Are Waist Trainers Bad for you?

Are Waist Trainers Bad for you?

Hello hello!

The new year starts in under a week! Can you believe!!?? So…we are going to kick Jan 2016 off with a fun 30 day challenge that will begin Jan 1! Are you ready for this? We’re going to work to tighten our waists with the 30 day Waist Trainer challenge that I’ve developed for you!

But wait, do you have to wear…a waist trainer??

Please give me a moment to take a breather.

NO!!! OH GOODNESS NO, do not do it, please! For your health!

Let me tell you something. A waist trainer is just a corset that has been resurrected. Corsets, which originated in France, used to be worn by women (and upper class men) as early as the 16th and 17th centuries! The peak of the corset’s popularity was during the Victorian Era.


Here is a picture of a women from the “Gibson Girl” era, where hourglass figures and the tiny cinched waist were in! The tinier the waist, the more delicate, beautiful, and feminine you were. At this time, people were not very knowledgable about health and exercise either, so all of the cinching was done for pure vanity – which as you know, is ALWAYS a problem. During the mid to late 19th century, doctors began to get concerned over the health issues that corset-wearing may cause.

What are some risks?

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Shallow breathing
  • Passing out
  • Acid reflux
  • Back acne

As you can see, corset wearing doesn’t actually get rid of fat. How can it? Celebrities like the Kardashians and Jessica Alba swear by the waist trainer, but there is NO EVIDENCE that you’re burning extra calories by wearing it. (Let’s also keep in mind that celebrities are also paid A LOT by companies to wear and promote their products to their adoring followers.) All it does is push your organs, muscles and bones into a different placement so that you can achieve an hourglass figure.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? If your body’s anatomy was structured and spaced in a way that was meant to make you function optimally as a human being, why in the world would you change that? Wearing a waist trainer or corset for days, weeks or months at a time can have very serious and dangerous effects on your health. Please save your money and do not buy into this gimmick.

Remember this. Wearing a waist trainer or corset does not give you flat abs and an hourglass shape forever. The more you wear a corset for “support” and reshaping, the less strength your actual muscles have. Also, once you stop wearing it, your belly is just going to bulge right back out. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, you better stop reading up on waist trainers and being enchanted by “impeccable” celebrity bodies. There is no spot reducing and there is no “magic”. There’s plastic surgery and then there’s something called working hard and earning your body.

Oh and yeah, and above all that, you actually get STRONGER when you work out and eat right. Who wants a skinny waist while not being able to do a proper sit-up? Let’s work for strength and create our own “natural corset” with our muscles.

That’s why I want you to take the 30 day waist trainer challenge with me. It’s free and it WORKS. Everyday for 30 days, we will all perform the following 5 moves to tighten your entire core, your upper abs, your lower belly, and your obliques. We are attacking the mid section from every angle. You ready!!?? Here’s your challenge, which begins Jan 1:

Click to download hi-res version

If you are committing the next 30 days to a fitter body and a slimmer, stronger waist, then I want you to save this pic and post it to your social media. Ask your friends to join in and use the hashtag #30daywaisttrainer.

Here are the moves:

Eagle Abs – bring your elbows to your knees and use your abs to crunch. Works rectus abdominus.

Reverse Crunch – Press your arms down into the mat and lift your butt off the ground. Works lower abs.

Double D’s – Press your entire back into the mat. This is almost like a double leg lift, but instead your legs will draw two D’s in the air as your go back up. Works lower abs.

Infinity Abs – Bring your feet up into table top position. With hands clasped together with elbows straight out, pretend you are rowing side to side. Draw an infinity shape with your elbows! Works entire core, especially obliques.

Accordians – Lying on your side, place your elbow underneath your shoulder and raise your top arm above your head. Your top ankle should be crossed over your bottom ankle. Raise your top leg and bring your elbow to your knee. Works obliques.


Ok, now you know all of the moves. If you’re in, comment “I’m in!” and post this pic so I can see how many of you are taking the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge! Jan 1 is the day we begin!





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  1. CorsetsNmore says:

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  2. CorsetsNmore says:

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  3. Thanks for the wonderful share. Your article has proved your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Brilliant .I love it reading.

  4. Katherine says:

    I just wanted to say something about corset. It did not restrict people from doing everyday thing because there is such a difference as corseting and tight-lacing. Many of the photos were altered and if you look very closely you can see that. In fact, the corset were custom made and were measured to fit the person wearing it perfectly. The whole point of these outfits and under garments were to create an illusion. Women wore bum pads and many petticoats to make it seem like they had a smaller waist. In addition, the corsets also smoothed out the chest and helped the bodice of the gown look straighter.

  5. jara says:

    I am agree with you. The waist trainers bed for health.Think of it this way: We already know that wearing waist trainers creates massive discomfort, and now you want to go ahead and wear this while at the squat rack, doing burpees or, perhaps worse yet, while doing an ab workout?

  6. abby Jep says:

    Am I late for the challenge?

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  8. Lioness8 says:

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  11. Mark Book says:

    Is Waist Training Safe? Where to buy best waist trainer ?

  12. Diana Faul says:

    I am regular waist trainer user. Last 6 months I’m used waist trainer and get a hourglass, sexy figure. This article talking about is waist trainer bad for me? I am only say one thing waist trainer can everything possible no daubt. I am also get beautiful figure. I think Its not bad for me because when I am facing different kinds of problem to my waist In this time waist trainer help me to solve my problem. I’m happy to using waist trainer.

  13. Diana Faul says:

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  14. Ally Medina says:

    I hate when people talk smack on waist trainers and corsets, they do work ! , no they don’t help you lose weight but they do help you eat less, maintain great posture and shape your body. I waist train all day and everyday then remove corset to go to the gym, I have strength as well as a nice hourglass shape. It does move you’re insides around, but hey SO DOES PREGNANCY!!!! I would definitely recommend to anyone to waist train, it gave me an amazing figure

  15. amandawarner255 says:

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    Nice article and great information shared by you! Actually waist training corset helps the muscles in the back that will help to avoid the pain. Check out the amazing deal on waist training corset at

  17. Tammy says:

    I’m on day 7 now and feeling it more. Can’t do infinity abs too well. And do single D’s instead of double. It was killing my back. We’ll see what happens!

    1. Hena says:


  18. Sinna Stevenson says:

    Your knowledge of corsets is a bit lacking, and waist trainers are something else entirely. I wear a corset for health reasons twelve or more hours a day for my work, and I can still function quite normally without it. I do not exercise or sleep in it, as the former is very much not recommend and the latter is unnecessary for my purposes. I have serious back trouble and my work is intensely physical. My corset helps support the muscles in my back that I’ve torn while I work so I can avoid back pain. I am also a runner and a highly active person otherwise, but do not wear my corset for running or exercise. It is only at work that my back cannot handle the strain. A corset does nothing more to your body than a pregnancy would, in terms of moving your organs. While I don’t approve of dropping to fifteen inches, a la Cathie Jung, corsets used responsibly and fitted correctly are not harmful to your body. The corsets they wore in the olden days were, as they didn’t have the technology and medical knowledge we do, worse for your body. A waist trainer, on the other hand, is a rather useless bit of stretchy material that does nothing but make you feel a bit better about yourself while you wear it. I suppose you could exercise in one, and it does help you lose some water weight, but it’s not a noticeable amount. I wore one while running for a while just to test it out. About the only thing it did was remind me to keep my core tense because if I relaxed, it hurt.

