Celebrity Series for September!

Celebrity Series for September!

photo courtesy of mylifemybody.com

Hey POPsters!

The September Workout Calendar will be released tomorrow so make sure you’re all signed up!

A little sneak peek into what may be headed your way…I’d love it if you could fill in the blanks below with the names of your fave celebrities.


  • A Butt like …
  • Abs like …
  • Legs like …
  • Arms like…
  • A body like …

Get ready for new moves, new creative equipment, and awesome hardcore routines!!!

For the unmotivated…

Also, a quick note for those of you who may be feeling a little bloated or sluggish lately. I was feeling this way after I got home from London. And it took me a good week and a half to shake it off. My advice to you?

Just start eating wayyyyy more veggies, drink tons of water, and hit your workouts. Even if you have to go slow, just go. Do it. Don’t skip it or you’ll feel even worse physically and emotionally. You’ll see a difference in your body and mood! Promise.

I know. I know it sucks to get up and workout when you don’t feel good, look your best, and simply feel like you don’t have time. But seriously, get your butt off the computer chair and JUST DO SOMETHING ACTIVE.

I didn’t tell you guys on the blog, but for the past couple weeks I was seriously in a workout rut!!! I even went 2 or 3 days without exercise in a row. (That’s a hugeee rarity for me, esp. since I am a fitness instructor/the gym is my 2nd home.) If you have been following my tweets you may have picked up on it.

Anyway, you know how I battled it? Here are some tips to get motivated to go to the gym and have a SPECTACULAR WORKOUT:

  1. Set a date/time with yourself to hit the gym or hit the mat. Write it on a post it like “6:30pm  WORKOUT” and stick it next to your computer.
  2. Write your workouts out first!!! This works sooooo well!!! It’s like a personal trainer on paper. If you tell yourself to do 4 sets of 12 bicep curls, then you will more likely stick to your plan versus just winging it until it hurts. I do this all the time when I do at-home workouts that consist of a bunch of HIIT movements. (Oh yah, you bet I get mad at myself for writing Burpees – 1 min)
  3. Trick yourself into a hard workout. What? Okay listen. I figured this out last week. It was 7:45pm and the gym was gonna close at 9pm and I said, ehhh, maybe I’ll just skip it. I fought with lazy Cassey in my head for a good few minutes and ended up with a compromise. I told myself, “Okay just go easy, do elliptical for 30 min and weights for 30 min, no biggie.” It made it easier to go to the gym when I didn’t think it’d be some crazy intense routine with tuck jumps and a million duck squats. But you know what happened? Once I got to the gym, first of all, half the battle was won, but then I suddenly felt like I needed to go hardcore. So I replaced the elliptical with 30 of sprints on the treadmill and sweated like crazy! See what happened here? Tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to get out of your chair, and once you’re there, you’ll see that your mind is clear and you’re ready to rock it.

Hope that helps you!!!

Hmmm…and to start the motivational process…

For the first time ever, I’m doing a WORKOUT COMMAND on the blog!

15 single legged t-squats each leg! For nice quads and butt! GOOOOOOO!!!!! Demo here.

Good work! Let me know below if you did them 🙂

Have a fab day!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Meg says:

    A butt like: Jessica Biel
    Abs like: Miranda Kerr
    Legs like: Blake Lively
    Arms like: Jennifer Aniston
    A body like: Blake Lively

  2. Fatima Estrada says:

    I have been doing your workouts for a while not very consistant i might add, but you are a very inspirational person. My problem is my thighs and sweets, I wish to develop clean eating habbits everything goes to my thighs and butt. Presently dealing with divorce, 2 kids and work but emotional stress has seem to take over me. Any advice will help am sure because I need to come out of this rutt.

  3. Em says:

    A Butt like …Jessica Biel
    Abs like … Miranda Kerr
    Legs like … Eleanor Calder
    Arms like… Nina Dobrev
    A body like … Nina Dobrev

  4. Mary says:

    A Butt like … Kim Kardashian
    Abs like … Miranda Kerr
    Legs like … Rihanna
    Arms like … Jennifer Lawrence
    A body like … Rihanna

  5. Minda says:

    A butt like…Jessica Biel
    Abs like…Miley Cyrus
    Legs like…Adriana Lima
    Arms like…Jennifer Aniston
    A body like…Scarlett Johansson

  6. @britanigga says:

    A butt like…Danielle Peazer
    Abs Like…Perrie Edwards
    Legs Like…Eleanor Calder
    Arms Like…Cher Lloyd
    A body like…Jade Thirlwall

  7. Liz says:

    A Butt like …Hayley Williams
    Abs like …Miley Cyrus
    Legs like … Hayley Williams
    Arms like…Hayley Williams
    A body like …Hayley Williams

  8. I want abs and legs mostly!I always get told that I have a nice butt.I need a perfect workout!!

    A butt like…Eleanor Calder
    Abs Like…Miranda Kerr
    Legs Like…Danielle Peazer
    Arms Like…Cher Lloyd
    A body like…Danielle Peazer

    Danielle Peazer is a professional dancer.Eleanor Calder is a girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson.Danielle is famous and so is Eleanor I guess but I really want Danielle’s body!!She is perfection!!!And so is Eleanor!!!

