70s Chic: Your Groovy Wardrobe Inspired by Daisy Jones & the Six

The release of the hit show Daisy Jones & the Six has showcased some serious 70s rockstar style. While retro-chic has been in for a few years now, the Fleetwood Mac-inspired miniseries is bringing 70s fashion into the mainstream.

The Show

Based on the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & the Six is about the rise and fall of a fictitious 70s rock band and the drama that ensues as they journey towards fame. Starring Sam Claflin and Riley Keough (Elvis Presley’s granddaughter), the show aims to recreate the music scene of 1970s California. This is obviously shown through music, but also through the stunning hair, makeup, and outfits put together for the characters. 

The grungy, care-free looks from the show are already taking over social media, with #DaisyJonesStyle already having 737k views and counting on TikTok. 

If you’re curious about 70s fashion and want to incorporate some of these vintage elements into your own personal style, look no further. We’ve gathered a comprehensive guide to dressing like Daisy Jones & the Six.


The History

The fashions of the 1970s reflected the themes of the decade:  freedom, youth, and rebellion. From hippies to rockers, it was all about pushing the boundaries of what was “proper” and encouraging individuality. Achieving self-expression through rejecting norms and showing off your authentic self (often through your clothing choices) was in. This focus on unique style is still an important element of fashion today. 

The Elements

The decade of the 70s is a huge time period with a lot of fashion change. However, there are some key pieces that bring the energy and aesthetic of this time period into the modern world. We’ve included a list of our favorite items to wear if you want to achieve the hippie-chic look.

Flared Pants

Even if you’re not completely on board with hip-hugging bell-bottoms, trading out your skinny jeans for wide or flare-leg pants achieves that retro silhouette. Vintage denim and corduroy materials complete the aesthetic appeal.

Bright, vintage-inspired florals

A quick search can show you exactly what types of floral prints were trending during the decade. The good news is that a lot of these are being recreated and sold in stores with a bohemian aesthetic, like Free People or Urban Outfitters. 

Long skirts and dresses

The maxi skirt is a staple piece in a hippie closet. The long, flowy silhouette brings about a loose and carefree energy, the core component of any 70s look.

Crochet, suede, leather, & fringe

These embellishments brought an over-the-top, never-before-seen uniqueness to streetwear. Adding a fringed jacket or crocheted bag to your look can completely change an outfit and make it something all your own.

Loose, buttery button-downs

A slightly unbuttoned silk shirt can give you that effortlessly cool, slightly disheveled look that the rockstars of the 70s were especially known for. Loose tie-front tops with flared sleeves can also achieve that carefree look.

Headscarves, hoops & bangles

Complement your clothes with the accessories that were trending in decades past. 

Platform shoes & ankle boots

Chunky heeled mules and mid-rise go-go boots are statement pieces of the 70s that still make a splash today. 

Wavy, textured hairstyles

A huge part of that wild child rockstar image were the loose, untamed curly hairstyles. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, try this heatless curls hair tutorial!

70s Fashion Looks From My Closet

This is where we put it all together! Mix and match different elements to pull off a 70s-chic ensemble. Here are some of my favorite outfit combos for inspiration! 

70s fashion daisy jones and the six inspired outfit orange flares boots head scarf

70s fashion inspired by daisy jones & the six jeans brown suede boots

70s fashion daisy jones & the six inspired brown floral skirt, suede jacket, boots

Which 70s Fashion Look is Your Fave?

Remember, one of the best parts of this trend is there’s no need to shop for new stuff! Use what you’ve got, go thrifting, or raid your mom’s closet.


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