  19. Tori Schmitz says:

    I only just saw this…so starting nearly a month late but Im in

    1. martha atakora says:

      I’m starting 2 years late

  20. Hannah Winnagle says:

    IM IN!!!!????????

  21. Chloe says:

    For the record there is actually no documented proof from any kind of scientific or medical professional that indicates wearing a corset is harmful to your body. Yes you should definitely exercise to get rid of unwanted fat however that doesn’t mean that a corset is a bad thing someone can’t get over the feminist idea that corsets are inherently bad and subjugate women. I don’t feel that a corset subjugates me and I frankly love the feel of them. Don’t let a preconceived notion from some one ruin something without at least trying it for yourself. I do like the exercises on this site though.

    1. Hannah Winnagle says:

      If you get hurt and die it’s not our fault

  22. Violet says:

    Can someone please explain to me how to do infinity abs?

  23. ionised says:

    Thanks for writing this. I have a small waist because my lungs were damaged as a child and occupy less space in body (leading to all kinds of problems, as you might expect). The idea that someone would ELECT to do this to their insides is SO CREEPY to me. This dainty waist trend came about in the 17 hundreds to mimic exactly what I suffered from: lung damage from tuberculosis.

    1. Lex says:

      They’re just not necessary for ***weight loss***. I know they’re used to improve posture etc. and that’s fine. If you want to eat less drinking plenty of water helps, you do not need to squeeze the hell out of your stomach to slow down eating habits. DRINK WATER. About 80+ oz within a day should be fine. Your body genuinely reacts better to a natural approach.

  24. Valentina Octavia George says:

    Hi Cassey, How to do the infinity abs? I still dont get it. Thanks

    1. Beatriz says:

      Me neither

    2. Esia Stallaert says:

      Infinity abs is the same as russian twists, my fave workout 🙂

  25. Rose Erick says:

    I got my waist trainer from It has been working with me so far.

  26. Izabella says:

    If anyone has tried this I will like to know if it actually works

  27. Jen says:

    How do you do infinity abs?

  28. RJ Cash says:

    Can I do this and the thigh and butt one for a morning or night time work out but still do the normal monthly calendar??????Thanks!!

  29. Margaret Nahmias says:

    I hate the ones that claim that they can help you lose weight by sweating. If that was the case everyone would be skinnier in the summer.

  30. cassey_lover says:

    You are super wonderful

  31. Hannah Phan says:

    What if you want to slim your thighs AND waist? Can I combine both calendars on top?

  32. Joana says:

    I AM IN! 🙂

  33. Arianna says:

    What you say about the corsets are true, especially when taken to the extremes you cited. However, anything taken to extremes is harmful. As for causing weight loss, it does! It does it by restricting your stomach so you eat less and therefore burn more fat for your energy. It’s no different than portion control. Eat less, do normal (or more) activity, lose weight. As for training the waist, yes, if done long enough then the body adapts and, especially if done young, grows into the shaped form. If done when older, your bones are more brittle and would be prone to breaking. But the allure is that with the corset you don’t have to exercise to get your desired shape. What isn’t thought of is ‘use it or lose it’. If you wear a corset all the time and don’t have an exercise routine to maintain your musculature then you are dependent upon your corset just to maintain your posture. Long-time corset wearers exercise and stretch daily. As the extremely small waist isn’t the style, corsets should only be used wisely and can be very effective for special occasion dressing.

    As for these exercises, most do NOT work the obliques and do little for post-partum abdominus rectus issues. Do a google for that if that is your problem. While this group of exercises will do as it says and is intended to do, if you are looking to get an hourglass figure out of this you won’t. These, as intended, strengthen your core. If you want to define your figure you need to work less on your upper and lower abs and more on your obliques and the ‘girdle’ of muscles in your mid-section. An exercise know as ‘vacuuming’, sucking your stomach in to ‘touch your backbone, works very well for that.

    As always, do your own research, and make your own determinations. Don’t just take someone’s word for something. As mentioned above, paid endorsements are rampant.

  34. emily lindmann says:

    If I do the arm, waist, thigh, stomach and butt 30 day challenges as well as burning around 100 calories by walking my dogs every day, will I see and feel results? I heard you’re supposed to do these 30 day challenges with the calendar but I’m not, will I still see results even though I’m not doing the calendar????

  35. Jacinda Kristine Rodriguez says:

    I’m in.

  36. Vidhi Juneja says:

    I am in

  37. ferari poker says:

    I’d like to find out more? Are Waist Trainers Bad for you? | Blogilates I’d like to find out some additional information. and you can read my article about ferari poker

  38. Little e says:

    Thanks for posting the waist training challenge. I love your videos 🙂

  39. Sandra says:

    I’m in. A little late but I am starting this challenge today. 🙂

  40. Ashley says:


    do you think there is anyway you could do a 30 day muffin top challenge? this is a very problem area for me and those 30 day challenges work the best for me as far as my schedule goes!

    1. Haniah Shaik says:

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEASEEEEEE totally agree i think alot of people are struggling in the whole stomach area so maybe a challenge that targets that place as a whole would be great!!!

  41. Talia says:

    Hey guys, I have a quick question. I ordered the vegan 8 week meal plan with my journal, and used the combo, and did not get the discount!!! Also, I ordered it on my iPhone6, and the meal plan did not “instant download” so I still don’t even have that. Does anyone know how to rectify what’s going on with my order?? Thanks so much!!

  42. Nikki says:

    I’m in this is one of my challenges for myself in February:)Good luck everyone and God Bless!

  43. Jen says:

    Guys, if I do this for 30 days, does it mean I can stop after that? Or do I have to continue doing this for it to work?

  44. Lauren says:

    When she puts like 5 eagle abs, is each rep like 1? So I do 5 of those in total? Because I do some ab workouts (although not a lot) I feel like doing this little doesn’t do much for me. Not sure, if someone could clarify please:)

    1. Jen says:

      I think she means just 5 eagle abs. I think she wants to build us up slowly, but I’m not completely sure.

    2. AlbertaRose94 says:

      I’m doing two of the other 30 day challenge. Everything gets increased by one increment. For this 30 day challenge, Day 1 you’ll do 3 exercises 5 times, Day 7 you’ll do 3 exercises 10 times, plus a new exercise 5 times, Day 13 you’ll do 4 exercises 10 times, plus a new exercise 5 times. Day 18 you’ll do 5 exercises 10 times and by Day 30 you’re doing 5 exercises 22 times.

