video about my 90 day journey and people are just seeing my status updates and reading into the headlines without reading the blog post it links to? Maybe YouTube subscribers are used to watching, not reading, so they’re mad because I haven’t explained what all this is in a format of entertainment that they are used to?

If you could help me to better understand and to better communicate with the POPsters on YouTube – I’d love to hear your ideas. I hope when we revisit the recap page next week that I will be struggling less with this. But to be honest with you, the hardest part of my 90 day journey hasn’t been the food, the workouts, or even weighing myself…it’s been the comments.

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  1. Vivilk says:

    Cassie. First time in my life I was listening and watching you 10 years ago. During this 10 years I have got two children. 2 months ago I returned to you and I am following your diet. I am exactly on day 29 today! 🙂 I am wondering many things regarding my body and my changes as well. You are so right! Science is very important and give so many explanations for us. You are the only fitness star, who has published a diary and shared real thoughts. You are nice and wonderful! Thanks for you thoughts.

  2. Annie Hull says:

    Aw, Cassey! That makes me so sad – you are such an inspiration and you motivate me more than any other fitness influencer I’ve ever followed! To me, your perspective is the most honest and the most truthful. You can be too extreme, to the point that you’re undereating and hurting yourself; and you can also be on the other end of the extreme spectrum, where you’re binging constantly and overeating. Both are harmful to the body, and I feel like the body positive movement has gone too far in one direction (I LOVED your post on that, by the way!). Loving your body is taking care of it. Sometimes that looks like enjoying a bowl of mac ‘n cheese without guilt because you were craving mac ‘n cheese. Sometimes it looks like choosing an apple over a donut because diabetes runs in your family and you want to make smart choices. Sometimes it looks like going for a walk with your dog instead of watching another Netflix episode because you know it’ll feel good to get moving. Life is all about balance…and if you’re in a healthy place and you want to push your boundaries and challenge yourself, go for it! I love watching your progress on your 90 day journey….you’re incredible, Cassey!

  3. Sondra Walters says:

    Just ignore the naysayers. If you can tell a comment is going to be negative & a personal attack, don’t read it. Just read the positives & those with helpful suggestions. This world is becoming excessively negative. Those of of us who choose not to be, don’t have to buy into it. And some people, too many, are truly mentally & emotionally sick, with hate at the center.

  4. Sarah says:

    Cassey, I hear you about feeling frustrated with the negative comments. It’s hard when we get negative feedback, especially if we are in a mindset of wanting to make changes so that we are getting positive comments. We unfortunately aren’t perfect, we but strive to be so it can be disappointing when we get lots of negative feedback. And if there is enough of it, we wonder what we are doing wrong. I am only starting to realize that I don’t need to change what I say or do every single time I get negative feedback, because that is just one person’s opinion and it may not actually help me in the long run. Additionally I wonder if you are struggling with feelings of shame? You’ve probably heard of Brene Brown and her research on shame. I’ve really struggled with differentiating between feelings of shame and other negative feelings. But lately I ask myself “Did I make a bad choice, or am I feeling that I am a bad human being?” If I answer that the choices I made were appropriate at the time with the information I had, then I may actually be feeling shame about myself as a human being. I’m still working on how to then handle the feeling of shame. 😉

    But to give my thoughts on your journey and the negative comments, I have to admit it is sometimes hard to watch for myself. I am about your height and weight of where you were starting out on these 90 days, so to see you talk about how important it is to get to a “healthy weight” makes me feel like I am fat. This is hard because I have worked hard to get to the weight I am now and technically my current weight is considered “healthy”. Yes, I have still some fat around my tummy and thighs that I can’t seem to get rid of, and that’s hard. Plus I am a performer, so there is the added anxiety of looking at girls thinner than me and wondering if that’s going to make it harder to get a role. And it’s hard for me to eat as healthy as you due to my schedule and money situation. Plus I’m not going to lie that reading about your stories does have me wonder if you are truly happy or if part of this is written through the lens of positive social media. Because we all experience a variety of emotions each day and we aren’t happy all the time. But it wouldn’t really even be super helpful to share every single detail of your life so you have to choose what is important for you to highlight and what is not. And that’s fine because it’s your life and you are the storyteller. So I think it all goes back to what so many people say. You can’t keep everyone happy. So who do you want to keep happy? In this instance you are the storyteller and instead of being on a stage you are online. There are always people that say “That performance was (insert negative comment)”. Who are the people that you want to say “That was an awesome performance!”? And if it’s really just for you, I would maybe not read the comments. Have someone else read the comments and let you know which ones you should read and respond to if that helps you place a barrier between you and the haters. Good luck!

  5. Maya Tanner says:

    Why don’t you try making a video about your 90 day journey to post on your YouTube channel?

  6. You’re doing amazingly and I think it’s be helpful to hire someone to we3d through negative comments so you don’t even have to see them!

  7. Madelyn says:

    I just gotta say girl, the picture of you jumping on mini trampoline…um, hello YOUR QUADS!!!!!!! <3 I'm so happy for you and all your progress.

  8. Memoriam says:

    I’m a people pleaser, too, and I care too much about what people think and say. Everybody here just says to ignore the mean comments but I know ignoring them means you have to accept that there will always be a huge line of haters waiting for you, just because they love to be mean. Accepting that fact will be a journey on it’s own. If you want to still try to explain yourself to them, maybe make a catch-up video about your progress so far and then make some weekly videos? First thought was a vlog, but that just seems like a lot of effort because you’re so busy.
    Try starting that “acceptance of haters” journey, some people had great tips for that 🙂

    All the love and luck to you girl, you’re a powerhouse <3

  9. Kirstie says:

    You’re literally my favorite person on the planet, no matter what you do I just adore your positive love life vibe. I appreciate all the honesty and you’re entitled to live YOUR life how you want. I get the people pleasing, being raised in a strict home I always feel like I’m “in trouble” as an adult if I’m not an absolute doormat. It’s a sick to my stomach feeling(like when you’re waiting for a punishment) I wish I could get to go away.

  10. Victoria says:

    Girl you got this!! Keep going!! You are the person I look up to!! You can do it! Btw, I did ur 100 glute challenge, and man do I see a difference!! I have did almost ALL of your YouTube blogilates videos!! Love you so much!!!💕💕

  11. Andreea says:

    I’m happy for you, that in this journey you have found happiness and are able to achive your goals. As for yoytube, well… It is so easy these days for people to just shout mean things as it is their business to ‘inform you’ of smth… You might try to do a video after all this is done, or after every month of the 3 months challenge, to show them your progress, but I don’t know… Try to not take it personally, they don’t know better, and it is always easier to smear someone for their well being than actually trying to put in some work yourself to get better also. Lots of love and keep up the good work! 👏👏😘

  12. bbg34550 says:

    Personally Cassey, I feel that you are doing a great thing for yourself and and setting a positive example for All ❣️ of us Popsters!! I’ve been doing this along with you and my results have amazed me by how much I have actually lost, not only in weight but also in inches!!
    Thank you so much ❤️ Cassey for doing this for all of us!! XOXO

  13. Dea says:

    Reading your honesty wanted me to reach through my computer and give you a big HUGGG!!! You are powering through and doing you despite all the negativity and you have so much to celebrate! let the haters be the salt you add to chocolate milk to make it all the sweeter – it may not make sense right now, but the lessons you’re gaining from this WHOLE experience make this journey all the more incredible. We’re right here with you!!

  14. Michelle says:

    Honestly, I think you are a very positive person with the best intentions for your fans and your life goal of happiness within. But I have a hard time reading some comments on YouTube because they are mean, rude, and unnecessary. I feel like it’s high school and I’m watching the buttheads mess with the nicest most positive person just to get a reaction out of someone.. as far as advice.. I got off Facebook and Instagram to avoid toxic situations I was putting myself into on the internet.. but your a blogger and great at it!! I love how you are being honest and truthful about your journey of health and mental wealth!

  15. Mandy says:

    Cassey, can I say something you might not want to hear? Your journey is yours, but you are also using your platform and microphone in a way that is painful to others.

    You have power in this situation. You have a platform and thin privilege, and you are using that to say that your body is unacceptable as-is and needs to change by getting smaller, and by implication that others should follow you in that belief. That may not be what you mean, but because of the context and the framing you are using that is how it appears. Many of the comments you are getting are just expressing that pain. They are saying “ouch: by telling us self-love is about numbers and losing weight, and by devaluing the version of your body that is ‘before’ even in its already thin state, you’re telling US that we should feel bad about ourselves too.”

    I understand, I really do. I have similar metrics to you, am a personal trainer and professional acrobat, and have had my own ED journey. Folks like us have a responsibility to those who follow our advice. This is HARD. And complex. And your journey still gets to be yours. But my hope for you is that, at the very least, you can listen to the real pain that is underneath and behind these comments and truly engage with the critique. You may not be in a state to do this now, but I really hope that someday you can. You have a lot of power, and what you do matters. It is ok to want to feel better. It is ok to want to eat and move your body in balanced ways. It is dangerous to hold up one weight as being “better” than another. You must be familiar with the research on this, and how it can be a very dangerous assumption for folks long-term. It just is. And regardless of that, it does help feed weight stigma. Because of thin privilege, you and I don’t have to care. But because of your position of authority in the community, I hope you will take a step back someday and engage with the conversation in a platform where you don’t have to feel defensive.

    Best luck and wishes, truly.

  16. Alice says:

    To give some perspective to my comment, the best way to summarise me is a fat but active girl.
    I’ve never struggled to fit in exercise. My diet on the other hand has always been a struggle but honestly, the greater struggle has always been not beating myself up, binging, focusing on what’s good or bad for me or over exercising to compensate for the “bad” food.
    Your blog has really helped me understand that I’m not alone in this and how many different people are effected in similar ways.
    I’m trying my own positive journey aimed at not being mean to me and just wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to start and for being so honest.

  17. Andi says:

    I still don’t completely understand why some people are so mad about your journey. As a fitness instructor, you should be able to show us that change is possible through diet and exercise – I mean, isn’t that why most of us are following you in the first place?

    Just because you chose to track numbers for success is not invalidating. I rely on numbers all the time, because my body dysmorphia is really bad – without those numbers, I feel like I look exactly the same, even though I know I’ve made huge progress and have a great support system at home! For the people that are triggered by that, it’s unfortunate, but I don’t know how they could go to any fitness blog and not get exposed to some kind of measuring system – whether its weight, body fat, muscle mass, or combinations therein.

    As for doing other workouts, its inspiring to see you constantly reaching for new challenges! If I ever get to the point where I could talk through a full workout with you, the way that you talk and coach us, I would need to move on to greater challenges myself. An instructor is supposed to be better at the exercise, that’s how we learn.

    1. Alice says:

      Yessss to this!!

      For years I avoided numbers, and I stand by my decision and that was what I needed at the time, otherwise I would have fixated on them. Now, though, I find I can juggle some numbers and that they actually HELP me, like you said, because otherwise I can feel like nothing is changing. Especially as someone who gains muscle SUPER fast and loses fat SUPER slow, it’s nice to see that my body fat % is dropping even if it’s not reflected proportionately in how I look.

      So, yeah, numbers might not be for some people and they might be unhealthy, but surely they should be CELEBRATING that some of us have come to a point where we are comfortable with numbers and they don’t trigger us? And can actually be useful?

      Plus, it’s not like Cassey’s saying that numbers are the ONLY measure of progress, or the ONLY thing that matter. She’s not invalidating all the other ways of tracking progress, she’s just choosing one for herself!

  18. awarya says:

    Cassey, there will always be people who choose to hurt others; they may genuinely think meanness
    or aggression leads to change/growth. They may hurt others to make themselves feel better. Who knows? You can’t change another person’s broken soul, but you can choose (every day, in every situation) to heal your own. When people say or write things, ask yourself “Is it true?”, “Is it beneficial?”, “Is it shared in a loving way?” If the answer to ALL 3 is yes, run with it. If not, know that it’s not meant for your good. The reality is that it’s not just what they say that is the problem, it’s what you BELIEVE about what they say. Do something that helps you to get clear on who you truly are (pray, meditate on scripture, commune w/nature, etc) so that when hurtful things are said, it doesn’t change your view of yourself (Body and soul, I am marvelously made! Psalm 139:14 – The Message Bible). Keep pushin’ sis! much love.

