Hey guys!

I am SOOOO happy I can finally share the details about this with you because OMG it has been killing me to keep it from you! You ready??



It’s crazy how this launch feels just as surreal as the first one did back in December. Like what?! Things that I designed not only landed on shelves in my favorite store EVER… but then they SOLD OUT and then… I got to do it again! I’m dreaming, right?!

A dream really is the best way I can describe it. This entire journey has been so life changing and eye opening.

Every single insecurity I have about my design, what I’m capable of, and even my culture have all been brought into focus. I’ve been forced to face them head on.

Through the entire process of bringing these products to life, I’ve struggled with the designs actually being MINE. And what I mean by that is, I was scared to give myself credit. Scared to put my picture front and center on my products, because what if seeing an Asian woman would turn people off?

Coming from a family of immigrants and a minority, I was conditioned to kind of… blend in. To hide my culture. I didn’t realize the effect that had on me until this huge opportunity came to me. And it became clear so quickly that I needed to deal with it. So the first launch came, and when I tell you I was terrified… OMG. I was so scared. Those insecurities consumed me.

But then, you sold out the first release.


And because of you, we are BACK! We are restocked in some of your original faves and also several new goodies!!! It is sooo exciting and I just am so grateful for your support. I hope that you can feel my love in each one of these designs and that it supports you on your best fitness journey, ever. That’s all I ever want!

Okay, are you ready?!!! You can find this Blogilates collection NOW at Target stores nationwide!!! Keep scrolling to see the new products we have for you!! And of course, if you see it in your local Target can you PLEASEEEEEE take a pic and tag me on Instagram?!!!! I can’t wait to see what it looks like where you live!!!!

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Blogilates Gold Weights: 3 LBS, 5 LBS, 8 LBS AND NEW 10LBS!!! 

You loved the gold weights in the first launch as much as I do! And LOOK!!! Now it’s back!! And with a 10lb friend in MUSTARD! I meannnnn this color palette is LIFE right now! I was super intentional with these colors and I hope you feel elegant, empowered, and happy when you’re using these weights!

blogilates gold weights 3, 5, 8, 10 pounds

Blogilates Weight Rack

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT?!!!!! A GOLD WEIGHT RACK?!!! AHHHH! When I was designing the Blogilates x Target collection, I wanted it to be a vibe. I wanted to give fitness equipment a makeover. So here we are and I am HERE FOR IT! If you have those dreamy Blogilates weights, now you have the perfect matching gold weight rack!

clear plastic weight rack holding blogilates gold weights
clear blogilates weight rack holding gold dumbbells

Blogilates 2-Pack Booty Bands


Blogilates Ponytail Cap

If you haven’t tried the High Ponytail Caps from POPFLEX, this is a MUST. It’s a slightly altered design for the Target line, but still gets that high ponytail up in a cap. It is hands down one of my fave things EVER!!

blogilates white hat with ponytail hole in back moon design on front

Blogilates 3-Piece Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another one of my favorite pieces of equipment because it’s easy to use, lightweight, and packable for any trip! And now, you can get them in a 3-piece version! Again, peep that color scheme….

blogilates 3 pack resistance bands target

Blogilates Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

A mat that gets grippier as you get sweatier. Yes, it does exist! This is lightweight, cushioned, and cute…. and I loveeeee the subtle colors here so much! I literally don’t use any other yoga mat in the world except this kind (originally seen on POPFLEX!) and I know you’re going to love it, too.

blogilates vegan suede yoga mat with tropical design

Blogilates Starter Fit Kit

We’re bringing back the starter kit in an updated look because I love being able to give you the tools you need if you’re just starting out. This comes with a mat, massage balls, yoga strap, and booty bands! It’s perfect if you want a taste of everything! Not sure how to use any of the things in here?! No worries – I have sooo many videos to help you with that!!!

blogilates flat lay starter fit kit yoga mat yoga strap booty bands cassey ho

Blogilates Stainless Steel Water Bottle (62 oz)

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this over and over and over again, but I LOVE MY WATERRR! Being able to carry so much around with me helps keep me hydrated no matter where I go. This one is double-vacuum insulated so it’ll keep your water cold! If you don’t have a giant water bottle already, what are you waiting for?!!!!

white stainless steel blogilates target 62 oz water bottle

Blogilates Water Gallon Jug

OKAY now if you wanna take your hydration to the NEXT LEVEL then this GALLON JUG is for you!!!! YES!!! 1 ENTIRE GALLON!! This one is also filled with time markers so that you can keep track of your daily intake. The straw also makes it super easy to drink, too.

blogilates cassey ho clear pink plastic gallon water jug with straw and handle

Blogilates 12 Week Fit Journal

I love being able to keep track of my habits, workouts, and food, which inspired the design of this 12 week Fit Journal! This is perfect if you need help guiding what to track, too. There’s nothing quite like journaling your way to your goals! And AHHH do you peep that super cute pen?!! I loveeeeee that dainty little crescent moon so much!

blogilates cassey ho target 12 week fit journal with measuring tape

Ahhhh and that’s it!!!! You can find everything right now in Target stores NATIONWIDE or online! I just want to say again, thank you. Because of your support, this is possible. That makes me so incredibly happy.

But what makes me happier is that I’ve been able to design and create products that you are using on your fitness journey. That is SO cool. I am beyond honored to be part of your life and I can’t wait to see and hear more about your experiences!!!

If you get a chance to head into Target, can you take a pic and share with me on Instagram @blogilates?! I can’t wait to see what YOU see and also… which goodies you love most!!! Which one is your fave?!!

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  1. Penelope says:

    Hello! I wish you had videos of you actually showing how the starter kit works. How to use the kit bands, strap, ball, etc. It would be really helpful for others to see what it can do and how to do it with the exact equipment. Thanks!

