Butt Lift & Slim Thighs Workout + My Current Playlist

Butt Lift & Slim Thighs Workout + My Current Playlist

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Hey POPsters!!

New vid on the #soHOTinAugust Calendar! Yay!! This one showcases some of my classic moves. It will lift your bottom and tone your thighs. Perfect for a quickie sesh before you go out just to firm everything up. I’m totally loving my outfit in this one. The print of the shorts matches the serene feel of the beach, doesn’t it? I also like how my top just flows and drapes my body against the wind. You can see the outfit on Body Language.

Hope you are having a great start to your week. I just taught an amazing POP Pilates class at Equinox this morning. I updated my playlist and OH MAN. It just pumped me up!!! Music – when it’s good and new – it REALLY injects some extra life into me. I know it’s the same for you. Here’s my current class playlist:

I’m am so into Sam Tsui right now. He’s a YouTube artist but seriously has like the most amazing voice ever. He covers songs in the most beautiful way. I think covers are such a great way to “recycle” old songs that I got sick of too quickly due to radio exhaustion. “Make It Up” is his original and my favorite right now.

Okie dokie!

Hope you have an AMAZING start to your day! And a FANTASTIC week! I’m headed to Utah today for a Pilates shoot in the Salt Flats in Utah. Have you been here? It looks so majestic! Like hot snow!

salt flatsPhoto credit: Poppi Photography

I’ll instagram pics when I get there tomorrow!

Love you and see you soon! Hopefully at the IDEA World Health and Fitness Conference this week 🙂

<3 Cassey

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  1. Leah Tsui says:

    Hi Cassey!

    This was the first Blogilates video I had ever done when my friend introduced me to your website. I wasn’t able to keep up with you that time, but I just did it today and I was with you rep for rep.

    Thanks so much for the progress!

  2. Bethany says:

    Cassey I had an amazing time at your class! I’ll send you the pic that we took or maybe just wait till I get instagram once I get a new phone! 🙂 My two fav songs from the class were Gold and the Cups Cover! Hope you use Gold in a w/o soon! 🙂 Have fun in Utah!

  3. Simoné says:

    Unfortunately I can’t play your playlist provided in my country, Apparently Spotify isn’t available in my country yet. 🙁 Now I would have to search it all on Youtube if I wanted to listen to the songs. Would have been nice to just play it while working out, instead of switching vids all the time. Anyways, Thanks for the awesome video Cassey! Awesome workout! 🙂

  4. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the Legs On Fire printable + your Butt Lift & Slim Thighs vid, Cassey ~ great timing b/c today (Tuesday) is my Leg Day 🙂 Please check out + feel free to like & share my brand-spankin’ new article (URL on website) about workout videos, which features you, POP Pilates & your Blogilates DVD <3 Can't wait to try your upcoming Cheap Clean Eats recipe for my Bday which is just around the corner!!!

    1. Elaine says:

      Link to my list that includes POP Pilates/Blogilates is where you click on my name (:

  5. Priscilla says:

    SAM TSUI! <3

    1. Matilda says:

      doesn’t he just rock. I bought his album via his kickstart campaign and it’s DA BOMB.

  6. Kara says:

    Hi guys, I really need some help here. So last summer I was good with working out and eating clean, running and doing Blogilates and I lost weight but this summer for some reason I just could not stay with a diet or doing exercise. And it really frustrates me because I don’t know why I can’t do it. Last year it seemed so easy and I had a goal in my head and I stuck to it. I had a goal this whole summer in my head too but I just ate with not even knowing and barely worked out. I would eat healthy for two days but then just start eating a ton of junk and I can’t stop and I don’t know what to do. It’s never been this bad. Any suggestions of what happened? I know this sounds so stupid but I can’t get myself back on track.

    1. Libby says:

      Maybe consider what else is going on in your life? I know that this summer, with my oldest starting high school, writing a major paper for my degree, and doing a lot of miscellaneous work stuff and TONS of home improvements, has just been really really stressful. And so I eat.
      I find mini goals to be very helpful in getting myself on track. And I think the August calendar is very good for that, because there is a mini eating goal every day. Also, I don’t buy junk food for myself. Less temptation if it is not around.

  7. L.O. says:

    AHHH I thought I was the only one, good thing I read the comments 😀

  8. Kelsey says:

    Okay, so has the password suddenly changed?
    I’ve had no issues opening it up right till yesterday.
    Only difference is that today I’m in a different city and new internet connection – I pulled it up and it was locked again and now the password does not work.
    I see tons of other people with the same issue so I’m guessing it has nothing to do with my change in internet wifi … I’d like to workout soooooooon! I’m getting hungry for dinner! First a long drive, then an incorrect hotel reservation, now this? Argh! This Tuesday is MONDAY!

    1. Simoné says:

      Start the first letter of the password with a Capital letter. It worked for me. 🙂

  9. Andy says:

    Start with capital “I”, i’ve had the same problem. It works!

  10. Tamar says:

    That birthdaycake recipe is so coming on time!! Because Friday is my birthday 🙂

  11. Micaela says:

    hey cassey! are you on spotify? I couldn’t find you! It woud be awesome to share your playlists!!! u totally ROCK!