  19. Shannon says:

    Cassey – as a 50-year old overland traveler in South America, let me say that I really respect you, as a fitness instructor, a business woman, and a person. I am still doing your 28-day Summer Sculpt workouts and gradually getting better at them, because they WORK, so I really appreciate how much time and effort you out into thinking up these exercises. Just be you and keep doing what makes you happy – there will always be attackers that hate on public figures – it is not you that they hate, but what you represent: a strong and hard-working woman on a public forum. Thank you for all you do Cassey!

  20. Soohyun Jung says:

    You are so freaking inspiring, literally those people who are putting you down- that speaks so much more to their character than yours 💕 the fact that youre so honest with us, the good and the bad, is so hard, so vulnerable and yet you do it time and again which shows what a strong person you are. Hopefully that helps you deal with the negativity 😊 ur always such an inspiration, hopefully i can meet you one day !!💕💕

  21. BlessedOne says:

    Cassey you are a classy and beautiful woman. Always remember, it’s their issue not yours. Maybe they are jealous, have too much time on their hands or think they are PERFECT. I won’t let people that are so negative or want to belittle me or what I am doing, rent space in my head. Just not worth the time for me. Only you and you alone can decide if you are willing to let this continue. People are funny and if you react, you will get more negative words. No reaction from you, and guess what, those nasty comments are going to stop. There is always going to be people that get up in the morning, bump their head and are just nasty and negative people. We can’t change them but we can change ourselves. Stay strong and be beautiful. You are an inspiration to so many people that are younger than you and older than you. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  22. Dilara says:

    I am so sorry to still hear you get bad comments. I think What you are doing is amazing Bc you are so open about your reasons and especially the bad moments. As someone who struggles with their body goals and who is also a people pleaser I get you. I honestly couldn’t do what you have the guts to do. I think I would be way toooooooo insecure and overthinking all the time and cry too much.
    Keep up what you do. You inspire me. Thank you for all your heart work. <3

  23. Sue says:

    I mean this in the nicest possible way. When you are public about your process and your struggles you make yourself very vulnerable. You are being honest and true to yourself. Sadly people hide behind a keyboard and make nasty comments and they hide behind their anonymity. You’re not anonymous because you are using your real name, your real image (photos and videos of you) and for some unfathomable reason people think they can take shots at you. I am sorry you are being hurt by these people’s words. I’m not normally one to comment on blog posts but know that for every negative person and comment there are many, many more who support you and your current path. We love you for who you are and your authenticity. Try not to lose sight of that ❤

  24. Erica says:

    Youtube is VICIOUS. I sometimes read post comments and I have to force myself to just log out because it makes me feel emotionally ILL that people can be just so UGLY. I think you have to just learn to skip over the nasty ones. If I had a Youtube channel, I think I’d actually disable comments!

  25. Minted Monday says:

    Hi Cassey, It stresses me out reading mean comments on YouTube. One person I follow has set hers up to delete all comments on a subject before she even sees them (viewers bitching about her teeth. YES her TEETH FGS! ) another favourite vlogger if mine deletes at the first comment then blocks if they do it again. It might be worth looking into. The system will block anything with a phrase or words you don’t want to see. There is no law anywhere that says your videos have to be open for debate so just block topics you are sick of defending . It’s just diet and exercise not a political election campaign!

  26. jdcantrell8 says:

    Ignore the YouTube trolls. I watched a video that had a 12 year old girl showing me how to downsize a tshirt on her sewing machine. It was the perfect video and showed me everything that I needed to do to fit all of my tshirts…and there were a lot of rude comments to this little girl and I can’t understand why. My guess is that they don’t even watch the video, or if they do, they don’t know what they’re even watching. People harness a lot of hate and it’s easier to let that out on strangers via a media that allows you to hide behind a keyboard.
    Keep up the hard work and know that everyone that is following you choses to do so because you are an inspiration in one way or another.

  27. Elsa says:

    I’d say (and I’ll probably get a lot of negative criticism as well) to use them as fuel! People who post horrible comments like that are usually just frustrated for not having the willpower, determination and focus to reach their own personal goals. What you’re experiencing happens to me as well (on a much, much smaller scale, obviously, but I do get some snidy remarks from “friends” over my healthy lifestyle. And you know what? I use them as fuel; the more they put me down, the more motivated I feel! Give it a try (if you can, you’re a much more caring person than I am, so maybe this will be difficult for you).
    I personally think you’re great and am really happy someone has finally stopped with the “put anyone who’s trying to be healthy and fit down”!

  28. Lilylou says:

    Hi! I think the only possible thing to do is try to ignore the negative comments because they will always be here no matter what you do. It is how people are and how social media work. Just focus on all (and I think) more numerous positive comments. I have to admit I was not ‘convinced’ by your journey at the beginning. I thought I was disappointed but it appears I was just a little sad and worried to know that you were not doing perfectly fine. Since your work helped me to totally change my way of living by losing 72 lbs and learning to eat correctly, I did feel sad to know you were struggling. But I haven’t missed a single one of your blog posts! I find it really helpful and interesting in many ways and I totally understand why you’re doing this journey. I think you are very brave to do it and to share it with us. So thank you very much <3

  29. Dawn Smith says:

    Ignore them Cassie. They are sad people.love your channel and you. So inspiring.

  30. Nicole says:

    Thank you, showing and sharing your vulnerability with us. People who making bad personal comments are bitter themselves. And it is okay to feel hurt, because ….( leaving it blank) you know best, why they hurt you deep in your heart.

  31. Sabine says:

    Dear Cassey, I honestly think that those comments come from people that are jealous of what you are achieving. I think that it has nothing to do with WHAT you write, but rather with WHAT you do for youself, or even THAT you do something for yourself that makes you happy. You decided to be more aware of your body and your thoughts, plus you reach your goals. Step by step. What they can’t see is all the hard work you put into this. For YOURSELF :-). That’s pretty cool and I guess a lot of people out there want to see other people fail instead, so that they don’t feel as bad about themselves.. So you see, it has nothing to do with you or your pics or your blog or videos, but with the people that are bitter and frustrated. My suggestion: Have someone else read the comments, delete negative thoughts and comments (as you mentioned in one of your workoutvideos ;-)) and go on with what you love to do. Take care of yourself and stay positive! You are perfect as you are. Love and Light from Austria.

  32. Ravenna says:

    I completely understand how you feel, I am a people pleaser too. I think you are so brave to be so open even though you know people are going to judge. I’m not sure how to deal with the YouTube comments, i guess they don’t read, but that’s not your fault! You wrote an explanation and if they won’t read it, well that’s their own fault for not understanding. Whenever you read a mean comment, remember all the good ones too, think about all of us cheering you on from all around the world!
    You inspire all of us.

  33. corrina says:

    dont worry your doing great the more i read the more i feel inspired by you

  34. MegSmallz says:

    Thanks for your honesty and openness about the 90-day journey, Cassey! I am also a people pleaser, so I can totally relate to the odd feelings you might be having from harsh, critical comments. I have no idea why they are occurring more on YouTube; however, it’s likely because people on that medium may be used to watching something instead of reading a post. With regard to some of the harsh comments, I am guessing some of those people didn’t even read the post and made an assumption. I work for a magazine publishing company, and I have definitely received unexpected rude comments in response to some of my articles, and it’s tough to not take it personally. When you see outright rude comments or unexpected harsh criticism on social media in particular, I think it’s helpful to remember those people commenting are just strangers (hopefully!) and take a moment to be grateful for people who are your good friends and have been supportive on your journey.

    I work in magazine publishing, and I’ve seen some really

    1. MegSmallz says:

      Oops, typo at the end there I meant to delete!

  35. Cyn says:

    Haven’t you heard YouTube’s motto? “Don’t read the comments.” LOL srsly just ignore!!!!

  36. Kenzie says:

    Casey, You have been such an amazing inspiration to me! I suffered from an eating disorder for much of my childhood, and a few years back I was given only a few months to live… With the incredible help and support of my family and friends, I was thankfully able to recover and establish a healthy relationship with food. Growing up, I was an elite athlete (gymnastics and tennis), and exercise was something I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, my eating disorder started to use exercise against me, and I began to exercise with the sole purpose of losing weight and becoming thin. Honestly, I absolutely loved the idea of your YouTube channel with videos like “Happy Hard Core Abs”, “Happily Ever After Abs”, and “Exercises for Perfect Posture”. I was finally able to pick a video that focussed on strength improvements and practical benefits. Unfortunately, your recent videos have begun to focus on physical appearance changes from exercise. Videos like “Abdominal Etcher and Butt Enhancer”, “Peach Booty and Thigh Shaper” and “Tricep Isolation Exercises to Blast Back Arm Fat” focus on appearance-based results rather than the benefits for your mind, spirit, and physical health. I’m in no way trying to criticize what you are doing – clearly, you are passionate about health and wellbeing, and I appreciate your efforts to raise awareness about living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body. However, I think that your recent videos have focussed too much on body image, which goes against your initial intention to promote body positivity and confidence. The pictures for the “28 Summer Sculpt Program” were particularly disappointing. They suggested there was something “wrong” or “disappointing” about the bigger women’s body – when in reality, they represent a perfectly healthy body figure. I am also worried about sharing your weight loss and the numbers for others to see. It’s great that you are working towards a goal and achieving it, but displaying weights for others to see can be misleading (as everyone has a different ideal weight, and weight is not an indicator of good or bad health). If you are truly passionate about raising awareness about body positivity, and promoting confidence among youth, I think you should return to focussing your videos and posts on the physical/mental/spiritual benefits of exercise – and not appearance-based results that may or may not be achieved. Again, I was incredibly inspired by your initial videos, and I think your intentions are good. I just hope you are continuing to love your body and exercise for the physical/mental/spiritual benefits like you did at the beginning of starting your channel!

  37. LK says:

    Honestly, based on what you said I think the best course of action would to be to make a short video explaining what you’re doing and WHY it is beneficial to you. I honestly love seeing the numbers (as a science/research nerd) and find it fascinating to see how your body is benefiting even tho you don’t visually see results right away! Keep going! You got this!

  38. amoeba97 says:

    You sound like me when I have to look through my SRTEs (student rating of teacher effectiveness).
    I teach about 700 college students each semester. By the end of the first month, only 500 come to class. By the end of the semester only 350 are regular. About 130 fill out the SRTE forms the last week of class and most comments are about how uncaring and super rude I am, how I need to be fired, how I’m unprofessional, a crossed-eyed witch who dosen’t know how to dress and who speaks with a 5th grader’s vocabulary etc. My guess is it’s the 130 who stopped coming from the start, the freshman who expected me to be like their high school teacher, who missed an assignment and don’t understand why I choose to follow the students rules the other 699 students are counting on instead of making an exception for them. Cassey, most of these comments were from 12 years ago but my heart hears them as if it was just last semester. The dean’s office looks at these ratings to determine my merit raise (which has been state minimum because my ratings are so low). How is that even fair? But you know what? I still have my job, it pays the bills (mostly), and those students are (hopefully responsible) adults living life and are probably struggling just like me. Along the way I inspired a few students to change their major to my discipline or apply and earn an internship that changed their life. I am still working on letting those negative comments float down the river, without me needing to pick them back up and hear them again. What helps me the most is having a trusted friend, a fellow teacher, read through the comments, and tell me which ones are worth reading. She summarizes the hurtful ones so my brain cannot etch the words into my heart. And we celebrate the good ones together.
    If you are still feeling this way about those comments, find a friend to summarize the bad and celebrate the good. Do this until you know how wonderful you are and how much you have helped other people. Then try reading them all yourself, after you’ve healed that part of you.
    Keep up the wonderfulness that makes you you! I’m cheering you on; if there’s something who can get through this, you’re my first hunch!

    1. amoeba97 says:

      and don’t understand why I choose to follow the *syllabus* rules the other 699 students are counting on

  39. vjngurrola@yahoo.com says:

    For me I can say only way I read or see you is YouTube I don’t have Instagram or any of that other stuff. I don’t know why anyone has anything negative to say. I feel when people are negatives to others it’s because they are disappointed with them selves in one way or another. I am truly sorry they are giving you any cause to struggle. Just be you! You are amazing and we can all hope to only be true to ourselves.

