Can’t Hold Us POP HIIT 2

Can’t Hold Us POP HIIT 2


can't hold us POP HIIT

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Oh boy! If you thought We Can’t Stop was bad, you don’t even know my friend. You don’t even know. This is your Can’t Hold Us POP HIIT 2 Workout for Thursday on the #thisisMYJULY calendar.

I just did this one last night and it left me looking like this:

If you have a gym, you’ll need 2 sets of dumbbells ( I had 10’s and 12.5’s), a big squishy ball or med ball, and a bench or step. If you’re at home, well I’ve gotcha covered! You don’t need anything! Sorry you can’t skip this workout.

Let me know in the comments how hard this was. 1-10, easy to hard! I think I know what you’re gonna put 🙂 If you wanna see how many cals you burned doing this workout, head over to and type in your stats!

Also, I’m wearing my new backless tank design! Do you like it?

I love how you can show off your sports bra and sculpted back. I have this in sea foam and grey too! See it on

Also! Here’s another chance to win some gorgeous Nike shoes! With every POP HIIT, you get an entry to win Nikes this month. So just go to my facebook page here, and then click “share” and comment. That’s it! I’m announcing the winner of the first pair on Sunday!

Much love and good luck! Sweat hard my peeps.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Veronica says:

    Hello! I have a question about this workout. Should you do this more then one time a week or will I be too sore to try it again? Would it be a problem to do one rep a day for three days in a row or should you just do them all together at once? Thanks!

  2. Mariangely says:

    Hi Casey. I’m almost 18 years old. I’m 5’5 (165cm) & I weight 195 lbs. I’ve watched your videos since a couple of years ago but I really didn’t do them or any exercises. Now I want to get serious about doing pilates & lose weight. Do I should start doing this POP HIIT series? What you recommend me?

    1. Pilly Marie says:

      Hi! I know you were looking for a reply from Casey but I thought I’d help out as much as I could, following her calendars are usually a great start, she even has a calendar for beginners! But if you go to the gym often or have a membership, doing these POP HIIT’s would be the fastest most effective tool for loosing weight and seeing results, they are pretty tough so do not push yourself too far, work hard and adjust them as you need to in order to still feel the burn but not burn yourself out completely. I’ve been watching and following blogilates for a few years now and did a few videos here and there but I think it takes some time to sit down and really explore her site and everything she offers in order to put together what will work perfect for yourself, I usually did other things or what my friends did, but I’m going to do one of her POP HIIT’s today actually. I’m sure if you do them regularly and even mix it up with some of her videos you’ll be well on your way. Hope you get yourself to exactly where you want to be, I’m on this journey with you!

  3. Matina says:

    wow this was demanding!it really got to peak when I reached the cardio blast exercises(I did this at home).I am curious about my physical state tomorrow :Ο 😉 .

  4. Alex says:

    This was so hard! AHHHH! Worth it, but I’m going to be so sore tomorrow!

  5. Jackie says:

    Whooooohoooooo! that was serious workout!! wanted to die LOL keep going girls!!!!!! thank you cassey!!

  6. no_aloha says:

    How many minutes does this add up to?

    1. sarah says:

      28 mins

  7. Petra says:

    I’m more weat than after shower, wow what can this workout do to my body 🙂

  8. Rachel says:

    i am so excited for this tomorrow!!! one bit hiit workout and a niiice relaxing run <3 hopefully i'll be able to squeeze everything in. im in for a crazy day tomorrow, so i'm glad i only have to knock out two big things instead of trying to fit in a dozen little ones. not following the meal plan, but kinda looking at it and loosely basing some of the things i eat off of it. hopefully i'll have abs soon! i just can't seem to get them to show lol

  9. Nina says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I absolutely love your workouts, but I have one question.
    I don’t go to the gym but do the workouts at home, but I don’t have any weights at home… should I just buy them or are there different options for the weights?

    1. Celladan says:

      Canned food works really well if you don’t have anything else, or generally anything round and heavy. Filling containers with sand, stones, or dirt also works well….just make sure the cap or lid stays on or else you’ll get a workout just cleaning up the mess! Hope this helps! 🙂

  10. ling xuan says:

    do the same thing every day or change the hiit every day ? like doing it the whole day?

