I think I only posted this on Facebook..

I think I only posted this on Facebook..

Pop Pilates Shirt

so woopsies, here’s a shoutout to my tumblr bloggy friends! New “Muffin Tops are for Muffins Only” tanks and TEES are in. Yay for those of us in cold places. Darker shades too. $18. Free shipping US and add $5 intl. See other colors here.

Just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and doing POP Pilates. It means a lot to me knowing that there’s a strong community here looking to get fit healthily and that we’re all doing it together. The comments you guys left me in response to the “Feeling Fat and Failing” post made me realize how similar we all really are. It touched me to hear that the article brought some of you to tears because it described exactly how you feel on crappy days too. I guess I will now blog more about my personal experiences in addition to the researchy type stuff I look up. Thank you x a million for your feedback and your love. We’re in this together!

<3 Cassey

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