My Joints Have Never Loved a Product More: A Peek at the CloudCushion Yoga Mat

This story features my personal opinion on a product from POPFLEX, Blogilates’ sister brand. All thoughts are based on my honest individual experience with the CloudCushion Yoga Mat, including what I love and didn’t love. 

popflex cloudcushion mat review

As a yoga teacher, certified personal trainer and just an avid fitness enthusiast who loves a sweaty HIIT workout or a lengthening pilates routine, I’ve tried a handful of yoga mats throughout the years as I sought out a surface that was supportive, comfy and grippy all at the same time.

My sweat sessions have taken place on everything from ultra-thin dollar section mats to fun and funky cork mats to brightly patterned department store finds to high-end athletic mats — and of course, whatever was offered at the chain gym I found myself in. And, after heavy trial and error over the years, I can confidently confirm: the mat matters. 

So, after a few months of dealing with a sore spine, bruised knees and stiff wrists from the hardwood floors felt beneath my previous thin mat, I knew it was time to switch up my training locale and shift to a firmer, thicker mat.  

Enter the POPFLEX CloudCushion Vegan Suede Yoga Mat. The luxe, thick mat caught my eye, and after reading reviews, I knew I had to give it a test run. 

popflex cloudcushion mat review

New Mat, Who Dis?

After I busted open the huge box that arrived on my doorstep, I was drawn into the CloudCushion Vegan Suede Yoga Mat’s aesthetic. The bold, sherbet-like colors are stunning, and I immediately felt encouraged to start on a set of sun salutations. Just like a new workout set motivates you to sign up for that hard strength workout or push yourself during sprints, a new mat motivates me. Who knew?! 

Not only did the color pattern catch my eye, the mat’s cushy comfort did too. The CloudCushion mat is thick (rather, thicc) – measuring in at 0.5” of ultra-soft cushion. It feels plush and squishy, in the best way possible. 

popflex cloudcushion mat review

The Heart of the Mat-ter

We all know that a product can look great — and end there. I was pleasantly surprised that the eco-friendly CloudCushion Vegan Suede Yoga Mat has the chops to back its cute looks up. 

My spine, knee and wrist pain are now non-existent during my yoga flows and pilates sets — even if I’m applying deep pressure on any of my joints. Who knew my cat-cow, downward dogs and donkey kicks could feel so comfortable? And, if I’m feeling in the mood for restorative or yin yoga, this mat feels like the grounded version of a cloud: plush, soft, relaxing and cozy. I may or may not have fallen asleep during my last class… 

Not only is the mat cushiony for a supportive feel, it’s still grippy so you’re not straining your wrists or ankles to stay stable and upright. Most thick mats lose their anti-slip qualities in favor of pillow-like comfort, but the CloudCushion mat stays supportive even in the sweatiest of hot yoga classes.

The velvety microfiber actually gets grippier as you sweat, making those last few poses or reps slightly less painful. If you are doing a low-impact, no-sweat workout, though, I recommend lightly spraying the mat with water or getting your hands wet prior to working out to activate this supportive, grippy quality and avoid any slips. 

In this case, looks really do matter. 

popflex yoga mat review

Gets a BIG Thumbs Up For…

  • Super thick and ultra-comfy cushion
  • Vibey prismatic shading
  • Mat pattern doesn’t fade away or rub off with use 
  • Anti-slip during sweaty workouts
  • Eco-friendly and PVC-free
  • Comes with cotton carrying strap 


What I Didn’t Love About the CloudCushion Yoga Mat…

  • Bulky to store and hard to transport to a gym 
  • Have to spray with water to get better grip at the start of a workout
  • Gets dirty quickly (I recommend sticking to barefoot or socks only to avoid this!) 
  • Challenging to completely flatten


In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed an uptick in my motivation to do an extra set of bicycle crunches or add in one more chaturanga. Using the CloudCushion Mat has added a pop of vibrance during dark morning workouts (any other early birds out there?) — and the extra fitness push I didn’t know I needed. Plus, I’ve noticed myself getting lost in the the vibey prismatic shading as I hold longer stretches — offering a meditation of sorts (don’t knock it til you try it!). 

And, my pain-free joints speak for themselves. End of story. This statement mat has been their dream come true. 

Have you tried the CloudCushion mat? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  1. Nova says:

    What a fantastic review! The CloudCushion mat sounds like a dreamy blend of comfort and support. Your insights make choosing a new mat a breeze.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am very happy you like it. I have the same mat, but dislike it very much. While it cushions, I can’t get my feet to grip whatsoever. It’s one of the worst purchases I’ve made and I regret the money I spent on it.