REAL Tummy Flattening Tips

REAL Tummy Flattening Tips

Today, one of my fans asked if I could give my top tips for flat abs. Such a great idea…going back to basics. Sometimes I get carried away and want to give you guys the newest and the latest and the greatest and forget that we all need a good reminder of what really works here.

There are no magic secrets towards getting flat abs. The truth is that you HAVE TO watch what you’re eating so that the abs can show through. They are not flat because you have fat sitting on top. So like I always say, pair a great workout with a clean diet and you’re on your way to getting the body of your dreams. Here are some of my fave tips:

1. Replace refined carbs with steamed veggies. Remove processed or “bad carbs” such as white bread, pastas, potatoes, and white rice from your diet. Eat brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and/or 100% whole wheat bread instead. If you don’t want grains, substitute that part of your plate with leafy greens for increased fiber intake and less calorie consumption! I love zero calorie Miracle Noodles for filling up if you still feel like you want to eat pasta.

2. CARDIO MANIA! Melt the fat to let the abs show through. I am obsessed with HIIT workouts. High intensity interval training. Short bursts of really hard exercises that mix strength training with cardio blasts. See my latest HIIT routine here!

3. PILATES! Obviously. This is the BEST core workout around. The whole method was created based on strengthening your powerhouse which includes everything around your waist line. Forget those 100 crunches.

4. Drink lots of water! You should be drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses per day. Not only will it help fill you up so you eat less, but it aids in digestion. This is one of the best natural weight loss remedies around.

5. Eliminate junk food.  No more soda, sugary drinks, fried food etc. But you know that already.

6. Eat smaller more frequent meals. Body builders and fitness competitors do this because they say it revs up their metabolism, but results vary per person. I tried this during my 8 week bikini slimdown but found that it just made me hungrier because I was thinking about food all the time! Make sure that if you’re eating numerous times throughout the day, your overall calorie intake does not increase! Key word: SMALLER, more frequent meals.

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  1. Tania says:

    Dan if you know this already and don’t really want to use the tips why bother to write such a comment and why if you know better read this artcle and say it’s not true !!!!!!!

    1. Mayoraxsougo says:

      Are you trying to say there’s something wrong with someone adding in their own input? Information that another could find useful? Just because you don’t like that it’s not positive and praising of the article?

      How self-centered.

  2. Dan says:

    Why do people keep on writing articles like this? Aside from eliminating junk food, the “tips” here are completely false. Potatoes and white rice are not processed carbs. Every personal trainer I have met relies primarily on weight training over cardio to help their clients lose weight, and it is far superior for making your abdominal muscles more visible. Pilates is one of many core-focused categories of exercise, but hardly the best.

  3. milli says:

    I am totally doing this now. Like most other people, the first place I gain weight is my stomach. It’s also hereditary on both sides of my family… my ma is super skinny and petite but she hides her stomach flab with a girdle type thing (she also got a little stretched out from having 4 kids, yikes). My dad is on Weight Watchers but his whole family is the same: thin limbs, big bellies.

    I am a carb-maniac. Well, I was. I used to devour baskets of bread at restaurants and I’m sure I could eat a whole loaf of bread in one sitting. It was such a comfort food!

    During the summer I got down past my goal weight and looked SO good. I was so proud of myself. Since then I have been slacking a little and my stomach pooch is back. So frustrating!

    I’m an avid reader, and I was recently reading a book where one of the characters was a macho-man bodybuilder (a total caricature of the douchiest kind you can think of) and he says “Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs make you fat.” Funny how after all these magazine articles and diet tips telling me this, it took me some character in a novel to make it stick 😛

    I have lots more energy and I am not hungry as often. I work at a desk job so I would get famished by the end of the day. Now I fill up with fruits, veggies, and proteins, and allow myself whole grains. I work out all the time anyway, so I’m looking forward to the results.

  4. Selina says:

    I want to know if I do the HIIT in good form for 30 minutes, how much calories will I be burning? I don’t have a hurt monitor.
    How many days should I do a workout video before changing to another?

  5. Ashley says:

    on a typical day, what type of cardio do you do? aka. if you run, how long for?

    1. blogilates says:

      On a typical day, just a 10 min cardio blast at the end of weight training. Ten 30 sec sprints at 10MPH. 30 sec on, 30 sec off.

  6. Dominique says:

    would i need to lift weights to get results. Or can i just do pilates, hitt cardio, and yoga?

    1. blogilates says:

      You don’t have to lift weights but it might make results come faster!