  11. Chelsea says:

    Pop HIITS is my favorite series! Love the mix of cardio, weights, and different exercises. Keep ’em coming!!!

  12. Sabrina says:

    So I completed this, and it almost killed me! haha! Afterwards I was really excited to see how many calories it burned, but I couldn’t find it on the link!! I even made a weight training profile, and everything, but it wouldn’t work when I tried to log the workout. UGH! It’s pretty annoying that I did all that, and still I still have no clue how many calories it burned. Is it possible anyone has a good estimate? 🙂 Also, I love your vids Cassey! This is my first month so I’m only in a few days, but these vids definitely kick my butt!

  13. Elsa Moo says:

    I LOVE this one. has me dripping sweat and im not short of breath. gotta keep it up! we all can do it!! 🙂

  14. Valerie says:

    I rate this an 8 and was proud of myself until I got to the cardio blast, which kicked my butt.

  15. Camilla says:

    This workout was a killer ! I felt like throwing up and fainting (luckily I didn’t) but unfortunately I couldn’t do the cardio blast… I really felt like fainting 😛 I’m looking forward to next sunday and hopefully I’m able to do the whole thing, including cardio blast ! 🙂

  16. Nikki says:

    Oh God! I thought I was going to die! I think I’m gonna hate Sunday’s from now on! LOL!

  17. Maggie says:

    Definitely doing this when I go to the gym tonight! I started with the most recent (3) and I’m working my way down to 1 because I heard 1 was the toughest. I was sweating SO MUCH with workout 3 though!

  18. Kat says:

    6/7 for this one. I thought this was easier than the first, although the cardio blast was tough. I really felt my lower back and shoulders the next day in a good way.
    These Pop Hiits are amazing, I’ve been doing these along with running more often and I already feel a difference! I love having a new challenge!

  19. S says:

    This was TOUGH but much much much better than HITT 1… which I could barely move after.

  20. Faith says:

    Hey Cassey 😀

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been following you for a while now, and exercising pretty much every day for about 5 years. BUT these HIIT workouts that you are posting are giving me the best results I have EVER seen from any exercise program … and I’ve only done the first two of the month!!! I actually got comments from my girlfriends on how defined I was looking & they thought I was lifting heavy so I gave them your workout (& warned them they’d need a towel or two). Anyway, thank you SO much for killing me like you do, and making me look forward to it.

    Best wishes


  21. Kimberley says:

    Just finished – I am so proud of myself! Even though my weights weren’t nearly as crazy heavy as yours, I still did it three times through. Achievement 😀 xo

  22. Kristen says:

    I would rate this an 7. Cassey, you said this was gonna be harder than POP HIIT 1, but I HATED POP HIIT 1 and actually sort of enjoyed this! I did this on Thursday, and then I did it on Friday (rest day) because I was just bored and wanted to feel good. I feel like such a beast. <3

  23. Arnelle says:

    This workout was AMAZING, my butt and legs still hurt like crazy and it’s 2 days later.. Definitely a 9! <3

  24. Capercaper says:

    Oh man cassey you are so good. I cant wait to try your first one. You had me sweating and dying saying i cant do it, but i did. I faltered toward the end tho, not giving my 100 but im proud for going through the whole thing.

  25. Angela says:

    I would rate this a 7 but this was at home with my 8lb weights. A 45lb weight for squats would’ve probably been killer! Loved the workout though- I sweat like crazy!! Thanks!

    1. Christine says:

      I agree, this made me sweat SO much and I only used 16lb weights for the squats! I honestly don’t know how Cassey can lift those kind of crazy weights!!!

  26. Casey says:

    6 for me! Great workout 🙂

  27. Gail says:

    GRRRREAT!!!! I’m off to the beach this week and I’ll be taking this and more printable to play with in the sand!

  28. Jo says:

    Ahhhh that was killer but I have never loved any other workout as much as this one! That feeling after I’ve done it is just PRICELESS.

