Come see what’s new at Blogilates x Target!

Hey guys!

Guess whaaaat?! New Blogilates home gym goodies just dropped at Target!!

Every time we launch new products, I feel just as anxious as I did the very first time. I mean, it’s TARGET which is crazy but also, these designs are for some very important people in my life – YOU!

I wouldn’t be here living out my dream if it weren’t for your support, so priority #1 is to bring you products that you love. I want them to serve a purpose, and to make your life better.

The vision behind everything in this collection was to solve common gym struggles. A gym bag that actually keeps your stuff organized. Equipment that you can pack when you travel. And of course, ✨aesthetic✨ pieces for your home gym.

Ready to see what’s new?!

Blogilates Ultimate Gym Equipment Bag

The Blogilates story all started with a gym bag, and now I have a gym bag at TARGET! Yeah I’m still pinching myself, if you were wondering.

I designed this with every workout bag I’ve purchased and then hated in mind. I was sick of digging through a bag searching for a hair tie or my keys, so there are tons of pockets. I never wanted to awkwardly carry my yoga mat separately again, so there’s a holder to carry it for you! Same for your water bottle. Oh and a separate shoe compartment because EW no I don’t want my sweaty shoes with my other stuff.

Best of all, it’s easy to carry and doesn’t scream “gym bag,” so you can use it as a weekender too! And do you love the mint green color?!


The gold weight rack is back and even better!

Your home gym should be a VIBE. And for me, that vibe is not cold, masculine metal weights and weight racks. That was my first mission when I started designing home gym products. Make them cute!

I started with gold weights (which are still available from 3 to 15 lbs btw!) and then came the gold weight rack. After listening to your feedback, the weight rack got some improvements and is BACK to give your pretty weights a matching pretty (but still functional) home.

Like I said, a vibe.


Blogilates Slider Discs

Tell your abs and thighs to GET READY because they’re about to be on fiiiiiire. Slider discs are the most underrated piece of workout equipment ever, if you ask me! They’re so small and simple, but the challenge they add to a workout is insane.

And now they’re cute too!

Blogilates Foldable Yoga Mat

If there’s one thing I wish I could travel with but don’t because it’s just not practical…it’s my yoga mat. So imagine how excited I was to design this foldable, travel-friendly mat. The way it folds so small is magical! It fits in a carry-on, or even a weekender bag.

If you prefer to workout in your room like me, or you’re headed to a remote slice of heaven where there isn’t a hotel gym, you need this! I’m imagining ocean-view morning yoga…maybe it’s time to book a vacay?!


Blogilates Beginner Lightweight Yoga Mat

The cutest mat ever. It’s 4mm thick, so just enough to give you some cushion without being too bulky. It’s the perfect mat if you’re just starting out or need something easy to carry.

Blogilates Loop Bands

Yeah, the heaviest band totally says “crazy.” 😉

I looove a good band workout because I get a burn that is completely different than I get from weights or any other workout. They’re perfect for traveling and a great place to start if your home gym doesn’t have weights yet. Not sure what to do with your bands? I have lots of videos to help!

Ahhhh and that’s what’s new for Blogilates x Target! You can find everything online at, and in stores nationwide!

Before you go and shop, I just want to say THANK YOU. When I launched the first round of products at Target, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thanks to you, I’m still here creating products. It’s literally a dream come true.

Oh! And if you spot the products at your local Target, can you take a pic and share with me on Instagram @blogilates?! I want to see how it looks from your POV and I really want to see what you get for your home gym!

Blogilates water bottle, weights and fitness equipment at Target

What are you most excited for?!

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  1. Lys says:

    I loveeeee my gold weights 😍 if you come out with a gold treadmill/ squat rack/ more kettlebell sizes/ idk ANYTHING I will literally buy them all, the workout equipment industry is not cute and we need more of these beauts💅🏻

    1. skb says:

      omg ik right 💅💅💅

    2. skb says:

      yes meas

  2. Danielle says:

    Is it possible that a 20 lb weight might come out? Would really love to build more muscle

  3. Nicole says:

    I need weight rack that holds the 15lb weights too!

  4. Gemma says:

    ooh!! I really want the slider disks and bands 🙂 I’ll be sure to stop by the next time I visit Target! congrats!! Also, is Dear Cassey over? I rly liked it 🙂 have an amazing day!!

  5. Lucy Hertnon says:

    Where is the other colour and designed bags and all the other stuff you post online you should also sell the yourself

  6. Ashriya says:

    You are my #1 fitness inspiration, cassey!! I’m only 14, but I really wanna start keeping myself fit from now. Thank you so much!!

  7. Jen-Ai says:

    It feels like Christmas already!!