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Mimi Mango

February 27, 2011


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Mimi Mango


Lululemon CopycatWhat is this.

I IMMEDIATELY did a double take and was like, haha are you trying to copy Lululemon? (2 syllable repeating set of 2 nonsensical words followed by a fruit) The logo even mimicked Lulu’s. I walked past it and then realized what I had said in my head. I then turned around and walked inside.

Turns out this company is ALSO from Canada! The only Mimi Mango location is the one I actually ran into at the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas.

The activewear was about half the price of Lulu’s and the quality was lacking. The fashion was boring. Design was bleh. It was so C9 Champion from Target. I mean, why make another zip up jacket if it isn’t going to be special? And the fact that they tried to OVERLY brand all of their clothes with the double arch “M” logo just like how Lulu overly brands their Omega sign simply kills me. I mean, REALLY!?

I’m not a Lulu freak so no bias here – I am just comparing the two companies side by side because Mimi Mango is outright trying to be a copy cat of Lululemon. It’s funny and it’s bold, but you shouldn’t do it unless you can beat what’s already out there.

I also asked if there was an instructor discount and the lady working there said yes if you buy $500 worth of merchandise. I’m guessing the answer was no and she was talking wholesale at this point, which made me think the company is really small.

I did end up buying a sports bra for about $15 off a sale rack. It’s pretty good so I am not complaining. Just can’t imagine WANTING to buy from them again unless the designs get a little more interesting.

Oh yeah, and no online shopping website either! Or else I’d like. Definitely small.

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  1. G says:

    I know about Mimi Mango, I laugh EVERYTIME I pass by it. Funny enough, most people in Vegas haven’t even heard of it at all. Went in once years ago and thought the same thing about the quality ( even though now even Lululemons quality seems to be suffering….but never as bad as this place.). I even told one of my clients who was a regional manager for Lululemon at that time about this place and they’re aware of it but apparently it’s not illegal but I think it’s corny. Apparently someone must be buying something because they’ve been open for years!

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