  29. La De Da says:

    I give it a 7

  30. Sigrid says:

    A perfect 8! <3 Managed to do everything, even though the knee raises got lower and lower.. Happyface!

  31. Jo says:

    I prefer it when we do workouts with you in realtime! Can next month’s HIIT workouts be videos when you do it with us? 🙂 x

  32. Abby says:

    I did this yesterday before our cookout!! I was so sweaty my sweat kept dripping in my eyes! xD Thanks for the AMAZING workout Cassey!!

  33. Vivian says:

    LOVED this one. Challenging but makes you feel so good once you’ve finished. And to one of my favourite songs too 😉

  34. DamiA. says:

    i cant believe i did the whole thing. I’m giving it as 7

  35. Lauryn B says:

    took my rest day Yesterday just finished with sweat dripping everywhere. The last time through was tough then the cardio oh my. Loved the at home version, the body weight toss was hard enough I couldn’t imagine with a medicine ball I give this a 10 but do able and sooo worth it. My dog helped me with my sweat issue during all the planks lol. Thanks Cassie you kicked my booty with this one.

  36. Anna says:

    The first part was ok, like an 8.. I will admit that I’m dealing with baby weights compared to what you use.. Can’t wait to buy a heavier set and really challenge myself!

    but oh my.. that cardio blast was a full on 12! I did hip twists after the first two but after that it was all about RIP.. which is awesome, because usually I go down to child’s pose when you say to RIP 😀 … so I think this taught me some discipline and to enjoy the plank position! 🙂

  37. Tiffany says:

    was going so well with this week until my 6th set of the cardio blast when i landed on the side of my foot instead of my ball. OUCH! Just my luch i guess but what a great workout overall 🙂 x

  38. Michelle says:

    love the interval … Woohoo… It’s a 7 for me 😀 yumm yumm time btw someone tell me how to find the calorie that i burn . I went to the site cassey said but i don’t know where to type in my stat >.<

  39. Michelle says:

    love the interval … Woohoo… It’s a 7 for me 😀 yumm yumm time

  40. Danika says:

    I DID MY FIRST PUSHUP EVER IN MY LIFE TODAY! Momentous occasion. Loving these workouts 🙂

  41. Lydia says:

    This wasn’t as hard as Tuesday’s workout. but the cardio blast KILLED ME!!! I rate the moves a 5 and the cardio blast a 9!

  42. FabulousChick says:

    This was easier than Tuesday o.o Or maybe I’m getting STRONGER~~~ This was a 7. I took longer breaks but I went BEAST MODE throughout the whole thing, especially cardio 😀 Thanks Cassey, this is my first time to do a calendar without skipping any days so far and I can see results already! Happy 4th of July (even tho i’m canadian lol)

  43. Sandy says:

    This one wasn’t as bad as Tuesday Pop HIIT video. I think I am getting stronger. Although I still can’t do a push successfully, I think soon I will be able to accomplish it. Woot! I am loving these POP HIIT videos! <3

  44. Sore4Ever says:

    This was a 10 for me, my arms are KILLING me from yesterdays workout, and I’m still sore from the rest of the week. I didn’t quit or give up, I feel myself getting stronger…but man, these are tough. -__-“

  45. Jessie says:

    i want to die. I just finished. I took a ten minute break in between the 2nd and 3rd circuit which was a HUGE mistake. My muscles cooled down and did not want to warm up again. Gross.

    But I made myself do the third one!! I am so happy I did. But I only did 6 of the 8 circuits of the cardio blast. I had horrible acid reflux from the jerk grilled chicken and watermelon I had for dinner and nearly puked through my nose. Oops. Guess salads from now on.

  46. SB says:

    I love that you are including more gym options!

  47. Callie says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I love your site! I use it all the time. I am currently in an area where my internet can get slow so your printables have been great! I was wondering if you could make a printable version of this with the modifications for people without equipment? It would be very helpful!
    Thanks and keep up the amazing work

  48. Core says:

    I think it was definitely easier than Tuesday’s, but I’m with everyone else and prefer timing over counting reps. I had an easier time keeping better form because I wasn’t rushing while counting. I hope that makes sense…

  49. Claire Bacon says:

    Definitely easier than Tuesdays, probably a 6-8. I HATE the time rather than rep count! I don’t know how many to do, and it left me unmotivated for the next rep- not to mention starting the timer to getting to he actual move was awkward and took a little time- loved Tuesdays format- this one not so much. Still, thank you for the printable! They are so fun and I can’t wait for the next one! Love you!