  40. Saundra says:

    I want to share some advice I received in middle school when I was being bullied: ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction of a response, in fact, don’t even read their words. They feed off of your unhappiness and love when they know that they got to you. (You know the saying, misery loves company) So the best thing you can do is smile and continue living your best life. Most of the time, people who are mean to you for no reason are simply jealous (which I think is such an ugly thing). As a business owner, it is incredibly risky to be yourself and to put yourself out there on the internet, so personally I am hoping for the best for you. Good luck and kill ’em with kindness. They hate that.

  41. Lauriel says:

    I know this may sound strange but think of the people that are posting the negative comments as children in scary Halloween costumes. They are probably really decent and wholesome people on the inside but on the outside they are meant to look and be terrifying. Hopefully that helps you feel a bit better and helps you to look at it from a not so intimidating point of view. Its kinda like how picturing an audience in their underwear is supposed to help people get over stage fright.

  42. Katie S says:

    I honestly don’t know how anyone survives on YouTube. The haters are worse than FB! I didn’t even think that was possible. All I can say is that we’re here for you. <3 And I'm so happy for your progress!!! Congratulations on going down on your weight and bf% and up with muscle mass!! <3 <3 That really is so awesome. Especially since you're feeling so great. If you're feeling good, then it must be a healthy change! <3

    I only have one question. I'm doing my own 90 day journey, and following my bf% and BMI, weight, and body measurements…but how are you calculating your muscle mass???

    1. Niki says:

      You can buy scales that counts muscle mass (and basically everything else: bodyfat %, water %, bone mass etc.). These scales are getting popular so you can buy them quite cheap.

  43. Paige says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been following since 2012, and we are the same age (both born in January even!) so all of your ups and downs I’ve shared and been able to commiserate and celebrate as life unfolds. I’m currently pregnant and looking forward to a new phase of life. Trying to stay healthy, but it’s been too hard to workout at all and I’ve been too sick to eat healthy. That’s a struggle for me, but I’m just getting by.

    I hope that you you will put out a another book or something about this journey because after I have my baby, I really want to get back to the healthy living “me” I need to be. I’m rooting you on right now, go Girl!

  44. Sarah Keil says:

    Cassey !!! You are my favorite YouTuber of all time and I am so sorry to hear that people are leaving you negative comments. Some people just feel they need to bring others down to bring themselves up. I wanted to personally thank you for everything you’ve posted – I’ve been following you since I was in high school (7 years!!) and you’ve really changed my life for the better in so many ways. So thank you. And go you!!! I’m so happy whenever I see thriving. Proud to be your biggest fan ❤️

  45. Jill says:

    First of all, the negative comments are ridiculous. You always look like you are in shape, not unrealistic model/anorexic thin.I appreciate the fact that you share the real life journey of staying in shape for women. It is a struggle. You look wonderful! I appreciate all of your honesty and guidance.

  46. monique says:

    Cassey, I am very proud of you. You are brave and beautiful and i am proud of you. You dont know me. But ive been following you from the beginning( 2009). I was doing keto then, and failing epically. Never thought i would do pilates. like ever- but your encouragement sunk into me even tho the keto didnt. But when i was post hysterectomy and my body was freaking the hell out (2017) i remembered Cassey Ho. I was right over 240 lbs and felt like i was popping out of my skin. Mutating. Horror show. Enter blogilates and Casseys ” you guyyys” and ” dont you put your but down. Don’t do it.” Then i met someone. And i wanted to be proud of my body. So i would lock my self away and Cassey ho. Did you kno u were a verb? Hahaha
    I am so much stronger. 40 pounds lighter and have a healthy hatred for the down dog rainbow butt thing!
    Your name is the jane fonda of the millennium. You care about others you care about yourself. Proud of your progress. Keep it up.

  47. Autumn says:

    Don’t read them…or if you feel obligated, have someone you trust read you the positive. Perhaps they can point out any constructive criticism, but leave the negativity behind. Seriously, you inspire so many, don’t let a few bring YOU down. I don’t always read or watch, but I try to keep up with what you’re doing and squeeze in a quickie WO here and there. You are awesome, don’t let any tell you otherwise!

  48. Joy says:

    I don’t usually post on anyone’s blogs or make comments on YouTube and such, but I wanted to say some things to you that I hope is encouraging. I’m sorry to hear that you’re receiving some negative comments. I can understand why some people would feel negative toward your 90 day journey, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just remember that you’re doing this for yourself. Not for me. Not for your subscribers. Not for your husband. You are doing this for yourself. You’re not going to be able to please everyone. From what I’m seeing, I see that you’re trying to become a better you mentally and physically. I’m not getting a “I must have this kind of body in order to be beautiful/feel worthy” vibe from you when I’ve read some of your recent posts. I also think it’s wonderful that you haven’t given up as it’s not easy to complete any kind of long term goals. It definitely takes determination and commitment. Even when I was doing the 30 day butt challenge with you in the month of August, there were some days that I just wanted to skip following the other August workouts, but I kept pushing through. From what I’m reading so far, it just sounds like you’ve set reasonable goals for yourself and are just documenting your progress as you go. It’s not like you are telling us to do what you are doing. It’s also nice to read your thoughts and checking yourself to make sure you’re in the right mindset. You know what your mental state was like following your post bikini competition days. It just sounds to me like you’re wanting to be a healthier you.

  49. Veronica Furukawa says:

    YouTube is just the worst with comments. I’m always amazed at how many dislikes or negative comments I find on very nice wholesome posts. Everyone has an opinion, you just do you!

  50. Lauren says:

    Cassie-You’re beautiful and strong and a huge inspiration for so many people! Don’t let people make you sad. People are always jealous of those who accomplish their goals. Keep up the hard work and know there are tons of women out here cheering you on! =)

  51. Tarax says:

    If I were you I would start deleting/blocking the people who are posting the negative comments that really upset you. I realize that you’d lose some subscribers or whatever but who cares? Your mental health and peace of mind is worth way more than some subscribers who are clearly trolls.

  52. Naomi says:

    I have to admit, your last post about an ED not defining you forever really touched and moved me. I must admit, I was one of the people who was worried and sceptical about this challenge. I’m also another person who has suffered from disordered eating, so I felt I could empathise with you as well. But your last post was extremely powerful. For me, I know I can never go back to weighing and measuring. I know I need to focus on intuitive eating and exercising to feel good rather than look good. But I guess it truly is each to their own. Good luck on your journey.

  53. jozeller says:

    Hi Cassie!

    I wanted to give you my opinion and if you happen to read it I hope it helps. So… whenever someone is mean to you, try to remember that every person has their personal challenges. Think of their comments as a reflexion of their themselves and not as a reaction to what you are doing. When people are not nice to others it’s mostly because they are not in a good place themselves, and not because they are inherently mean. Most importantly embrace these comments and allow them to propel you to become the person YOU want to be. And although it might be hard to listen or read harsh comments, Try to remember that some people don’t have the mental or emotional ability to accept the progress and success of others and other people simply have a different opinion (and that’s ok too). In any case I think you should be proud of all the people you have positively Influenced! I know you have helped me a lot. So cheer up Cassie and keep working on yourself the way you feel and know is best for you 😊

  54. Christine McCown says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from in SO MANY WAYS–I can’t go into it all, otherwise this will become a novel of a comment. I will just say that I have been there in more than one way. Honestly, I think we are at a place where more people have had issues with food/exercise/body dysmorphia than not, so everyone feels they have a level of expertise and a vested interest in seeing their role model the way THEY want to see them. But, you are a person–a human being with needs and emotions and an identity of your own. You can’t be what they project onto you, whether it’s good or bad–it just isn’t possible. I have the same personality type you do, so I won’t tell you to stop taking it personally–you can’t *fully* do that because that doesn’t seem to be who you are. The best thing you can do is recognize and continuously remind yourself that it isn’t really about you, but an issue with themselves. With the status you have, you are not only who they wish they could be, but a mirror for all the things they don’t feel comfortable with about themselves. How they respond to that reflection is on them, not you. In other words, you are not what they see, THEY are what they see. If you want to take those negative comments a little differently, bearing that idea in mind, that might really help. If you convert the feelings of hurt into feelings of compassion–for example, “this person saying these awful things is clearly going through something” as opposed to, “maybe they are right”–is much healthier for you and is the heart of the matter.
    Side note: YouTube has more trolls, I think. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  55. Alee says:

    I’m sorry people just insist on spreading their unhappiness. You are beautiful and a breath of fresh air to be honest. You did make a point about YouTubers possibly misunderstanding b/c they don’t read the blogs so they don’t have the full story. This is likely true. This is the first blog of yours I’ve read. But I watch your videos and I follow you on Instagram. There’s a more narrow crowd I would think, that is attracted to blog posts/reading than the vast crowd that is drawn to simply watching a video on YouTube. So I think you’re simply getting more difficult and troubled people on YouTube cause it’s easier there to access. These people aren’t going to take the extra step to click on your blog post, read it, and then comment. That is a lot of effort. I know it’s hard to ignore such hurtful words b/c these are real people with real opinions. But you know what? They aren’t putting their life out there for everyone to see. They aren’t working their butt off to inspire and motivate. You are doing an amazing thing; and you are SUPER talented. People like this HAVE to be ignored. Just the mention of them brings them satisfaction. Starve them.

  56. Maria Sivils says:

    Cassey, I’m a writer, so I know exactly that feeling you’re describing. It’s complicated and hard to name because it’s the child of two things: shame and fear. The shame comes from the rejection, the negative response, the spurning, the hatred. It’s the embarrassment and sudden desire to hide. Fear jumps on the back of that shame to say yes, you have a reason to hide: you are wrong, unworthy, foolish. Shame tells you to hide and fear tells you to stay hidden. And they are both LIARS! I understand that some people may be concerned at the thought of someone trying to make a change, but I hope they can also grow to understand that changing for the better, being BRAVE enough to make a change for a healthier, happier life isn’t wrong. You are doing something that is challenging others in ways most don’t want to be challenged. And some of those people are lashing out at you. Please don’t take it to heart. Be strong and courageous! Be the light you always have been for those brave enough to take that first step toward change.

  57. Rachel says:

    I have appreciated the 90 day journey and it has encouraged me to continue working on my own personal goals. I think some of the negativity (specifically youtube) is how repetitive some posts are being displayed. I follow on instagram, blog (also get emails), and youtube. By the time I see the “community tab” on Youtube, I’ve already seen your post via insta, the blog, gotten an email about the blog, and now when I just want to do a video I see another post about the blog. It’s just a lot. Additionally- youtube if for videos and the community tab for posts seems nonsensical. You already have an enormous media following on all modalities, I’m not sure what the benefit of posting the blog on youtube is besides further promoting the enormous presence you already have which I imagine rubs people the wrong way.

    Again- I have really enjoyed the daily blog and have turned to your videos multiple times when I have been in a “low” body image phase because I find them challenging but at the same time they are safe and welcoming. They have helped me find that my body is “capable” of working out when it is needed most.

  58. Linette says:

    Honestly, it upsets me so much that people are upset with your journey and work. I understand that some people have had struggles with diets and weight loss in the past (I’m one of them) but what you’re doing is setting a goal and creating a plan to achieve it. It helps someone like me to remove the emotional attachment to fitness and weight loss. What you’re doing is taking a more scientific and research approach which I appreciate. The fact that you’re consistent with your posting and routine is definitely something to be celebrated, but it also helps for us to see the reality of what the ups and downs of weight loss are that are NORMAL. Our bodies are different and respond to food and exercise differently and I feel that you normalize this which helps so much.
    For me it helps to view things without an emotional bias so I wonder if that would help with your followers. Maybe they’re upset about these posts because they relate to your emotional tone in the posts and it triggers them? I’m not sure and I don’t know if it would help or not, but just wanted to share some thoughts 🙂

  59. Lydia says:

    Theres a lot of negative haters on the internet and its sad that there is but often its nothing personal, only people that want to bring others down. I also think that fitness and weight loss is a topic were people have a lot of disagreements ane think that wanting to lose weight is a bad thing, Im not entirely sure. But Cassey youre amazing and I hope you can see that even tho people try to bring you down. Im also a people pleaser and sensitive person who wants to be loved by everyone so I feel you! <3

  60. Sarah Garnett says:

    I think probably a lot of people on your YouTube channel aren’t necessarily POPsters, or they’re POPsters who just do your videos and don’t read your blog. I think because your videos are so focused on positivity and working out to be strong, rather than losing weight, they’re maybe confused about how this fits in and maybe worried you’re relapsing into your ED? Maybe make a video about what this journey is really about – being the best version of yourself, feeling good in your body and your mind. Maybe even add something into your new routine that focuses on the mental improvement? I started doing Headspace for 10 minutes each morning. I didn’t find much changed after the first 10 days or even the first month pack, but now I can’t go without it. The acceptance pack on there has changed my life, and maybe it would help with you feeling like this – accepting that there are things you can’t change and not letting them get to you. There’s also packs on positivity, self confidence, productivity – there’s so much on there. I would highly recommend it! You could even contact them and see if they wanted to partner on a video. I hope this helps. If you’re feeling like your best self, then I am fully behind you – especially as someone who is currently on a journey to be her best self, which in part is by losing weight!