  9. Sayaka says:

    I have too many days I feel sluggish..whoops. But I will keep in mind what you posted here.

    Writing out/ planning ahead the workouts works better in my case. so THAT INDEED I agree.

    “Tricking” the brain is such a big think. Sometimes if I am having negative thoughts in my mind, I talk out loud positive thoughts such as “I can do this.” “I want to do this.” “I know I will feel better after this workout.” “I am beautiful.” etc. etc. so I can convince my negative/ sluggish mind I am capable of doing the workout.

    But I HAVE to say it out loud…

    Anyhoo. Thanks for sharing this Cassey.

    And I did indeed to the single legged T-squats!!
    And it felt good.

  10. Noa says:

    A butt like Candice Swanepoel
    Abs like Candice Swanepoel
    Legs like Candice Swanepoel
    Arms like Candice Swanepoel
    A body like Candice Swanepoel
    She is PERFECTION!!!

  11. hend says:

    A Butt like …Jessica Biel
    Abs like …adriana lima
    Legs like …vanessa hudgens
    Arms like…taylor swift
    A body like …Jennifer lopez

  12. MelodyJ says:

    A Butt like…Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks
    Abs like…Nicole Scherzinger, Kristen Bell
    Legs like… Eva Longoria, Cassey Ho
    Arms like…Michelle Obama, Angela Bassett
    A body like… Meagan Good, Jennifer Lawrence

  13. J says:

    A Butt like … candice swanepoel
    Abs like … miley cyrus/VS models
    Legs like … marisa miller
    Arms like… megan fox
    A body like … megan fox

  14. Mirela says:

    A Butt like … Ashley Tisdale
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus
    Legs like … Eva Longoria
    Arms like… Cassey Ho
    A body like … BROOKLYN DECKER

  15. Christina says:

    A butt like Jessica Biel
    Arms like Cameron Diaz
    Legs like Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Aniston
    Abs like Gwen Stefani or Brooke Burke
    Body like Marissa Miller (Victoria’s Secret model)

  16. Anna says:

    the total body of Miranda Kerr or Erin..:DHOT!!

  17. Brianna says:

    A Butt like Taylor Swift.
    Abs like Miley Cryus.
    Legs like Eleanor Calder (she’s not famous)
    Arms like Ashley Tisdale.
    A body like Danielle Peazer (not famous either)

  18. Ruthie Gibbs says:

    A butt like…Jessica Biel
    Abs like… Miranda Kerr ( near impossible since she is obviously a robot 😉
    Legs like… FERGIE!! That video Hey mama… go look at those things!
    Arms like… Cameron Diaz
    A body like… I like too many! Adriana… Fergie… pippa, jessica biel, but
    A Body like… Molly Sims

  19. Katy says:

    A Butt like … Kate Hudson
    Abs like … Kara Goucher (olympic marathoner)
    Legs like … Annalynne McCord
    Arms like… Jessica Biel
    A body like … Nina Dobrev

  20. Jule says:

    ◦A Butt like … Kim Kardashian
    ◦Abs like … Shakira
    ◦Legs like … Miranda Kerr
    ◦Arms like… Jessica Biel
    ◦A body like … Miley Cyrus

  21. Meg says:

    A butt like… Pippa Middleton
    Abs like… Miranda Kerr
    Legs like… Carrie Underwood
    Arms like… Cameron Diaz
    A body like… Candice Swanepoel

  22. Elle says:

    A Butt like … Leighton Meester
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus (i love that video)
    Legs like … Cassey Ho
    Arms like… Jessica Biel
    A body like … Kelly Brook

  23. Val says:

    A Butt like… Jessica Biel
    Abs like… Mila Kunis
    Legs like… Blake Lively
    Arms like… Rihanna
    A body like… Jennifer Lawrence

  24. Ley says:

    A Butt like … Scarlett Johansson
    Abs like … Megan Fox
    Legs like … SNSD (Girls’ Generation)
    Arms like… Melanie Iglesias
    A body like … ADRIANA LIMA

  25. Sydney Meyer says:

    i want a body like gwen stefani!!!! ooo that rhymes, lets get some no doubt workouts!!!!!

  26. Mel says:

    A Butt like … Jessica Biel
    Abs like … Kate Hudson
    Legs like … Kate Beckinsale
    Arms like… Jennifer Aniston
    A body like … Bar Refaeli

  27. Vicky says:

    A Butt like Shakira
    Abs like Miley Cyrus
    Legs like Carrie Underwood
    Arms like Jennifer Aniston
    A body like Rihanna

  28. Izzy says:

    A Butt like … Peyton Mabry
    Abs like … Jamie Andries
    Legs like … Carly Manning
    Arms like… Gabi Butler
    A body like … Maison Baker
    Where all my cheer ladies at!?