  12. Anne Cheek says:

    I’m having difficulty with the calendar as well. I typed in the password all lowercase 🙁

  13. Betty Taylor says:

    Great workouts! Enjoy your shoot.

  14. Lindsey says:

    Wish you could do a meet up here in SLC!! I bet you would be surprised how many of us are popsters here! Enjoy the Salt Flats, they are beautiful!

  15. Sarah says:

    i cant open the calendar even though i typed in the passwort correctly. could anyone tell me which videos are up for today so i can search them on youtube?

    1. Sarah says:

      I can’t open it either! Has the password changed?

      1. SOO KIM says:

        Don’t think so..
        I checked all my emails in case the pw has been changed but I didn’t see anything.
        As I saw other comments below, it seems like there’s some problem
        I should’ve printed out the calendar ;'(
        Anyway instead of scheduled WOs, I just did my fave POP Pilates and Cardio WOs today.
        Although I can’t see the calendar, thank Cassey there are so many videos to choose hahaha

      2. SOO KIM says:

        One popster siad the password starts with CAPITAL letter.
        I tried and it worked!

        1. Kelly M says:

          YUP! Gotta do the capital to get in!!

    2. Katie says:

      mine won’t open either 🙁

    3. Katie says:

      Enter it with a capital I and it works!

  16. Amy says:

    Hi cassey!
    First off I love your workouts and your fun bright vibe, it really keeps me motivated!
    I did the beginners calendar last month and was sooo pleased with my progress, I started to find the workouts easier and I felt stronger.

    But this August calendar is KILLING me! Is there any chance of a mid way? Intermediate calendar maybe? Or even just a beginners arm workout? I really struggle with upper body strength, even push-ups are just tough! If I could just find a simple workout to do everyday to build strength in my arms and shoulders that would be ideal.

    I hope you read this 🙂

    1. SOO KIM says:

      There’s ‘Beginner’s Workout Calendar’ 🙂
      I did this for 1 month before I actually started the monthly calendar…
      Even after a month of training, it was super though for me to follow the moves in the monthly calendar…
      But as long as you keep doing it you will get there. =)
      I couldn’t do pushups and almost threw up after only 5 burpees 2 months ago but now I can do pushups without kneeling and burpees with pushups. (But honestly, it is still hard for me to do all the moves yet, especially some oblique WOs.. but now I know it does get better)
      Hope this is helpful. 😀


      1. SOO KIM says:

        Oops, sorry, I missed that you said you already had done the beginners’ calendar…
        I think you can do beginners daily routine and add one or two videos scheduled in monthly calendar.

        1. Amy says:

          Yeahhh I think I’m going to go back to the beginners and just do a little extra.
          I find push ups so hard I can do like two before I fall on my face! Haha.
          Yeah I know what you mean with the obliques, I did the muffintopless vid yesterday and omg! The candle stick move has killed me, my back is dying today haha.

          I’m deffo going to do the beginners one again.
          Thanks 🙂

  17. SB says:

    I’ve been having the same problem as some others, my password wasn’t working and I couldn’t see the August calendar. I signed up to the newsletter again, and the email said that the password began with a capital. I entered the password again with a capital letter and it worked this time 🙂 hope this helps someone who’s having the same problem as me!

  18. kavita says:

    Not able to acess the calendar….on providing the password it’s just getting me back to the same page……plz help cassey!!

    1. Mary says:

      Yup!!! I’m having issues with this too!! Can’t access the calendar

  19. Jess says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting into the august calendar? I tried typing in the password, I even copied and pasted it from the email and no luck. T_T

  20. Gillian says:

    I did this workout before bed last nice and loved it! Think I will be doing it again tonight. Tone butt and thighs here I come!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  21. Jessica says:

    I have tried SEVERAL times to access the August calendar with the password. It just refreshes and takes me back to the same page. Help?

    1. blogilates says:

      is it all lowercase?

      1. Kelly says:

        Same here! Can’t access it today 🙁

    2. Stephie says:

      Same for me :/

    3. Ariane says:

      I have exactly the same problem.

      1. Annie says:

        I am having the same problem too.

      2. Beily says:

        Me too 🙁

      3. Dee says:

        me too 🙁

      4. Simoné says:

        For some reason its not working for me either now, I was going to open it to open today’s playlist and I kept putting the password in correctly, hitting submit and I land up on the same password page..It is really weird because yesterday I could open it with the exact same password..I can’t understand why its doing this. The playlist for each day is really helpful as apposed to searching all the vids each time. 🙂

      5. SOO KIM says:

        it happens to me too…
        I suddenly can not access to the calendar… ;’-(
        I thought my computer had a problem…haha…

    4. Katie says:

      Me too! (or rather, me three!)

    5. Amy says:

      Me too!!

