Find the Perfect Beach Read with Our BookTok Faves

Whether you’re new to #BookTok or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to save these accounts to find your next summer read.

Calling all bookworms! Maybe you’re looking for a poolside beach read, or something to keep yourself busy when the summer sun isn’t shining. What can we say? We’re in our ~reading era~.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect book, so we’ve enlisted the help of BookTok. If you aren’t already familiar, “BookTok” is a community of creators on the TikTok platform that are passionate about literature. Their videos include discussions, reviews, recommendations, and other book-related content. There are some really great accounts out there that foster an inclusive, exciting environment for book lovers everywhere. They may even help you find your new favorite read! 

Our favorite BookTok accounts

Since BookTok is one of the largest online book communities, we’ve done a deep dive and come up with some of our top account recommendations for you.

1. Sayde_Reads


@Sayde_Reads gives her honest opinion on popular BookTok recommendations, telling you which are worth your time and what to skip. Her account also includes critiques, insightful discussions, and books to read based on your favorite books or genres. 


2. Bibliobooze

@bibliobooze Regret Me drink aka a whiskey sour inspired by @daisyjonesandthesix #daisyjones #drinkrecipe #booktok #70saesthetic #reesesbookclub ♬ Regret Me – Daisy Jones & The Six


BiblioBooze is exactly what it sounds like; an account that makes cocktails inspired by BookTok’s favorite reads. As described by their bio, they feature “top shelf lit & liquor pairings.” It’s truly a match made in heaven! 


3. Moongirlreads

Moongirlreads_ is an account run by Selene, a 20-year-old avid reader who makes videos about anything literary. What we love is that she has recs that cater to every audience. If you’re more of an audiobook fan, she’s got you covered with her Spotify audiobook recs! Short on time? Take a look at her favorite books under 240 pages


4. Dakotabossard


Dakota Bossard is a reader, writer, and BookTok gem. She guides you through novels to read based on certain subjects, such as “novels on feeling young and lost” and “novels containing complicated mother-daughter dynamics.” In addition to other great videos, she has a “dinner serieswith insight into her bookish diner parties (not gonna lie, we’re getting FOMO from it!).


5. KierraLewis75


Kierra Lewis is the queen of relatable book-lover content. Her videos are guaranteed to make you nod in agreement, laugh hysterically, and wonder, “Where has she been all my life?” Watching her videos is just like having a book talk with your bestie.


6. Bookswithcam

If you’ve got high standards, @bookswithcam can help you sort through the chaos. A self-proclaimed “harsh book rater,” Campbell creates content telling you which popular books are worth the hype. She also has a series judging books by their covers and shares her book hauls.


7. Sofiaxaguilar

@sofiaxaguilar let’s dress up like iconic book characters throughout history! 📚✨ which outfit was your fave? 👀 #booktok #booktoker #readersoftiktok #bookworm #fyp ♬ slide – ✿


Sofia Aguilar turns fiction into fashion with their popular video showing outfits inspired by iconic book characters. From recommending books by BIPOC and queer authors, to showing their women’s history month picks, this content creator makes sure to highlight authors of all backgrounds (and helps you expand your readership, too). 


8. Bookbooklady


If you love books but don’t love what BookTok has recommended you so far, give @bigbooklady a visit. Lauren Louise has great, unique videos showing books they’ve never seen on BookTok, book sale vlogs, and even books they regret reading. 


9. Bryanhoardsbooks


Finally, we couldn’t finish off the article without more relatable bookworm content. Bryan from @bryanhoardsbooks has an entire playlist of “just bookworm things” videos plus a whole lot of queer love story recs, which are consistently overlooked in the literary world.  

Have a favorite we forgot to mention?

Share your favorite BookTok accounts and your summer reading book recs in the comments below! 👇

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