Breathe deeply. Love madly. Live fully

Breathe deeply. Love madly. Live fully

I wrote this one day in my sketch book when I was feeling inspired. I think I was having a pretty good day and feeling like I could do anything if I just took a deep breath and went for it.

Whenever I feel like holding back or if I feel like I am too scared to do something, I always tell myself that I have this one life so why not try it, what’s the worst that can happen? Someone says no? You’re a little embarrassed? So what. Who cares. Now you know at least. Better than thinking about shoulda-coulda-woulda for days later.

I’m also all about just going for it…especially when you don’t know too much. I’ve seen people hold themselves back from a situation because they’re too prepared. They know too much. So they end up doing nothing. Of course, being cautious and calculated are very respectable traits, but sometimes you just gotta take the risky road and see what happens. This is what makes life exciting. It is what makes life, well, life.

Sorry for the vagueness. I am not speaking to a particular event or example, just a general outlook on living to your potential. Whether this is in love, career, fitness, or whatever really – don’t be afraid to go for what you want. Even if it scares you. Seriously, just do it. You have one life, make it yours.

Happy Friday! Do something you normally wouldn’t 😉

<3 Cassey

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