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Oblique Pilates Routine for

May 31, 2011

Oblique Pilates Routine for

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Yay new muffin top and love handle workout with Sarah! Check it out!


New video from featuring myself and the lovely Cassey from  This video featuring an oblique Pilates workout!  It’s done in real time on just one side so you’ll need to watch it twice to get the complete workout. Once on the right, and once on the left side.

Check it out now, do it and reblog.  We filmed this on a cloudy day in May and both had the blues since we hadn’t seen sun in over 2 weeks!  You would never know it though, except for my whining at the end about a shoulder issue.  In my defense, that was Jillian Michaels’ fault and mine for doing her DVD at lunch before we filmed.

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