8 Aesthetic Fall Trends That We (and Our Wardrobes) Are Totally Here For

If you ask me, nothing hits better than a little closet refresh – especially when I’ve been stuck in some kind of fashion rut, cycling through the same fits. However, thanks to TikTok’s endless supply of fashion inspo and viral aesthetic trends, the options are endless to bring some life into our wardrobes.

From hella hotness to crazy classy, giving grandma and bringing Britney back, these 8 fall trends that are living rent-free in our head – but not totally rent-free in our closet – are worth shaking up your style for.

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1. Barbiecore

Alexa, play Barbie Girl by Aqua! It’s the fashion moment we’ve all been waiting for since Mean Girls trends came and went. Now we can think pink and wear obsessive amounts of it – and not just on Wednesdays. Barbiecore captures the vibrant style of childhood doll Barbie, encouraging head-to-toe mixing and matching bold pops of ultra-girly pink. 🎀

The aesthetic inspired by the new Barbie movie and the OG toy’s playful closet can be worn with a variety of silhouettes. Opt for a simple bubblegum pink dress and matching heels or a fierce blazer-pant-combo. All styles are welcome, just be sure to keep them perfectly pink.

2. Y2K

Y2K is one of the juicer trends – and by juicy, we mean the likes of monochromatic Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits. It nods to the hottest styles of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We’re talking low rise jeans, flare bottoms, major midriff, halter tops, UGGS and our personal fave, double denim. That’s denim on denim, ladies. And the glow up to go with your fit? Time to get your hand on some blue eyeshadow, matte foundation and a frosty, neutral lipstick. Don’t forget to finish off the look with butterfly clips, obvi. 🦋 You’ll be a Y2K gorl in a ‘22 world faster than you can say Oops, I did it again.

3. Plazacore

Embodying iconic Upper East Side queens is made easy with this polished and preppy aesthetic. Taking style cues from The Plaza’s most famous resident and fictitious character, Eloise, and fellow fashionistas Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, this trend leans into all things plaid, pearl and gives serious girly glam. From hair bows and peter pan collars to mary jane loafers and tweed sets, Plazacore lets you tap into your afternoon tea aesthetic without having a reservation at The Plaza…or anywhere for that matter. If you want to subtly style Plazacore but not go full benny, check out our fashion tips.

4. Baddie

For all the bad bishes, this is the look for you. No, really. Baddie means “bad bitch.” 💁‍♀️ It’s the double-take worthy combo of streetwear with sexy separates like cargo pants and crop tops or statement hoops and oversized jackets paired with chunky retro sneakers. Baddies love a good oversized graphic tee and can be found leaning into leather – sets, tops, shoes. Get the look by pairing slinkier pieces with baggier essentials and of course remember to exude major main character energy.

5. Coastal Grandmother

Envision beach-dwelling retirees with an updated coastal vibe. Add a touch of chic and a whole lot of affluence and you get one of the aesthetic fall trends that seems to be here to stay. Coastal grandmother gives “Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give and Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated” as told by @lexnicoleta, the TikToker who coined the trend.

Mixing subtle hues sans patterns, and embodying effortlessness, it’s as if you just entered your Hamptons home through the garden after a long, slow sunrise stroll on the beach. Coastal Grandmother is soft beiges, whites and blues from your bucket hat to your comfy linen-lined legs. Timeless pieces are at play here, so whether you live on the coast and are a grandmother or not, it’s a simple look to capture and doesn’t add unneeded fluff to your wardrobe.

6. Kidcore

Dressing like a kid isn’t only fun, it’s also v trendy. Kidcore is wearing long-sleeved rugby polos, loose-fitted jeans, mini backpacks and all things primary colored. Top it off with a bright beanie, playful earrings – like smiley face dangles 😊 – and a stack of colorful arm candy. This is also the perfect aesthetic for playful “mommy and me” outfits where you and your mini rock matching cartoon tees, comfy shorts and sk8-hi vans. Don’t forget to bring a disposable camera to capture your absolute adorableness. After all, this trend is all about resurrecting the simplicity of earlier decades. So snap to it. 📸 

7. Weird Girl Aesthetic

When it comes to being “weird,” we’re always here for it. And, so is this mish-mosh aesthetic. The Weird Girl look takes pieces of Harajuku 2000’s fashion and oh-so-imperfectly mixes it with elements of 90’s and Y2K American styles. That’s a seriously weird cool combo of Japanese street fashion and, well…whatever you want. Think patterned pants and neon sweaters paired with fluffy bucket hats and platform boots. No amount of prints, textures, silhouettes or colors are off the table. It’s all about being on the fringe, and maybe even wearing it. As @kaiageber questioned in her Twitter thread, “The weird girl aesthetic. Is it anti-fashion? Are people trying too hard just to look ugly?”. We’d opt for answering no – embrace the seemingly unusual. You do you, girl. 

weird girl aesthetic outfit ideas colorful smiley sweater bleached denim skirt fur bucket hat

1. Faux Fur Bucket Hat | Amazon 2. All Over Smiley Sweater | Altar’d State 3. Bleached Denim Maxi Skirt | Urban Outfitters

8. Normcore

On the less niche side of fall trends is Normcore, quite literally embracing what’s accepted as universally “normal” and making it cool to blend in. Initially introduced by K-Hole, formerly a trend forecasting group based out of NYC, this aesthetic is rooted in the idea that “he most different thing to do is to reject being different all together…aving mastered difference, the truly cool attempt to master sameness.” (The report remains available here).

Going against the grain of loud fashion trends, the building blocks of Normcore are basic and classic. It’s monochromatic wide-legged trousers with a simple tee and birkenstocks complemented by black sunnies and a low slung bun. Or, a solid cardigan paired with high-waisted jeans, a thin black belt and slide-on loafers. Opt for neutrals and mix borderline business pieces with more relaxed styles.


Are any of these aesthetic fall trends calling your name?!

I know it can feel like like fall trends are kind of…all over the place, right? So go with whatever aesthetic (or aesthetics – you don’t have to stick to just one!) you feel is most “you.”

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