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Pop Pilates-errs, Poppers, Poppies, Popstars…

June 7, 2011

Pop Pilates-errs, Poppers, Poppies, Popstars…

Hey so today I had an epiphany and decided that all of my fans should have a cool name! Like, Scott Herman fitness guru on YouTube has Hermanites, Lady Gaga has her little “monsters”, what should POP Pilates fans be called? I got some feedback on facebook and here’s what I’ve seen:






Poptarts (haha)

Not sure if I am really sold on any one in particular but can you guys reply or comment with suggestions? I would like to say “Good Morning _____, what’d you guys have for bfast?” instead of “Hey guys!!!” I say hey guys way too much…

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  1. Oh thats a nice post i cant see anybody disagreeing on this one i came to the right spot

  2. Jodie says:

    bahaha! just reading back a few of your older posts…this one is awesome. I motivated my 50 year old mom to do your workouts (with me initially and now on her own) and we always know we’re in for a good time when we here that first “Hey Guys!!!…Cassey here…” Yes, you say it a lot, but it’s perfect 🙂

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