Move of the day: Swiss Ball Pike with Push-up

Move of the day: Swiss Ball Pike with Push-up

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Start in a pushup position with your toes on a stability ball and your hands on the floor (A). Keeping your legs straight, raise your butt toward the ceiling, drawing the ball toward your arms (B). Pause and roll back to start. Pause, then do a pushup. That’s 1 rep. Try 10!

I’m still working on this move, just so you guys all know! I want to try to get my back completely straight and perpendicular to the floor once my butt is piked. It’s like doing a handstand with the upper body. I’m scared and afraid to fall (even though it is just like 10 inches off the floor). Will let you know about my progression mentally and physically. Now, go for it!!!

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  1. Core Workout says:

    Those are great core exercise. You can also try TRX pike if you have problem with balance using Swiss-ball. I have definitely rolled off to the side more times than I like to admit. 😉 This movement develops coordination and strength in the entire body, integrating the core with the upper and lower extremities.