  61. Agnes says:

    Cassey as an older person (47) I would never say something online that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. But I know a lot of younger people who grew up online don’t see it like that. And they are a lot of the youtube people. I’ve noticed that platform is way more wild than others for comments anyway. I just wish I could give you a big hug. I wish I could MAKE it so it wouldn’t happen but I can’t.. just want to say you are amazing and I have followed you from the start because of YOU. I have done like maybe 3 of your workouts haha but I stay for you because you’re so positive and such a great role model for positivity. Thanks for being you!! Don’t let the haters win. They’re probably not even haters, just bored people who don’t like themselves very much. Don’t let it get to you. We love you!! 👏💖

  62. Michelle & Emma says:

    Wish we could just give you a big hug!!!

  63. Lrobbins33 says:

    Cassey, you are smart, you are beautiful inside in out. Why sorry about comments made about you ? They know nothing about you. YOURE INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, A person who knows what she wants. People will always be negative some way or another, I leave that with them. It’s their problem they need to deal with. You are on your journey and don’t listen to any negativity. They would love to see you fail…I know you have the strength to finish this journey, ignore the comments, let it roll off your back like a duck. Keep doing what you love, I admire your strength, who cares about the negative comments, don’t let it effect you, it’s on them. Much love sweetie, can’t wait for your video 😁😁😁😁😁

  64. Antonia says:

    Hello Cassey 🙂
    I just want you to know that I discovered your Youtube channel like 5 years ago. (For what it’s worth I was taking retinoid tablets for acne back then and I heard that they would make me gain weight so I started looking for ways to make exercising something fun, because I hated exercising and PE at high school so much!) I haven’t managed to make exercise a daily habit yet but since that day, anytime I want a little exercise motivation I return back to your videos. I just want you to know that you are a really inspiring and positive person who actually made me see exercise as caring about your body than a punishment for it. I’m sure I’m not the only one here… so you should stop getting affected by negative people because they are not the sun, YOU ARE! I know you want to fix this thing with the negative comments but you should know that there will always be negative and toxic people who just want to ruin your mood and they do not care at all about telling you something good or “improving”. You don’t need to explain to anyone why you decided to start your 90 day journey and start feeling better in your own body! And another thing, the majority of people that follow you on Facebook and Instagram, opted to do it because they are your supporters that’s why you get more understanding comments there. On the contrary, anyone can come across your videos on Youtube and drop a comment even if they see your videos for the first time. You are a lovely, strong and inspiring lady who deserves to be happy every single day, dont let ’em get you 😉 <3

  65. Lauren says:

    I completely understand what you mean when you talk about criticism or negative comments of any kind affecting you so deeply. Something I was told a few years back was helpful, “Your greatest strength will also be your greatest weakness.” What that means in this context is, your gracious and caring heart that gives so much love can also be greatly affected by negativity. That’s not necessarily a bad thing or something that needs to be changed! It’s just a matter of being true to your goal, which has been amazing to see. I have been a long time watcher of your workouts and videos and have seen so much growth in you, even through the impersonal distance of social media. Youtube commenters can say some of the most horrible things; likely it’s simply the culture of that particular medium, because there’s even deeper anonymity than other social media platforms. I’m sure you have one in the works, but a YouTube video explaining this season of your life may be helpful for that community to see. Dr. Stephanie Buttermore is doing a similar project to yours. Hers is more of a weight gain journey, but you two have similar-feeling goals and levels of internet vulnerability. If you haven’t checked out her “All In” journey, here’s her main video on the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxLvcaxb5Fw&t=1244s
    Overall, this process has been amazing to see, and you are simply wonderful!

  66. Jen M says:

    I think some of the ones that hear you preach about loving your body/shape, etc.. mistakenly think that means you should never have struggles or goals or want to improve on things you struggle with yourself. You have loved yourself thru letting your body heal and allowing it not to change or grow muscle or any of those goals most of us usually get on a high from. They are not seeing the whole human picture and you cannot let them get to you. People want me to accept myself, even tho I have a log way to go from what I consider my ideal body. I accepted long ago that my health and meds will never let me reach that, but they seem to think that having goals, like building muscle or improving something about my eating is going backward from self aceptance, and its not. They just need to grow a little and learn that it feels good to have goals and accomplish them. Everyone needs that feeling and be allowed to feel right in their own bodies. You are on a journey of your own, while at the same time showing people that they can love who they are in this moment. That is an incredibly hard job and not everyone will understand that- but it is very helpful for some of us that have struggled for years and it is very inspiring and helpful for them. I love youtube for the video content andi hate instagram, but I know many use youtube as their place to bully or think the video influencers are not allowed to be human and have goals/needs/ limitations/etc.. (humannness ) of their own, or that y’all should somehow be above that? Influencers just don’t often share that they have this human side too, and i applaud that you are sharing all this. Bless you and thankyou. I don’t know if this is any help whatsoever. I am probably saying the same thing everyone else says, but its how I’ve felt fro the get go- and I just don’t understand where peoples judgemental feelings/hurtful feelings come from sometimes. My first thought is always, someone’s momma (insert whatever) didn’t raise them right, but thats not always the case, so I don’t know. But you are loved and I applaud you for doing you. Be human and have goals and embrave your humanness. Much love and many blessings and sorry for all the typos.

  67. Saraahx says:

    ^ Your sharing your thoughts and posting everyday actually makes me feel like you’re getting closer to us and we’re getting closer to you

  68. Saraahx says:

    Saying that you don’t care whether your weight go up or down is a HUUUUGE accomplishment! Seriously. Being content and in love with your body either way is such a beautiful thing that should be celebrated. Congrats on your “before 12PM” victories. Congrats on your weigh-in numbers!!! Shit, things are looking real good for you. Nice to hear 🙂
    Trampoline Trim sounds fun! I also used to have the weirdest food combos haha. Well, people are too lazy to read your blog posts and/or trying to understand you but aren’t that lazy to leave negative comments. It’s really sad and infuriating. I honestly feel sorry for you!! I also feel sorry for not having solutions to fix that problem but know that ~I~ do support you, that your blog posts actually feel like a breeze (?!). I don’t know, they just feel like a break from this world. So weird yet so true! <3

  69. Mandy says:

    Here is a lovely comment for you girl: You’re amazing, you’re killing it, you’re inspiring and your energy and positivity are really contagious! 🙂

  70. Sel says:

    I really wish I had some words of advice for you in that last part :// all I do know is that I think I know the feeling you are talking about. For me it might feel more along the lines of drawing something and I think it turns out really well, but then someone says “what is that” or makes some snarky remark. Even though they had the intention of just being funny, they end up hurting my confidence in my abilities as an artist. This feeling can apply to different aspects as well. But it carries that same theme of doing something you really wanna do or are really passionate and you even feel a bit of pride with how you’re progressing or how it turned out, so you wanna share your excitement with someone else, but then it’s like they want nothin to do with your joy and do or say something that hurts you in the end. I don’t think it’s an incredibly bad thing to be sensitive about comments that are bad (I know I would be the same) it helps to be sensitive about others rather than hard hearted which many people are these days. I think what matters isn’t necessarily getting thick skin with this comments, but maybe finding a way of creating peace with the comments internally. You may never please everyone, especially on the internet, but finding a way to create peace within is something I’m sure is possible. One word I can offer for this is giving people who comment negatively the benefit of the doubt. And perhaps they are directing their anger toward you because it is something that reminds them of another thing in their own life. The other thing too is that, the people making these comments saying they are “concerned” or saying mean things , are only concerned for a moment. I doubt most of them spend time in their day worrying about whether or not someone they know from the internet is okay. While they might leave a nasty comment one moment, they don’t care the next. What they don’t realize is that you soak it up like a sponge and carry it with you(I’ll admit, I’m one of those people. While I have concern for your concern about these comments, I doubt I will go throughout my day wondering if you will be okay. but it’s different with people I actually know. When it comes to my friends or family I WILL think about the things going on in their life throughout my day. This probably didn’t offer anything particularly helpful. But I hope it is helpful in a sense of connecting with the popster community.

    1. blogilates says:

      Yea, the thing you said about your art is exactly the same feeling I am trying to describe!

  71. fitgirl73 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog posts too. I see NOTHING wrong with wanting to make some changes that make you feel better about yourself in a healthy, reasonable way. Everybody has to do what they feel is best for their own personal body, health, and life, and if others don’t like what you are doing, that’s THEIR issue, NOT yours. I get it though, I would take things to heart too. No one likes to be criticized. I personally am loving following you through this journey. I find it inspirational because you are not just focused on how you look, but how you feel. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good! You be you girl! xoxo

  72. Carmen says:

    I have really been enjoying your blog posts. I feel like reading them is as therapeutic for me as writing them is for you. It is hard to ignore the negativity, even when you know that you need to. As a people-pleaser myself, I totally understand where you’re coming from! I don’t have a solution, but just wanted to show my support for you. ❤️

    1. blogilates says:

      I am glad you find them therapeutic to read!

  73. Jennifer Hinkle says:

    At the end of the day, there are those who agree and disagree with choices that others make. Those individuals will choose to encourage or condemn, those who they find issue with, whether they know them or not. Cassey, you are walking a road of victory that many would like to travel, but few choose to. Celebrate your victories and let your critics voices/words motivate you to achieve all your goals.

  74. Marli says:

    I just want to congratulate you! I bought the fir planner a few days after you started and have been trying to be more disciplined (with no success) so WAY TO GOOOO!

  75. Emlansbury@gmail.com says:

    I’m saying this as someone who really doesn’t have any answers myself. I also grew up being a people pleaser, constantly trying to appease people particularly at school, whom I would never be good enough for. I overcame it all when i left school and met my boyfriend of now 9 years, and i think its because i was finally listening to someone who loved me for me, and not listening to the people who didnt really know me (as Taylor would say) and would only ever have criticism for me no matter how hard I tried to explain myself, I learnt that there is no winning with those people, you can only remove yourself from the argument rather than continue to scream at a brick wall. Having said this I overcame this milestone only to develop a severe anxiety disorder within a year leaving me with crippling social anxiety as only one of my many anxieties, causing me to dive straight back into caring incessantly about what others think of me, so what do I know 😂

  76. DisneyPrincessPopster says:

    Me on all the posts: OMG where do you buy those?!
    Cassey: Costco!
    Me: mentally knows what is at my costco & has never seen product
    Also Me: WHAT Glorious COSTCO DO YOU HAVE?

  77. Jennifer says:

    You are amazing, don’t let the negativity get you down. This will pass! Keep living your best life and sharing your realness, it will all come back to you in positivity. Thankful for you sharing so much with us!

  78. Leah says:

    I think people are just not reading the blog posts and just assuming. I’ll admit, some of the comments started to get to me and I wasn’t sure if they were right or not, however, I never read any of your blogs post until now. I can truly say you seem to be doing what’s best for you and as someone who has struggled with people pleasing as well, I’m incredibly proud of you for living your life to your fullest. Inspired. ✨

  79. Emeli says:

    I want to tell you that your journey is so inspire to me, I have no confidence in myself, I have problems accepting my body and you help me a lot with this journey. I hope that you think in this when you read a bad comment, you are special and help people, they don’t know what they are saying! I have a sedentary life and I don’t know where exactly to start (I’m healthy by the way) so if you could give me an advice on where to start and how to not giving up I would be very happy!!! Thanks for being you! And sorry for my english if it isn’t correct! Wish you the best! 🙂

  80. Hanna says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I am usually not one to comment on videos, blogposts, etc. but I wanted you to know that I aaaaaabsolutely love that you share your 90 days journey with us. Your honesty and authenticity is so refreshing. I can totally imagine that some of the comments may hurt you. You do you girl! Congrats on the amazing progress you have made so far and keeeeep shining beautiful Cassey! Much love from Belgium. Xxxx

  81. Cecile Broome says:

    I think that the people who leave negative, mean, nasty or rude comments just feel bad about themselves. Constructive criticism and concern are completely different than being sarcastic, passive aggressive or down right mean. I’ve never met someone who enjoys trolling that isn’t just an all-around miserable person. It’s classic deflection, they feel horrible about themselves and they channel that energy at someone else to a) make themselves feel better or b) to turn everyone’s gaze to someone else. I suppose you also have to include ones who do it for the shock factor (personality disorder?) Either way, I know it’s definitely easier said than done, but you can’t care about what these people say. They’re also probably fuel by knowing it hurts you. You’re amazing and they don’t matter. Maybe set a hard limit for the time you take to read comments and limit social media whenever possible. Maybe try strictly work related posts, etc. for a couple of months! Good luck!