  29. cvetanka says:

    A Butt like J-lo
    Abs like any victoria`s secret angel
    Legs like Emma Watson
    Arms like Rihanna
    A body like Rihanna

  30. Tinabina says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like … Kim K or J Lo
    Abs like … Teyana Taylor
    Legs like … Beyonce
    Arms like… Beyonce or Rihanna
    A body like … Amber Rose

  31. Nani says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like … Jenny McCarthy
    Abs like … Janet Jackson
    Legs like … Jessica Alba
    Arms like… Michelle Obama
    A body like … Halle Berry

  32. Megan says:

    o A Butt like … Jessica Biel
    o Abs like … Britney Spears
    o Legs like … Carrie Underwood
    o Arms like… Cameron Diaz
    o A body like … Britney Spears

  33. Robyn says:

    Butt like Jessica Biel
    Abs like Shakira
    Legs like Carrie Underwood
    Arms like Jennifer Aniston
    A body like Miranda Kerr

  34. Emily says:

    I want…
    A Butt like J.Lo
    Abs like Miley Cyrus
    Legs like Beyonce
    Arms like Michelle Obama
    A body like Jennifer Lawrence

  35. Lily says:

    Thank you so much for this post.very motivating and inspiring because sluggish and lazy has been the challenge for me lately.

  36. Liz J says:

    Lady gaga for all of the above! She’s the same height and weight and even though her weight sometimes fluctuates it just shows that even if you get off track with your fitness you can always get back to where you want to be with some hard work.

  37. Tam says:

    ◦A Butt like …a combo of Beyonce’s hourglass hippyness and Jennifer Lopez’ round booty
    ◦Abs like …Serena Williams
    ◦Legs like …Stacy Kiebler
    ◦Arms like…Jennifer Aniston
    ◦A body like …Halle Berry

  38. christina says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like …Pippa Middleton
    Abs like …Miley Cyrus
    Legs like …Carrie Underwood
    Arms like…Blake Lively (they’re muscular!)
    A body like …Jennifer Lawrence

  39. Gianna says:

    Butt like: Beyonce
    Abs like:Shakira
    Arms like: Cameron Diaz
    Legs like: Blake Lively
    Body like: Katy Perry

  40. Ashley says:

    I want a butt like Kate Hudson
    I want abs like Miley Cyrus
    I want legs like Mila Kunis
    I want arms like Giselle
    A body like Megan Fox

    Can’t wait!

  41. heather says:

    A Butt like … Rihanna
    Abs like … Kristen Bell
    Legs like … Iman
    Arms like… Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2
    A body like … Cassey Ho!

  42. May says:

    I want
    A Butt like Pippa Middleton’s.
    Abs like Miley Cyrus’s.
    Legs like Gisele Bundchen’s.
    Arms like Jennifer Aniston’s.
    A body like Cassey Ho’s.

  43. Reese says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like …Beyonce
    Abs like …Isabeli Fontana
    Legs like …Alessandra Ambrosia
    Arms like…Gisele Bundchen
    A body like …Adriana Lima

  44. Kate McElhare says:

    I want a butt like Jessica Biel.
    I want abs like Jessica Alba.
    I want legs like Cameron Diaz.
    I want arms like Stacy Kiebler.
    A body like Jennifer Aniston.

  45. Nicole says:

    A Butt like … Jennifer Lawrence
    Abs like … Nina Dobrev
    Legs like … Miley Cyrus
    Arms like… Cassey Ho 🙂
    A body like … Vanessa Hudgens

  46. Heather says:

    I WANT:
    ◦A Butt like … Jessica Biel!
    ◦Abs like … Brooklyn Decker!
    ◦Legs like … Jessica Alba!
    ◦Arms like… Jennifer Aniston!
    ◦A body like … Brooklyn Decker!

  47. Violeta says:

    Hi! I’m a POPstar from Spain! I personally think we shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone else since comparations can only lead us to unhappiness! We should want to be just like ourselves, like the BEST version of ourselves! Everyone has a different kind of body so trying to get someone else’s body can be frustrating because it’s impossible.
    Cassey, you’re always so positive… And I love your web, but I disagree with this post because it reminds me to the common posts that can be found in blogs written by girls with eating disorders 🙁

    1. D.E says:

      Hi, Spanish POPster! The post is about the coming september workout. It’s nothing to do with comparing yourself with celebs that train insanely hard to, well let’s face it, make money and looking good on camera. Maybe Cassey didn’t write it clear enough to everyone to understand it, but she did say it in the beginning of the post, and I quote ‘for September workout calendar’.

      Cheers and can’t wait for the new workout calendar! -Swedish POPster 😀

      1. C. says:

        that’s true, I think Cassey just wanted some inspiration for celebrity-related workouts like the abs-like-miley-cirus one.
        That’s actually why I didn’t answer to this bc I clearly would have said “abs, arms, legs, butt and body like …Cassey!!!” but I don’t think she would do a here’s-how-you-can-get-my-supertoned-body workout 🙂 as this might easily come out as narcisstic or arrogant or something (if you know what I mean). So she needs a bunch of celebs to relate to.

