Can you tell a difference?

Can you tell a difference?

Someone asked me to make a side by side comparison from my last photo, so here it is. Can you tell a difference or not? My body fat% is down and I definitely can feel that my abs are tighter. Let me know where you see the changes and where! I am curious to hear your feedback!

About to go teach BOOTCAMP, so I can’t write much more, but I will be back later tonight to tell you more about the drill routines that my coach has me do! A lot of you have been asking. I also talked to him about filming some bikini workouts, so no worries POPsters, I hear you, and the workouts will keep coming!

Much love,


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  1. Aniso says:

    You look so amazing and i love your body style

  2. Golden says:

    You look amazing in both photos, but your legs are slimmer and your abs look even more defined than they already are! If that was even possible! I even like the part in your hair! What were your drills/routine? Are they posted somewhere? You inspire so many of us, especially me, the perpetual couch potato!

  3. Willa says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I love your videos, the workouts are so intense and combined with your personality they are the best I’ve come across. But why did you stretch these photos out. It doesn’t seem like something you would do on purpose. Even your clock is distorted from the original circle shape. Hopefully just a mistake.

    1. Willa says:

      I realized it could just be distorted on my I pad.

    2. Vanessa says:

      It’s not distorted on my laptop so yeah it’s probably just because you’re viewing it on your iPad(:

  4. Casey says:

    You look great! I don’t mean to sound creepy or anything. But did you lose any ermmm “weight” around your chest? :/ Ever since I started strength training a few years back, my bra size has significantly reduced. It’s pretty sad.

    1. Mafer says:

      Your bra size might reduce because you’re loosing fat around your back so what you are loosing is in the band size (32,34,36,38) but if what you’re loosing is in the cup size (a,b,c) just remember that boobs have fat too (:
      Ps. Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Mexico

  5. manenkoto says:

    In your legs, first thing i saw was them. In both way u look great Cassey 🙂

  6. Joelle says:


    You look great (obviously!!), but this isn’t about that: I need a Train Insane or Remain the Same shirt!!!! All of the smalls went so quickly!!! Will you be getting any more in the near future? I sure hope so!

    A loyal Canadian fitness and Blogilates fan!

    1. blogilates says:

      smalls are gone!!!!! UGH omg…ok gonna order some more now…

  7. kristen says:

    what is your body fat % down to exactly? looking fabulous, keep up the motivation and will power!

    1. blogilates says:

      i’m not sure yet, will be checking this week.

  8. Christine says:

    Hi Cassey! i can definitely see a difference and that all your hard work is paying off! you look amazing. you are such an inspiration and i’ve decided to follow suit! i have four months before i am flying to the US for the year and although i am not doing anything as amazing as entering a competition, i want to be in the best shape possible so i feel fantastic and have the most amazing time i can. if i can ahcieve something in those 4 months i will be so happy and Cassey, thank you! you inspire me every day! xx

  9. millie says:

    your abs look incredible! great work!

  10. Livia says:

    I don’t see the difference. (The quality of the photo is different)But in the two of them you have a gorgeous body.

  11. Allison says:

    not only do i notice all the things mentioned already, but you look so much more comfortable and confident in your heels too!! getting some attitude going on for sure!!!

  12. Tracey says:

    Yes! But your body was already amazing and is just 10x more fabulous just like your personality! I can’t wait until your competition because I know you’re going to shine like no other!

  13. Kierra says:

    Being completely honest, the biggest change I see is that you look happier in the first picture. Your legs definitely look slimmed though. Youre absolutely gorgeous miss!

