BEST Cardio Dance Workout + Stretchy Band Winners

BEST Cardio Dance Workout + Stretchy Band Winners

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your support on my last post regarding the Blogilates Imposter. It is a nasty experience and I am currently drafting emails to every single company she contacted. You know what though, I am glad I publicly kept you guys informed of the situation because I actually got a lot of emails from fellow bloggers and YouTubers who read the post and either 1: had the same thing happen to them or 2: are now aware of this new form of social media crime. I think it’s important to share information when it can benefit others. With my blog and different from other health and fitness websites, you can expect me to always be REAL and be personal. I’m here to coach you, train you, but also here to be your friend.

ANYWAY! See that video above? Over 80,000 views in 24 hours! I think somebody likes Cardio Dance yeah?

Cardio dance is my FAVEEEEE form of cardio exercise because it’s so fun, you don’t feel like you’re dragging yourself through reps, and it is a fat burning inferno! I decided to challenge myself this weekend and choreograph a powerful routine for you guys. And boy oh boy is it INTENSE. Let’s just say I was panting, out of breath, and actually sore the next day. This cardio dance routine is harder than a HIIT and wayyyyy more fun than a HIIT. I want you to try now! There’s a breakdown and the full dance routine all in the video. So just click play and run it through. Expect to be MAJORLY sweating.

Now, I’m going to announce the winners of last week’s Blogilates Stretchy Band Giveaway!

stretchy bands

Congrats to Brittany, Yema, and Melanie!

brittany yema melanie


Girls, email me at and send me your address. You’ll be stretchy-banding it soon! You guys can use the Blogilates stretchy band in the “Beautiful Body Pilates” workout video. Love that one.

Ok well…guess what…I didn’t tell ya but I’m gonna tell ya…

Tomorrow I’m leaving for NYC to be on one of my FAVORITE daytime TV shows. I’m gonna be teaching a very special someone the wrath of POP Pilates. That special someone is…

DR. OZ!!!!!


OMG and just to think that last week I was invited to teach Steve Harvey how to use the Reformer?! Is this real life?

I’ll definitely let you know when both of these episodes air so we can watch together. On the Dr. Oz segment, I get to bring on a group of POPsters with me to show off our moves. This is gonna be so epic and so fun. I cannot wait to take backstage pics for you and meet my NYC POPsters 😀

Ok better get to sleep! Don’t want them bags under my eyes!

<3 you,


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  1. Megan says:

    love you cassey this is the best

  2. Joanne says:

    Cassey, I am totally addicted to this and keep adding it to my workouts. I know you are a super busy, busy bee. But could you do an extra video so it is the full dance. Like edited from when the music starts? 🙂 xxx

  3. Jennifer W says:

    Great fun video!!!! Congrats on Dr. Oz. Will be looking forward to that!

  4. Anna says:

    POPsters, I have a question for all of you and it’s kind of off topic but there’s no posts about it on here …So I’m 18 years old, 5’9″ and my weight has ranged between 140-210, but usually it’s been around 170-180 or so in the last couple years. I’m currently at 168 and my goal weight is 130-120, which would be a 80-90lb loss from my highest weight and would take me from bmi of 31 to 18-19. I’m planning to lose about 2lbs per week. I’ve always been pretty active – I ride horse and run a lot and have been since middle school and also been doing pop pilates of course! 🙂 Most of the weight gain came from binge eating, which I’ve mostly recovered from. I’m wondering if I will get loose skin or not??? I’m really mostly worried about my inner thighs because the skin there feels really soft and different? When I pinch it it goes out a bit farther than my other skin but it isn’t wrinkly or anything like the pictures I’ve seen of loose skin… Also I do have a lot of stretch marks and I’ve read that that is an indicator of poor skin elasticity. I know it’s really dumb to worry about this but I can’t help it, I just don’t want to lose all this weight and still be self-conscious about my body because of loose skin! Do you think I will have loose skin? Is there any way to get rid of it without surgery if I do get it? Thanks in advance for reading this, sorry it was so long!

  5. Cady says:

    How fun! Just posted on my blog about ways to stay motivated in college to work out…having fun work outs is a huge part of that!

  6. Tricia says:

    This is hard for me to keep up with, I’ll have to run through it a few more times I think. A lot of fun though! Thank you Cassey

  7. Sarah says:

    Love the cardio video Cassey! Omg can’t wait for the dr. Oz special!! It will definitely be epic!!! 😀 xoxo

  8. Monika says:

    I am I’ve but seeing you workout and having soo much fun in this video is making me want to as well…. TIME TO GET MY GROOVE ON! I’ll battle this cold the Cassey way!

    1. Monika says:

      I am sick*

  9. mozwebdev says:

    Thanks for this nice sharing. It’s really amazing..

  10. Lydia says:

    Cassey! You look so funny when you’re winded! 😀 That’s one of the reasons I like your videos – you’re so REAL and human and funny, instead of flawless and impersonal which would just intimidate me A LOT. 🙂

  11. Katie says:

    I was actually just thinking to myself the other day “Wow I need to do more cardio” so I started doing your videos and honestly that was three days ago and I’m still sore. I also consider myself in relatively good shape, and I am so out of breathe from the cardio dance! And I’m gonna go do it again! Love it! I love your dance videos a lot and I’m SUPER excited to watch you on Dr. Oz! Literally I’ve started watching clips from his show after hearing you so much as mention it. You’re one of my idols, Cassey, I hope you have an awesome day 🙂 xo

  12. jackie.o says:

    Congrats Cassey!! You are like a mega star now and you deserve it! Cannot wait to see the episodes air!!! =)

  13. Annabelle says:

    What about week 12?