        Bottom line: don’t worry! 🙂 I’m sure Cassey – and all us popsters btw – is totally with you on the thing with the best version of yourself instead of comparison.

        cheers from Switzerland

  48. claudia says:

    abs like gwen stefani !!!!

  49. Ella Lang says:

    Butt like – Candice Swanepoel
    Abs like – Miley Cyrus
    Legs like – Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba
    Arms like – Miranda Kerr
    Body like – Miley Cyrus

  50. Jodie says:

    Everything like Jennifer Anniston.
    Can I please look like that when I’m 40!!?? Bet I can with pilates on my side!! 🙂

    I wanted to say Miley Cyrus…but she’s not even 20 and clearly has way too much youth on her side…

  51. Jordyn says:

    Those T-Squats were amazing! I love those work out commands!

    I want a…
    Butt like…Jordin Sparks, I think her curves are amazingly beautiful!
    Abs like…Miranda Kerr, her or any of the gorgeous victoria’s secret models!
    Legs like…Carrie Underwood! Her legs are amazing!
    Arms like…Jennifer Aniston!
    Body like…Jennifer Lopez, her curves are so sexy and healthy looking!

  52. Brianna says:

    A Butt like … Rihanna
    Abs like … Stacy Kiebler
    Legs like … Carrie Underwood
    Arms like… Jillian Michaels
    A body like … Can I say Rihanna again? 🙂

  53. Maricella Macias says:

    A butt like: Pippa Middleton/ Lauren Conrad
    Abs like: Miley Cyrus
    Legs like: Audrina Patridge
    Arms like: Nicole Scherzinger
    A body like: Bar Refaeli

  54. Jessi says:

    Thanks so much for the motivation. I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks and haven’t really been getting a workout in. I’ve also been super slacking on wanting to work out and you’re tips were so helpful! I’m bribing myself with a Starbucks frapp light as a finish to my walk around town.

  55. Nathalie says:

    My celebrity body crush is Bar Refaeli!! I especially love her abs. They are my dream abs 🙂 I’m quite slim, and generally happy with my body, but I have a lower belly pooch that I’d like to get rid of (thanks a lot mom :p). And of course there are those ever annoying inner thighs, I’d like Gisele Bündchen’s legs.

    Did your workout command BTW, I was just finished with my workout, so the timing was perfect. Although I must admit I looked horrible doing them :p My flexibility isn’t quite there yet, but I’m working on it every day 😀

    I owe you a huge thank you, for making me LOVE exercising. Never thought it would happen. All I’ve got to do now is increase my cardio, I’m thinking of taking up running, which is huge for me, because I’m NOT a runner :p

    So that’s it, Thank You, Love You!!

  56. lili says:

    i would like to have the abs, the legs, the ass, the arms and the hair of JEN ANISTON…

  57. Allison says:

    Butt Like – Jennifer Lopez
    Abs Like – Miley Cyrus
    Legs Like – Gisele Bundchen
    Arms Like – Jennifer Aniston
    Body Like – Miranda Kerr (her secret is pilates !!)

  58. britt says:

    i did the challenge.. it hurt.. i still dont want to work out 🙁
    maybe this list will help ~!!
    A Butt like … amber rose
    Abs like … miley cyrus! i’ve been doing miley abs at least once a week! … still waiting lol
    Legs like … carrie underwood!!
    Arms like… nicole richie
    A body like kate upton

    damn i’d have a PERFECT body if i could actually look like all these ladies put together!

  59. Luisa says:

    A Butt like: Lea Michele
    Abs like: Miranda Kerr
    Legs like: Lea Michele (I BEG!!!)
    Arms like: Adriana Lima
    A body like: Lea Michele!!

  60. Carra says:

    A Butt like … J Lo
    Abs like … Gwen Stefani/ Miley
    Legs like … Katharine Mcphee/Stacy Keibler
    Arms like…Gwen Stefani/ cameron Diaz
    A body like … Jessica Beil/ Jennifer Aniston

  61. Emer says:

    A Butt like Candice Swanepoel
    Abs like Stacy Keibler
    Legs like Cassey Ho
    Arms like Jessica Biel
    A body like Megan Fox or Jennifer Lawrence

    You’re awesome, Cassey, can’t wait for September workout calendar!

  62. Paigon says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like Jessica Beil
    Abs like Marisa Miller
    Legs like Stacy Keibler
    Arms like Ashley Greene
    A body like Jessica Alba

  63. Wista says:

    A Butt like … Beyonce
    Abs like … Jillian Michael
    Legs like … Gabby Douglas
    Arms like… Kelly Ripa
    A Body like… Jillian Michaels
    Oh gosh I’m over thinking D: I picked the weirdest combination.