  50. Emily says:

    I thought this was around a 7, but the cardio bumped it up to a 7.5. easier than mondays workout, but still got me sweating quite a bit. I like the whole timer intervals, i find it easier to deal with

  51. rosie says:

    6 or 7. definitly easier than tuesdays! I like going for time rather than reps, it makes it easier mentally. Can’t wait for the next one!!

    1. Martina says:

      I agree with time making mentally easier. 🙂

  52. Lynn says:

    My body is still very sore from the WOs from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it is screaming for a rest. I can’t wait to try this out when my body is ready again.

  53. whitney says:

    This was very difficult, a 9, especially due to my arms being dead after yesterday’s workout. I only did 2 sets and they were severely modified, but I am super sweaty. I just want to fast forward to when I’m fit enough to do the whole thing properly.

  54. Barbara says:

    I’m not sure how to rate this because I had no problem doing the sets but during the cardio blast workout, I ran out of stamina after the second round…yes..the second one. I had to stop. I’m so unfit lol.

  55. Zaphirenia says:

    I was so scared to do this! I thought that I would never be able to do the third circuit and that I would crawl and cry at the second round of high knees! But I’m so glad I did it! It was actually much better than I thought! Getting stronger each day! It was an 8 for me

  56. jessica says:

    I thought this workout was a 7-8. It was easier than Tuesday but it was still really tough on me. I had a timer going on my desk as I did this in my room. I was so satisfied to see that I worked really hard for 53 minutes straight. I liked the amounts of time the rests and the moves were. Thank you so much, Cassey!!

  57. Jasmine says:

    this was a strong 9, was more do-able than Tuesdays. I like that we got to use time (minutes/seconds) rather than counting (20 pushups). I don’t know how you talk and workout Cassey, you’re not human xD <3

  58. Leila Camui says:

    This was a 10 for me, no doubt. Oh, thanks for making friday the rest day this month hahahaha. I think I really need it xD

  59. shill says:

    Great WO. A 10 one, no doubt.

    Have a feb weekend!

  60. Gabby says:

    Cassey, WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!? I’ve been trying to see how many calories I burned on, but every time I try and log it IT DOESN’T WORK. If someone could clue me in as to why every time I try and log my workout it says Error: cannot log object Object, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Someone please help me. Thanks.

    1. Gabby says:

      Or if someone could just tell me how many calories this burns…

  61. Laura says:

    Dabbing sweat out of my eyes! Actually managed to do the cardio this time around – woooooooooooooooo PROGRESS!

    1. Laura says:

      Oh and I give this an 8.5 or 9 – but then I’m about beginner level (being doing your workouts for three nearly four weeks) 😀

  62. Lydia says:

    I give this an 8.5. I did everything (modifications though)!! Yay!! This for me is more MENTAL than the one on Tuesday because your mind is elsewhere keeping track of time instead of on the workout itself. I sweat a lot more in this one and Tuesday one was more strength soreness (only made it through 1 cycle).

  63. Amy M. says:

    This was either a 9 or 10. It worked my arms really well and I am glad that I decided to rest when Cassey said to in order to do my best. 🙂 Thank you Cassey for doing these workouts for free for us.

  64. Brooke says:

    I give it an 8! I thought it was perfect! It definitely made me push myself, but not so much that I felt like giving up from exhaustion (like Tuesday, haha). Thank you Cassey! I enjoyed today’s workout 🙂

  65. Jamie says:

    Just finished this workout – I DID THE WHOLE THING!! So proud of myself!
    it was pretty tough but feels so good now I’m done
    Thanks Cassey!!

  66. Claire says:

    This was about a 6 for me. I like how this one has the burpees at the beginning while I still have energy. The we can’t stop one had me dying.

