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February 21, 2011

Hey guys! Sorry for the major hiatus due to my west coast trip. I’m all disoriented but am coming back full swing this week, hopefully answering most of your questions and getting a pop pilates video posted by the end of the weekend.

Vegas was awesome – I was going to film a cardio video with my sister (Jackelyn Ho) who is a kickboxing instructor and a writer for College Candy, ,  but we ate too much good food and couldn’t move. Haha.

The tradeshow was also great but I am not sure if I will show in August since the buyers there are more clothing and accessories buyers. There wasn’t a specific section for yoga and activewear so it might be hard to get orders at MAGIC. I am going to look into getting a booth at a yoga/pilates conference. Need to do a little more research here but right now, it seems the right way to go. The sourcing part of the trip was great – met tons of factory reps from Hong Kong, China, and India.

Okay, and now the podcasts!

I am in love with Quick & Dirty Tips! My faves are Get Fit Guy and Nutrition Diva. They are quick little segments on a whole range of health, fitness, and nutrition topics. A lot of the things you guys ask me can be answered in depth in their podcasts. Here are the links. Subscribe, it’s free, and really enjoyable to listen to:

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