  64. Alys says:

    My problem is lack of time.
    I wake at 6.30 am to go to work, sitting in from of a computer all day long. And I get back home at 6.30 pm.
    From that moment on I do plenty of things and I never manage to go to sleep before midnight. I feel demotivated just by thinking that workout means I will sleep even less hours. ó_ò

  65. Melanie says:

    A Butt like … Adriana Lima
    Abs like … Candice Swanepoel
    Legs like … Twiggy/Audrey Hepburn/Miranda Kerr
    Arms like… Twiggy/Audrey
    A body like … Any of the above

  66. Myriam says:

    Did the squats. Never did them before so a bit tough.
    I don’t pay a ton of attn to celebrity bodies. I have always like Jennifer Lopez and shakira for their music and I know they have great bodies so thats what I pick but really just improving my body would make me the happiest of all! Have a great day looking forward to next months calendar. I found you last week and started doing some of your challenges and really enjoy your videos and posts. I was wondering for some of the leg work you want legs to be straight up in the air and I can’t do that. Are there any stretches you could share that would help with that or if you have a post or video that goes over that I you could tell me. Thanks so much cassey! Have a great day!

  67. Shelbey says:

    I think a lot of celebrities are way too skinny. Like Leeann Rimes and Jessica alba and Kate Hudson, they are all wayyy too skinny, i just see skin and bones. I think people like Demi Lovato, Kate Upton, and Jlo have beautiful curvy womanly bodies, and that’s the kind of body I want. I will say though I love Carrie Underwoods legs!

  68. Charley says:

    Please! For one of the workouts can you involve the song “Black Heart” by stooshe! It is my song of the moment ! Xo

  69. Dana Ivan says:

    I just want my body because Pilates made it stronger and more beautiful <3
    I just did the single legged t-squats 😀

  70. I always trick myself to work out hard!! I thought I was the only one. I always tell myself I’ll go easy but once I actually get to the gym and am surrounded by all those other fitaholics then there’s no turning back!! I always seem to surprise myself. I love it. =)

  71. Tina says:

    I wouldn’t want anyone else’s body. I just want to get the best out of my body and live healthy

    1. Caitlin says:

      <333 Tina I applaud you!

      1. Joan says:

        Girls You’re right:), I also wanted to say that I want do my best body, and I’m quite close:D

        1. Tina says:

          Me too! I’m over 30 now, and I feel I’m at my best. I was so much skinnier at the age of 25, but now I FEEL better and that makes me look better. Thanx to Cassey and her motivational videos!

  72. Brooke says:

    Butt like… Kim Karsashian
    Abs like… Miley Cyrus
    Legs like… Carrie Underwood
    Arms like… Jessica Biel
    Body like… Jennifer Aniston

  73. A Butt like Shakira
    Abs like Shakira
    Legs like Jessica Alba
    Arms like Jennifer Aniston
    A body like Jessica Biel

  74. Jill says:

    A Butt like … Jennifer Lawrence
    Abs like …Doutzen Kroes
    Legs like …Gisele Bundchen
    Arms like…Miranda Kerr
    A body like …Bar Refaeli

  75. starr says:

    I want a butt like Jennifer lopez
    abs like janet jackson
    arms like angela basset
    legs like mila jonovich
    A body like eva mendez

  76. samantha r says:

    A butt like…
    Audrey Hepburn
    Abs Like…
    Legs like…
    Katharine Mcphee
    Arms like…
    Angelina Jolie (ie, Tomb Raider era)
    A body like…
    Zoe Saldana

    PS- I performed the T Squats. Muahahahahahaha!

    PPS- I am not perfect; I struggle being a four foot nine eighteen year old girl, who is barely recognized for her age (ie, I more or less can pass for a tween any day). Honestly, too much curves really give away my height. I believe there are different exercise guidelines for petite women. I do not want to be over or under weight- actually I could care less about a number-, but I do want to look more defined and toned. But, with this body that I have, I do looooovvvveeeee my legs, oddly enough. I love my flexibility, my curly (albeit often wild) mane of long, curly hair, and naturally swift metabolism. I love that I am double jointed, and that I am naturally flexible. I love that I am a little creature with colossal goals and dreams for life.

    1. Caitlin says:

      GO Samantha! I love that you love so much about yourself. I’m on a quest to learn more self love and you have inspired me! Thank you, girl. <3

  77. Courteney Churchill says:

    A butt like: Jessica Biel!!
    Abs like: Megan Fox
    Legs like: Blake Lively
    Arms like: Jennifer Aniston
    A body like: Jennifer Lawrence

  78. Renee says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like … Beyonce
    Abs like … Marisa Miller!!!!
    Legs like … Angelina Jolie
    Arms like… Jennifer Aniston
    A body like … Jillian Michaels (ok, not your typical celebrity, but she’s still amazing!)

  79. Caitlin says:

    Wow! So excited to start this months workout plan!!

