Sweet Taro Pie…at McDonalds!?!

Good morning from Guangzhou! Quick post. Went to one of the BIGGEST McDonald’s yesterday at the Canton Fair. (Sorry, it had to be a REALLY fast meal and the only other option was Pizza Hut…)

I was delighted to find this purple box in my brown baggy and of course being the adventurous eater that I am, dove right into my treat.

Creamy, bright lavender taro chunks inside and crunchy toasted crust outside.To my surprise, it was so amazing. I am going to try to find a way to make a Cassey health freak version of this when I get home. I was happy to see that even Chinese McDonalds will post the nutrition facts on their foods. Obviously not a healthy dessert here at all, but you know what, it was pleasurable on the taste buds 🙂 And how could I NOT try it!!??

Have you guys ever cooked with taro? It is big in Chinese cooking. It’s like a potato. Tons of carbs for energy, a good amount of fiber, and no fat.


For one serving of taro, cooked (132g) its: 187 cals, 0g fat, 46g carbs, 7g fiber, 1g protein.

Now, note to the person who messaged me about the food buzz ads and how they are showing pics of cookies and dressings. Hahaha. You made me laugh. I can’t control what KINDS of food they show, but it seems to me that a discussion needs to happen with food buzz. I’ll contact them, thanks.

Note to the people who wrote me about fair labor at the factories. Thank you. I am very conscious about this and care deeply. I am actually physically visiting the factories later this week. So no worries. I will make sure that my beliefs, your beliefs, and the things I design are all made mindfully and with the best practice.

Finally, note to everyone else who is reading about my trip overseas and my business. Is there anything you wish I could make? Like super fashionable blogilates aprons or cute reusable bags or yoga mats or whatever else? Please message or comment with ideas!!! I am here only for a few more days, so if you think it’d be awesome if we could have food rings or yoga mat necklaces, PILE ON THE IDEAS!!!!! We can make it happen. Just let me know!!!

Oh yeah, and the Muffin tops are for muffins only shirts are finishing up on Monday!!! Ready for their debut next week. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re gonna DIE after seeing how cute they are! Lemme know if you want one!

Ok off to day 2 at the Canton Fair. Looking to be inspired.

Much love from halfway around the world,


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