  14. Molly says:

    honestly, you look freaking amazing in both photos(!) but more importantly your sweet personality really shines through when you smile girl! Good luck with the competition- you totally deserve to win 🙂

  15. sara says:

    OMG!! your aaaaaaaabs they look amazing and all the lines getting more defined <3 ur gonna kill it in that competition I'm sure

  16. Estefania says:

    Casey you look amazing, ! You are such an inspiration, I’m only 16 years old but ever since I found your POP Pilates workouts I’ve been determined to become super toned and get that definition in the abs, legs, etc. I wish nothing but the best for your competition, and there is no doubt that you will be turning heads:) Out of the million diet/workout questions I can possibly ask you, I’ve narrowed it down to one, how much cardio(how many hours) should I do to get rid of that tricky fat on my stomach (stomach bulge)?! My ribcage and obliques are flat but the bulge remains:(

  17. CourtStar says:

    I can totally tell the difference! Its hard to see a HUGE difference because its just body fat at this point but I swear you have NONE and you look amazing! You are going to rock your competition like no other 🙂

  18. Mahima says:

    Your tan is awesome, and I feel that when you part your hair with a flip on the left side, it really brings out your features!! 🙂 Dunno, just what I felt and you look awesome!!! Could we please have a detailed meal plan and exercise calendar to lose fat and get a body like this, Pleeeease???? I feel that you’ve done amazing job with ur blog and your career in fitness and truly hope that you will get all the best in the future. I know you will HAVE to be in the top 5 in the comp with this kinda confidence, hardwork and the body you’ve worked for! It all comes right through the pictures! You goooo girrll!

  19. Sarah says:

    Dude Casey your abs look so flat and TONED!!!!! You look hot. I’m so envious, but you deserve it because you worked hard for it. You’ll do great in the competition!

  20. Saima says:

    There’s no doubt a difference! you’re definitly more defined and toned. I need some definition by 3rd June, please help! Can we have a summer bod meal plan and workout?

  21. Okay, so this tells me that one can make significant changes in 7 days? This definitely inspires me to do something… not nearly to this level, but at least in that direction.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Hi Cassey! You look absolutely amazing! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently embarked on a fitness journey myself, to get healthy and tone up. You’re such a wonderful inspiration! 🙂

  23. Alison says:

    I really love your workouts and you’re my role model,i started doing pilates and it feels great. i think your abs look great and i don’t mean to be rude or something but how much do you weight?

  24. Charly T says:

    dayyyum Cassey! You can definitely tell the difference in your abs, just shows that hard work pays off! You suit your parting on the 9 days photo.

    Are those blogilates booty shorts on the right?

    1. blogilates says:

      no those are fit activewear

  25. Miranda says:

    Wow, you look beautiful! I definitely see a difference in your abs. I would love to know your answer to Elaine’s question. I am definitely a fitness maniac (I’m a pro dancer), but I don’t have a body that looks like this. I’m also 20, so I think my body is still sculpting. But for those of us who want to be very fit, but aren’t aiming for competition fit, what should we strive to look like? Also, is 1-1.5 hours a day working out enough? Thanks!

  26. Melissa E says:

    Yup, your abs are definitely coming in! I’ll be competing at the Contra as well so hope to meet you there! Just about a week to go!!! ahhh

    1. blogilates says:

      omg really!!??? which class? bikini too?

      1. Melissa E says:

        Yes! Bikini as well! Only 2 more days!!

  27. Elaine Voon says:

    Can I ask you something? Is this sculpted kind of look something that the average woman should aim for? I mean, is it healthy long-term to bring the body fat % to such low levels? Or is it just for the sake of the bikini competition?

  28. sheeba says:

    your legs, abs and your arms……..superb

  29. irene zuddas says:

    hi Cassey! your abs are amazing!!! i wish to have mine like yours one day! kisses

  30. Caroline Frawley says:

    First things I noticed were your abs and legs. Gosh I can’t believe how quickly your body has changed! I mean you have always looked fit and strong but like you said you’ve taken it to another level. You really deserve to do well at this comp! Positive vibes for May 5th are being sent your way 🙂

  31. Elena says:

    I can see the difference, you’re arms definitely have a few more cuts and your stomach (although perfect in both pictures) looks slightly more cut in the second picture! Good job, you are gorgeous 🙂

  32. madhu dinni says:

    hey cassey you look amazing. I can see the difference not only in your body, but also from within; meaning a total healthier transformation in your mind, body, and spirit. Good luck for your competition.

    P.S.Can you please make a video on drill exercises. So excited to know what they are,an try them out. Bye for now. thank you.

  33. Sunny says:

    WOW! That was not that long ago at all! Your abs are definitely more defined and your thighs look like they’ve become more toned as well. Gosh, if only I thought that eating so strictly wouldn’t drive me insane…

    Congrats though! Very inspirational.