    I WANT:

    A Butt like … Jessica Alba
    Abs like … Nicole Scherzinger
    Legs like … Alessandra Ambrosio
    Arms like… Jennifer Aniston
    A body like … MINE!

  80. Hanna says:

    A Butt like … Jennifer Lopez
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus!
    Legs like … Blake Lively
    Arms like… Jennifer Aniston
    A body like … well basically, just the best I can get; the perfect body for me 🙂

  81. odelia says:

    Moves like…..Jagger


  82. Nadi says:

    butt like: Jessica Biel
    abs like: Miley Cyrus – i’d kill for them
    legs like: Me! (I’m sorry, but I love my legs 😉
    arms like: Jennifer Aniston
    a body like: Jennifer Larence! trained, but still female and curvy

  83. Becca says:

    I want a….
    Butt like…abs like…legs like…arms like…a body like…..
    CASSEY HO!!!
    And I know exactly where and how to get it thanks to u and POP Pilates:)
    Thanks for all of the motivation and inspiration! U are SUPER DUPER AWESOME!

  84. Becki says:

    Butt like J-Lo
    Abs like Megan Fox
    Legs like Cassey Ho 🙂
    Arms like Cameron Diaz
    Body like Jessica Alba

  85. D says:

    Love the suggestions for working out when you are not really feeling it. I always write down my workouts so I don’t get distracted or waste time. It keeps me focused. Also I noticed that I need to constantly change up my workout by doing my routine backward, doing cardio in between sets, etc. It’s shocking at how easily your body adjusts to the workouts – you need to constantly be tricking it into shape and that lovely soreness afterward.

  86. Carmen says:

    A Butt like … Candice Swanepoel
    Arms like… Jennifer Aniston

    The other body parts, no one in particular 😉

  87. Nichole says:

    I am becoming on of those unmotivated ones you were talking about :/ I have been going on a mile or so walk/jogged/run, pushing my son in his stroller and then I just skip working out. And eating pretty badly 🙁
    But I guess I need to tell my self that if I want
    A Butt like Jessica Alba
    Abs like Megan Fox
    Legs like Troian Bellisario
    Arms like Scarlett Johansson
    A body like Jennifer Lawrence
    then I need to keep on working out!!

  88. Kim says:

    A Butt like … Pippa Middleton!
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus!
    Legs like … Kate Middleton!
    Arms like… Kate Middleton!

  89. Aleksandra says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like …ChickenTuna
    Abs like …Svetlana Romanova
    Legs like …Darya Klishina
    Arms like…Larissa Reis
    A body like …Christmas Abbott

  90. Abby says:

    A Butt like…Pippa of course! lol
    Abs like …Miley, she’s toned but doesn’t have a manly looking 6-pack lol
    Legs like … Carrie Underwood! She has great legs!
    Arms like…Jillian Michaels
    A body like … Jessica Biel, she’s so fit and toned without being too muscular

  91. Ary says:

    i did the squat now 🙂
    i love your advice for a right motivation!!! It’s so difficult stay motived! Thanks ♥
    I WANT:
    A Butt like Belen Rodriguez (she’s s an Argentine showgirl, television personality in Italian Tv)
    Abs like Doutzen Kroes
    Legs like Gabby Douglas
    Arms like Cassey Ho (you)
    A body like Blake Lively

  92. Charissa says:

    Great tips and I totally just did the one legged squats – great way to start the day!

  93. Sonja says:

    I did the squats! My legs are burning now haha.

    As for the body-parts… I must say that I’m not really up to date on everyone’s bodies, but all the suggestions made before me sound good! Very curious about the september workout calendar!!!

  94. Anna says:

    This came at the right time for me..reading your posts is always motivational but it’s good to know that you also have difficulties sometimes…today my sister has a party here at home and I will eat my yummy and clean salad instead of the cookies we’ve made and I’m gonna go running and feel good in my body:) thanks Cassey I love you:)

  95. C. says:

    Hey Cassey
    I totally agree with the three points you mention about self-motivation. I use these techniques, too!! 🙂

    In addition, I also have these ones “in stock” and they work pretty well for me:

    1. Think of the post-workout feeling vs. the feeling after skipping a workout: This works particularly well if you write your feelings down when you’re actually having them so you can read them as an “authentic” reminder next time.

    2. Stop thinking: Ignore your lack of motivation and tell yourself that it’s absolutely and completely irrelevant that you’re not feeling motivated. Then make those feet drag that butt to the gym and just get it over with no matter what. Usually, motivation comes back as soon as you’re in the locker room 🙂
    (I read that one in a magazine and as weird as it sounds, it actually works!)

    The second one is my favourite because it works so well for me.

    What about the other POPsters? I would love to hear about your motivation techniques 🙂

    1. Mana says:

      Those are really good motivation techniques! I might try to incorporate them into my methods. 🙂 Particularly that second one!!

      The one motivation technique I use is kinda normal: I watch what I eat.

