Mom finally dances

Mom finally dances

I’ve been trying FOREVER to get my mom to workout! She says she’d rather starve to lose weight. Uh huh. And that exercise is boring and requires too much energy. Mm hm.

Well, apparently seeing my sister teach kickboxing, my dad coaching tennis, and of course you know me and my Pilates, didn’t inspire her very much. Anyway, I decided to take my mom to Zumba today. Zumba is a latin based cardio dance class. The last time I danced that much was when I was training to be a ballroom dancer at Arthur Murray!

Guess what? My mom actually liked it!? OH. MY. GOD.

She was having fun and said the class went by so fast! All these years I’ve been trying very sneaky ways to get her to be more active and none of them have worked. Until. Today. And we weren’t even supposed to stay for Zumba! We were there the 1st hour for Cardio Sculpt and then stayed for Zumba because we were already in the dance room. You know, the answers you’re looking for are there. Just put yourself out there and they will find YOU.

Check it out here, so much fun! Dancing is one of the best ways to get your cardio and toning done all in one in my opinion.

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