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Xpedition weekend!

June 13, 2009

Xpedition weekend!

So once a year us instructors get to learn new moves at an ultimate regional instructor meet-up. This time, I was in San Jose at the ultra-fancy 24 Hour Super-Sport. Wow, it looked like an Equinox! Simply fabulous.

I learned some Pilates Fusion and got the chance to see what “Hot Hula” was. Anna-Rita Sloss, the actual developer of this new format came to teach us personally. She was amazing! Having been overweight at one point, Anna-Rita chose to change her lifestyle by enrolling herself in Group X classes. Today she is 70 lbs lighter with an super-toned body and on her way to stardom/richness with this hula program! Believe it or not, Hot Hula made me sweat just as much as a TKB session. Yes. It was very tough on the lower body, but also very fun. Everyone got cute skirts, even the men 🙂

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