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April 7, 2011

I am making a new YouTube Channel guys. I know, I know, why???

Ok well I just can’t seem to get around using popular copyrighted music in my videos “legally” so I want to create a new CLEAN channel where you can use your own music (which is actually great so that you no longer have to make song requests). YouTube has asked me numerous times to be a “YouTube Partner” based on the popularity of some of the videos and I simply cannot because once they scan my vids and find that I am using Top 40 Hits, my workouts may forever be deleted! Or muted! Eek! So subscribe to BlogilatesTV!

But no worries, I AM STILL GOING TO UPLOAD POP PILATES VIDEOS. I’m taking the risk cuz it’s just way too much fun. I will still upload to Blogilates (so stay subscribed) on my Pop Pilates channel. I am actually going to reveal an abs challenge to Britney’s new song “Til the World Ends” soon. Maybe even tonight!

Ok so major points here:

1. Please sub to my new workout channel for intense challenges, full body workouts, and muscle group specific workouts: BlogilatesTV

2. Stay subbed to Pop Pilates Channel for Pilates to the songs that YOU know and love

3. Sub to BOTH if you want a double whammy workout with Cassey!!! I’ll be uploading every week to both channels!

Thanks guys!

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