Cardio Pilates with Sarah at

Cardio Pilates with Sarah at

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Okay so this is the last video in the series of 4 workouts that I did with Sarah. Now that I am moving back to CA (those of you on my Facebook Fan Page already know this, and to my tumblrs, well there’s the news! I’ll be in the Bay Area for a couple months), we won’t be able to collab anymore. Very sad.

It was such a blessing meeting her – I remember seeing Sarah on YouTube years ago when I was looking for home ab workouts. It was just this past December that I randomly decided to write on her facebook fan page wall when I found that she was in Boston too! Sarah asked if I wanted to film some vids with her and it seriously made my day. To me, she is a YouTube celeb. At the time, I wasn’t really updating my POP Pilates YouTube channel AT ALL so I was honestly so surprised she wanted to collab. People would have to wait like 3 months before another vid came out! Thank goodness those days are over…due to your persistence…and me quitting my horrible corporate fashion job. “Freedom at last!” <—that’s how I felt.

Anyway, onto the video. This is cardio pilates. Or Cardiolates. Or Piladio. Whatever! Gets your heart pumping, burning those calories faster.



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