    1. marina says:

      you and me both, i’ve almost given up on it getting’s been 2 weeks!

  14. Bernice says:

    Have fun on Dr. Oz!! wish I could have made it to see you!!

    just a side note: It may be a glitch, but I was not able to view “scream and shout” on youtube last night….just FYI;)

    thanks for the motivation!!!

  15. Diana says:

    Congrats to all the winners and to Cassey for being on Dr. Oz! Fun, fun!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Ah what a fun workout! Can’t wait to try this!

    xo Jennifer

  17. Joy says:

    Wow, I loved the new dance video. Can’t lie, I’m hurting after finishing it only once. But, it’s definitely different and has given us some variety! It’s a little sexy for what I thought you would put out but you TOTALLY rocked it! Please make more! 😀

    – Joy

    p.s. my heart rate is still up, even after writing this… HA thanks!

  18. Nana says:

    I loved your new video!

    And congrats on Dr. Oz! I wish I lived in the Sates so I could watch you on tv…
    Have fun at New York and stay fabulous!!

  19. Mary Sabo says:

    Love this!! Thank you for posting – I was literally looking for some cardio routines I could do in lieu of running as it has been super snowy out here in the Hamptons!!

  20. Nuran says:

    Wow !! Dr Oz ?! Congartulations Cassy 😀

  21. Kali Rose says:

    Congratulations, Cassey!

    I have been doing your videos for a little over a year now, and I absolutely love (well, kind of love/hate, but you know what I mean) all of them – but the cardio dance workouts are my favorite! Please make more! 🙂

  22. Jackie says:

    The Hot Summer Dance is my fav dance video! Love the moves and the music! I was awkward at first but little by little I got the moves and had a lot of fun!
    Like Pam, I did it 3 times yesterday: 2 in the beginning and 1 at the end of the workout! really love it!
    thank you, thank you thank you!
    Enjoy your day in NY with Dr OZ! congrats again! love you

  23. Pam says:

    The Hot Summer Dance has got to be my Blogilates favorite video yet. It got me so motivated, I did it 3 times in a row yesterday, on top of all the other videos on your calendar. I think I’ll dance to it 4 times today. You’re a great dancer! Love ya!

  24. Rosa says:

    wow cassey, im so happy your being blessed with all these opportunities to show what blogilates is all about =) we love you and your popsters are always rooting for you <3 love you tons and have fun!!

  25. Kelly says:

    I’m so happy that you’re going to be on Dr. Oz!! Have you picked the POPsters yet? I sent an e-mail!!

  26. Stacy says:

    Dr Oz!!! This is a must watch moment. Please let us know when your gonna be on!

  27. s6milerun says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CASSEY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Dr. Oz. He seems like a great guy. The two of you will work great together!! I’m rooting for you! Remember that you are just as much of a celebrity/equal to Dr. Oz -so none of that nervousness – because you have established so much for yourself.

    Great job!

    I am so happy that I can do this fun cardio dance in my house, in private. At the gym, I am sticking my predictable run, where my treadmill waits for me.

  28. Luiza says:

    And please share the Dr Oz episode! I’m brazilian and well, I don’t get to watch it here…
    Congratulations, Cassey, you really deserve all the success and happiness in the world!

  29. Luiza says:

    I’m so doing this instead of that 100 burpee burnout tomorrow 😀

  30. heidi says:

    Holy $^#%$%!! Are you kidding me??? That is AMAZING!!! Congrats, girl 🙂 WORK IT!!

  31. agni says:

    Oh myy, so happy for Cassey! Dr.Oz is a big thing! And speaking about CARDIO DANCE that was sooo good and funny and sexy, loooved it. I even repeated twice during Feb 17 workout haha

  32. Lexi says:

    Congratulations for getting on the show, Cassey! Even though I’ve never seen Dr. Oz, I know his show is really popular so this will be great for blogilates!

  33. Ronjah says:

    Dr Oz? Really? 😀 Wow! Cassey, that is AMAZING!
    Congratulations!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  34. Kylie (From Australia N.S.W) says:

    Loving the new video Cassey!!!
    And it’s awesome that you’re experiencing all these wonderful new adventures 🙂 I hope you will post an ONLINE version when it’s up (as Australia doesn’t show updated Doc OZ shows).
    enjoy!!! And get more sleep!!! Whenever doing the tag video workout I shake my head at you for not sleeping enough! Do it!!

  35. Anna-Kaisa says:

    Wow Congrats Cassey, you deserve everything good that is coming to you! I’m glad that despite these lows caused by the imposter, that you are definitely experiencing some highs in your life right now. And you’re handling both with such a level head and graciousness.

    And I loved this cardio dance video! My workout space is a little bit small, but next time my boyfriend heads out I’m going to take over the living room and go all out with it! haha 😀 I was so surprised I was able to pick up on the moves too, but perhaps my coordination/body control is getting better with pilates 😛

  36. Mich T says:

    Congrats to everyone who won! You guys are so lucky… I wanted to win that one!

  37. Leanne says:

    Dr Oz??? Wow Cassey congratulations! I’m so happy to see how far you’re getting 😀

  38. Madalynn says:

    Ahh! So excited for you 🙂 It’s so amazing to see how far you have come since I began following you several years ago. Keep up the great work!