  82. Julie says:

    So this advice doesn’t really seem like it would be suited for your bubbly personality but have you ever considered the occasional clapback to call out rudeness? lol maybe this would just be a petty approach to not rise above it but personally love when celebs do it to set the tone on their content. Could be empowering! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  83. Marija says:

    Cassey we love and support you! Don’t let other people’s insecurities bring you down. You know why you’re doing this and the people who’ve been here for a while understand you and appreciate the inspiration that you’re bringing into our lives with your hard work and persistence.

  84. Sara says:

    I’m so sorry to hear the comments are getting you down. It’s so brave of you to put yourself out there and I think a lot of people appreciate it and, like me, don’t leave a comment because they maybe don’t have anything meaningful to add other than a heartfelt thank you for sharing this journey with us and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your progress so far! PIIT28 is getting me in the best shape of my life, so thank you so much for that too! To me you are nothing but encouraging to your audience to live well and take care of the body you have. That is real self love.

  85. Sydney says:

    Peace, Goddess
    I am happy to see you making positive healthy changes that work for YOUR body. I would option to turn off comments on YouTube for the time being, if it could help that is. No need for you to read negative comments that’ll bring down your emotional/mental health when you are hard to raise it up and nurture yourself. What ever issue someone has with you, Cassey, it’s not ever actually about you. It’s always about them and that’s nothing for you to worry about, they must do their own self healing and work.
    May my words be received in kindness and compassion. I know you will rock this challenge, you always do! You’re amazing inside and out, Cassey. I give thanks for your existence.
    Peace, Love & Light

  86. J.J. says:

    I think you’re right in that YouTube is more about watching than anything else (why read the book when you can watch the movie). This would be extra work but maybe consider vlogging one of your blogs…write and post your blog but maybe a short video clip too? And you actually already named the main issue…you can’t please everyone. And maybe the YouTube audience will have to be won over at a different rate. What you are doing is for you. You are being super transparent and allowing us the privilege of joining you and cheering you on in your journey. Not only is that super sweet of you, it’s much healthier than the bikini competition portion of your journey. There is a marked difference between then and now in your presentation, your approach and self-reflection. You are doing an awesome job modeling self care and good health. You rock!

  87. Aly says:

    I have yet to read the comments on youtube but it scares me that you’ve said they’re the worst ones because I was not to keen on some things I saw on facebook and the blog… I can’t ignore things like that either, but I do make sure to not allow them to change what I am doing. Also, I think if you had kept this journey to yourself but continued making videos that didn’t reference it, true popsters would have been able to tell something was going on, and honesty is important, especially when you have fans and followers.

    that said, while I have NO issue at all with your journey, I did get a little scared at first. I think another comment mentioned something similar to my reason. I am shorter than you so I weigh less, but I had gained a few pounds and when I saw you making these changes, I initially got worried that perhaps I wasn’t doing enough, even though my workout routine is following YOUR calendars and videos. I guess what I mean is that I found myself hoping my workouts were sufficient, which was a feeling I never had before and I have been following for almost 5 years now and a certified instructor. I saw your response to someone else who mentioned this and it made sense. you constantly film these videos and workouts and it’s normal with that considered that you need some different routines. Maybe you could make some new videos for popsters who may be feeling the same but want to continue using pop pilates as their form of working out. However I do NOT support the negative comments, I have not made any of them or “liked” them or anything of the sort; I don’t condone the behavior and the only advice I have about that is to try and make the negative comments make you stronger as you persevere through your journey and do not let them stop you. 🙂

    1. smontoro says:

      I’m so sorry that the comments are so harsh!!! You deserve all the support in the world!! You’re doing amazing and it is so inspiring for me and so many others!!!! I hope that the comments ease up, but more importantly, I hope that you are always able to see them for what they are: completely wrong and from a place of negativity that is all them, not you!! Much love to you!

  88. Kristen I says:

    Feedback from a therapist and devoted popster… (Idk if this will make my advice better but just wanted to include my credentials 😉). I would say to ALLOW yourself to feel whatever you feel when you see the comments! It’s only human to feel badly when you see rude comments directed toward you. What matters is that you aren’t letting the negative comments change your behavior. Know that you are victorious in this journey with all of the emotions you feel along the way. Being upset is not a sign that you are not succeeding. You don’t need to change anything you’re doing Summary: allow room for negative emotions as part of your successful journey. You are killin it Cassey. ❤️

  89. Nnewiam says:

    Hm… I really have no idea what to say to make you feel better -and you don’t know me, so I don’t think I’d be able to, even if I want to 🙁 (sorry, super long sentence here!!!) I am a people pleaser too, so if anything, I’d love to read about you finally being able to look past these comments… 🙂 In the meantime, I send you all my love and compassion. What you are doing is incredibly brave, and bold, and you’re finding the time to actually SHARE everything with us. That is simply amazing. Thank you for being you, you’re a star, Cassey.

  90. Deidre says:

    I think what you’re doing is inspirational. I value honesty and being real. Your doing great! I’m sure that it’s really hard to read nasty comments. The fact that despite that you’re still being you is great, I don’t think I could do it. I haven’t written on my blog much because of the same fears that you’re expressing. You’re inspiring me to get back to it. Thank you for being you!

  91. Susan says:

    Hi Cassey! First I would like to say that you look great! I follow your Instagram and love how your content is so body positive , no matter what your fitness journey is. There will always be negative comments as that is the world we live it. People are so used to criticizing others as opposed to lifting each other up. I think there are a lot of people that are unhappy with their own lives and they take out their frustrations through online comments. It’s incredibly hard to ALWAYS have a thick skin. I pride myself on having a thick skin but there are times I just crumble from negative opinions. You keep doing you and follow your own path (which is something I have to remind myself sometimes as well). Stay positive! You are awesome!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks! It is so hard to have a thick skin esp when I am not naturally built like that!

  92. Gabrielle Lisella says:

    I think the fact that people can have anonymity on YouTube is what makes them think they can say anything (not cool). People carelessly post hurtful things and probably assume you’ll never see their comments; maybe they do it because they’re insecure. I too am a people pleaser and it’s so hard not to take negative comments to heart when you care so much. Those of us who support you and read every blog know that you’re a real person with feelings. Maybe addressing it head on would help? Sending love and positive vibes to you, Cassey.💖

  93. Kasandra says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I’m so sorry to hear that the comments are bringing you down on a journey that has been so uplifting for you. To be honest, I was a hater in the beginning and the reason that I can attribute it to is FEAR. I honestly felt threatened that the person I relied on as an example that my health journey doesn’t need to be about losing weight was now trying to do that exact thing! (I know you have said it isn’t about losing weight, but the numbers are there every week and I’m just speaking of an initial, gut reaction) It made me then question if my body really was perfect the way it is, and while I never sent a mean comment or liked mean comments I liked the comments that I felt reflected the way I was thinking. These comments still probably made you feel like you’re letting your blogifam down and I’m sorry if I did contribute to that.

    I do think that some people on the internet are just plain mean, but I think a lot of people on youtube are feeling threatened the way I did. After reading your blog posts I can truly see how healthy your journey has been and I am really happy for you now! After all the crap that we have to put up with about how our bodies should look from media, social media, and everywhere in the world, we should just be happy and celebrate everyone’s bodies instead of trying to tell each other how they SHOULD look or how they should WANT their bodies to look.

    I wish you the best of luck in the next two months! Stay happy!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for sticking with me even though you felt weird about it in the beginning.

  94. Jordan says:

    I follow you exclusively on YouTube (because I don’t use other social media :P) so I think I have some insight into why people might be unsubscribing. I think it’s three things 1. Change in a channel always leads to people unsubscribing and then leveling out and more subs after that. I’ve seen this time and time again as YouTubers that I follow change their content, they loose subs that aren’t interested, but don’t worry you’ll attract new followers who love what your doing right now
    2. People who follow you on YouTube are there mostly for workout videos. A lot of them don’t want to hear about your weight every day for the next 90 days especially if you weigh less than them and they’ve been trying for years to get where you are. They’re interested in your workout content, but not interested in being constantly reminded of their weight and how they might not measure up. Or on the other hand they’re already happy with their weight and don’t want to read about how unhappy you are.
    3. The one that annoys me the most is the click bait style titles of some of your posts in YouTube. I read some of them and go “ug, that sounds controversial on purpose, I don’t want to read that” but I often read it anyways because I know you produce quality content. But if I didn’t already know that your blogs are great I’d be supper annoyed to see click bait every day or few days and might unsubscribe ( I did that for another Chanel, they have a series that I love, but all their other content is trash and they post so often that it was too anoying to stay subed)
    Just my thoughts, love your content <3 I've been going through this weight loss and muscle gaining journey with you, so I love that you post every day, it helps keep me on track!

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm so do you think I should post maybe parts of my actual blog post onto YT so that the titles make more sense? I think a lot of ppl just read the titles and make opinions right then and there without reading my post.

  95. Sue says:

    Negative comments are ALWAYS a reflection of something they are within themselves. Remember that. Remember that misery loves company. Reply with positivity if you feel so inclined. “I like your profile pic”, “thanks for your feedback”, “I wish you the best on your own journey”. Etc. If you don’t have time to write it, say it in your mind and then let it go. Otherwise it’s a time and happiness thief. I think you are doing great in your worst for understanding your body. Keep on sister, keep on!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for your advice!

  96. pavithra sathish says:

    I have not seen any trainers revealing their true lifestyle… like what they eat or what is their routine… they would share things that people want them to seen as mostly not the real side would be known… but in your case you are very honest when you blog and I have learnt that it takes a lot to be yourself and now that I see you are 100% happy for treating yourself in your way that’s how it has to be.. after all training and hardworking you are content and not complaining I am happy to see Cassey this way 😀👍

  97. Shareefa says:

    Cassie, amazing progress!! Keep it up!! So is this keto or just a low carb/high protein diet?

  98. J says:

    I really am sorry if my comments on YouTube have hurt your feelings, Cassey. I’ve been reading every blog post every day, and I’ve been commenting some harsh stuff on YouTube the last few days. Please let me explain myself…

    I don’t care what you do with your body and I really do wish you well. I think my biggest bother about the whole 90 day thing was the “I need to get my life back,” and posting a photo of yourself that looked fit and beautiful. It made me feel like, “Does this mean that my life isn’t together if I’m still not where I want to be physically?” And the photo of the tiny black bikini infuriated me… it’s when I jumped off the “I’m happy for Cassey wagon.” I thought, “This girl doesn’t appreciate her body. She doesn’t realize what she has… she’s strong, fit, slim…. If only she could walk in MY shoes for a few days: squeeze my big ass in a tiny bikini bottom, cellulite for days, muffin top and low belly pooch hanging out for all to see. Then take a photo and post it to the internet…. she’d change her tune REAL quick.

    Yeah, I was comparing, which isn’t helpful to anyone. All I saw was you whining about yourself, and blaming your followers for not understanding your “healthy mindset.” I’ve been subscribed to you for 9 years and I’ve seeeeeen it all! I’ve seen you teeny tiny, I’ve seen you gain weight, bulk up, slim down… I’ve seen you embrace your body, hate your body, compare yourself, love yourself, binge eat, starve yourself. (Ps I still loved you!) I understand the feeling. Im a curvy girl – it’s not easy to love your body. But I’m also a fitness instructor… and I don’t understand the point of making all of this so public.

