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Why You Should Eat Young Coconuts!

August 28, 2011



Why You Should Eat Young Coconuts!

Here are some quick facts: 1. Young coconut water can replace Gatorade because of it’s naturally occurring high concentration of electrolytes. 2. Young coconut water is a universal blood donor – it is identical to blood plasma and has been used to save lives! 3. Young coconut meat or jelly has a high concentration of plant nutrients that help fight free radicals meaning it helps reverse and prevent damage in the aging process. 4. The water in 1 young coconut only has 39-42 calories! 5. “Coco” in Spanish and Portuguese means “monkey” 6. Coconut water has more potassium than a banana! 650mg vs. 450 mg. Watch my vid on how to chop one up and why I think they’re so good!


If you can’t buy a fresh coconut and chop it up like me (umm that was it’s own story), then you can also try some Zico coconut water. It’s supposed to be pure coconut water and the nutrition facts seem to be in line with what I found for natural young coconut water.  The meat is super delish too and yesterday I ate a whole young coconut up by myself. SUPER YUMMY!!! Especially post workout.

Now keep in mind that coconut water is not the same as coconut milk. The milk is made by grating the meat from a mature coconut (which has more cholesterol and calories) and mixing it with the water. A cup can have up to 550 calories and most of it is from fat! Here’s the nutrition facts for 1 young coconut.  I was lucky to grab a box of 9 coconuts for $7.99 at my local asian food grocer. I think they are normally more than $2 each. What a treat – loved the meat and juice but gotta be careful not to overdose! I can easily get carried away… Have you ever had fresh coconut?

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  1. Barb says:


    Thanks for info. 1 Question. How do you cut open the coconut to get the meat out? Do you need some meat cleaver or are there easier (less strain on hands) methods for breaking and extracting meat out?

    Please let me know! Thanks!!

  2. C says:

    Zico is really tasty, but it is actually from concentrate, and they add artificial flavorings.

  3. Patrícia says:

    Hi Casey, I star to watch your videos on youtube and cound’t stop… so I download all them and just saw this one now.

    Just want to say that here in Brazil we replace the water you drink when you are doing exercises for coconut water… ‘cus is more nutritious. And when I have to open a hole in the coconut, I just do this with a “wine opener” (corkscrew?). And then, just throw down on the flor and open the coconut.

    Luv u!!! And already started to make some exercises =D

    (sorry my awful english!)


  4. April says:

    Actually, coconuts don’t have cholesterol. High in saturated fats, but not cholesterol. It’s physically impossible for a plant food to contain cholesterol, only animals make it!

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