  67. Cheana says:

    Needed to take a break today. Going to do it tomorrow instead.
    So sore, I can barely move :/

  68. Sabine says:

    6.5 The 30-sec breaks really made it doable.

  69. ana maria says:

    Great workout Cassey thanks!

  70. Amy says:

    These Pop Hiit workouts are tough, love it !

  71. Sonia105 says:

    i love this video ..first video was reaallly hard..i throught that i am in army:))hehehethank you Cassey

  72. Anja says:

    So good! I give it a 7 , the first Video was Haider fot me!!!
    But i like it!!!!! 🙂

  73. rain says:

    Definitely a 7 :)))
    Thank you Cassey <3
    im shaking 😛

  74. Elise says:

    I’m still on the beginners’ calendar. I’ll never be able to do that…. !!!

    1. Lydia says:

      Keep going and building that endurance. You WILL be able to do it (I do the modifications). Good Luck!

    2. April says:

      Of course you will, you just have to want it. Imagine the body you want and let that be your motivation. That’s what I do!

  75. Rachel says:

    Just did the July 4th POP HIIT! whew that was tough! I am sweating like crazy!
    Thanks Cassey!

  76. Mirela says:

    I do not know why, but this was easier than the first one!(9) For me this was 8. Thanks for the great workout! ^^

  77. Lillie Wyant says:

    A solid 10! I couldn’t even do the cardio burst, I only did that once instead of eight times because I was drenched completely in sweat.

    Like everyone else, I loved this POP HIIT a lot more than Tuesday’s! I love doing strength/cardio combo workouts, especially if it involves weights! And shockingly, I loved the burpees! They’re a lot more fun than regular burpees, imo. And I liked last POP HIIT’s cardio better than this one. I love to run and since I don’t have a gym…yeah would rather I can go outside and run without having to drop down and do hip twists and look like an idiot.

    Can’t wait to see more of your POP HIITS! Although I miss seeing your face when I workout and hear you encourage me on, I really love doing the POP HIITS mainly because then I can listen to my own music. (I don’t really like that current pop hits, I prefer broadway). Hope I get to see more POP HIITS like this one with cardio bursts like the last one!

  78. Alannah says:

    I LOVED IT! It was challenging but doable. Tuesdays….. not so much! I’d give it a 7 or 8. I’m definitely sweating more today but I don’t feel like collapsing this time! LOL thanks Cassie 🙂

  79. Rodelyn Lipumano-Smith says:

    O.M.G. Took a break from your videos for a couple months and I came back on a good month! This workout was amazing. From a 1-10 scale I would have said 7 or 8 with out the cardio blast, but after all of it I’d say a 9-10. I was dying! Way to raise the bar Cassey 🙂 you never disappoint! As always, popster 4ever.

  80. ariella says:

    it was great! super challenging, but i loved it a LOT more than tuesday’s. i’d give it a nice 7.5.
    ok, i’m gonna go shower now!

  81. Ariel says:

    I would say this workout is an 8 for me. Overhead triceps and Single Leg Flye’s are more staple moves for me to do.

  82. Lydia says:

    i found this one easier than the last one, even tho the 1st one i had to rest (for a while) between every move, and when i 1st saw the “rest for 30 secs” i was like no way that can happen but then i tried it and made it the whole way without resting extra! ill give it an 8, but tuesday was def at 10

  83. Mikayla says:

    It was amazing! I’m so sweaty but happy that I did it. I look forward to further Pop HIIT :))) And before I forget…it was between 8-9 for me 😉 I love your workouts, Cassey! 🙂

  84. Katie says:

    Thanks for the amazing workout Cassey! I just finished and I am DRENCHED in sweat (but it feels amazing!) This workout was very close to a 10. (You were right, this one was harder than the last one.) I am loving your POP HIIT workouts! Keep up the amazing work <3

  85. Stefanie says:

    This one was definitely easier than Tuesdays for me. I give it a 6!

  86. Mia says:

    I actually found this one easier than the other one. I’ll give it a 6 anyway.

