“Till the World Ends” Total Body Workout! POP Pilates for Britney Spears!

“Till the World Ends” Total Body Workout! POP Pilates for Britney Spears!

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I thought it’d be fun to make a real quick workout to just one song. Like the most popular song of the week! This week it’s for Britney Spears, in celebration of her music video debut of “Till the World Ends”.

It’s 3 minutes and 58 seconds of a total body workout. We go hard core in this one guys. It starts out with a couple cobra pushups and then works through your chest, arms, and core. Pretty good, I was definitely feeling it!

Umm yeah, so about the outfit! I originally was gonna go all out and wear fishnets and glitter and all that craziness so I could be a much toned down version of an Asian Britney but yeah that just didn’t happen. I kept the leg warmers though because I thought it looked cool.

Well, enjoy the video and try to do it 2-3 more times. Write me and lemme know how far you get and how you feel most importantly!!!



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  1. Leny says:

    Hey cassie! 🙂 today I have started with the beginner’s calendar, but I can’t do this ” Til’ the world ends workout” because of the GEMA in germany :(( now I don’t know what to do 🙁 of course I did an other workout but I really would like to see this workout right here and stick to 100% to the calendar ^.^
    you’re very motivating and I’m very excited how far I can go :3

    Greets from Germany <3

  2. Taylor says:

    I am also a beginner and found the cobra push up to be extremely difficult! is there a modified way to perform this exercise or do I just have to until my endurance is built up?


  3. Nicky says:

    It might just be me, but I’m a newby in blogilates, have no condition whatsoever, but some of these vids are way too hard 🙁 I would like to follow the calendar, but doing exercises that really don’t work for me (yet) is sometimes very frustrating… Like the cobra pushup, I just can’t do them without falling flat on my face 🙁
    Is there another option for those exercises?
    Greetings from Belgium