  34. Laura says:

    I see that your abs are more toned, but also that your boobs have shrunk! =D

    1. blogilates says:

      shrunk?! really!? On the right???

      1. Tracie says:

        I think they look bigger…. 🙂

      2. ori says:

        ya i notice it too.

  35. Michele A. says:

    Yes! Of course you can see a difference.. any one who says they don’t is obviously lying! haha.. but wow what a transformation.. so it is possible to work out and define your body.. 🙂 you are my current inspiration and seeing your success encourages me to start working out again.. I’ve been slacking for 3.. 4 weeks now.. can you post your meal plan as well as your workouts.. did you do more free weights or did you use machines more? (like treadmill and other electronic machines?) do you think you can get the same results without the gym? THX =) Keep doing what your doing! You are awesome!

    1. blogilates says:

      it will be tough without weights but yes you can transform your body without the gym! totally!!! bodyweight is great too!

  36. Jessica says:

    Wow huge difference. You’re alot slimmer, but much more sculpted. Like your legs, abs, arms and your face to. And this may seem weird to mention but it looks like your boobs are bigger to!

    1. Liz says:

      Actually, I think her breasts are noticeably smaller in the later picture, which is common when body fat does down (since breasts are mostly fat tissue).

      Cassey you look amazing in both pictures; the (change in) toning of your abs and torso is very dramatic for one week!

  37. Krystle says:

    Wow! Who knew 7 days would make such a difference.
    Looks like you colored your hair and got a tan.
    Your thighs look more toned and muscular. and your abs look more toned and defined. Good work!

    I noticed you said you altered your diet for the last week. What does your diet look like now? Also, if I don’t work out half as much as you do, would you suggest your diet? Thanks!

  38. Nicole says:

    Wow! You look absolutely amazing. You looked great before, but now you look like you could be a Victoria’s Secret model! Everything looks a bit more toned and defined than your previous picture. What is your body fat percentage? I’m just curious, so many people want to know what it takes to get to that level!

    1. blogilates says:

      I don’t know yet, I will know on Friday or Saturday! I’ll post then.

  39. Kirsten says:

    I see it in your thighs and forearms as well. You can see a little more definition on the left side of your abs too. Keep up the good work!

  40. rose says:

    HOnestly, I don’t. But in both pictures you look AAAMMMAAZZINNGG!!

  41. Karinthia says:

    Arms, legs, sides, and abs. You had a great skinny body but now ur getting that muscular body 🙂 its looking great and i can tell your feeling more confident 🙂 keep up the inpiration

  42. Crystal Riedel says:

    Yes I see a difference, awesome job!! Also the second photo shows a clear desk, declutter and clear the mind…Keep up the great work

  43. badet says:

    the abs…the arms as well as the legs…way to go Cassey! 😀

  44. Jame says:

    Abs. And the armpit area.

  45. Jessica A. says:

    Def in your abs! There’s slight difference in your arms and your face looks slimmer. Great work!

  46. I can def see it in the abs and legs! I’d love to see visible results. Must work harder! haha

  47. Anna Gagnon says:

    can i ask you what youre doing for your abs? Like what changes have you made in your workouts since before you entered the competition?

  48. Britt says:

    You can really tell in your abs and your upper arms !! You look amazing!!!!!

  49. Katherine says:

    Wow!! I can see that your abs and forearms are more toned and sculpted. Great job!!! You are such an inspiration!

  50. Chelsea says:

    I see the difference in your legs! They’re looking a lot slimmer. I like it! You have the perfect bikini body for sure.

  51. Cai says:

    Cassey, you’re gorgeous!! I can definitely tell a difference; I mean–sometimes it’s the lighting, angle, whatever, but your abs (to me) look tighter already.
    🙂 You’re an inspiration!!

  52. Ali says:

    I can see a difference for sure, in your abs, but also (weirdly?) in your face! Good job! I just have to say also, you are an awesome trainer yourself and have made me a total fitness addict! I do your pilates sequences every other day and have noticed a huge change in my body. Thanks Cassey!