    6. Anna T. says:

      Im having the same problem as well :\

  22. Ashley says:

    I am really depressed, I have been eating clean, doing my beginners calendar, and drinking tons of water, but when I stepped on the scale this week I gained a pound, I am really frustrated, if any of you popsters out there could offer any advice or encouragement, I’d really appreciate it
    Ashley =)

    1. Sinia says:

      If you followed the calendar and meal plan, you probably build muscles, which weigh more than fat… 🙂

      1. Ashley says:

        Thanks, Sinia, That makes me feel a little better =)

    2. Alexandra says:

      I would suggest taking measurements instead. I know that if i eat something crappy or even just to salty one night it will affect my weight the next morning because i retain water really easily. also, you could have gained muscle mass. if you go to a gym there may be someone there that can weigh you in terms of body fat, which may have more encouraging results.

      Also, i don’t know what size of a person you are, but i think it would probably be a lot easier for someone who is 30 lb overwieght to lose several pounds from starting diet and exercise than it would be for a person who is a healthy weight but wants to lose 5 lbs. If you practice healthy habits and feel toned and strong, yet the scale isn’t budging, then maybe you are at a weight that your body works naturally in.

      I am 5’6 and my body has always defaulted around 150. I am very active and i follow a healthy diet, so i fall a few pounds on the other side. i do not think that i look like that weight, but if i did not have the development in my muscles, i would sill be 150 and i would look it.

      its all relative, and viewing a diet and exercise plan as a way of fighting against your body will more than likely cause you to put on weight. think about all the people you know who are going on diets most of the time. aren’t most of them fat?

      sorry i rambled, i just spent way too many years fighting the fact that i am a mesomorph and not an ectomorph, and putting on weight because of it. once i stopped struggling and just took care of myself, my body revealed its super hot self 🙂

  23. Ashley says:

    I am feeling really depressed, I have been eating clean, doing my beginners calendar and drinking lots of water but when I stepped on the scale this week I gained a pound, I am really down, has this happened to any of you popsters? Any advice or encouragement would be great
    Thanks =)

    1. Micaela says:

      Ashley! Don’t you worry and keep going… it takes time to show the results and to let your body get in the new routine… I’ve gained a pound too, but then I’ve started going down as i was actually loosing fat cells and gaining muscles… be strong and you’ll see the difference in your everyday life…when I started like three weeks ago I couldn’t climb the 3 floor stairs leading to my office but now I can reach them without passing out on top, and really easily…it just feels so good! But I’ve got a long way to go…if you’d like we can get in touch and motivate ourselves through our healthy path, i’ve got some downs too 😉 🙂


  24. Lillian says:

    My hip flexors are soooo not flexible enough for the fire hydrant move and I’ve been doing pilates for 3 months and POP Pilates for 1 .
    P.S. my toes are purple and fingers are red

  25. Sravani says:

    This was the perfect workout for me!
    You should do a hoola hoop workout! It looks insanely fun

  26. Samaya says:

    I live in Southern Utah. Please come visit? <3

  27. Sarah says:

    I just have to tell you, Cassey, I’ve been doing the 20/20 workout randomly just to kind of gauge where I’m at (and get stronger). It took me about 21 minutes the first time I did it. A couple days ago I did it in 14.20 and it was like “This is almost easy!”. I’m so excited to actually see progress! Thank you!!!!!

  28. Amy says:

    Have fun in Utah!! Great new workout!

  29. Puffy eyes says:

    You are so spoiling us!

  30. Summer says:

    Cassey you should always share your music playlists with us sometimes while running I lose inspiration and motivation due to lack of good music 😛

  31. Amanda says:

    Love this video……… my butt so sore! awesome!
    ps. My toe nails are bright sky blue x

  32. Minda says:

    My butt was on FIYAHHHHHHH!!!!! Haha Loved it. Thanks again Cassey!

  33. Rubab says:

    I just gotta say I’m so excited that you love Sam Tsui because I’ve loved him for 4 years now!!! One of my all time fave covers of his is Britney’s “Hold it Against me” you HAVE to check it out if you love the way he turns pop songs into beautiful art. Lol and ps you are my ultimate inspiration bc you’re so hot and gorg and fab and strong and fun like omg <3333

  34. Shaury says:

    I’m in Utah, are you gonna have time for a meet n greet with your Utah fans?

  35. Bri says:

    Whenever I do a lot of the leg moves (like lifting or doing circles) my hips pop a LOT. This is just because I’m new to this, right? Will it get better?

    1. Rachel says:

      Same as me! so annoying 🙁 hopefully itll go in time…

    2. Lauren Lisante says:

      If it’s popping and hurting, you might need to go to the doctor. If it is just popping and not hurting, just make the movements smaller. It’s just a flexibility thing. It will get better over time, but listen to your body and keep your range of motion smaller. 🙂

    3. Amy says:

      Well I still pop and have been doing this on and off for almost a year. I also have been working out pretty much my whole life and do yoga. As long as it doesn’t hurt, it’s not a real issue!

  36. Jennifer says:

    Yay! you posted this just in time 🙂 I was finishing up the other 4 videos for today and then I saw this. Thank you so much Cassie for working hard to help us all stay active! My booty is def burning right now hehe loved this video!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Cassey* oh no I can’t believe i spelled your name wrong!

  37. Lynn says:

    Your outfit is so cute and I like your skin!