Craziest most INTENSE Inner Thigh Workout Ever! + Bday Recap!

Craziest most INTENSE Inner Thigh Workout Ever! + Bday Recap!

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Hey guys!

I feel sorry for you today. Because after I did the Intense Inner Thighs Challenge I couldn’t walk for 2 days. My thighs felt like they were hot, then they were cold, then they were numb! All in 3 min and 30 sec. It is safe to say that this is definitely a lot worse than Call Me Maybe Squats.

I want you to give it a go. If you have to stop, it’s ok. But next time, stop less. And less. Until you can finally do the whole thing without stopping. This is the best inner thigh and fat burning workout I have ever done. I hope you love it 😛

Ah! And did you see my #AskCassey video? I got the chance to answer a ton of your questions! Click play to see if you were featured!


I like this video because I felt like I’m getting closer to you by telling you more and more about my past, my childhood, and my dreams. Thank you for asking the questions and for giving me a chance to open up to you.

Also, just wanted to share some pics from my bday weekend! Thank you so much guys for all of lovely tweets, collages, and comments! I saw all of them. You made me feel so special!

doroteabeauty The awesome pic above was made my @doroteabeauty. Can you see what it says?

bday cassey

Friday the 16th was filled with lots of flowers, fruits, and a carnation puppy! YAY!

planking with friends

Then in the evening we had dinner and my friends came by for “Game Night” which started with Heads Up (have you ever played? It is so fun!) then it turned into a dance party, a photo shoot, and then a workout. That’s us achieving the quadruple decker!!!! We all fell a TON of times before this was shot. And Wendy even got a huge bruise. But everyone was soooooo determined! It was literally the best 😀

It’s so much fun when you can hang out and spend time with the people who make you smile. And when I see my friends and family having a good time, it makes me so so happy. Everything just feels right.

Jason ended up serenading everyone and then we ended the night singing Disney songs and throwback 90s boy band classics. It was just perfect. It was such a Cassey type party. Haha.

I definitely YOLO’d HARD by the way! If you were following my Snapchat (look up Blogilates), you would have seen the cronuts, the maple bacon donuts, and the ULTIMATE blue velvet cake from MILK (my fave ever omg).

blue velvet cake

 Blue velvet with cream cheese frosting and filling. YES PLEASE.


 A cronut is a croissant donut. Yup. It’s as good as it looks.

I’m definitely done YOLOing for a while now. Haha! I have a big photoshoot coming up in Feb as well as a lil vacay to somewhere tropical, so I gotta get ready! I taught POP Pilates this morning, then did a weight lifting sesh followed by sprints on the treadmill at the end for 10 min. I am feeling good. Back on track!!

Well guys, have an INCREDIBLE start to your week! Do the Intense Inner Thigh Challenge and go crazy hard on your #JanYOUary Calendar! I wanna see those sweaty selfies. Tag me.


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  1. Pri says:

    It’s an amazing video, can you give some tips for beginners as it is not an easy task for beginners to parfrom that long.

  2. Brittney says:

    I love when you do Q&A videos!! BTW such a hard question but… I think I would rather have instinct so that I could just know what to do in any situation because I have the hardest time making any decision!

  3. Megz says:

    In actuality, both are needed. Instinct is my choice. You have to trust your gut.

  4. Richelle says:

    Definitely instinct. intellect can hold you back. 🙂

  5. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday, Cassey! So glad you had an amazing time. The cronut looks like the best thing I have ever seen! =) Lots of love!

  6. Sportcentral says:

    The pic with your friends is just perfect! And awww the cake…

  7. Amanda says:

    First off, that cake looks SO GOOD.

    Also, that is such a hard question! I think intellect, though. I think I would make it farther in this life with the ability to reason rather than purely instinct, which, I’m sure is often wrong! haha.

  8. Amanda says:

    Looks like you had so much fun lady!! 🙂 That blue velvet cake looks delicious!! Red velvet is my fav – never had the blue kind though….EXCITING! That inner thigh workout was CA-RAZY! It’s three days later and my thighs are still dying haha!

    Have a good day!

  9. Ace says:

    Hey Cassey! Loving the Beginner’s 2.0 and 30 Day Ab Challenge.
    I’m noticing that during a lot of the workouts, I could keep going, if it weren’t for my horrible arm strength! And the 30 Day Ab Challenge has turned my abs into a BEAST, and I am doing things I could barely do at the start with ease now, like the double leg lifts. So, for February, I was wondering if you could do a 30 Day Arm Challenge!!! I’d love a super fun, and organized way to build my arm strength, to make all the other workouts easier.

