Roxy Design a Bikini Contest

Roxy Design a Bikini Contest

Hooded Kiwi Sports Bikini

T-Strap Teaser Bikini

I am entering this bikini design contest by Roxy. After finishing my fashion illustration class (which was a BLAST by the way!) I now have a justification for drawing overly skinny and tall women that cannot exist in real life. Haha.

Anyway, check it out! I have gotten so much better at drawing faces. I still have work to do obviously, but my proportions have improved drastically. You should see what I used to draw when I was like six – big heads, huge boobs, skinny waist, a nose shaped like an L…
Ok well, can y’alls please vote for my entry? I could only enter one so I picked the crazy weird hoodie swimsuit. I called it the “HOODED KIWI SPORTS BIKINI”. Here’s the link:

You do have to make an account and everything, but pleezers! I’ll love you forever! The contest ends on the 31st…

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