How to Get the Look of Plazacore…Without Going Hardcore

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Ah, The Plaza. With its grand columns, glistening floors, super-sized crystal chandeliers and the afternoon tea of your dreams, this iconic hotel has a special place in the history of NYC, children’s stories, pop culture — and now, TikTok-inspired fashion trends.

Plazacore, the newest fall fashion look, is an homage to all things Upper East Side and (you guessed it) The Plaza. Namely, pulling style inspo from its most famous resident and beloved fictitious character, Eloise. From plaid skirts and peter pan collars to pearl embellishments and mary jane loafers,. Plazacore is at the aesthetic intersection of prep school queen bee meets proud six-year-old Central Park princess. Yes, we’re talking about a closet combo from Gossip Girl’s iconic Blair Waldorf and her Upper East Side royalty predecessor, Eloise! 

The trend screams luxury, high-society and polished – yet, playful and eye-catching.

Think elements of Blair and Serena’s plaid, preppy prints paired with bold accessories. Or, a dress with pleats complimented by a hair bow à la Eloise. The best part? You don’t have to attend prep school or live at The Plaza to partake. Whether you reside in the heart of Manhattan or a quiet suburb in the heart of America, this trend is an easy one to rock.

But, if the thought of getting decked out in a tweed blazer and matching mini skirt paired with knee high socks and flats makes you feel as uncomfortable as Dan Humphrey felt at St. Jude’s, not to worry. You can have a Plazacore infused fit without going full benny. A little prep can go a long way!  

We’re spilling the piping hot tea on how to get the Plazacore look this fall — without going hardcore preppy.

While we’re not serving it with finger sandwiches and scones like our friends at The Plaza, these simple tricks are still pretty good and easy to follow. 


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Here’s how to rock Plazacore without going hardcore:

Keep it neutral. Black, white, beige and blush – when it comes to bold prints, neutrals are your friend. Muted tones keep your look more mono while you play with preppy patterns and accessories.

Settle for a single statement piece. A pearl handbag. Feather adorned heels. A diamond encrusted headband. It’s easy to want it all, but letting one part of your outfit take center stage lets you keep things classy and sassy without going overboard.

Own it. No matter what you wear, embody the confidence of Eloise…or Blair or Carrie Bradshaw, herself – confident, enthusiastic and ready to make an entrance at every turn. Fashion is meant to be fun, so put the playfulness in Plaza and remember: ya look good, sis. 👏

Now here’s the best part: we took care of the shopping for you. 💁‍♀️🛍️ Whether you’re looking for a few investment pieces to – in the famous word of Eloise – charge it please!, or whether you’re looking to stock up and save, these trendy wardrobe staples are easy to style, subtly. 

Plazacore Outfit Picks

Stylish Without the Splurge ($)

Think polished and preppy – All things plaid, with a little frill. You can’t go wrong with a plaid dress or mini skirt, paired with a blouse that has either a bow or peter pan collar. Stick to neutral tones – mostly black and white, or warmer neutrals like brown and beige.

Charge It to the Room ($$$)

We’re going for classy and put together. If you struggle with piecing together an outfit (same), the right dress can save you from a lot of stress. Look for details like pearl buttons, piping, and a silhouette that is either fitted to look more structured or A-line to look a little more girly.

A two-piece set will help you look put together, but can also transform into multiple outfits. I love a blazer + skirt combo, especially in plaid. Finally, sometimes a good jacket is the only statement piece you need. This can be a blazer or a solid tweed jacket with high-end details (it really is all about the details).

Plazacore Accessories

Stylish Without the Splurge ($)

With Plazacore, it’s all about the details. And that’s what accessories are for! These small pieces make a statement – a thick headband adorned with pearls. Socks with frilly lace or flowers (or both) to compliment your chunky loafers. And we can’t forget a plaza princess’s most-cherished accessory, her bag.



Charge It to the Room ($$$)

Whether you’re going full on Plazacore or just looking to add a few preppy details to your look, these pieces will get you there. A plaid tweed bag is perfect if pearls and rhinestones aren’t your thing. Big, vintage-inspired sunnies. And if you haven’t noticed, a headband is a must.

Plazacore Shoes

Stylish Without the Splurge ($)

I love this trend for how iconic the shoes are. They are the final touch on the outfit, and you have some options depending on which Plazacore outfit you choose. Mary Jane flats are classic and comfy, and I’m pretty sure these would be Eloise’s choice. If you opt to wear your plaid mini skirt year-round, go for a knee-high boot. These are not only better for cool temps, but who doesn’t feel confident in knee-highs?! Loafers are by far the most popular shoe choice for the Plazacore trend. Go for a pair with a buckle to make any brand look high-end.


Charge It to the Room ($$$)

Don’t be afraid to go a little “extra” with your Plazacore shoes. A chunky Mary Jane with socks will make your outfit a little edgier while still following in Eloise’s footsteps. Or, you can lean into the glam side of Plazacore and go for a high heel adorned with feathers and/or rhinestones. If you’re sticking to flats, a simple bow is all you need to take your look from “office chic” to “tea time at the plaza.”

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So… what do you think of Plazacore? Your vibe, or nah?

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