    I have tried so hard to lose some weight so I can feel like I LOOK like I care about my fitness and nutrition (but my body type makes it hard to do). I just don’t announce this kind of stuff because of backlash. I don’t want to trigger my students. I don’t want them to feel less than, when my job is to make them feel confident in their own skin. You have a responsibility to your students/followers and I think many are worried that THEYRE doing something wrong because you were not happy with yourself. You don’t do your own workouts to slim down – and how can they trust you if you’re not training the way you’ve taught them to train?

    So, I’m apologizing because I care about you and love you. I’ve gotten healthier and stronger because of you. I’m apologizing because I miss how you used to just say what you were thinking regardless of backlash. You used to just be yourself and not try to please everyone on YouTube. And people would get annoyed but you were savage and strong. And I suppose this blog is you finally just saying what you want regardless of the backlash and I’m sorry for trying to stifle it.

    My biggest point, I guess, is that you don’t need anyone’s blessing to do or not do anything. Just do whatever. But appreciate yourself more and not only when you’re eating little and your abs are showing… but all the time. You’ve been given a platform, a responsibility, a special purpose, a go-getter spirit, a savage heart – so appreciate yourself for that. I appreciate that about you. I want to see you mentally and emotionally happy no matter what. I’m sorry for hurting you. Shake it off and finish the journey strong.

    1. blogilates says:

      Wow. I so appreciate your comment. It gives me a lot of insight into your perspective. Even though our bodies our different, we actually have the same exact struggle! Isn’t that interesting? I 100% understand how me posting my #s and saying I’m not feeling good in a bikini can seem really off putting for you and others. In regards to doing my own workouts – because I do them all the time (choreograph, do it in videos, practice, rehearse etc) I need other workouts to challenge my body and make me die 😛 My body has gotten stronger over time so I need to do things that are out of my comfort zone!

  99. shasta says:

    First, you need to realize the reason YouTube seems to be the worst for negative comments is it is the most accessable by people who only sort of like you or don’t like you at all. The other platforms take more effort to consume content, even it it means adding you. The simple act of reading is going to weed out a lot of casuals. You could literally write an equation; more effort = more insightful/bigger fan. Two, you cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Your needing to please people is a manifestation of poor self esteem. You internalize your value only if you can offer something to someone that makes them happy, at your own expense or not. What if you were onna desert island, would you be happy with yourself? If you were the only one in the world to see what you made, would you be happy with it? You have to stop seeking your worth and value from the flippant egos of others. Do you like you? If yes, then you are good the way you are.

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, I love me. You’re right. I need to not evaluate my self worth by other’s happiness which I do all the time.

  100. Sumi says:

    honestly I love your 90 day journey and I’m planning to start one starting tomorrow ! I feel like the hate you’re getting is totally unreasonable and I feel like maybe making a video would be cool but idk how much it would help? honestly you need to put you first and if not posting for a while is going to help then I would totally support you, and you can always turn off comments I’m pretty sure. lots of love!!

  101. Laura says:

    I thought it was ridiculous that people were having such a hard time with your choice at first….but now it is down right baffling. I just don’t get it!! That being said, maybe you are on to something with why the YouTube comments are the harshest. Maybe those folks are looking at your blog or other places to see the reasons why you are doing this + the healthy way in which you are doing it. Do you feel like you would want to do a YouTube video to explain it to them? It is hard to say if it would have the impact you hope that it will, but maybe that would be therapeutic in an of itself?

  102. Becky says:

    Cassey, you are great! I am doing the 90 Day Journey right along side of you and it is really helping me/motivating me to read your daily blog posts! Anyone who is writing anything nasty on social media should be totally ignored! (I know – easier said than done!) You are a super positive and motivating force on social media and are helping lots of other women on their health journeys! (And not just young women – I am 52 and love your info!)

    1. blogilates says:

      Yay! How is your journey going?

      1. Becky says:

        It’s going great. I’m down 4 1/2 pounds (and trying to lose the last 15-20 pounds from having 3 children!) and your daily blog posts are super motivating for me! Thank you!

  103. Inga says:

    I honestly think it’s the anonymity that’s making YouTube commentors more mean. On facebook and instagram, the comments can be seen by your whole friends/family/followers etc. and it even has your name linked to it. As a result, people behave a lot more friendly than on YouTube, except if they’re famous on YouTube, of course. On YouTube, they just let out what’s on their mind to a video, unfiltered, whether it’s nice or not. I have done this, too, until I realised the video creator was actually reading the comments. That’s when I changed my comment behaviour and became more thoughtful. I realised it because the YouTuber was giving ‘hearts’ to a lot of the comments, sometimes even mine. Maybe that could be a way to make your YouTube commentors more aware.

  104. Kelly says:

    I completely understand how you’re feeling! I personally am excited to see your videos during and after this 90 day challenge for you!
    I wonder if another video similar to your body image one (from way back when) might help?
    I’m being hopeful when I say that, lol. But there are some times that people just spew bc they can. Bc they have a practice life of throwing other people under the bus and making them feel just as ugly as they feel about their own lives.
    You could put more effort into explaining to them, or you could see it as people who (no matter who you are or what you do) are just mean. Take the comments with a handful of salt. Examine yourself. See if they’re right, but then, how right are they and how much does it matter to you?
    You CAN use the comments as a growth tool. But maybe delegate the weeding out of the “cruel just to be cruel” comments and the ones where people are sincere in their observations? That way, your not reading stuff that kills your soul. :/

    I hope you find a way to work through this hurdle. You always do ❤️

  105. Liz says:

    PLEASE don’t give dogs tree nuts – it’s really bad for them!!!!!

  106. Anna says:

    You don’t need to stop being you, or to be human. Get someone else to read and delete the bad comments first, it’s your channel and you can decide what kind of discussion you want on it. I know other YouTubers that do that. It’s natural that you care(healthy people are wired that way), it’s also ok to get help when things are hard ❤️

    1. blogilates says:

      I really like knowing exactly what’s going on my community. So it scares me to let someone else delete comments that could possibly give me insight.

      1. Anna says:

        I think it’s beautiful that you always are looking for ways to improve. I’m just suggesting offload the worst. Didn’t you start this journey saying that you wanted to stop letting the negative people set the tone? If so, you got nothing to lose!
        Love following your blog post every day by the way! It’s a great motivator for getting back in shape.

  107. Diana says:

    I am not sure what it is that people see from YouTube that they don’t see from your blog since I read your blog faithfully. But I think that a lot of your followers have had or still have eating disorders or orthorexia and seeing your journey can be triggering for them and they are venting their frustrations about it. The journey you are on is your journey and you feel like in order to be successful in your goals you need to hold yourself accountable to your audience. I feel that way with a lot of things as well. It makes sense to me because I feel like that’s how celebrities look so good when they are in the public eye. Their livelihoods depend on how they look, so they will do whatever it is in their power to make sure they look good. They know others will judge them if they don’t (even though some people will talk about them and hate on them regardless because you can’t please everybody). I would like to put myself out there as well so I can be held accountable to my followers (the problem is I don’t have the courage or followers yet lol). Followers can cheer you on and give good suggestions to help you on your journey. So I can see why you are doing this and it’s helping you to meet your goals, but unfortunately negative comments come with the territory. Try not to take things personally because it’s really not personal. I just heard someone say the people who matter don’t mind, and the ones that do mind don’t matter. Some of the negative comments are about constructive criticism, you can take that however you want. Some of the comments are more so about the person commenting than about you, so again take that how you want. Despite all of, you have to stay laser focused and not let the negativity in.

  108. Yuliya says:

    Well sure: If you get dolled up for your boyfriend and doesn’t like it, it’s upsetting. But if you get dolled up for yourself, you can say “Gee, I’m sorry you don’t like it, but I feel GREAT.” You’re doing this for you, yourself, not your YouTubers or anyone else in the world. The negative comments are expressing an opinion and they might be entitled to it (mean as it is), but that’s all it is, an opinion. It’s like telling someone that your favorite color is pink and them insisting that green is better. Among the negativity of YouTube, there are also some wonderful and encouraging comments, especially for this last blog. Stay strong, let the naysayers have their opinion, but remember that you’re not doing this for them!

    I’m a longtime lurker on your YouTube channel. I used to watch the videos with no sound, just for the workout. Then one day I turned up the volume and was struck by how kind and positive you are, reminding viewers that they’re working out to feel great, not to meet societal standards.

    Sending you some positive vibes. <3

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, it’s the “well gee I’m sorry you don’t like it but I feel great” that I am trying to work on!

  109. Ivana says:

    That last part made me want to give you the buggest hug. The harsh commens usually come from people who can’t handle change. It actually has nothing to do with you, it’s the change. They’re used to seeing and hearing a certain Cassie and now for them it feels like you’re taking that away by changing. YouTube is the garshest because these are the people who have the strongest bond with you (video over text or pictures will do that to people). The only thing and I really have experienced this first hand is to ignore 100% of those comments. The more attention you give them the more defensive and vicious they’ll get. I switched from Dutch to English after 2 years on YouTube and still after 4 years I sometimes get a disappointed comment. They don’t care that it was better for my channel and made me happier. They truly just care about their own needs. Try to not read them as much as possible because that’s the easiest way to ignore. So proud of you of how far you’ve come and looking forward to seeing how much further you will go. Like you always say in your videos: you got this!!!

    1. Kelly says:


  110. pitupau says:

    Hi Cassey! I wouldn’t waste much time on those haters of Youtube… as you said, they haven’t been reading about your progress and inspiring journey, so they don’t really know what they are talking about.
    Also, as a side note, you have a small problem with your excel sheets xD The initial body fat at week 4 should be 23.3 instead of 23.8. Keep up the good work!

    1. blogilates says:

      Just fixed, thanks!

  111. Renda says:

    It’s not you Cassey, it’s them.

    When people are being mean, judgmental or just negative like that, it says everything about them, and not much about you at all. It could be anything from people just not being happy with themselves and lashing out (especially on the internet) to just plain ignorance. But whatever it is, it’s not you. No matter what you do, some people will always find something to hate on. Don’t waste your time explaining, or communicating with these people because they will only hear what they wanna hear.
    I love that you are willing to read comments for constructive criticism, but criticism that isn’t constructive is just unnecessary negativity, and therefore irrelevant. It’s not helping ANYONE, not even the person saying it, because that negativity will find its way back to them eventually.

    I don’t know what it’s like to be as caring as you when it comes to this, but like you said, you are a caring person. Being caring is a wonderful thing. It is one of your strengths, they don’t get to turn it into a weakness.

    Congrats on your progress! Keep doing what’s best for you. And whatever that is, it doesn’t have to appeal to everyone.

    1. blogilates says:

      You’re right, caring is a strength. But I’ve also found it to be why I get hurt a lot.

  112. Sigrid says:

    I totally get that the comments are the worst part. You could obviously make a youtube video as well, but I think that would probably draw the same kind of comments in there as well…. you could also close the comment section, but that’s not really the greatest idea either…

  113. Rachael says:

    Hi Cassey the comments thing is difficult. I guess you read them because you want to learn and improve and keep doing what you think we want you to do but that’s sort of coming back to your problem about being a chronic people pleaser. In my humble opinion, and people will disagree, maybe try and keep yourself from the comments and ask someone else to scan them for you so you can keep engaged with your fans and popsters in a more controlled way that doesn’t leave you open to a barrage of abuse. I don’t know you but if you are a people pleaser there can be a tendency to have this almost perverse self damaging purpose to read the negative comments and punish yourself. My suggestion is to try a short period where you have no visibility of the comments section at all and someone can snip you some of the positive ones in full so you stay connected and they can bullet point some negative ones into useful feedback so you can keep focussed and not be a public punching bag. You can engage on your terms. You deserve better.
    Hope this helps you x

    1. blogilates says:

      Public punching bag. Wow. That’s how I feel!

  114. Steffie says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I’m a fan. Not a new fan, but someone who is new to working out and trying to find a better relationship with their body. As someone who also has an innate need to write, I can tell you that I often think twice about posting anything – on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Instagram. In fact, I’m so sensitive to negativity that my Instagram is private. I don’t want people I don’t know judging me! And it has always been private. I watch YouTube; i did your Summer Sculpt challenge and the problem you describe is not unique to YouTube. On social media, people think they can be as critical and judgmental and as cruel as they want to be because they can largely do so with impunity. They can get away with it because they can do it anonymously. People have issues. They may resent you for having the discipline and the courage that they don’t have. And you have to be able to not let those comments penetrate your self-esteem. I can’t imagine doing what you do and sharing my personal life publicly with people. Don’t let it change you and try to keep the noise out when it seems the loudest. You’re not here to please all the people all of the time. Thank you for being an inspiration and thank you for what you do. xx

  115. aljo23 says:

    Hi Cassey! You’re such an inspiration to us who believe in you! Just a correction for the Week 4 weigh-in, you’ve put the initial Body Fat % as 23.8 instead of 23.3 from last week (9/6/19). So the Week 4 change in Body Fat% is -0.2 instead of -0.7. Thanks!