  10. Pelin says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve been noticing that I have horrible posture! Could you make a video for good posture. You know stretches, pilates. I love you so much Cassey so plz plz plz plz plz

  11. Cassie says:

    Seeing you and all of my favorite YouTubers was awesome! Your inner thigh challenge, BTW, was KILLER.

  12. elle says:

    glad you had such an awesome birthday celebration!! those cronuts will haunt me, looks amazing!!! thank you so much for all you do for us Cassey – your energy & upbeat character in the videos is what gets me out of bed in the morning 🙂 intense inner thigh challenge KILLED my legs (quads still sore 36h later) & the ask Cassey Q&A is so much fun… would LOVE to see more short videos/ song challenges as the quick & intense burn is so easy to fit into a busy schedule. and more ask Cassey Q&A please – could that maybe become a regular feature?!?

  13. Serena says:

    Happy birthday!! The blue velvet cake looks delicious! & that looks like a killer inner thigh workout, can’t wait to try it.

  14. KathyHeap says:

    So happy to hear you had an amazing Birthday 🙂
    I loved both of the videos. Did the thigh-challenge before I went to the gym. It felt so good though I was in pain after the first squat cause I’m still sore from last week and I love this feeling!!!
    and now I just need to get rid of this Tasty-earworm once again… XD
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Elaine Voon says:

    I think I’d rather have Intellect as it will make me more confident, capable and competent!

  16. Swiftie says:

    😀 looks like u had fun!!! when u go on a that vacay to somewhere tropical can u blog about it and maybe even do a vid cuz i’m going to somewhere tropcial too and i want some INSPIRATION :))

  17. OMG AMAZING group planking pyramid! My friends and I have a tradition of pyramiding on the beach – so trying this next time. I also LOVE your choices of bday treats – I lived in NYC when cronuts came out and we used to pay someone to stand in line and bring them back to work for us 😛

    The key to lasting fitness is definitely moderation! Happy Belated 🙂
    XXX Jill
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  18. Michelle L. says:

    You’re so crazy Cassey! I did that workout and my thighs fell off. I couldn’t find them for hours (haha, okay exaggerating here). I look forward to Mondays because of your new videos – so thank you for keeping away those Monday blues! 🙂

  19. Joely says:

    Hi Cassey
    I was watching one of your videos (Ask Cassey) and the inner thigh challenge came up, down the bottom of the video. I was waiting for this video (I’d heard about our new upcoming song challenge) so I clicked on it. As I was watching it, I checked on the comments down below. There was one comment, then three, eleven, twenty one and so on. It was quite amazing seeing all the Popsters around the world tune in and exercise. You should be so proud of all the work you do for us Cassey!
    Hope you had a great birthday (it looks like you did) I’ve never planked on someone else, or had someone plank on me. Is it hard? And you were on the bottom! Talk about muscles and strength.
    Thank you for all the dedication and commitment you put into to helping us Popsters. I mean, weekly videos (that you edit extremely well), meal plans, food recipes, awesome fitness clothes (can’t wait for new Bodypop designs) and motivation. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you Cassey. Without your workouts and inspiration, I don’t know where I’d be.
    Love you Cassey <3

  20. Karen says:

    That inner thigh workout is killer! I did it this morning and I could barely finish the rest of the day’s workouts! Absolutely killer! Thank you, Cassey!

  21. Tanisha says:

    I think it would be awesome if you had more videos like the one today and then separate ones on how to do something. Like get rid of cellulite. I;m still working on the beginner calender so hopefully this comes up again in future Calenders.!

  22. Wow, what a birthday! You hung out with some fabulous people and had some fabulous eats–I mean look at all those treats, they sure look with the splurge because they made you real happy. 🙂 Did you volunteer to be the base of the plank pyramid or did they force you to? You’re strong!

    Also, the inner thigh challenge is more like a thigh/quad challenge. It’s really tough, but I can’t believe despite being so sore the next day, your form was never sacrificed, cassey! Say what?! I think you coulda done a few more then. 😉

  23. Marih says:

    love it!

  24. Jordina says:

    I will try the inner tight challenge as soon as I get to the gym Cassey, I hope it is not as hard as you say. I am glad that you had such a nice bday, i’m so jealous of all the food that you ate.. 🙂
    •The Health Blog for the Lazy Girl•