  2. Lucimara Aquino says:

    I see I’m not the only one with the pink gallon bottle cap problem. My bottle cap broke in my hand with no explanation, there should be a replacement

  3. Lucimara Aquino says:

    I bought a big pink bottle and then the cap just broke in my hand, now I have a huge bottle with a broken cap.

  4. Katy Reeves says:

    I am so in 💓 with your Workout & weight Loss products at Target!! I was first attracted to the gold weight stand!!! So so cute & then I loved the yoga mat design and the 12 week food & exercise journal has been inspiring me & giving me hope daily that I can Cancancan get my body back and have been doing it religiously since January 1st. The pony hat it so damn cute I had to pick it up. I am a SAHM on a small budget so for now that’s all I could afford but I plan on getting more here soon!! I signed up for your App w all the workout videos I can cast to my TV and think you rock those videos so much! Day 37 and I went back to Target a few days ago to get a new scale w the body fat & muscle mass calculations for your journal….measuring my body has been so exciting as well seeing the inches come off (in my booty the most & then my tummy & thighs)….never did that on the regular B4. Thank u so much for what your doing/have done for my weight Loss & health journey.

  5. mary shyer says:

    hi cassey my name is mary i am your biggest fan and you are my favorite . congrats cassey on the release at target . i got your 2023 planner . i do your workout videos . cassey i got a question for you are there going to be popflex clothing at target or not

    love mary

  6. Shelly says:

    Where can I can a new pink water jug cap? Love the design and color but the cap the covers the straw is broken and I can’t find a replacement anywhere!

  7. Pam says:

    Just bought all the weights and weight rack, it is gorgeous, can’t stop admiring it!!!! I also bought the gallon water jug and I’m drinking so much more water! Not to mention my collection of PopFlex workout clothes. Casey, you are such an inspiration to me, I found you a year ago and I haven’t stopped! I am hardly your level but I am the fittest I’ve ever been and I have so many goals that I want to accomplish because of you! You are so real and authentic and I love you! YOU have motivated me out of a rut and I am forever grateful!! You have a lifelong follower and I am super excited for all your new endeavors! So much love and admiration to you and your family and of course to Sir George! Please include him in more of your workouts!!

  8. Colleen says:

    So how do I get a cap replacement for the large green water bottle

  9. Sharon says:

    Can you please make replacement caps for the gallon water bottles? There are tons of reviewers saying their caps broke. As did mine. I really would appreciate it. I don’t know what to do with mine now…

  10. Erika Mendez says:

    I been so disappointed that is not possibility to send to Europe, every piece I want to get it but in Holland is not possible, any plans to extend through Europe? I am sure a lot of people will be interested in getting it.

  11. Bea says:

    I’ve fallen in love with these and would love to know if they will ever be available in Canada and we no longer have target?

  12. Snow says:

    I have the gallon jug but the straw has a problem in the design that makes it difficult to drink. Any solutions?

    1. Sharon says:

      If you haven’t tried pushing back the cap you should try that. It’s made to go back farther.

  13. Melanie says:

    Cassey! I always look forward to all the products you release and I was super excited for you to bring out 10lb dumbells AND matching rack! I love you and your passion for esthetically pleasing and durable products, but sadly to my surprise this one did not make the cut. I know you are open for feedback to make your products better and worth the price.
    I was really excited to get this beautiful rack to hold my Blogilates weights which I ordered in 10lbs and currently own the 8lb set. A day after placing them on the rack I picked them up to use them and instantly lost all excitement for this rack. The simplicity in the rack design actually ruins the foam cushion of the dumbbells. I now have these ugly gaping dents in my expensive new weights AND my 8lb pair of dumbbells. I didn’t like the feeling of returning this purchase because I know you put your heart and good intentions into your products. Although at this point I feel like I’m glad I don’t own the two smaller sizes and that doesn’t make me feel good. I understand what you were going for in this design however, I think its an expensive price to pay for irregularly dented dumbbells. I know you’ll take this small detail and make it right for your next line. xoxo

    1. Sydney Park says:

      I am super sad about this too 🙁 I have the full weight set and the rack. I really regret putting the dumbbells in the rack, the indentations look so deep that I doubt they will ever come out.

    2. Sydney Park says:

      Oh my goodness! Did you see the new rack at Target? It is improved so that it doesn’t indent the handles anymore 🙂 I wish I had known it was in the works, because I wouldn’t have put my dumbbells on the 1st rack. Still, I insta-bought the new rack and am very excited to move my dumbbells to it. I hope they heal!

  14. Sydney Park says:

    Yay! I just bought the resistance bands with handles. Do you have plans to make workout videos featuring them anytime soon?

    1. blogilates says:

      Yessss! Coming sooon! Thank you for getting the bands!!!! <3

  15. K says:

    Yes! So happy for you Cassey! I just got my 12 week journal today and I’m loving it! I’ll definitely by more from this collection! I have the fit kit from your last collection and I LOVE IT!!!! You are by far my favorite workout instructor! Keep up the great work!

  16. Matilda says:

    Woo hoo, congrats! Love the collection!! I bought the weight set during the first launch and snagged the 10lb weights and weight rack this round. Having cute and functional equipment gives me the motivation I need to get through my workouts 💪🏽. Any chance there are kettlebells in the plans for the future? How fab would that be! Keep killing it 💕

  17. Jasmine says:

    Congratulations Cassey!
    What an amazing achievement! Another Target Collab! I love the look of everything in this collection. The weights are by far my favourite though, and the new weight rack is beautiful. Hopefully one day I will be able to get my hands on some, but living in Australia, I don’t have access to it.

    Congratulations again, and good luck to any future collabs!

  18. Lyra says:

    How I wish that these are available in Taiwan. Hope to make it happen.