  116. Hui Qi says:

    Hi Cassey! I can’t believe that people are actively putting others down. Your journey has been such a joy to follow and so so inspiring.

    Perhaps those who are on Youtube first approach your videos with a desire to lose weight or to get a “hot body”. However, since they have not been following you on this journey from the beginning and do not understand your intentions, they are portraying the hatred for their own bodies on you. Perhaps in their minds, you would be someone who would help them love their own bodies and not “lose weight”. But they perceive you to be hypocritical for seemingly preaching otherwise which is not true at all! So maybe they are projecting their lack of self-love onto you and are coming from a place of hurt and brokenness and would like to drag others down with them…

    Please stay strong Cassey and know that you have tons of followers like myself who thank you for this honesty and refreshing content!!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for being with me on this journey!

  117. feelberlin says:

    Hi Cassey. This week Lavendaire, a youtuber posted a video about Authenticity and when I was watching it, it reminds me all that is happening with you. It is not your resposability others people’s feelings. Just be yourself, live the life that you want. People can agree or not with your descisions but don’t let them brinh you down. At the end of the day, it is your life. I also have to say that some of the bad comments come from somewhere good. I think people care about you and wish you well. They are worried about you. Saying that, still is your choice. Hope you get you goal in Nov. Love. Maria.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks Maria. I know it is my life and I can do what I want. Just struggling to do what I want when people tell me what I am doing is wrong. I’m working on it!

  118. Jessie says:

    I’m so sorry about the haters. I feel like some people on Youtube are mean just to be mean, to be honest. I think it might be healthier for you to just ignore most of the youtube comments or even disable them, especially if it is affecting you this much. I know us fans will definitely understand, and we can connect with you on different platforms.

    I’ve been really enjoying this blog posts, and everyday I am rooting for you and look forward to your posts everyday. Congratulations on losing the 7 pounds, having you on this journey while I’m on my on weight loss journey is super inspiring. It really helps to see someone doing this and seeing their thoughts and gives me knowledge on how to approach weight loss for my own body. So please don’t let the haters get you down, you’re really inspiring to a lot of people!

    Also, so glad you’re enjoying lazy keto. The egg things are very good, I’ve also tried the jicama tortillas from Albertson’s, and they’re so good! They’re very thin but they take too seasoning super well, almost like a crunchy surrounding to the ingredients.

    I don’t know how conducive to diets eating keto baked goods were, and I know you tried the keto ice cream, but my sister and I really enjoyed eating mug cakes every now and then. They’re super simple to make – almond flour, egg, baking powder, monkfruit sweetner and takes less than a minute in the microwave and it fills me up all the way until dinner. There’s a bunch of recipes online too. My favorite recipe was the ketoconnect’s chocolate chip fudge cookies.

    Anyway I’m cheering you on! 😀 Can’t wait till your next post <3

  119. Emilee says:

    Maybe this journey is telling you YouTube isn’t the healthiest place for you to be. There are so many ways for you to be successful, do you really need youtube? Being here might always make you feel stuck in the trap of being examined by other people. Maybe it’s time to step up your game and be above YouTube.

    1. blogilates says:

      YouTube is my home. It is where I started and I love teaching there because there are no geographic barriers.

  120. Cris says:

    A reaction never is about you. Someone communicating positive or negative thoughts is about their experiences and their life lessons up to that point in their life journey. Hence, whether positive or negative, a comment is never personal. However, when it is a positive one, we gladly accept it, and when it is a negative one, we get mad and sad. But since we are all unique and our value has never been related to someone’s positive or negative point of view, because our value merely is, from baby on, this attitude of thinking it is personal has led to a world wide spread suffering. Since you are a public figure, you have the opportunity to inspire people by being what we all should be, ourselves. A baby does not wait to be validated positively or negatively, it will claim the right to exist and the way it suits him/her. Be you and accept that you are perfect no matter what. The changes you go through, even now, is part of being you. The expression of you after having had a certain experience, or met certain people, but you are still you and still will be you after. I love growing and evolving and I know that evertime I grow, I feel happier and more balanced. This does not mean that me from 10 years ago didn’t feel that way too, but today, with my experience, I needed to grow, and I did it. You are currently growing and it is a beautiful moment. Enjoy every step of the way. Finally, I think different ages or type of communities hang out on different platforms. I think people on Instagram are younger generations where reading or writing is less important. And Facebook was created much earlier, so older generations there that did like to read the newspaper, etc. YouTube I think is a mix, but mainly, it’s accessible without having to really register. Less filter, more open to any type of person. My guess.
    Oh and since you are curious of understanding things around you, whenever you get a comment, think about it that way: it is never about me. What does the person have to learn, which shows through that comment?
    Mostly, we express our childhood emotions as an adult and do not even realise it. If our parents said we were ugly with our hair, then everything that triggers this feeling will make us react until we decide to let it go and heal. Healing from how deep you let others affect you, although it was never about you and you deeply know you are perfect, no matter what. Remember to hear that inner voice.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for your incredibly well thought out comment! I will try to see it from that perspective when I read the comments.

  121. Nadja says:

    Hey, Cassey. Try listening Scars from Papa Roach. It sure does the therapy for me, when I need it. I also always care to much, about everything, and this song capture it so well.

  122. Laura says:

    I just wanna say I love the pic with those two cups. Great team! ❤

  123. ghost says:

    I saw this on Twitter and I think it can apply for you Cassey.
    Anger is not action – it is reaction. A state of reaction is a state of enslavement. #SadhguruQuotes
    I think the key is not to ignore your feelings/reactions but to explore the reasons why you react and that might help you to understand yourself better.

    1. Yuliya says:

      This is beautiful. I wanted to jump in with some more: I’ve been told that anger is always a second or third feeling. You don’t get angry first, you get frustrated, ashamed, afraid, confused, etc. Seeking the first emotion that leads to anger leads to real healing.

  124. Meghana Ram says:

    I hv been following u since two years n I’m really thankful to u . Finally i got the results. I do all of your arms exercises n within 2 weeks got the results. It’s amazing. U r my inspiration cassey thanks a ton. Keep inspiring. U r such a beautiful soul😘 U r d best fitness trainer I hv evr seen😍 I love Youuuuuu. Wanna meet u once.❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  125. Deanna says:

    My daughter just learned about the turbo button and the victim button. The turbo button is a button you print out that says turbo and you put it where you go to think. It helps you stay positive and helps you think turbo thoughts and come up with ideas that could change your situation. Being insulted isn’t fun and is embarrassing in your work, but you could ignore them and possibly delete their comments and think about yourself. Since I baby sit and do caregiving if someone seems to be out of hand I use to block them or delete them as a friend. I instead got tired of deleting the out of hand people..and just kept those who I know and also those that keep me motivated daily. I know you are a social and entertainment business woman. I know you’re famous and getting more famous. You could do like Mariah Carey and make a video of a workout to the song obsessed. You could do like my daughter and think positive and go around those who uplift you. You could find something that makes you happy like puzzles, games, dance, singing, songwriting, making new workout lists, making new things that people could volunteer to be in a video(like you do already) you could make a music video and lip sync or really sing..you can do like the people in combat through beach body and sing during your workouts and talk. You could focus on yourself instead of others and take me time. You could do like I do when I’m sad..I hug my animals and pay more attention to them until I feel better. Hopefully these help! I will make a shorter reply for twitter and Facebook. I’m still strategizing..🤩

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for your ideas! I always feel better when I hug George!

  126. Kristin says:

    That thing you’re feeling that you can’t name is a thing called Shame. It is an ugly thing that is bred into us either knowingly or unknowingly. As a woman and as a people pleaser, shame is your punishment for not being a “good” caretaker and keeping a smile on your face, never questioning, never talking back, never speaking up about your wants and needs. Shame makes us feel not good enough—not smart enough, nice enough, pretty enough. Shame makes us question our own inherent worth. So take an honest look at self worth and shame and see what it’s all tied to and where it may have its roots.
    Love you Cassey. You’re worth more than negative comments and trolls. Your worth more than others’ opinions. It takes a lot of courage to live authentically, that’s why a lot of people don’t do it.

  127. Cara says:

    Keyboard Warriors, that’s all they are. A bunch of people who feel so horrible about their own lives, that the only high they can get is by sitting behind a monitor and flinging insults and hurtful comments toward another person. Sorry, I don’t have any advice on how to get them to stop, as I don’t think there is a way to do it, and removing what you put up is letting them win.

  128. Anne says:

    Hi Cassey , you’ re going in the right direction! Weight down, body fats % down, muscle up! Way to go!!
    I’m also a numbers person. Im not obsessed with the numbers but they give me a sense of direction and understanding on whether what I’m doing to my body (be it food/exercise) is beneficial or not. I tweak from there. Thanks for your posts. I’m excited to read them and in all honesty, I like how honest you are. It’s your blog, you choose how you want to write it. And thanks for sharing with us ! Keep writing!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, it’s about that direction!

  129. Katelyn says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I am so, so grateful for your content and videos over the years. I find your videos and posts very helpful, healthy, and uplifting.
    I do understand what you mean about not being able to just ignore or overlook certain hurtful comments. I am of the belief that words can both be very healing and cause a great deal of injury. If I feel like I have been hurt emotionally by someone and am having a hard time getting past something that someone has done, I personally find praying helps me a lot. When I pray, I imagine/remember the circumstances in my mind—what happened, how I felt, what the other person said or did. And then I ask God to come into that memory. I picture in my mind what He might say or do—looking at me lovingly, saying words that give life to me, defending me, etc. And I ask Him to heal any wounds I may have. This usually helps take the emotional sting out of memories for me. I do not assume we have similar beliefs or backgrounds, but I am hoping that you could read this and perhaps find something applicable or helpful for you.
    Thank you for being so open and vulnerable!

  130. Elena says:

    Maybe the negative comments are part of your journey. They will help you to not be a people pleaser anymore, like it’s a 90 day class of dealing with negative comments lol but seriously. Like you said, you are doing this for you! So let the comments be a reminder that you are not doing this for anyone but you. You know your body and no one else does❤️

  131. Princess says:

    It’s difficult but your hard work to become the best version of yourself inspire me, i hope that you accomplish your goals and continue to reach new ones. That’s why I watch your videos because you taught me to push my limits and take care of myself for my own happiness. Thank you Cassie.

  132. Desiree says:

    I love you Cassey!! ❤️❤️❤️

  133. Courtney says:

    I noticed a lot of mean comments lately too! It’s just key board warriors that want a video and not a blog post or, people who aren’t happy that you’re doing something just for yourself. I would take a break from reading them and just focus on you. I’m a people pleaser too and it’s super hard to not care. Sometimes you just have to step back and unplug. I can’t wait to see more of your journey!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      I know! It’s so hard to NOT care!

  134. Ashley says:

    So I saw the Youtube comments and was mortified. I think a lot of them are misunderstanding where you’re coming from. I would also say that I think because it’s a bit different than IG and FB, people feel less pressure to be nice or decent, so they’re more negative than they would be on other websites.
    I know you have a lot of positivity, but I’m cheering you on! I love seeing you blossom and be more you than I’ve ever seem you before!

  135. Roxanne says:

    I just wanted to say that I think you are doing really amazing things! I too can relate to being a people pleaser, I have gotten away from that over the years yet unkind comments can still hurt. Perhaps consider this, there are some people that are so unhappy with themselves that the only joy they get is tearing others down. For some twisted reason it makes them feel more powerful. The weak like to see the strong fall/fail. So, don’t give the haters what they want, do your thing with your head held high. The people who matter, ie. your husband, family, and friends will support all the great things you are doing. You are inspiring so many, maybe just try to ignore those nasty comments. Best wishes to you on your health and wellness journey!!

  136. Leopard3005 says:

    Cassey, I am so happy that you’re seeing progress! With your go get ’em attitude nothing can keep you down! I admire your willingness to be vulnerable and raw with us. It’s great to see someone doing that these days.

