Drawings of Gym

Drawings of Gym

I have this sickly desire to take pictures of people violating the rules of fashion in the gym for the ultimate fitness fashion foe album. But OBVIOUSLY, that is not okay.

So I have decided that I could just draw cartoons of them instead!!!

No exaggerations here. These are all real people with real fashion problems. Exact locations have been omitted for the privacy of the individuals featured. Enjoy.

First up we have JUNGLE LADY. (24 Hour Fitness, somewhere in CA)

  1. First of all, she has a full on Apolo Anton ohno headband going across her head. You can’t do this unless you’re a half asian speed skater with huge quads and a goatee.
  2. The see-through shirt? It’s actually camouflage mesh.  Really? I don’t wanna see through that shirt! And it aint camouflaging anything! Stop! Stop it!
  3. Red spandex capris with rips all the way down the thighs! Fought a tiger on the way to the gym much?

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