  45. Lauren says:

    When she says says like 5 reps of eagle abs, Does that just mean do 5? I do some ab workouts, not a lot, but sometimes I feel like since everything is so little it doesn’t do anything.

  46. Arti says:

    The February calendar is about to come out and im just about to start this one!

  47. AngelaM says:

    I just finished the challenge and I it feels great. Cannot wait for February’s challenge!

  48. Ellie Gordon says:

    Last day everyone we can do it??

  49. Janice says:

    Recent subscriber. Beginning 30 Day Waist Challenge tomorrow..

  50. Magda says:

    I finished 30 day chalenge and I can’t believe this! I lost almost 1,5 inch in my waist. I did also other workaout but I think this is still impresive 😀 beginning was hard but the last day was pure pleasure 🙂

  51. Amy says:

    Does anyone know if this actually works?

    1. AngelaM says:

      What do you mean by ‘this’? The waist trainer challenge? I guess it depends on the individual.
      The way I see it, I got stronger since the challenge started and it made me exercise daily. I could not even do 5 of the infinity abs at the beginning and now I am up to 18! So, for me, I like what I see.
      I started on day one and have not missed a day. I noticed small dimples on each side of my tummy a couple of days ago. I am going to continue with the challenge.

      1. AngelaM says:

        Amy, if you are asking about the waist trainers, I have never used one, so I cannot tell you anything about them.

    2. macksat says:

      Personally, I’ve been tracking on the Fitstream app and after 1 month of the 30-day Waist Trainer challenge along with the January 2016 calendar, my waist went from 29.5 inches on Jan 3 to 26.5 inches on Jan 29. In addition, I’ve been logging macros on the Livestrong MyPlate app as well, but sticking to the Friday as yolo meal day. That said, the challenge exercises really illustrate how much stronger I feel in this region now. Looking into the Feb calendar, I might just continue the 30-day challenge exercises and progressing to sub for the Waist-Trainer workout video available only in the Blogilates app (i only like free apps hahaha). As for waist trainers, trying to change your naturally rigid bone structure will only weaken the support for your naturally soft and fragile organs that need protecting. It’s better to strengthen and stretch your muscles which have evolved to be changeable and protect your bones AND organs by being flexible but strong. A side note, I wear kimonos for traditional Japanese dance, and the waist sash (the obi) is tied extremely tight, like a corset. I can attest it is hard to move, breathe, or eat wearing them and they really are not meant to be worn for an extended period, tied to “a performance standard” but that’s performing. Not worth the suffering of everyday extended wear for weight loss when there are more fun and easier ways.

  52. AngelaM says:

    OK.. I cannot finish ‘Infinity Abs’ without a BREAK! OUCH! DAY 26!!!
    Almost there! Keep on going everyone!

  53. Meng says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I’m in for this challenge even tho I’m a bit late to start this. Lol. anyways, to those who have been reacting negative to this then wear your waist trainers. If that makes you happy. And to those who are like me who are in for this challenge then I hope we don’t give up easily. <3 Love lots!

  54. AngelaM says:

    Day 25 and still going! We have 1 more week of January’s challenge. I am already looking forward to February’s challenge. I am going to try to continue doing January’s challenge as I do February’s. I hope everyone is still going… 🙂

  55. EJ says:

    Apparently, you have only done your history research; not health research. In fact, waist trainers, A.K.A. Corsets, are perfectly safe and can even be beneficial IF YOU DO NOT TIGHT LACE!!! That is were the problem. Tight lacing constantly is what causes health problems. If you do it slowly and gradually over years, it is safe. Back in the day, woman wanted to be as small as possible, so they laced as tightly as they could. This is what makes it unhealthy. Otherwise, wearing a corset is perfectly safe as long as it is not too tightly laced. Please do your homework….oh and btw….if you do not naturally have a small, tucked in waist, there is no amount of exercise that can give you that perfect hourglass shape. Sorry.

    1. Shivangi says:

      I agree with you.. not all girls can have a tucked in stomach. Cassey herself does not have in – she has admitted that while working for a bikini challenge years ago she had to starve herself on 1000 cals a day to get the Victoria Secret’s abs. I have tried it all and it does not work. My waist is 25 inches and there is no way in HELL that that’s going in

    2. Ali says:

      Wow. You must be very unhappy, I am sorry. However, in celebrity pictures does it look like they are properly laced?

    3. rosie says:

      thats exactly the problem people do tightly lace. The tighter its laced, the tinier your waist will be. I wish people could just be happy with themselves and personally the super extreme hourglass figure is not even attractive to me and not to mention the good men out there are more out for your brains in the long run, not your waist. hence why none of the kardashians can stay married.

  56. Dee says:

    Gunna start this soon. I hope I stay motivated

  57. AngelaM says:

    Day 21 and I am still going! I hope everyone is keeping it up! You can really feel this workou! 13 Infiniti Abs are tough! I cannot imagine what 22 are going to feel like!

  58. AngelaM says:

    Casey, I have a request:
    Can the next challenge be for thighs, please?


    1. Sierra says:

      Actually, if you look through the old 30 day challenges, one of them is for thighs!

  59. Chanee says:

    For the infinity abs part of the challenge, do we do the number on each side or total? Example: do we do 5 infinity abs total or do we do 5 infinity abs on each side?
    Hope that made sense.

    1. AngelaM says:

      I count 1 only when I get back to the side where I started. So I start on the left, go to the right and when I come back to the left that is 1. I hope my answer makes sense!

      1. Chanee says:

        Yes thank you!

  60. Carmen says:

    i just dont feel the accordian one 🙁
    but im in!!!!!!!!!!
    starting late, but hopefully this will still help a bit 😛

    1. Crystal says:

      Try doing them faster, lifting the leg to a perfect 90 degree angle, and also keeping the knee perfectly straight! That’s what did it for me. 🙂

  61. matthew says:

    hi cassey i’v just begining your 30 waist trainer day challenge my abs are burning from doing the eagel abs my favorite move is the eagle abs my dis favorite move is the double d’s.

  62. StellaStellar says:

    Crunches are actually really really really bad for your spine, this has been medically proven. The leglifts are way better in their place.

  63. Marlene says:

    I’m in ! I have a decent shape but I want a better shape so badly !!

  64. victoria says:

    hey cassie i just blogilates i found you through my cousin emma and i love it and happy birthday 🙂

  65. Motivation says:

    You have so motovation voice when u say “Come on dont give up” u are so beautiful and fit please come to Montenegro

  66. Jackie says:

    hey guys! what is the password for the january calander? becuase i never got the email and so ive been doing random videos :c

  67. Jean says:

    Hi! just asking if i will do the accordians on both sides?

    1. Molly says:

      Yeah, I think you do them on both sides. That way you work the obliques evenly.

      1. Jean says:

        Thank youuuu! :*

  68. Justice says:

    I just found this website. Amazing! I’m so in. Thanks so much. : )

  69. priyanka says:

    are v supposed to do every move 5 times or for 5 minutes?

