Bikini Blaster 1 – all GIF’d up!

Bikini Blaster 1 – all GIF’d up!







If you’re going to the gym and can’t get onto YouTube, do each move for 30 sec. No breaks!!

If you’re at home or have your phone, computer, or iPad with you, then click play. It’s way more fun to workout together isn’t it!?

I’m excited to release Bikini Blaster 2 this Thursday! Are you ready? We’re really gonna tone up some awesome legs…

Haha do you like the  overdose of cutesy Japanese style icons! I just downloaded some new apps and was having wayyyyyy too much fun. Have an awesome Sunday! Is today your relax day? I think I might make it my relax day…I really wanna go shopping and buy some new Nikes. I want mint colored shoes.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Smith says:

    Good Bikini for workout. Awesome sampling.

  2. Victoria Ramos says:

    I really love these GIF’s, it helps me when I wanna take the moves I like most from your workouts and put them into a workout of my own at home. I really would appreciate it if you GIF’d more of your workouts. Love you!!!!!

  3. Saskia says:

    Hi, I came across your site as I was looking or pilates exercises. I REALLY love your GIFs – what a brilliant application!! They are VERY handy to take to the gym on the iPhone or iPad. Could you do the same for your Bikini 2 routine? Please consider doing it for Bikini 2 and your other routines from now on! Thanks.

  4. Reem says:

    Hey Cassey, could you do a video on what you do at the gym? I feel like whenever I step in a gym I feel so lost and I tend not to go back, bit over whelming for me for some reason. You also look AMAZING in your outfit, great great legs 🙂

    Thanks! (you’re uber awesome!!!!!) 🙂

  5. Jessica A. says:

    The GIFs ar missing the regular spidermans and burpees at the end. People doing the GIFs might miss out if they don’t remember the video. Just noticed that right now after doing the vid 🙂

  6. Sophia says:

    Your head looks so big compared to the rest of your body! LOL!!!
    You should do this workout 4 times in real time too (like Zuzana Light). That way we can see you suffering like the rest of us, which also makes us feel we’re working out with you. Just a thought!

  7. Mehak says:

    Gif is very in china YouTube is banned…not able to open any videos..more on via VPN proxies its buffer…please make more n more gif and printables..

  8. Gonna do this workout tomorrow! And mint colored shoes? You have impeccable taste! I’m going to treat myself with these when I get my next paycheck.,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-461864/pgid-450902

  9. Brittany says:

    Definitely trying this workout soon lady, it looks awesome!! Who knows, I might even try it tonight. 🙂

  10. Hannah says:

    I went shopping today!!! I bought those nike mint shoes! And also some other workout clothes!

  11. Kadye says:

    This post would also be appropriately titled “Things Kadye can not do” ha!

  12. Kash says:

    Cassey I am so excited to do this tomorrow – I usually watch them the day before so I know what I’m getting into and I’m so pumped about the challenge but you look like you have such a good time so how can we go wrong??

    I seriously love your site and your videos – keep up the amazing work!

  13. Kerry says:

    Picked the wrong time of day to do this & felt lacked strength to do it properly but as weird as sounds I like it when I struggle cos I have a challenge & goal to get good so will push it harder each time I do it. Need a countdown clock tho. I do running & need to strengthen my legs so hope this helps.

    Rebecca – that custard sounds good, I’ll be trying that thanks for sharing!

  14. Megan says:

    GIF’s are CUTE! like the mountain climbers and plie squats X) thanks for the motivation you provide Cassey!

  15. Pernilla says:

    Oh geez Casey!! I’ve done this video three time now and I’m sweating like crazy! Have to force myself to do it a forth and last time. Thanks for a great workout!

  16. Jennifer says:


    I was just wondering what you think of fitness video games like Dance Central 2 and Zumba Fitness Rush?

  17. Pilot says:

    Did 2 rounds of these and almost DIED! Thank you so much for the GIFS Cassey!

  18. T says:

    These look great!

    I don’t know if this is possible, but can a gif be 30 s long? If so, how bout adding a countdown timer on the gif from 30 to 0 seconds?

    Thank you so much for all the tips and exercises you post!

  19. Elaine Voon says:

    Did you just get a haircut?

  20. Raluca says:

    This is an AWESOME video, I love how you’ve incorporated the most powerful plyo moves in it and how you go from lower body to upper body to core to lower body again, all the while keeping the heart rate up. Cannot wait for the 2nd video, I think this will be an awesome series <3

  21. Fii says:

    Love it! How much do you exercise a week? And what are you doing, like running and stuff? excuse my bad english 🙂

  22. Rebecca says:

    This video looks awesome can’t wait to try it 🙂 On a unrelated note I just thought that you might want to try the ‘custard’ from this recipe to go on your protein pancakes, I think you mentioned that you wanted a sauce to go on and this might work. Its 1/4 cup protein powder and 2 tbsps plain yogurt here is the link though it might have to after the vegan challenge :L

    1. Kerry says:

      Great recipe tip 🙂

  23. Liz says:

    Love the workout, love the gifs, thanks for making my muscles BURN 🙂

    Have fun shopping today, I hope you find the mint coloured Nikes you’re looking for 😉
    Lots of love from Belgium, x.

    1. Lidija says:

      You’re very welcome for the tips, Allison! I think soietmmes it helps just to know other people work through similar things or have in the past. That’s great your marathon training helped you listen to your body more! Great job!Christina Chitwood recently posted..

  24. Tanja says:

    Loving the picture, your outfit, the overall look and upcoming legs workout! Thank you Cassey 🙂

  25. Wow the GIFs are so helpful!!! Thanks Casey!!

  26. Grati says:

    Wow,this one is awsome:D I´ll take it to the park when i go running with my friends:D Btw,Cassey,in your opinion….should we do exercise or intervals after our run(20 min or so) ?Or focus on running and exercise some other day:)
    I want you legsssss,i kept staring at them the entire video:)))