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Teriyaki mock chicken bowl

September 8, 2011

Teriyaki mock chicken bowl

Teriyaki mock chicken bowl. I subbed the rice for extra cabbage and broccoli.

There is a big misconception that all things vegan or vegetarian are automatically healthy. You still need to make choices. I ordered the teriyaki “chicken” because I thought they’d sautee or grill the mock meat the same way they’d cook the real chicken. It came out deep fried though with a coating of batter over the mock meat. Ugh! I have found this to be the case at a lot of vegan restaurants. Everything is fried so that it tastes good to people who are scared of non meat dishes. But at least I subbed the rice for extra veggies. They ended up charging an extra $1 for the substitution. Back in the day, I would have complained about the extra dollar but now I feel that it’s worth it. If I can eat my meal as healthfully as possible then I’ll pay extra for it. You don’t need to feel trapped when you eat out. Choices can be made in your favor if you choose to.

However, I do believe that there should be equivalent substitutions for rice nowadays everywhere – a small side salad maybe? I bet a small bowl of lettuce costs less than a scoop of white rice.

I’ve been to a few of these Asian Fusion vegan restaurants and they are all delicious! I love Asian food because it’s so flavorful and well, I grew up eating it. I was at Sipz in San Diego yesterday with an old high school friend of mine who recommended it and despite the fried surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Squirted my fave, sriracha, all over it! I seriously think I eat so much hot sauce that the extra calorie burning boost thats supposed to happen when you eat spicy things doesn’t work for me anymore :p

They gave us a ton of food and I ended up saving 1/3 of it for later. So good! Have you ever eaten at a vegan restaurant?

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