    1. SarahWithAnH says:

      Hi! You’re supposed to do it 5 times – well, depending on the days. For instance, for today’s challenge (January, 14th), you’ll have to do the first 4 moves 10 times and do the accordians 6 times.

    2. Kay says:

      omg, no five reps. five minutes would be awfully tiring!

    3. AngelaM says:

      Times not minutes… If you look at the calendar we end up doing each movement 22 times by the end of the month.

  70. AngelaM says:

    Started January first and still working on the challenge everyday. The toughest exercise for me is the Infinity Abs! They are killers!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge!

    1. Carmen says:

      oh ya, those are the BEST!!!!! ow! 🙂

  71. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Woops, commented a little too late. I’ve been joining since 1th of Januari and going strong!

  72. tania says:

    Wells im late but im in

  73. Michal says:

    I haven’t been on this website in forever. I stopped making time to work out and as a result developed unhealthy habits. But now I want to fix that. It feels good to be back and getting into the challenges.

  74. Oana says:

    started 2 days ago !!! and butt chalenge 3 days ago.. im so curious if i will see any results on both of them!! 😀 especially on waist

  75. Julie Moses says:

    is there a substitute for double Ds? i have hip flexor issues and my hip literally pops EVERYtime i do a rep and it’s really uncomfortable (yes, i need to have it checked out)…thanks!

    1. Catherine says:

      Hey Julie,
      I don’t know any substitutes for the double d leg lift but I can recommend you making the circle (or D shape) a bit smaller. You could also try keeping your legs higher towards the ceiling rather than circling closer to the floor 🙂 if none of these ideas work for you, than just doing simple double leg lifts instead

      Good luck popster! 😉

  76. Adriana says:

    Im a little bit behind ..but im IN!…i just started today the 30 days challenge… Im so excited! Cant wait to get rid of the fat!!!! 😀

  77. Nadia says:

    Starting the Challenge today, yup 11 days late… went on 3 week vacation and got back home to a dirty house and lots of luggage. Today finally I am feeling organized enough so I’m starting the challenge and January calendar! so excited!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thank you Cassey, for being such an inspiration and motivating me everyday even when I feel the worst for not being able to eat super healthy and clean!

  78. Alicia says:

    I don’t know if you’ve ever come across the 80’s TV mini series with Patrick Swayze called North and South about the Civil War, but the women in it obviously had to wear corsets because of the time era, and they said that they had to wear them for like 13 hours a day sometimes because of filming, and it made them stop getting their periods!! Clearly not healthy.

    1. Carmen says:

      wow, that’s insane!

  79. Lala says:

    Hey Cassie!

    I just started the january calendar and waist trainer challenge today (jan11-philippines) since I ended 2015 and started 2016 sick. But I’m all better now, sore but better 😉 I slackened on my exercise durind the last couple of months of 2015 but I’m back!

    Anyway, I’m extra motivated this year because I’m getting married on April and I have a gorgeous dress to rock! Haha.

    Thanks for the calendars and for being an amazing inspiration always. You’re such a big part of my personal journey and my wedding prep too. Haha. You’re my (and thousands of other popsters’) Beautiful Virual Personal Trainer Beast!

    Thanks a lot Cassey!

  80. Hanh Nguyen says:

    I am INNNNNN

  81. Jamie says:

    I LOVE this challenge, Cassey! I’ve always meant to do participate in your challenges but always drop after day 2. Proud to say I’m still going! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you did some sort of an arms challenge for 30 days. Besides flexibility, I would say my arms are what hold me back from better workouts. I have little twig arms that have a hard time holding up my body. 😉

    1. Marilyn says:

      HI Jamie !
      I also have trouble with my arms sometimes when they need to hold my body. That’s why I really like the 6 min. to sexy arms, and the backless dress workout. They are nice workouts for arms, but without using the body weight. I try do to one or the other almost everyday. I sometimes add some weight to the backless dress workout too. Maybe you can give it a try.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I really want to stay committed this year with workouts. I am 15 and overweight and would like to slim down this year and stop making excuses. I am really lacking in motivation and just stress about the numbers and how much fat i have on my body. I really want to get through this 30 day challenge and stick to it. I’ve caved in on all the other 30 day challenges and really want to do this challenge and complete it.
    Hopefully i can continue to follow the 30 day challenge this time and really make a difference in my body!!
    Im on day 10 of the challenge. Wish me luck 🙂

    P.S I’ll write again once the 30 days are over to see if anything happened 🙂

    1. Victoria says:

      You find me on facebook. I’ll message you everyday and motivate you to get it done. Victoria Lynne Arthue Ridge , p.s. I’m a mommy of two and after a day full of babies its hard to stick to a 30 day challenge too but I’m up to keeping you motivated lol it’ll remind me to stick to it as well.

      1. Victoria says:

        Arthur Ridge@ sorry typo lol

    2. Emma Ruth says:

      Hey Babe, don’t stress about any of it. It’s all a process and I have total faith in you 🙂 Remember something, always speak positive about yourself and your body. Refrain from any negative self-talk. We as individuals are our biggest critics. And when you learn to love yourself, lovely things start to happen. <33

    3. Anna says:

      My advice to you is to forget about the numbers and focus on making your body stronger and healthier! It is great to feel good about how your body looks, but how your body feels is far more important! Take it from me, when you work out regularly and realise after a few weeks that all these exercises you are doing are so much easier than they used to be because you got stronger, it feels awesome! For me being strong is a much bigger confidence boost than being slim or looking good 🙂

      Also pay attention to how you feel after eating different foods – I find after I eat deep fried foods, sugary, fatty foods etc, that my body doesn’t feel that good. When I eat healthy foods like veggies, my stomach feels good (no indigestion) and I have more energy! And that makes me feel more like eating healthy foods, because I know I don’t feel sick afterwards (although I still eat chocolate a bit because it’s so nice!)

      Last thing is that, if you slip up (i.e. don’t eat well, or miss a few days on the 30 day challenge), don’t give up! Just forget about the past and think about the future. Even if you didn’t work out the last week, you can still work out today, and that counts for a lot!

      Good luck! I don’t know you but I believe in you 🙂

  83. Vynn says:

    Hello everyone, may I know how to do the infinity abs move? I’m a little confused >< thanks in advance!

    1. Casandra says:

      So basically while your legs are in table top position, and your hands are clasped together with elbows straight out, you’re pretty much just drawing an infinite sign (or a horizontal figure eight) with your elbows. Your elbows are in a current flow, so no need to stop! I hope this was helpful to you, good luck!! And you’re welcome!!

  84. richa says:

    wow ur amazing m on it

  85. Martina says:

    Thank you for sharing all the bad things about corsets! Sometimes people don’t know and can really injure themselves, great as always Cassey! kisses

  86. Susan says:

    2016 is the year I see my abs! Thank you, Cassie!

