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Burning questions answered!

May 18, 2011



Burning questions answered!

Q & A time with Cassey – this was fun! I omitted any questions that were like “Cassey I’m 5’2” 150 lbs and love to eat cheeseburgers. How do I lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks?” You can ask me that in the new Blogilates Forum which I comb through everyday. Here we go, in no order whatsoever…

1. What’s your favorite movie and/or type of movie? This is really geeky but I really liked Social Network. I found it inspirational and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I also love GREASE. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Musicals and romantic comedies are the best.

2. Are you a bookworm or do you prefer magazines? If so what kinds? 🙂 (apart from “pilates books are my favorite thing in the world!”) Umm, no I am NOT a bookworm at all! What I read is mostly self help stuff like nutrition books or bios about successful entrepreneurs. My latest read is the Zappos CEO’s book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, & Purpose”.

3. Do you ever have days where you go crazy and just eat chocolate and ice cream and biscuits and anything else bad you can get your hands on?? 😉 OF COURSE! Sometimes there’s days where I feel like I screwed up and ate a bad breakfast so I’m like, eff this, I’m eating this tub of ice cream cuz I wanna.

4. What’s your favorite song of the moment? Hmm, I don’t have a fave song right now. It’s kinda sad. Any suggestions?

5. What bands do you like? I like anything pop obviously, gangster songs annoy me, love Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Little Boots, , Maroon 5…

6. Why do you live where you live? I am in Boston right now.

7. how old are you 🙂 24

8. Were you ever a chubby kid growing up or were you always skinny and or conscious of your weight? Oh man, there is such a back story to this. Yes. I was a chubby kid. I had a double chin in my 2nd grade picture day photo. Eew. One time this other kid asked me why I was so fat in elementary school and I cried for days. I thinned out in high school because I was on the tennis team all 4 years. My thinnest being the height I am now (5’5”) was about 110 lbs sophomore year of high school. No definition though. When I went to college, I had up and down years but pretty much was my heaviest ever my Junior year I think…even went up to 135 lbs I one point. I have always worked out but was not as knowledgeable as I am now about diet and nutrition. I am now 118 lbs, strong, and happy.

9. What made you decide to make bags and mats? I couldn’t find a fashionable mat bag carrier back in college so I decided to make one for myself. When my students ended up liking the Beverly Bowtie so I contacted a manufacturer in the US and made a bunch. Luckily people bought them! On to round 2 now which will include gym bags and men’s yoga bags.

10. How do you stay motivated? I work hard and I don’t ever want to do anything that will “ruin” my health and my body. I like feeling stronger and faster. I also love clothes so looking good in them keeps me motivated. It’s the truth!

11. What is your diet like? Lots of lean protein and veggies. Love fruits. Love yogurt. I don’t eat rice, bread, or refined carbs. It makes me bloated and makes me look preggers. Yes, as an Asian, it was hard to explain to my parents why I can’t eat rice. I’ll eat oatmeal sometimes and once in a while I’ll make some awesome whole wheat muffins if I am really craving a bread type thing. But that’s on occasion. 

12. Are you tidy? I used to be. Recently, NO!!!

13. Do you have a routine day to day? Since I quit my corporate job in the fashion world, my day to day routine consists of waking up, eating breakfast, checking email, commenting on tumblr, facebook, twitter, and youtube, teaching my afternoon pilates mat or pilates reformer classes, eating lunch, working on design stuff while checking email, teaching more evening classes, working out (this can be in the AM or PM depending on when I wake up), eating dinner, more computer time, and sleep eventually! I’ll film vids and hang out with friends on Fridays or the weekends.