      For example, if I’ve been eating a good balance of nutrients throughout the day/morning for me (I don’t work out first thing in the morning – 4 month old kitten has other plans), I *want* to work out. I’m feeling pretty good – got the energy and clear head to do my workout and just feel *good*. It kinda blends in with Cassey’s motivation to do more. When I feel good, I’m like “I can do 15 mins of cardio, no problem” (I’m still a beginner), and I end up doing so much much.

      On the flip side, if I’ve been eating crapy, I kinda guilt-trip myself into doing something – anything exercise related to make up for it. That’s not the best motivation (do not recommend negativity!), but it kinda kicks my butt back into eating better. After a workout, I just want to eat balanced – my tastebuds demand nothing else. It’s odd … and then it means I have to cook.

      1. C. says:

        you know what, I never even thought about that, but it you’re so right!!
        it’s like a “good vicious circle” (ok, that would be a virtuous circle, but good vicious circle sounds more epic, haha):
        eating clean –> feeling good –> working out –> wanting to eat clean again.

        yay! 🙂

        Thanks for mentioning this! Now I have even more reasons to eat clean 😉

  96. Tricia says:

    Butt Like: Jessica Biel
    Abs Like: YOU!
    Legs Like: Hope Solo
    Arms Like: Missy Peregrym
    A Body Like: Chyler Leigh

  97. Alex says:

    Butt like jessica biel
    Abs like maria menous
    Legslike ?
    arms like chanel iman
    body likea shorter version of chanel iman ot marissa miller

  98. cece says:

    I want a butt like Cassey Ho, legs like Selena Gomez, Abs like Miley, Arms like Jessica Alba, and a body like mine 🙂

  99. Shivi says:

    I’m not really into specifics and frankly I don’t study people’s arms so I just like Miley, Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr’s bodies in general.

  100. Bekah says:

    I did the squats! 😀

    Butt like…mine’s fine 😛
    Abs like…Miley 🙂
    Legs…Mine are fine..haha.
    Arms like…Cameron Diaz
    Body like…Kim Kardashian/ Vanessa Hudgens
    🙂 Thanks, Cassey!

  101. Michelle says:

    butt like: miranda kerr
    abs like: miley (i do that video once a week for that very reason)
    legs like: carrie underwood
    arms like: jennifer aniston
    body like: miranda kerr

  102. Hi Cassey,

    I’ve always admired your contagious, positive energy and your ability to inspire women all over the world to honor their bodies and challenge themselves. With this post, however, I am truly disappointed.

    In an already media and celebrity-obsessed culture, reading your encouraging women to desire body parts of celebrities is disturbing to me. We should never desire to look like or emulate any other person. Rather than encouraging women to desire the body parts of other women, shouldn’t we be focusing on improving ourselves from the inside out? At the end of the day, exercise should be something we do for our souls – for a beautiful release from life; to simply forget about our worries and challenge ourselves.

    Many of the women you help every day are plagued insecurities and eating disorders and, speaking as someone who formerly battled and conquered an ED, this is a trigger beyond belief.

    I’m not trying to start drama. I’m truly not. I simply couldn’t read this post without commenting on it. I hope that you take these words to heart and reconsider the idea above.

    Sending you love and hugs,

    1. Shivi says:

      If you’re ‘triggered’ by this post then why do you read this site? Everything on here is about looking good, losing weight and looking fit and sexy(which I find absolutely nothing wrong with). I don’t think blogilates is the place for you unfortunately is everything sets you off. It’s like telling a food site to stop posting recipes cos they make you want to binge eat…ridiculous.

  103. Katie says:

    You know what I totally agree with the tricking yourself into working out. I live at the top of a hill on all sides so as soon as I think about working out, I get on my bike and go. By the time my lazy side realises what has happened I’m on my way and have to ride up a steep hill if I want to go home and be lazy again.

    And filling in the gaps, I want
    Butt like Blake Lively
    Abs like Miranda Kerr
    Legs like Hyuna
    Arms like Grace Kelly
    A body like Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

  104. Catt says:

    A Butt like … J Lo
    Abs like … Cassey!!
    Legs like … Me
    Arms like… Miranda Kerr
    A body like … Olivia Wilde or Candice Swanepoel

    Let’s Go!!!! 🙂

  105. Danielle says:

    I want my body like Candice Swanepoel ! ♥

  106. April says:

    Abs-Jessica Simpson
    Butt-Kim kardashian
    Legs-Snsd they all have perfect legs
    Arms-Megan fox
    Body like- megan fox or Kim kardashian

  107. Lindsay says:

    Hmm I’d have to say:

    A Butt like …Sofia Vergara
    Abs like …Miley!
    Legs like …Blake Lively
    Arms like…Jennifer Aniston
    A body like …Jessica Alba

  108. Katherine says:

    Let me think…
    I want:
    a butt like Cassey Ho :D,
    abs like Audrina Patridge,
    legs like Nina Dobrev,
    arms like Victoria Justice,
    and body like Nina Dobrev, again.