  87. Carrie says:

    Is there anywhere we can see the Infinity Abs in action? I’ve made it to day 7 of the challenge and I just can’t figure out how that move is supposed to be done!

    1. holly says:


      check out her instagram page! she has a small clip showing her doing the eagle abs, reverse crunches, double d’s and infinity abs! i think she posted it about a week ago. good luck!!

  88. Jennifer says:

    I’m I N ! So excited to work hard & see results <3 Day 7 & strong so far (:

  89. Kimberlee says:

    I’M IN! I started on 1 January and haven’t stopped since! My abs are on their way!

  90. popster_hans says:

    I’m in!! I’m a little late commenting, but I’ve been doing these since Jan 1st. I just needed to come back here because I had no idea how to do the infinity abs. Because she was facing us, I figured the infinity motion was with the elbows, but I wanted to check whether or not the legs were supposed to do the infinity as well lol. Well now I know, back to Waist Training! Good luck every one

  91. Lissiee says:

    I’m in! Just finished day 7? Actully feeling I’ve gotten stronger already!! Of course combined with a bit more of other abs workouts though ❤️

  92. bryanna says:

    IM IN!!!

  93. Selma says:

    I’m in! Just finished day 7 🙂

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  95. Azucena says:

    I´m in! I started late but i´m in =D

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    I’m in! 😀 I love my waist and I want it to be ever more beautiful than it is right now :DDD

  97. Minnie says:

    I’m in!

  98. Saule says:

    I’m in!!!

  99. Malynn says:

    Can beginners do this too?
    I really, REALLY want to target my waist and hips this year, so this would be perfect, just wondering if it’s ok for absolute beginners.

    1. Thalia says:

      It starts you off at a pretty slow pace and increases from there, so I’d say yes. I’m kind of a beginner too and it’s been okay for me so far, even though the double D’s have my abs aching. But it’s a great kind of burn and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  100. Tatiana says:

    I forgot to print my calendar last week >.< but I will finish this challenge!!!

  101. Bella says:

    I’ve been looking for a workout alternative to the waist trainers for forever. My tummy is flat, but I want to shape my midsection more. Starting a few days late, but definitely looking forward to it. Thanks!

  102. Pam says:

    I’m in. Started on the 1st and have loved the way I feel after and as a teacher and mother of 2 this works perfect for my schedule.

  103. Hang says:

    I’m in starting 1-4-16

  104. Serene says:

    ugh bless you for making this!!!! this is exactly what i needed!!!!! keep up the great work! Thanks life saver 😉

  105. Susan says:

    I’m in!

  106. Ciara says:

    I’m in ? I know I’m starting a few days late, but better late then never, right? ?❤

  107. qtinka285 says:

    Of course Im in! 🙂 I also invited my friends. Love what youre doing Cassey! 🙂

  108. Rayne says:

    A few days late, but between this morning, afternoon and evening I have caught up. I am definately in 😀

  109. Mia says:

    Hi! I’m looking right now to tone my core and abs. I have an hourglass-shaped body with a very small frame from the waist up and pronounced hips. That’s just how my body/bones are because actually I’m on the skinny side, is not body fat, neither I have a big butt, it’s just my body. The thing is, I really love my body shape and I don’t want to lose the curves that are formed, but I still want killer abs. I’ve read at several places that doing specific ab workouts and specially those that target the obliques make the waist expand and lose the hourglass shape, is that true? Is there anything I can do to tone my abs without losing the defined waist? Is there any possibility that if I already have that body shape won’t lose my waist even if doing specific ab workouts?
    I will be very grateful if I get some help!

    1. Sari says:

      I don’t think so. Do a lot of stretches.

    2. Karen says:

      Toning your obliques won’t expand your waist. The exercises listed here will just strengthen and trim up that area a little.

  110. Precious says:

    I’M IN!!!!!!!

  111. Amber says:

    A couple of days late but I’m in!

  112. Caryn says:

    I shared this with friends as soon as I saw it in my email box, and four of us have been doing this routine since 12/29. There was something really satisfying about starting early and being four days in on the 1st! Thank you for always posting such great workout combos, they definitely keep me motivated!

  113. JessicaB. says:

    I’m in…catching up now!!! I’m happy I never got.into the whole corset training trend. I was just TOO scared to try it from the beginning. GREAT POST!!!

  114. sincere says:

    I’m in.. starting day late…still pumped for the challenge!!

  115. Nih says:

    I’m in. But I started today… 😀

  116. deborah says:

    I’m in! 2 days done & a few extra reps for good measure.

    Happy New Year Cassey & congratulations on the gorgeous cover(s)!! So happy for you & you totally deserve it and more.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  117. Haggar says:

    That’s the first time I’m in your website. Love your videos! Entering the challenge in a day late, but its better late than never!!

  118. Dree says:

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    I’m in…gonna do both days today

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  122. Sequoia Ure says:

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  123. Bashayer G. says:

    I’m with you…it is a great challenge also i was thinking to buy a corset but NOW i change my mind 100%

  124. Mickey says:

    I’m a day late but I’m definitely in! I can’t believe that waist/corset training is back in. How could people really have forgotten how awful it is by now.

  125. Alice says:

    I have just finished 30 day begginers workout calendar, and now I decided to start 30 day waist trainer challange! I’m certainly in! Greetings from Poland!! 🙂

  126. victoria says:

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  127. Larissa says:

    Starting today but I´m totally in!! 🙂

  128. Rebekah Maher says:

    Started yesterday – replying late, but IM IN!!!!!! ????

  129. Christie says:

    I’m in!

  130. Nicki says:

    Starting off a day late but I’m in!

  131. Mei says:

    I’m in
    I also just wanted to make mention of an ad that is appearing on my screen from this site currently advertising “”#1 Aussie Waist- Shrink Your Waist 1-2 Sizes INSTANTLY”
    Especially ironic as its on the same page telling us how bad they are. ^-^ Is it possible for you to control which ads appear?
    Thanks for all your fitness advice Cassey, I am truly grateful and I look forward to completing this challenge 🙂

  132. Brenda says:

    It’s 11.21 pm and I just finished my first day. So excited to start this challenge.

  133. Sithean says:

    I’m in!
    I just did today’s 🙂
    How do I post if I do not have an Instagram?

  134. Amanda says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I love your spirit. You are a super role model, and if anyone looking to get in shape, I refer them to you (and World’s Healthiest Foods. 😛 ). I am super psyched about your workout gear, and may get some if I earn it by keeping up on my exercise (fingers crossed and abs crunched!).

    At some point in the future, as it appears you usually have a few new kitchen devices with you every couple of months or year, could you do a video recommending certain kitchen products? Mostly in the blender and food processor category? I wish I had enough money to test them all out, as I really want one of each, but don’t want to end up with a dead one in a few months like my first. 😛

    Happy new year and thank you for all you do,

  135. Rebekah says:

    I’m in! Finished day 1&2 🙂

    Just a question, do I have to do warm up and cooling down with this? Can I just do this exercise alone? Lazy girl problems :p

  136. Anastasia says:

    Casey, I can’t even begin to say how much you’re an inspiration to me. I’ve been with you from the beginning and I’m so glad to see how happy you’ve become and how much you’ve branched out. Definitely doing the challenge! Already finished Day 1 ❤️

  137. Eugenia says:

    My sister and I are in!

