Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves

Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves

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“Do you believe in love at first squat?”  photo credit

Here are some pretty funny gym pet peeves I collected from Facebook – read for a good laugh 🙂

1. “When someone stands RIGHT in front of me in a group exercise class after I CLEARLY stood in line early to claim my spot. DO NOT STEAL MY MIRROR REAL ESTATE!” – Me

2. “When people look over your shoulder to stare at your machine to see your resistance/speed” – Samia B.

3. “Dudes staring at you. Go away creepers.” – Lindsay M.

4. “When I used to go to the gym it was the guys in the free weights area who would look at me weird for being there. Girls need to do squats too guys geez!” – Jenn D.K.

5. “People coming up to talk when clearly I’m running my daily marathon!” – Abby B.

6. “Theres always that old guy who walks around naked in the locker room refusing to cover himself, always one in every gym…EVERYWHERE.” – Justin M.

7. “I use the pool at my gym. And people are constantly cutting in front of me WHILE I’m doing sets to get to a different lane. There are multiple entrances people!” – Tiphanie G.

8. “Guys who want to “share” equipment with you then they try really hard to get you to have Starbucks with them, even after you keep saying no.” – Natalie O.

9. “When I am happily running on the treadmill and someone parks it on the machine next to me and starts farting away. It’s happened multiple times! So smelly to the point where I have to switch treadmills. Hello, manners.” – Janetha G.

10. “Men doing inappropriate stretching on the treadmill IN SHORT SHORTS NO LESS!” – Kelly O.

What’s your biggest gym pet peeve?

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