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This is a two-part Pop Pilates Attack!!!

February 26, 2011


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This is a two-part Pop Pilates Attack!!!

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Here is part 1…the Arm Attack. Part 2 is the Lower Belly Pooch Attack, soon to be uploaded. Excited!?

I started with some bicep curls, went on to shoulder presses, then tricep dips on a yoga block, and rolling push-ups with a toning ball. New moves, new toys to play with, TOUGH.

My arms started to DIE around the tricep dips! I even let you guys have breaks! (Because I needed one too.)

The songs are awesome. They are mashups from Norwegian Recycling. Here they are below along with their youtube music videos:

“Soul of Fireflies”:
“Technology is Right”:

Have fun! I did. It’s a hard one though. If you don’t have the equipment then simply don’t use it or just incorporate things from around the house that can substitute effectively. Good luck!

<3 Cassey

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