  138. aliyah says:

    finished day 1 with my mom im in!!!!!

  139. Raquele says:

    Just finished day 1. I’m in!

  140. Katrina says:

    Omg, the disfigured Gibson Girl is back!! Why don’t people ever remember (or realize) how much those things actually move your organs around?.. If you want to add it to your list, I’ve read that corsets also contributed to women dying more often in childbirth…

    But to get on a more positive note, I’m in on this challenge! I just finished today’s stretches and these exercises, and I feel pretty good ^_^

  141. Tina says:

    Oh gosh. I want to be “in”, but at the same time, I don’t. Idk. I don’t want to say that I’m going to do it and then not do it.

    But on the bright side, this is the first time that I’ve actually seen a challenge that Casey has posted on Day 1. I could still start it today if I want.

    1. Tori says:

      I know EXACTLY how you feel! But you know what, the other day this other fitness enthusiast said that at the very least, even if you only do it for a couple of weeks and quit, you are better for those two weeks and for trying. We can only get better girl <3 I believe in you Tina!

    2. Me says:

      Start it, you won’t regret it. It takes 2 minutes to do and you’ll see results. Just do it.

  142. Monica says:

    Ok I’m in ?

  143. Nadine says:


  144. Cat says:

    Thank you, Cassey! This is just what I need to start the bounce back post partum:). I’m so excited to be back in the blogilates motivational circle- and I nearly diiiiiied when I saw you were on the cover of my health magazine when it arrived in the mail: I’m still seriously freaking out and soooooo proud of you!! I knew it was just a matter of time, but still: I’m so thrilled that now is your time to shine!! Thanks for all that you e done to inspire me and so many by being your authentic self. Happy new year:)

  145. Emily says:

    I’m in! I LOVE that this is about how bad waist trainers are. I first saw the video in my subscription box, and just rolled my eyes, like “oh great, another celebrity who’s sold out to the waist trainer….”” BUT then I got the email, and noticed that there wasn’t any mention of the stupid things. so I read this and NOW I AM SO IN

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    It’s my first challenge with you and I’m so excited.
    Greetings from Poland ;D

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    I have never ever had a small waist, in fact my waist was never ever defiNed but I remember having a 30in waist these day I’ve gotten so lazy..guess it’s age n my metabolism being slowed down. Not a resolution type of girl..but I try my hardest to be at least a 32in with Cassy’s help…

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  191. Yep, at the last minute.. but I’m in!

  192. Lena says:

    100% IN!!!!
    Your videos are honestly the best workout videos I have ever seen and I love you and all you do! Thank you for all the inspo and getting me back in the groove! Can’t wait to go start right now 🙂

  193. @v.ngyn says:

    Im new to blogilates and I’m excited to start my journey in losing weight and fat. Thanks so much for starting all this Cassey, and I’m so happy for you for being on the HEALTH magazine. Keep up the great work 🙂

  194. Lauren says:

    BTW, is it ok if I do this challenge with the beginner’s workout calendar? I’m starting up again after taking a 7 month break from blogilates (pure laziness I shamefully admit) but I’ve lost most of my muscle. MY ABS ARE GONE AND MY THIGHS GOT SO FAT. I’m determined to get the abs back and lose the loose fat!!!!

    1. Catherine says:

      You go girl! That’s awesome!

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    Thanks Caseyyyy!!!

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  236. Susie says:

    I have a degree pertaining to costume history. When I first saw this it took be back to class. They have examined women’s skeletons from the eras that used corsets and proved that it actually compresses your ribs. Women use to not move very much at certain points of history ( wealthy women), partly due to the inability to breath well, due to the extreme cinching of their corsets. This happens to conincide with the time period that women also wore choker during this time period. Reds one in particular. I remember thinking it was kind of creepy. As an adult,looking at this current trend, still do.

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  241. I never bought into the waist trainer shenanigans. I’m glad you brought this to attention. There’s no way that squeezing a body part will make the fat go out of that area.

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    Im doing the challenge and I’m going to do the calendar for January but I don’t receive the password… I got the 30 day challenge video and part of the calendar but no password:( any one else get this or know how to get it?

  251. Lydia lili says:

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    I’m in!

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    I’m in! =) Thanks for the blog post about corsets. So true! I want to develop a natural corset, not ensure that my muscles atrophy with a fashion purchase. Thanks for being trainer and giving us an alternative!

  263. Rosie says:

    I’m in! A couple years ago I wasn’t doing great with exercise and clean eating and I kept trying to find videos on youtube but none of them worked for me…. until I found Blogilates!!! 2016 will be MY year to grow and improve. Lets do this POPsters

  264. Namyi says:

    I’m so in! Been working out with cassey (virtually) for months now and I will continue to do so next year as well 🙂
    I’ll do the challenge and the calendar and if I’m crazy enough I’ll add extra cardio as well :p
    PUMPED! ?

  265. Adrienne says:

    I´m in !!!!!!

  266. Courtney says:

    I really want to try this workout but I’m a little confused. So on the first day of January, do we really actually only do five of each? So I only do fifteen movements on my first day? Is that right?

    1. Magdalena says:

      Hey Courtney!
      Yes thats right. At the first day you just have to do 15 moves but on the last day you have to do 110 🙂

      1. Courtney says:

        Oh wow! Thank you!

  267. Christy says:

    I’m so in and I’m so ready years of procrastination and 16 sounds like a year of luck to me! Ready for the new challenge and journey Cass!

  268. Shannon says:

    I have always wanted to start and then I have so many excuses that I never do, but this is the year that all of that changes and I can say with every fiber of my being that I am doing this 30 day challenge and the January calendar! This is my year, and I can’t wait for it to start!

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    I just found out about Blogilates 3 days ago and have followed the beginner plan ever since. I’m in LOVE!!!! Finally something that gets me excited to workout everyday! I’m so determined to do this!! Can’t wait to start this 30 day challenge 😀 Let’s do this!!!!!

  278. MT says:

    I’m in! This is my first challenge and I’m excited to participate.

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  281. Swiftiexoxo says:

    So would they help in reducing my tummy? Pls say yes

  282. Laura says:

    I am 8 month post partum and have a diastasis recti of about 1 cm width. Would it be safe for me to do this challenge or will it prevent my diastasis from healing?
    Thank you

  283. Jeannie says:

    I am I’m! Love this post outlining the health risk of the Corset! Thank you!

  284. Jennifer says:

    I’m really scared, but excited enough to say: I’m in 🙂

  285. Grace says:

    Am In!

