I Spy a Celeb Leaving the Gym


So after browsing through some celeb “after the gym” photos, I was inspired to make this video on celebrity fitness fashion. Check it out…my most recent obsession Kim Kardashian makes an “appearance” and so does SJP and Jessica Simpson.

See who wears black ALL THE TIME and who can’t even carry her own gym bag.

Happy Saturday! And I’m running the Disneyland Half Marathon tomorrow OMG!!!! AHHH!!!! I am so excited to be doing this with my sister who actually signed me up as a birthday present back in January. I am so pumped!!! I don’t have a time goal, I just don’t want to stop running. That’s all. That’s my only goal. And I WILL DO THIS.

A couple of you said you’d be running it too! If you see me, say hi, would love to meet you and take sweaty pics together!!!

Also, I still haven’t really made my Pocahontas costume yet (bad me), will work on it at the hotel tonight. It’s 2:15am and I am packing. I’m such a procrastinator like that. I’ll take pics and show you before I wear it on Sunday. OH! And I also plan on vlogging at certain points in the race with my iPhone. Not sure if that’s a smart idea. But also not sure if I will ever run a 1/2 marathon again, so I guess I’ll try documenting some parts if I don’t die first.

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday guys! Love you!!!!

<3 Cassey

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