  87. Gillian says:

    OMG Cassey! I am loving these HIITs! This is exactly what Ive been wanting! I love your videos and calendar, but I like to spend the time at the gym, I feel I work harder that way so being able to take these with is a dream. Ive also lost 20 lbs the last couple months but lack muscle in a big big way, after doing your workouts Ive realized how much more work I have to do to be where I want. Both 1 and 2 have killed me so far. Could only make it through 2 rounds of each before I felt like falling over. But I know eventually I will KILL them! I also was a crazy person and did them on consecutive days. Yeah I wont be walking tomorrow haha. But I love it! Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation to truly transform myself!

  88. Sara says:

    What can I use instead of a dumbbelll?

  89. Lauren says:

    A solid 8 for me! I was able to make it all the way through which was surprising. Thanks Cassey 🙂

  90. Minda says:

    I would give this workout an 8. It was hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I was struggling to get through the 3 sets. Even though I am already sore from the July calender this month, I loved it!!! I was COVERED in sweat when I finished!!! Love, love, love. Thanks Cassey

  91. Jennifer says:

    You were right! Definitely harder than the last one!! Definitely close to a 10 🙂

  92. Céline says:

    I just loved this workout ! It was hard but i loved it, it was a 8 on 10 to me.
    After doing it, i was tired but i was so happy that i started running with my dog in my garden (yeah i know i’m weird …)
    Anyway, thanks for this workout Cassey.
    And as usual, can’t wait for tomorrow !!!


  93. Kim C says:

    Cassey… you’re crazy. I love it. I’m excited to do this workout now!

  94. Excited to do this today. I did the other one yesterday and holy moly! My legs were on fire! Love it! Thank you and happy 4th of July!

  95. pia says:

    SO SWEATY!! I won’t pretend that I killed it, but I actually finished it! 😀

  96. Martina says:

    I liked this one better too. I could push through, and I like those burpees are soo far my favorite! 😉

  97. Marta says:

    done! It was a 9 I think 🙂

  98. Amy says:

    it was a 10!!!!! OMG i died!! but love it. thanks Cassey! have a great 4th today!

  99. Arnelle says:

    Almost didn’t make it, this one killed me! But I loved it. Definitely a 10!! Thanks Cassey for everything. <3

  100. Anniek says:

    Definitely challenging, but I liked it better than the first one! It took me an hour and 15 minutes to finish the whole thing, and I am soaked in sweat! But I feel really good! Thank you!

  101. Rachel G says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED this workout!! I found it easier than the first POP HIIT video this week, but i was still challenged, I am feeling energized and pumped to study, whereas on Tuesday I felt like a big fat slug and I was so fatigued that I couldn’t do anything.

  102. Ronja says:

    im at the dumbbell squats.. what shall we do when we don’t have a 45 pound dumbbell at home? need help!!

    1. Akeyla says:

      Hey Ronja,
      I had a really large bag of rice that I used, it’s not 40lbs, but probably the heaviest thing I had at home! A bag of flour or something might be another idea…

  103. Miriam says:

    Loved this one more that the other! It was challenging and hard but I could keep up, it didn’t kill me completely like tuesdays workout. Loving this HIIT series, I’m working out like never before in my life!

  104. Anniina says:

    Oh my! I did the first POP HIIT and I couldn’t even finish it so I was really scared of this… But I did it! Well, I didn’t actually do the cardio blast in the end because the circuit was enough of cardio for me :DD. But I’m so so proud of myself for finishing the circuit part, I didn’t belive I’d be able to do that. I would say this was a 9 for me.

  105. Kia says:

    Ohh awesome, I love Macklemore! This will really motivate me <3

  106. Mika says:

    Hey cassy, i love your workouts and this new hiit plans are AAAAAAAAAAWESOME…like you <3 my boyfriend just died while watching me doing this workouts haha. you know what? for breakfast i made eggs aaaand in my egg there were TWO egg yolks xD
    good luck for als popsters here 😀

  107. Petra says:

    Wooow! It’s my first HIIT workout! It was hard, very hard but I feel greatest, amazing. I’m so proud of myself that I managed to finish workout :)) Thank you Cassey :))

  108. Laura says:

    omg… I did the ‘we can’t stop’ one yesterday and it was a torture xD I was like… no burpees again no… and… oh damn… pushups again and again…. I hate burpees and I hate pushups!!! But I did it! It was hard to do it without you Cassey! It was like… oh no I can’t do it without Cassey cheering me on! D=

    Definetly a 9, hard to complete but not impossible =) I’ll do this one tomorrow!

