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POP Pilates: Inner Thigh Insanity!

June 5, 2011



POP Pilates: Inner Thigh Insanity!

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Get yo booty shorts on!

This has been the BIGGEST video request EVER. So here it is. Want to achieve the inner thigh gap? Wanna look hot hot hot in your short shorts this summer? Then get yo booty shorts on and do this workout with me. Seriously. Wear short shorts. I won’t let you do it if you don’t. 🙂

At the end I kind of faint and it aint fake. This is a tough inner thigh routine. You’re gonna love it.

Now that it’s summer, I cannot wait to show up to the gym in my signature booty short style. It’s kinda scandalous but I love my short shorts. The ones I wore in this video are from Loop and Labor on Etsy and they are so cute and flattering. I am obsessed! The side ties make them adjustable – you know – cuz they aint short enough as is!

BOOTY SHORT REVIEW: I saw these shorts on Etsy a few weeks ago and fell in love. Emily from LoopandLabor was kind of enough to send me a pair to test out. Because I am a booty short lover, I know what works and what doesn’t. And let me tell you, this works.

Flat waist panel: The attractive duo-color band is slimming and tummy flattening. Enough said.

Fit: Low rise waist! Snug and shapely on the butt. No camel toe if you’re concerned 🙂

Fabric: Soft and stretchy.

Side ties: You can make em shorter for days when you feel super sexy.

I am wearing a size small here and it fits very well.

You can get your own pair at Emily’s store here. (It even comes in blue!) They are $46.00 which is about the same or less than a Lululemon pair, but you’re supporting independent designers which I am all about.

Hope you like the video! Now get yo booty shorts on and let’s DO THIS!


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  1. Charlotta says:

    Hi Cassey! I started doing your videos on and off some time ago, but now I started doing your May calender. Even though I know I won’t be finnishing every single workout every single day, I’m very excited! I do some running in the warmer months but I love your videos as I can get home from school/work, eat and go out with my dog and then I don’t need to leave home to complete a few workout videos because I can reach them on my laptop – how brilliant, isn’t it!? Thank you Cassey for making this possible!

  2. Alisha says:

    I’ve been doing ur workout every other day for a week now. I can feel it. Cuz if u can feel it know its gonna work! How tall are u and how much do u weight?
    Thanks for the video. Looking forward to continuing and seeing results!!;)

  3. Carla says:

    Love this workout. Started doing this with 2 kg leg weights last September, and I have seen some real gappin’ action. Thanks.

  4. Löu says:

    hi Cassey, i need some help with this workout. i have been soing it every other day for about a month now, however for the last part, when you are on your side for the leg lifts, L shapes & circles i am a bit uncomfortable. like in your oblique workout : what you explain at the very beginning to rotation first you are on your side, then you switch onto your butt cheek and then lift the legs up. well when i am doing the inner thigh workout, am i on my side or on my butt ?
    somtimes it happens, i suddenly switch from one to another …
    thanks for your response !

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