14. Do you have any pets? I have one turtle. His name is Turtle.

15. Do you keep a journal? No, I used to then my sister found it 😛

16. What’s your guilty pleasure(s)? Totally fried ice cream.

17. Do you miss your family? No, my parents have always been very controlling. I love them but I like my independence.

18. What would be your desert island must haves? Wow that’s a toughie. Umm. Well if the desert island had outlets and wifi then my computer. BUT I am guessing not. So pens, pencils, and paper for drawing. A big hat to protect me from the sun. A LifeStraw so that I can drink water from any pond without dying. And a real buff guy who can help me build a hut, hunt for food, and construct a boat so we can get outta there! 

19. How do you keep your hair so nice all the time? I occasionally get trims and I just use regular Fructis Garnier shampoo and conditioner. I straighten my hair when I want to look put together but it is naturally wavy.

20. I want to know if you have a favorite magazine! Women’s Health, SHAPE Magazine.

21. Favorite brand of clothes? 😀 I used to be addicted to anything Anthropologie, wasn’t partial to any brand in particular. But now I feel like they are just so darn expensive! I love Stella McCartney for Adidas and Lululemon.

22. Where are you from? I was born in LA and grew up in the Bay Area in CA. My ethnicity? Chinese and Vietnamese.

23. Do you have dog or a cat:)? No but secretly I want a super duper giant crazy dog and micro mini itty bitty dog.

24. Are you shopping freak? Yes. Totally. My closets are OVERFILLED with clothes and shoes. I have a separate closet for workout clothes only.

25. Do you polish your nails:)? Yes when I am feeling pretty 🙂

26. Do you love children? Do I love children? I think everyone does!

27. Do you take any supplements? If so what kind. I only have vanilla whey protein powder. That’s it. I mainly use it for my protein pancakes.

28. How many languages can you speak? I can speak Vietnamese with an American accent and English. I won’t even count Spanish but I can read, write, and speak a little.

29. What’s you favourite television series? Glee!!! I am going to see their concert in a week!

30. Are you a slasher movie fan or do you prefer romantic chick flicks? I HATE scary movies. Rom-coms all the way.

31. Do you ever have a fat day when you allow yourself naughty treats? 🙂 Yes. I can eat like Adam Richman on Man V. Food. I’ve made a donut cheeseburger before 😛

32. What did you go to China for? To find a new bag manufacturer! And to look at new fabrics.

33. You eat so healthily, but what is you dirty little food secret? I mentioned what my bad food faves are in the other questions, but my dirty food secret is that I can eat SO MUCH that you’d think my stomach was a bottomless pit. I said I CAN. But I don’t 😛

34. When did you get into your first serious relationship? End of my junior year in college. (To the person who wrote this, I know there was another part to this question but I can’t really answer it right now)

35. What is your favorite non-healthy food? 🙂 Tempura fried ice cream. Vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone. Strawberry cheesecake. Egg custard tarts. Peanut butter in the heaping spoonfuls. OMG dying.

36. Do you live in L.A.? I want to move there so so bad, is it nice? I used to! I was born there and went to college there. I love it. Traffic is bad though. Really, really bad.

37. Is being a pilates & fitness instructor your full time job? and what got you into it? It’s not a full time job. I teach a dozen times a week but my main job is running oGorgeous, soon to be Flomme.

38. Do your parents support you being a health/pilates teaching person? Haha, teaching is something I do because I love it. My parents used to ask me to quit teaching back in college and focus on my studies. I was like no WAYYY! Teaching was the only thing keeping me sane through school as a Bio major. But honestly, I love leading classes so much – the energy is just invigorating.

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  1. katie says:

    Hey Casey I’m doing your body sculpting workouts but (just for context) I modified it a bit. I only doing the abs and legs and I do both everyday. Well my question is if it will help muscle loss? I love my torso but my thighs gain muscle really quickly and are so bulky but I have no tone so i get self conscious that it looks really fat. I’ve tried so many workouts but I just ended up getting more or barely making a difference to the muscle.

  2. Sofia says:

    Hey Cassey, I really really love all your videos and workouts and everything and still want to continue doing them but I’m a rhythmic gymnast and really flat out doing gymnastics and have no time to do the daily workouts on your calendar (especially for toning). What do I do?

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