Top 3 Pilates Abs Moves – video

Top 3 Pilates Abs Moves – video

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Another Sarah and Cassey workout! Here I showcase some of my fave ab moves:

1. Earthquake: Sit with legs straight out, arms forward, spine tall, and lean back to your “tipping point”. Keep your heels on the mat as you lean back! Let it shake!

2. Seated Bicycle: Balancing on your tail bone, with knees bent and heels lifted (half boat pose), reach one leg out at a time as you lean back. Once you bring you leg back in to the original bent knee position, also crunch back up.

3. Plank to Elongated Plank: Basically a plank on your hands and your toes, but your hands are WAY out in front of you – like BEYOND the edge of your mat far! This brings all of the shakiness straight to your core!

Tell us how you like!!!

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