Bikini Bod Workout…Part 1 of X

Bikini Bod Workout…Part 1 of X

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Ok, it’s mid-May. Bathing suits have hit stores since Feb. If you’re like me, you’ve already bought 3 different sets (oh my god…) and the tags are still on them. So in honor of summer and your debut in these lovely 2 pieces, the Pop Pilates Bikini Bod workout has finally arrived!

This is the first of more to come. In this video we focus on triceps, obliques, transverse abs, lower abs, and glutes/lower body strength. Can’t get too much in for a short 10 min video, so I will be sure to film another followup to round your workout out.

The one thing I want to stress on this vid is the tricep dip in the beginning. It looks like my elbows are not bending enough because I am not hoisted up on a chair for a lower dip. You can go ahead and place your hands on the edge of a chair and perform the exercise until your elbows create a 90 degree angle. The dips in this vid are very slight, but if you focus on pulling your shoulder blades together and your elbows straight back, the mini dips are very effective and tiring!

Ok, time for bed. A long day ahead of me tomorrow!


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