  109. orchid says:

    Oh boy, OH BOY have I been loving your workouts lately! I just joined in a gym a few months ago so I don’t really do home workouts anymore, so I really really really have been enjoying your latest workouts..seems you have kicked it up a notch 😉 Now we are really going beast mode with these workouts, keep ’em coming! <3

  110. Natalie says:

    Great workout(did it without Cardio blaster)! I did it half an hour ago. I think that We can’t stop was harder. Maybe because in that workout I didn’t take a break between exercizes.
    Good job, Cassey, and all of you!
    Now, I am going to walk with my cat. He is tired after watching my workout.
    Lots of love

  111. Ana Maria says:

    Can’t wait to try this one! The last pop hiit killed me, in a good way..hehe..thanks Cassey! 🙂

  112. annn says:

    seriously , love you lots cassey for being so thoughtful and prepare the version for us which we don’t have a gym . thanks a lot ! gonna try it later on. imma sooooo excited to feel that sweat.

  113. Ramona says:

    Thanks, Cassey! I actually really enjoyed the last HIIT but I’m not sure if I want to keep on doing these workouts. Today I’m just so demotivated… In the last year I’ve lost 10kg, yet up until today I’ve gained 4kg back… I do my cardio almost everyday, do the pilates workouts and take in less calories but instead of losing weight I gain it (even though I cut out nearly every unhealthy food that I normally ate like sweets, fast food etc.) It’s so frustrating
    Everyday I tell myself to work more, do more workouts to loose that weight but I don’t and slowly I’m feeling hopeless…

    1. Pippa says:


      Seriously, start taking measurements around your waist, hips, thighs. See if you are losing inches-cause really that’s what we’re trying to do! Muscle is denser than fat, so you can have two people who weigh exactly the same, but one person will look bigger than the other because they have more fat. And lets be honest, would you rather weigh less, but still look flabby, or weigh the same and look sleek and lean?

  114. Casey says:

    Just finished this!! I’m drenched in sweat. I liked it better than POP HIIT 1! So glad tomorrow’s a rest day, my body couldn’t have taken it haha

  115. Katie says:

    looks amazing (ly challenging) but im up for it! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!!

  116. Julie says:

    im gonna cry

  117. laura says:

    love it

  118. Cassey, you’re the cutest! And the backless tank is SO adorable. It’s a much better alternative than the “muscle tees” with no armpits! Haha. Thanks for continuing to kill us! 🙂

    ♥ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  119. María says:

    Omg temper tantrums…. Omg this is too funny!

  120. Bloopy says:

    Casey your such a beast! woohoo!

    1. Bloopy says:

      *you’re haha

  121. Adie says:

    Cassey, I am loving this updated HIIT’s list. Thank you!

  122. Lauren says:


  123. Casey breese says:

    Love the modifications if you don’t have a gym! I can still complete the July calendar without a gym! Love ya Cassey

  124. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much, Cassey! I love HIIT. It KILLS me so bad, but I feel so accomplished afterwards. By the way, if you are looking for some fun workout music, I have been listening to Family Force 5 during my HIIT workouts. Some of their stuff is kind of hard rock (don’t know if you like, not everyone does), but they have a lot of fun dance/techno stuff too. I would especially recommend “First Time” ( SUCH a cute love song, more pop style) and maybe Fever or Get Your Back Off The Wall, or Earthquake (the last three because they’re fun and the beat keeps you at a good pace, as well as the words seem to fit your workouts quite well.=P). Again, thanks so much! Keep up the awesome work!

  125. elise says:

    hey! it’s the 4th of july in guam for me already! and i can’t access the 2 video! I suppose that means that i’ll just have to do the chart. haha

    1. elise says:

      i mean, the POP HIIT 2 video. haha

      1. Ju says:

        It’s working now. Wow, I’m from Guam too.