    I love your workouts, just saying. It’s not easy, I know, but I see the difference everyday. You’re an inspiration for me, Cassey 🙂

  109. Jill says:

    ◦A Butt like … Scarlett Johansson
    ◦Abs like … Jessica Alba
    ◦Legs like … Adrianna Lima
    ◦Arms like… I’m not sure.. someone who has strong arms but not body builder like!
    ◦A body like … Megan Fox

  110. natalya says:

    <3Hey there Cassey!
    I have probbaly been doing your workouts for just over 2 weeks and I feel a difference! Thank you so muchh!
    I want a butt like Megan Fox, abs like Irena Sheyk , arms like Cameron Diaz, legs like Kristen Stewart, & a body like Miley Cyrus.

  111. Dilek says:

    I never really thought about it like that. I just want whole body to be like it is just firmer. It’s weird but nowadays thanks to you I’m like a workout junkie. If I wake up and a part of me doesn’t hurt, I feel like something it’s not right. So on my next workout I go harder lol. Oh Cassey, what did you do to me? lol
    But, if I have to fill in those blanks I’d say this:
    A Butt like …Cassey
    Abs like …Cassey
    Legs like …Cassey
    Arms like…Cassey
    A body like …Cassey

    Why? Because you’re firm all around! I always notice how your muscles flex beautifully on your videos and I think: “That’s what I want!” 😀

    1. Yurona says:

      Exactly, right?!

      1. Dilek says:

        Yeah, well that’s how I feel. However, I’m afraid my answer didn’t really help Cassey to name her workouts lol. I wouldn’t mind if she just added her name in front of every workout. 😀

  112. cvea says:

    Hey 🙂
    I could not do a single regular push-up. But then I did your videos, followed your workout calendar. And I just tried again and managed to to three in row.
    Yes! Big Win!
    Thank you 🙂 !

    PS: I also did the T-Squats. A command’s a command 😉

  113. Cottonhead Girl says:

    ◦A Butt like …Rihanna
    ◦Abs like …Jennifer Anniston
    ◦Legs like …Rihanna
    ◦Arms like…Mine.
    ◦A body by Victoria … Victoria Secret Models that is lol … .

  114. Cinta says:

    OMG, I needed to read this!!! I’ve sortah been sluggish lately. I didn’t cardio this week for two days,i felt horrible. It’s nice to see that even Cassey can get that way too! Thanks for the suggestions. Can’t wait for the new calendar,been doing POP Pilates and reading the blog for almost a year now,such a life changer.

  115. Sarah says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like … Jennifer Lopez
    Abs like … Jennifer Aniston
    Legs like … Jennifer Aniston
    Arms like… Gwen Stefani
    A body like … Tina Fey… she works out a little bit, but still embraces her curves and has a natural figure

  116. Alison says:

    A Butt like Miranda Kerr
    Abs like Candice Swanepoel
    Legs like Audrey Hepburn
    Arms like Jessica Alba
    A body like Megan Fox

  117. Nadine says:

    I WANT:

    A Butt like Gisele Bundchen
    Abs like Miley Cyrus
    Legs like Audrina Patridge
    Arms like Miley Cyrus
    A body like Yours!!

  118. Katharina says:

    Ok, so after a lot of googling I want:
    a butt like Sofia Vergara
    abs like Audrina Patridge (not really a celebrity to me, but she does have nice abs haha)
    legs like Gisele Bündchen (or Megan Fox, yeah, I can compromise)
    arms like Jessica Biel
    a body like Jessica Alba

  119. Sarah-Jane says:

    Did the squats, killllerrr after my workout. As for filling in the gaps, well I kinda don’t pay much attention to celebs….so I would have to say I would just like the best abs, butt, legs, arms and body that I personally can get <3 Much love to you Cassey <3

    1. Caitlin says:

      Sarah-Jane! Can I just say I APPLAUD your attitude and your awareness that each body is different and each body can attain different things. It’s about what YOU can attain, not the celebrity body you may aspire to attain. I am seriously so impressed by your response to this post and I hope I can internalize your confidence and be more like you in my quest to love myself and my body!

  120. Virginia says:

    Yesterday I was in the same situation. I felt lazy to do some jogging in the park and exercise there, so decided to do some pilates at home – just few videos.. few minutes later I realized I want more. So I had almost 2 hours of pilates videos and half an hour jogging to the park and back 🙂
    Your advice is really working! 🙂

  121. Chelsea says:

    I want
    a butt like: Selena Gomez
    abs like: Rihanna
    legs like: Ashley Tisdale
    arms like: Candice Swanepoel
    a body like: Miranda Kerr

  122. Mia says:

    butt like: Selena Gomez
    abs like: Kerri Walsh Jennings
    legs like: Cassey Ho (you)
    arms like: Lia Neal
    a body like: Carly Lloyd

  123. Mona says:

    Done! 🙂

  124. Gemma says:

    i did the t-squats! you should always do these, great idea!