And the winner is…

And the winner is…

This is the newsletter I sent out at 12AM last night! If you were subscribed you got it first! Here it is:

Hi POPsters!

Yes it is REALLY 12AM and I am REALLY sitting in front of my computer writing this email. I just randomly chose a winner from the nearly 800 comments posted for the contest. Thanks for subscribing to the newsletter and entering the drawing! This was my first giveaway EVER and it was fun! Let’s do more, shall we?

OK, I honestly wish I could give you ALL a Body Language outfit.

But I can’t.
So here it goes.
Drum roll please!!!
And the winner is…
Helen K Submitted on 2011/10/05 at 6:26 AM

Helen, congrats! You will be getting a congratulatory email soon.

And everyone else, hey, it’s ok, next time alright?

No, no! Don’t be sad! I talked to Body Language, and since they saw how enthusiastic you all were, they are offering a SUPER GENEROUS 20% discount exclusive to Blogilates fans only. Just enter the discount code: BLOGILATES at checkout and POOF! Your bill just got a lot lighter! The code only works until Sunday Oct 16th.

OK it’s time to sleep my dear POPsters.

Love you a lot! See you on YouTube! <3 Cassey

Thanks to everyone who entered! You know what? I didn’t expect this, but the end of the contest, I truly saw POPstar quality camaraderie. Instead of saying “UGHHHH I DIDN’T WIN”, I saw messages like this on facebook:

^Maud, I’m asking BL about international shipping!

Our Blogilates community is truly something. We’re different. And I’ve really come to know and love you guys. You all have good hearts and I hope to meet a lot of you one day.

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  1. Maud says:

    good new!! just received an email : they adjusted the website and I can order now!!!!!!

      1. Maud says:

        ok, so I am not going to order..the shipping rates are a waaaaaaaaaaaay to high for me (more than the capri I want to…) so bad!I gonna wait for the next contest, looking at your picture and being jealous lol

        1. blogilates says:

          Oh no really??? How much is it? Email them and see if you can do intl parcel post or something. That would be cheaper. Or ask if they can fit it into a USPS small flat rate box or flat rate envelope. That will only cost you about $14 (or less) to ship and takes only about 6-10 days. It’s pretty good. The parcel will be even cheaper but may take longer. Email them.

          1. Maud says:

            it’s 70$….i’m gonna see what I can do…maybe the USPS flate rate box…or I’ll ask my brother to order it for me and to bring it in decenber (sooooo long!)…will do that tomorrow (now it’s 10.30pm..almost bedtime 🙂 thank for your help!you’re really really too sweet!!!!!

  2. Maud says:

    *you showed it”..sorry, bedtime here…

  3. Maud says:

    hope they’ll be able to send me the show it to us and now….I absolutely need it!lol