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  287. Madelen says:

    I have to ask. Why eagle abs? Is it really needed to hold your arms and legs like that? Can’t you just hold your legs parallel to each other (same with the arms) and crunch? If there is one move I really hate, it’s eagle abs. I’ve looked around the web and I can’t for the life of me find any information saying why you should have your arms and legs like that. I just get frustrated with the move and have my arms and legs next to each other. If anyone knows why the arms and legs are in that position, please tell me.

    1. Frederike says:

      Sorry for my english but I think you need to put legs and arms in that position so you can strain waist muscle! In the classic crunch you strain only abs. Do I explained?

    2. Rachel says:

      The eagle part comes from the eagle pose in yoga. By having your arms twisted, you’re also stretching the top of your shoulders and into the back of your neck. You could do the exercise with your arms and legs parallel to each other, but you wouldn’t get the added stretch.

  288. Marianne says:

    Looks great, I’m in too!
    Isn’t it possible to have the 30 day challenges available via the app just like the calendars? Would be so convenient

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    Cassey i dont know if you will see this but how should i go about gaining weight? Im tired of being so bony and i want to gain weight but whenever i try it only goes to my stomach the only undesired place!

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    I’m going to print out the calendar today! This is my first time doing a monthly challenge and I’m so excited for this one (who wouldn’t want a lovely shaped waist). Perfect way to get rid of the festive ‘cheer’ which has been accumulating…

  306. Alex says:

    Definitely in, can’t wait for the new year!

  307. Khadija says:

    Its amazing how over time the results appear…used to hate obliques (candlestick dippers) but have become strong and love them now….with blogilates you can sculp on your own body to be healthy and strong 🙂
    Hard work but soooooooooo worth it

  308. Carolyn says:

    I’m in! <3

  309. Resh says:

    Im in! I do want to lose my muffin tops. Would this challenge be helpful? Also, how does infinity move works?

  310. Filippa says:

    Can’t believe people fall for these stupid challenges. If you train the same muscle group every day, when will it have time to recover?! The answer is never! You will just break down the muscle and overtrain it, for gods sake do your research and stop thinking these challenges will work for you.

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  314. Marie says:

    I heard that if you want a slim waist you should not work your obliques and abs because the muscle takes volume and therefore size also.

    J’ai entendu que si vous voulez une taille fine, il ne faut pas travailler les obliques et les abdos car le volume prend du volume et donc la taille aussi

    1. Caroline says:

      You want to burn fat and tone everything up, which is what these moves will accomplish. These moves will develop lean muscle, not bulky muscle, giving you a tight, strong, and desirable core/waist.

    2. Shayla says:

      Also working your muscles will help you burn way more calories then you would have otherwise because your muscles are working to repair themselves after your workout. So while you are building muscle you are still burning off more then adding.

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    Love these 30-day challenges! I really wish they were available on the app though!

  329. Jenny says:

    Thank you for this post, Cassey!!! I can’t believe that people are reverting back to such antiquated and ridiculous ways to mutilate our bodies for the sake of “beauty.” What’s next? Foot binding?? I support your cause and believe that strength = beauty.

  330. Amy says:

    I’m so in! I’m glad you wrote this, because I was considering getting a waist trainer. After reading this, though, never! I’m going to do it the good old fashioned way instead, by actually exercising! 🙂

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  335. Jamie says:

    For the Accordians, I am not flexible enough to raise my leg up straight to touch my elbow though.. How should i do it?
    PS: I just started blogilates ?

    1. aly says:

      you can probably do it the same, just lift your leg as far as you can, and after a while you’ll get more used to it and be able to lift your leg all the way 🙂

    2. Rebecca says:

      Just move as far as your body will allow. Even if that’s miles off where Cassey it will still help. It will also stretch the muscles so in time you can reach.

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    I’m quite new here in the Blogilates community so I just wanted to ask if there’s coming a new beginners WO calendar for 2016? 🙂

    Love xxxx, Elsa

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    I have started my day 1 today

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  346. Lucia says:

    I’m in! And thank you so much for this informative post about waist training! I see it all over Instagram and it annoys me so badly…it’s bad for your body, and I believe that participating in waist training is just the newest way to confirm to society’s idea of a “perfect” woman. Go you, Cassey! NOBODY needs a waist trainer to have a healthy, beautiful body.

  347. Kelli Walker says:

    I am IN 🙂

  348. belle says:

    Last night i tried the ‘perfect abs’ workout on your youtube channel and it has three of these moves. this morning i looked in the mirror and immediately saw results. So if that worked the first time i tried, there is no way in hell I’ll skip on this one!

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    I’m in! I really feel like I have to get back on track arter the holidays. And I really have to strengthen my core, since I have some issues with my back. I love your 30 day-challenges, so thank you so much for this Cassey!

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    Literally just got my waist trainer in the mail today. It fits snug but not tight. I have two sprained vertebrae so it acts as support more than anything. It also causes my mid section to sweat like crazy during aerobics which has helped with bloating bleh. Could totally see this causing ‘backne’ if you don’t clean regularly. Love this new calendar! Though, I’ll actually be doing it with a waist trainer on ?

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  372. Kajuana says:

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    Much love,
    Angela <3

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    Love u cassey<3

  388. Awa says:

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    And I’m in ????☘

  389. Maria says:

    Hi! I broke my forearm a couple months ago and I won’t be able to do the last move. Is there an alternative I can do?


    1. Emily says:

      you could just modify the move to fit your ability while your arm is healing. Maybe laying all the way down instead of propping your self up on it?

  390. Leura says:

    i’m in! btw do we have to do it 5 times or we have to do it in 5 minutes?

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    I am in yaaaaaaa.
    Btw I am still not able to get the magazine.

  395. Mindy says:

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    I’m a Blogilates newbie and my favourite workout is an abdominal focused one so I’ll be attempting this challenge whilst embracing the Beginners Workout Calendar!

    Have a great new year 🙂


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  430. Sienna says:

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    1. Erica says:

      Same here!! Good luck to you!

  433. Virlyn Dodge says:

    THANK YOU!!! Cassey. As the mother of 2 daughters and on behalf of all the young ladies (and women) we interact with I so appreciate this article. So timely and you are in the perfect position to influence women in a positive way. You are doing so in a beautiful and feminine way. Thank you

  434. Jennifer says:

    I’m in! After 2 kids, my core needs help.
    I do want to say though that there is a compression band (Nothing like a corset or waist trainer) that does help bring your abs back together (since they split apart while baby grows inside) that is safe–no squishing or moving things around. I used the belly band-it and it helped me have extra support for the first 6 weeks after giving birth. But wearing a corset? no way.

    1. Shani says:

      I have the belly band-it too! Definitely helpful post baby…and esp after two kids!

  435. Marcia brown says:

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    I’m in Cassey! I need some courage cause so far I’ve never succeeded to do a complete 30 day challenge but this time I want it ! Best wishes

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    It’s my first challenge and I hope doing it perfectly 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

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  455. Tatjana says:

    So in! Good job, Cassey, and this waist training might be just the thing for me post-op! Keep inspiring people in 2016!