    Btw, do you have any suggestions on how to slowly incorporate the healthy recipes you provide into my everyday diet if I’m not fond of healthy food? I’ve found that jumping right in, which works for most things, isn’t best in this case.

    1. blogilates says:

      Maybe replace one meal at a time!

  137. rminnicus says:

    I seriously wouldn’t even give YouTube comments the time of day to be honest. People are just trolling on there to get attention and to be “keyboard warriors”. I know it’s hard not to respect the comments, but maybe take a break form ready the YouTube ones if they upset you. I know that goes against who you are, but sometimes you just need a break. I have to unplug every so often because seriously the world is just so freaking nuts in social media. I really do miss the days before, but we wouldn’t have you without it!! Idk food for thought. Loving your journey! Thanks for being real and telling us everything. It’s been a big help.

    1. rminnicus says:

      I meant “read the comments” not respect 😂 omg. I’m so tired. 😂

    2. Angela says:

      I like that idea. I see so much stupid crap in YouTube comments that I have stopped reading them on any videos I watch. I feel like continuing to read them is self torture! There are still even negative ones here, so I can’t imagine what’s on YouTube. I’m sorry people are such jerks. On a lighter note, your legs are so muscular in that photo! You are kicking butt!

      1. Angela says:

        I just looked at comments on your last challenge video and was pleasantly surprised by lots of really nice comments. So encouraging.

  138. Irene says:

    Casey, I really admire your work and how your determined spirit can inspire me to finish a routine. Though this I my first time visiting your blog, I try to be constant on doing excercise at least once a week and all of your videos help me on that.
    Do not get discouraged and be brave, I think you are right and is important to focus on feedback too. But if you are following the advice of your doctors and everyone who can help you check on your nutrition and health just get through it (as my favorite Pilates blogger would say), you can do All things through Christ who strengthens You. :)💜

    1. Irene says:

      Btw, I didn’t meant to be unsensitive, and I think you are SO brave for sharing all of this because I personally do know how hard can be a people pleaser. You can do this Cassie..!!!!

  139. Luna says:

    Awww Cassey I’m so sorry. Honestly I was worried around the 3rd week because I couldn’t tell whether or not you really were relapsing, but I feel certain now that you are doing just fine and I’m really happy that you’re enjoying this journey and seeing the progress that you want for yourself, both mentally and physically. I’ve read the comments and while a few do seem geuinuinely concerned, others just seem highly unwarranted and rude. A lot of the people in the youtube comment section seem to have this notion that you need to cater your fitness journey around them but what they don’t realize is that it is not THEIR journey, it’s YOURS. My suggestion would be to try not to read the youtube comments as much since that’s the only place lately where you’re receiving the more aggressive and angry comments. You can’t force people to read the blogs and fully comprehend where you’re coming from but you can choose to remove yourself from the negativity by not reading it as often, kinda like the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” All the best and much love!!! 🙏

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for sticking with me even though you thought I was relapsing at the beginning. I appreciate you being here.

  140. Caitlyn D says:

    You are communicating clearly. Unfortunately, I find the social environment on Youtube to be toxic. There are a lot more people who are mean and cruel and judgmental. What I can do to help, is advise is a couple of books by Sarah Knight. “The Life-changing Magic of Not giving a F” is the one I’ve been slowly digesting over the past couple of months. Slow, only because I started college and don’t have much time for free reading. But her book was inspired by Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and goes over how to mentally compartmentalize your f’s and decide what is truly important and what isn’t. As a people pleaser myself, it has greatly helped me to start really questioning what is worth my energy. And I’ve only gotten through the first few chapters! It is worth it, if you /truly/ want help with the youtube and negative comments issue. Because honestly, if your issue is being a people pleaser and simultaneously, you’re working on doing this FOR YOU, you don’t need more tips and tricks on how to appease a group of people who won’t make the effort to support and understand what you’re going through.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks for the book suggestion! I’ll take a look.

  141. Noura says:

    Omg youtube is a mess hahaha. I personally see this with other youtubers who go through personal life changes and don’t make a video about it every week or on a regular basis. People on youtube think you (as a content creator) are obligated in some way or form to let them know every thing through a video. It’s just a different culture, versus facebook and instagram, where most communication is done through comments versus a video. I’m also a people pleaser too; I have a really hard time letting negative comments from my family go. I mean they will literally say similar things to each other and let it go but i can’t sometimes. It’s really hard, I’m not going to lie, but i too use writing to express how I feel and after wards it helps me self-regulate and rationalize what I heard/was told and I’m able to get over it.
    You really are inspiring Cassie. You’re journey is helping me try to take better care of myself and re-discover who I am too. Thank you again for sharing!

  142. LisaZ19 says:

    I am going to bet that the people posting commits on YouTube don’t know you. They only know your videos. I don’t really know you. We’ve never met in person. You know who you are, your family knows who you, your personal friends know who you are. Listen to them, listen to yourself, be you, do you. Everyone else can go fly a kite. Stop reading the comments. Turn off the comment notification for one week or for the rest of your journey. Tell the youtubers that you are taking a youtube break. You will post videos, but will not be reading or responding to any comments for a while. See if that doesn’t help. Or try taking a negative comment and turn it into a positive one. When someone calls be a b@#ch, I smile and say thank you! You are so sweet. Beautiful Intelligent Thoughtful Caring Human

  143. Monika says:

    I feel so bad about how negative these people are being. It’s almost like they are lashing out because you’re actually doing something about your body while they keep telling themselves they’re going to do but never do. I personally find your journey inspiring and it’s really motivating me to take back my body too. There are always haters. Think about the people subscribed to youtube channels just to thumbs down the vids or people that follow the Kardashians on all social media just to criticize them. Keep doing what makes you happy and healthy and just liten to some Taylor Swift because I think these people need to calm down, they’re being too loud.

    1. blogilates says:

      OMG YESSSSSS I love the T swift reference!!!!

  144. Liz says:

    From what I know, all of the content you’ve posted in the past has either been workout videos (which pump adrenaline/motivate viewers) and encouraging content (tips/your victories). This is like the first “controversial” topic that you’ve exposed to us about bettering yourself. With the body positivity movement so big now, people have confused a healthy body and a body positive one. What I mean is, you could look fatter to others on the outside but actually be healthier than them and vice versa. I think that people on YouTube do tend to only look at video content and then leave, so that’s probably why you feel like there’s only either a lot of negativity and silence regarding you journey. If you have the time, do a short vlog segment each weigh in or something like that. Remember, the world will always be a harsh critic no matter what type of content you make. You’re making a difference, Cassey, and if anything I hope it helps you to know that this journey has helped me personally. 🙂 <3

    1. blogilates says:

      Yea I’m thinking of making a video!

  145. paris says:

    i feel bad that you’re feeling this way about the comments!! i completely understand your journey, i’ve been going through sort of a similar one for over a year now, and i understand your mindset, that you’re doing it to improve yourself, not because theres something wrong with how you are now. like if you buy a house and renovate it. there was nothing wrong with the house before, you just wanted to improve it a little bit. i guess a lot of people maybe just don’t understand your mindset, maybe? and it really wouldn’t help if i day my advice is to just ignore the hate, bc that’s really not possible.

    1. paris says:

      *gave my advice

      1. paris says:

        omg i meant say!! i can’t spell today 😂

      2. K says:

        I have to say though I have been following your blog, Instagram and YouTube and reading the comments. Most of the perhaps negative feedback to me has always seemed like it was coming from a place of caring. And there was some very true points made about the inaccuracy of blood work. You responded to all the positive comments but none pointing that out. So yes I know it is never easy to read negative responses. But if you’re going to put yourself out there and be vulnerable you have to accept there will be people who don’t agree. Otherwise it just seems like an exercise in validation

  146. Rachel says:

    This honestly breaks my heart. It’s amazing how the internet makes people believe they can be absolutely rude to another human being. I can understand being concerned, but you’re right that some of the comments you get are down right awful. When I think of these types of comments, I think of two groups of people: those who are concerned, and those who are hurting inside and therefore lash out at others online. I think you nailed it though- YouTubers are used to a video format. They probably remember your video from a couple years ago where you photoshopped your body, and maybe that’s where they see an issue with the headlines circling. It couldn’t hurt to do a deep dive video about your journey thus far, summing up the profound growth you’ve experienced. However in regards to those who just lash out with the nastiest of comments, I’m not sure how to tackle them since they seem to permeate ALL of YouTube. But keep trucking forward. You’re doing an amazing job, and you have so many people who support you!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yea, I’m planning a video. Hopefully that will help!

  147. Jay says:

    I don’t think it’s that people on YouTube aren’t used to reading… Probably more like they are used to your workout videos not your weight loss updates. Your audience on YouTube is broader than here on the blog and that content just doesn’t work as well there. I would just take this as a learning opportunity about what you different audiences do and don’t want to see.

  148. Laura says:

    I’m a YouTube POPster, but I got really excited when you announced the 90 day journey on Instagram so I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to post every day (bc your blog posts are really relatable and honest). But I didn’t know about the 90day journey nor why you are doing it till I went on your blog, so I think that that’s why there’s so much backlash on YouTube? Maybe an announcement through a status update or video? I bet they’d come to understand. Gl!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yea I think a video will help a bunch!

  149. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I have been feeling so bleh recently and just not healthy feeling. I’ve been stressed, super busy, and not eating well or working out—working out is almost like therapy for me. I feel so much better when I do it, but I’ve just been struggling with life lately and it’s so hard to make time. Your journey has really been inspiring me the last few days to make a change. I love the pictures you post and your food pictures have been giving me meal ideas. So just thank you times a million for helping me feel motivated and hopeful of getting out of this rut.

    1. Ro says:

      There are a few reasons I feel conflicted about what you are doing. That is not at all to say you shouldn’t do it but just to give perspective from someone who isn’t being “a hater” but doesn’t necessarily agree with your choice. Which is fine for the average person, you do you, but as a public figure people are unfortunately feel they should have a say.
      Posting your specific weight online will cause comparison, including with some of your young audience and those with eating disorders. Some may think triggering EDs in others is not worth the risk. Content warning or not, young vulnerable people will be reading/watching.
      There is nothing innately healthier about being a lower body fat percentage once it is already in the healthy range. To equate that to improved health is false.
      There is a lot of orthorexia promoting content online in the guise of health and fitness. I had concerns that this was what that was going to be.
      It is hard to see someone measuring health/fitness in terms of body fat percentage and weight and believe that losing fat and weighing less is not the goal, again, no indication of health or fitness. Increase in distance to run or weight that you can lift would make more sense.
      The picture that I think people have an issue with is that this is a slim, fit person who appears to be deliberately losing weight. And that promoting that is not a great idea.
      I think you doing the same thing minus the measurements would have caused you a lot less backlash.
      Again, not intended to be in any way a criticism of you, but I think these are the primary reasons of concern for those who actually care and aren’t just trolls.

  150. Tess says:

    Congrats on your progress Cassey! I look forward to reading about your progress every night and seeing how far you’ve come in such a short time! You’ve inspired me to be more aware of what I’m eating and doing for workouts! As for YouTube POPsters, myself being one, may I suggest filming a monthly progress video highlighting some of the things that happened and explaining what it means to you? That may help some people understand your goal and that this journey is for YOU. 🙂 <3

  151. sam says:

    it was all exciting and joyful till i arrived to the point where u talk anoit the yt popsters (that comparison made my eyes water) i suggest you post a recap video/vlog ,a fun one, filled with scientific infos, with ur meals n recipes n workouts n plans and how u find time to blog n do all the above .. u re good at that kind of telling when u re blogging, try Vlogging ur way through it wd be interesting to find such a video on yt

  152. Samantha says:

    I loved this post! I agree that it really is amazing to see the hard work you put in pay off both physically and mentally! You’ve inspired me to do my own 4 week journey (4 weeks because there’s a particular event at the end that I think will be a fun benchmark for my progress). I’m sorry that people are still being so rude to you, but for what it’s worth, remember that you’re being open and transparent and they’re hiding behind an anonymous screen name. Keep on keeping on, Cassey!
    (Also, as a side note, in your yellow Week 3 chart you have your body fat for 9/6 listed as 23.3% whereas in the green Week 4 chart, the same date is listed as being 23.8%.)

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks, just fixed!