  456. Shayla says:

    I love these exercises. Could we please clarify the difference between a corset and cinger aka waist trainer. A corset changes your body as in your rib bones to make it smaller. A waist trainer just does your abs and your sides it does not change your body like corsets do.

  457. Lee says:

    Thanks so much for giving us the history of the corset/waist trainer. The picture also showed just how harmful it can be. With that in mind, I would much rather train my waist through diet and proper exercise. Count me in!

  458. Hasmik says:

    Can’t wait !!

  459. Jovan says:

    I’m in! Just printed the calendar. I’m also looking forward to picking up a copy of Health magazine. Congrats!!!! I am sooooooooooo ecstatically happy for you. It’s been really awesome seeing your accomplishments throughout the years, and thank you for helping me to achieve some of my own.

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  461. Elvis says:

    Are these monthly challenges okay to do in conjunction with the daily workout calendar?

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  470. Gracie Aubrey says:

    Hey Cassey! Which of your diet plans would you recommend to go with this? Any one else got a recommendation?

  471. Demi says:

    Amen Cassey! I am so glad you stick to truth and encourage us towards health. I honestly had not even heard of these (well I knew about corsets, duh lol) until now but I’m so surprised! I thought people knew the effects of wearing a corset from history! :O

  472. Gayle says:

    I am so in! I cannot wait!!! <3

  473. lyndsey says:

    i’m in! i’ll be taking before and after pictures for this challenge, how about everyone else?

    1. Gracie Aubrey says:

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    I’m in!
    Ready to make a new me in 2016 and stick with it.
    Lose weight, eat better, get more flexible, stronger, happier and get new energy so I can live a long, healthy and happy life!
    Thank you for existing, cassey. <3

  480. osnat says:

    I’m in !!! I love the challenge workouts, I’m doing all of them – I find they’re very effective. So good luck to everyone and enjoy…..

  481. Jenny says:


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    I’m in! Let’s start the new year right! The best part about this is that I feel I can totally fit this into my routine. Good luck everyone! I believe in you! :DDDDD

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    Is there a 30-day challenge for the legs as well?

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  506. anjalee sharma says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I m in for this challenge. I just want to know being a beginner its quite difficult to be motivated toward the routine due to pain .. Please suggest..

    Love you ?

  507. Megan says:

    Very excited about a new 30 day challenge! I really need the encouragement! Thank you for your posts, videos and calendars. I love your workouts, your attitude and your determination to share it all. I do not do any social media but I want to reach out and show my appreciation. Especially after reading so many negative comments :(. It is super easy…ladies, if you do not agree then click the little x in the corner, then it magically goes away. Love you Cassie!

  508. Emily says:

    I’m in!

  509. Brittany Fogle says:

    I am in!!! Bring on 2016 for a new fresh me!

  510. Poo Jones says:

    Who the hell thinks wearing a corset is a good idea? Or that it works for that matter?! It has been regarded as detrimental for women’s health for over a century. I can’t believe this is a trend once more. Oh and of course, i’m in for the challenge!

  511. Alice says:

    I’m totally in !! Can’t wait to get fitter and stronger and loose weight , thanks to you, for my prom in July ! 🙂

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    Super news about the Health cover! And, I’m definitely IN!

  514. ruta says:

    im sooo in i cant wait to start !!!! im really looking forward to January and the rest of 2016 !!!

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    I’m totally in and I’ll bring the picture on my cruise so I can finish it there!

  516. Christa Mathew says:

    I am in!!! 🙂

  517. Bri says:

    I’m in!

  518. Terri says:

    I’m in! I do wear a corset on occasion but never will I ever lace it that tight! I actually wear it in place of a back brace. *threw my back out at work *FedEx* and when I went to the hospital I found out that I was in the beginning stages of scoliosis! So instead of buying an expensive new brace my doctor showed me how to use my steel boned corsets to support my back without damaging my internal workings.

  519. Keely says:

    I’m in ! Love your 30 day challenges

  520. Isabel says:

    I’m in! And I’ve convinced my sister into doing this and the monthly calendars with me as well 🙂 Good luck to all of us and may 2016 be our year! 😀

  521. Shreya says:

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  522. Shreya says:

    I’m in!

  523. Katy says:

    So excited!! I was waiting on an obliques/waist whittling challenge! I keep repeating all the other months and adding resistance to the moves to make them harder! I’m so excited for a new one! Next a back one to complete the set?

  524. Nia says:

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    In conclusion, I see where you’re coming from but don’t exaggerate the results of the waist trainers (they CAN be used in a perfectly healthy way that shows results) and don’t exaggerate the results of your waist training challenge (you either have an hourglass figure or you don’t).
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    1. Katy says:

      The workout corset that she used is more of a top that has a zipper. Like a dress that has the shape rather than trying to reshape your body. The purpose of the wait trainer is to squish everything in which is really bad for your organs as Cassie said. But the workout “corset” just flatters your body and makes you look smooth rather than the waist trainer that alters your body’s configuration. <3

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    1. Megan says:

      She’s saying that using corsets to unnaturally slim a waist is not the way. Promoting exercises (like she’s doing) is the healthy way to get a slimmer waist.

    2. Faina says:

      I think you didn’t understand anything.
      She said if you want a slim waist you need to work it with EXERCISE.
      Don’t use dangerous things like those kind of corsets.
      Casey posted “waist trainer challenge”, this is more healthy than Waist Trainers. Girl, it’s exercise; not something that press our body. If we can change our body… Let’s do the healthiest way possible 😉

    3. Popstervee says:

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    4. mia says:

      i dont think that you actually have to wear the physical trainer… its just a name for the challenge bc it works on your waist

    5. Marissa says:

      Cassey is saying that the waist trainers are bad, so she is giving a healthy workout instead. She is trying to give popsters a way to achieve an hourglass figure and a healthy lifestyle without hurting themselves with these devices. The title can be confusing, but she isn’t trying to bait anyone or harm anyone with it. I hope I helped explain it! 🙂

    6. Kayla says:

      She named it this as the healthy, realistic, reasonable alternative to what waist trainers/ corsets seek to provide the wearer.

    7. Sofia says:

      Hey Manda! I don’t think Cassey meant to promote waist-trainers in the way you might have read it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work for an hourglass figure when actual work is going into it. From what Cassey’s article says, I’m coming away with the message that temporary fixes aren’t ever as good as people claim them to be, and the waist trainer corset that you can wear is the perfect example of this. The corsets themselves are not only a temporary “fix”, they can also be dangerous for your health. The waist trainer challenge is a challenge to build a strong core using exercise to achieve an “hourglass” shape. The challenge is just uses a word-play, it’s not a trap! I’m sorry you see it this way, but hopefully that helps explain things a little better. Cassey only wants more people to find the fun and enjoyable side of a healthy lifestyle; there is no trap in this from what I see. 🙂

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